Japanese boy…

I wonder how many of you are old enough to know this song…

Well, it wasn’t one of my favourites then and neither is it now but it certainly was very popular a long time ago.

Anyway, this post is not going to be about any Japanese boy nor is it going to be about a Japanese girl. It’s just that the other day, my daughter made some sushi

Melissa's homemade sushi

…with unagi (grilled eel) or chilli tuna plus cucumber and avocado and with the leftovers, she made a couple of California rolls as well…

Melissa's sushi and California rolls

I’m not a fan of Japanese food but I do not mind having that once in a while…but I must say what she made tasted pretty nice.

For that same reason, I have not been to this new Japanese restaurant in town – the Zen Japanese Fusion Dining…

Zen Japanese Fusion Dining 1

…but my daughter went there sometime ago. It used to be a bookstore next to this very popular café next door but they’ve closed down the place and the proprietors of the café has taken over and turned it into this very posh-looking joint serving Japanese food…

Zen Japanese Fusion Dining 2

She had the unagi roll…

Zen's unagi roll

…and the soft shell crab maki

Zen's soft shell crab maki

…and the potato salad…

Zen's potato salad

…among a whole lot of other things and she thoroughly enjoyed the food and loved the place.

I understand that it’s quite affordable – 4 absolutely yummy grilled scallops only cost RM4.90, I heard. Perhaps I should drop by myself one of these days to give it a try…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Japanese boy…”

  1. Ohh… I’m not really into Japanese food… sushi all those…I think I never did acquired the taste… not exactly crazy for them… but I don’t mind having those tempura bentos (cuz they’re deep fried. LMAO… kira ok lah, duzzin taste so weird!)

    Neither am I… I think our taste buds are already retarded – more used to cuisines with a much stronger taste. Even the tempura tastes light or mild…not like our cucur udang and what not, plus it’s expensive. 😦

    1. Bwhahaha, exactly… I would prefer those cucur udang, cucur ikan bilis and cucur jaging or those udang goreng tepung any day. The taste is stronger. These japs food… the tempuras… how to say ah… like din put salt. =.= I always requests for soya sauce or chilli sauce if I go makan tempura bentos. Else… no mood to makan all, cuz it’s rather tasteless. Can only taste the cornflour…

      Dun fancy japs food, but korean food is another thing altogether… korean food quite pedas in some ways and the taste strong, so I kinda like. But also… it’s an acquired taste…like kimchi… some ppl can’t stomach it, but I like it tho it’s quite pungent and very spicy.

      Nope…not into Korean. Between the two, I would rather have Japanese. Kimchi? Eyewwwww!!!!

      1. I would prefer korean to japanese food… hmm, cuz the korean punya more ‘spicy’. Ooo… kimchi usually is an acquired taste. Initially I din like it, but once my dad brought me to eat kimchi soup, I started to go nuts for it. Pedas, slightly salty and sourish… omg, can sweat after eat! So it’s safe to conclude that now kimchi is one of my fav food. Once, I even fermented it myself at home cuz at one point, I damn gila kimchi! *pengsan*. One thing about kimchi is that it’s a good appetizer too. take a lil bit, den will be damn hungry afterwards. Helps me eat more rice. LOL!

        The Korean restaurant here will always give complimentary kimchi – I would never touch it. Same way as I would not touch wasabi ina Japanese restaurant. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Hehehehehe!

  2. what a coincidence, i just downloaded this song into my MP3 for running purposes, too bad i can’t hear it from the youtube you put up, but i guess it must be from Aneka, right? ho ho ho ho ho ho, he’s my japanese boy, nice one……

    I love Japanese food very very very the much, too bad it has one downside though, very very the expensive too… so usually i will wait wait untill i save save a bit money then can hantam, usually four of us will have to spend like RM300 plus, so for me not so much a food lover that is killing already, so instead of suushi, i would instead go for Muachi, you know what is Mauchi, right?

    hey arthur have a great weekeend ya

    Eeeee….don’t tell people you know the song. You look so young like you’re in your late 20s – now everybody knows already, you’re so old. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 RM300? *pengsan… That’s what I spend on food in a month! Ya…it’s very expensive. RM300-350 here, can go for a very good full Chinese 8-course dinner already. Mauchi? Dunno what that is… You mean mochi – those sticky stuff. I’m not into those, find it hard to swallow…and I always thought the name’s so vulgar…as “mo” means touch in Chinese…and you can guess the rest! LOL!!! 😀

    P.S. Why can’t you hear the song? Something wrong with my link to the video clip? I just checked…ok leh?

    1. *sigh* I dunno this song this time. =.= 😦 tak pernah dengar…. first time hear… looks like I’m not in ur league after all. Sob sob sob! how come I tak pernah dengar? I’m in my 40s!!! Why tak pernah dengar this song????

      You were not in the “in” crowd then? You did not go to discos…or as they would say today, clubbing? Or you were not into radio listening as much? You know “Tarzan Boy”? Now who were the singers – Baltimore or something like that. Should be around the same time…

      1. Never went to any disco or clubbing before…the noise would gv me killer migraine, that’s for sure. =.= Tarzan Boy? Oso dono. But I know that song “tarzan and jane”.

        Oh dear… Guess we lived in two different worlds.

  3. You and I do not really fancy Japanese food but our daughters sure do!!! Wonder why? Maybe during our younger days, we do not have this type of luxury? hmmm….

    I guess this is one of the reasons… We did not have so many options then… 😦

    1. Claire… I oso dun fancy Japanese food. See… we so ngam. you can be my sister! LOL!

      Kucing also doesn’t like, I also don’t like…so many don’t like…..why you never say you wanna be our sister leh? Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. A Japanese restaurant in Sibu! We’re definitely in uncharted territory here. I’m not that much into sushi myself so I’ll probably give it a pass although the food do look pretty good and so do Melissa’s creations. For some reason, the video did not play on the page so have no idea what the song is.

    Not really uncharted… We have had at least three Japanese restaurants already but only one has survived – Sushi Tie…and it is doing so very well that it has two other branches in the town…and another one in Bintulu. Oh? You can’t play the video either? It’s ok on mine…even though right now, I’m on throttle and my connection is very poor. I’ve opened my blog in another window and the song is playing right now…

    1. Got to play it this time. Yes, it sounds familiar but not my cup of tea. I’ll stick with Sohaimi. I forgot Sushi Tie. Come to think of it, there’s also a Korean BBQ place in town, went there a few times. Times have definitely changed.

      I’ve been to the Korean place – not bad…but you grill the beef on the steamboat and at the end of the dinner, the smell will stick to your clothes. It’s still in business and is doing pretty well.

  5. oishi oishi..my daughter loves Nihonjin food..yummy desu nei haha..yeah heard of the tune before didnt know its a Jap song ~;).

    Now I will have to ask my daughter what that means. She’s taking up Japanese next trimester when she goes back to NZ. It’s not a Japanese song – one of those Euro-disco songs that were very popular at one time…

    1. Oishi oishi means ‘delicious’ in English. Nihonjin means ‘Japanese’ and ‘yummy desu nei’ means ‘it’s yummy, isn’t it?’ LOL!

      You know Japanese? All I know is the x-rated version of Chotto Mate Kudasai…but I can’t include the lyrics here. Muahahahahaha!!!

      1. My grandfather speaks Japanese. Interesting story… you see… when he was young, the Japanese rampas his kampung, so he have no choice but to learn, and when he have kids and grandchildren, he taught us a lil bit… and I took some Japanese during my journalism years too… but I can’t converse in Japanese… tongue will twisted! LOL!

        My father speaks Japanese too. He was their driver during the occupation as his family had a car which they just took for their own use…

  6. i have been to ZEN. food is not bad and the price are reasonable. i bring you along. i belanja. what say u STP? hehehe

    Hmmm…love to, but my daughter’s still around. Kinda tied up at the moment. Never mind…we will find a suitable time to drop by there, thanks.

  7. I love Japanese Foods!! Last time in college, my Japanese Language lecturer sometimes brought her homemade sushi n made a bento for us! I love it. She taught us how to make but now forgot dy!! 😦

    Young people! You all love Japanese food, don’t you? Forgot? Thought it’s kinda easy…cooking the sushi rice, mix the vinegar, wrap with seaweed and roll – the things inside is up to you – just put whatever you like best.

  8. went to morimoto’s and that was really one of the hi-lite of my trip, the food there was just SUPERB!!!!!i was speechless,vvvv good but too bad didn’t get to see the iron chef himself for the staff told us he only comes dinner time n he will also cook with them and his restaurant has a huge open kitchen where u can see them cooking and if our hotel had been nearer, i won’t have minded popping in again for dinner incase he is there.

    LOL!!! Iron Chef!!! The things they serve there must be really exquisite and nice… Too bad you did not get to meet him in person… Could have had your photo taken with him and got his personal autograph. Btw, no photos of your holiday on Facebook yet?

  9. Great job from Melissa! I had my try of making sushi before too and it’s quite a fun experience really. You should start making some too, maybe you’ll end up loving Japanese food! Haha

    I think it is a bit too much work… I only cook the simple stuff – no hassle or I couldn’t be bothered, no matter how nice – wait for others to cook for me to eat or go for it some place outside.

  10. Good morning! Juan Juan is a big fan of Japanese food, so ever since she know how to appreciate Jap food, we frequent patronize the Jap restaurant… very expensive though! I always like Unagi, Melissa’s Unagi roll looks great!

    Wishing you a splendid weekend!

    Children these days, no more like our time – these days, so expensive to feed! So many things I never heard of when I was a kid, so deprived then… 😉

    1. Thank heaven my boy dun like japanese food… just like seaweed soup, and that’s about it…

      Eyewwwwww…..no seaweed soup for me! 😦

  11. Soft shell crabs are nice, no matter you get it from which japanese restaurants.

    Btw, your daughter’s sushi isn’t too bad, looks good, must be delicious. But not as rounded or perfect as those bought from sushi shops.

    Tabao some for me! 🙂

    Come, hop over to Sibu and I’ll get her to make for you. 😉 I also thought she should have pressed harder to make it tighter…and one problem that I know of is the knives in the house are not very sharp, so the appearance would not be as nice upon cutting.

  12. i’m sure whatever that your daughter made is tasty cos it’s made from love!

    Yes, like all that I cook for her – has that special ingredient – love! 😉

  13. Went to a Japanese Restaurant for hub’s birthday celebration last night. It was awesome. It’s true that it is quite easy to prepare your own Jap food but somehow dining in a proper restaurant is totally different. The taste,quality,freshness of the ingredients is something that we cannot recreate at home. The presentation of the food is enough to make the money spent well worth.

    Yup…sometimes the ambience and the company make a lot of difference…and where the service is so very good that you feel like you’re being pampered, it certainly is so very nice. A welcome change from having to wait on everybody else hand and foot at home. Oh? Your hubby’s birthday yesterday – 13th? Same date as my sister! Belated birthday greetings to him then…and here’s hoping he’ll have a great year ahead and may all his wishes come true. 🙂

  14. Yum..i love japanese food, give me anytime, especially the fresh sashimi…

    You know what, i love japanese food, i do bento but i have never try my hand on the sushi making, i should try to do it one day. 🙂

    Not bad ya, for Sibu standard, can have a nice Japenese restaurant like that. Will try that out on my next trip back to Sibu.

    Ya…now you have two here to try. I’ve been to the other one – I find everything there quite nice but I did not find anything that is so good that I wouldn’t be able to wait to go back there again. You can try both when you come back and see which is better…

  15. Hi, hi! It has been almost a week since I last log into your blog. So many posts to catch up! So many pics of food to drool over! I just returned from a trip to Singapore with the family. Will upload the pics in fb soon. Oops! forgot you can’t view them ‘coz we’re not “friends” yet. Aiya, when we’re going to befriend each other in fb?
    Anyway, just wanna say the sushi made by Melissa look yummy enough. slurp! I haven’t tried making sushi myself (lazy, le) but I absolutely LOVE japanese food!!

    You do? I really wonder what’s so great about it – nice enough but I wouldn’t say anything is that great. Friends on FB? Now I must go and look for you there…and hope that I add the right one. LOL!!!

  16. it’s one of those songs that you never forget, like YMCA & macarena. anyway, japanese food is overpriced, so only very occasionally will i patronise sushi king.

    Ya…and others like Tarzan Boy, Genghiz Khan and so on. Even Sushi King with its RM2 a plate promo – 5 plates would be RM 10 already, usually with two slices of sushi each – not filling at all. No Sushi King in Sibu though…

  17. would like to try someday…. unagi looks good….
    i’m not sure whether there’s sushi zanmai in sibu,… it’s very famous in kl and it’s awesome! ^^

    Hi, doc! Long time no see… How’s life? Wow…two docs dropping by in a row – is that a good sign or what? So free, everyone’s fit and healthy. 😉 Ok…I’ll KIV that and hopefully I will remember the name when I drop by this Japanese restaurant in town… Old man, memory not so good anymore. LOL!!! 😀

  18. not really into Japanese food…its so expensive.
    Wow-u mentioned u spend Rm300 a month on food-should learn how to budget like you. I have bad habit of stocking and buying.

    Is it something about women? I know somebody who has that same habit – no need to say, you know who. Muahahahahaha!!! I go to the kampong stall RM5 for meat/fosh and RM2/3 for veg…enough for two persons, 1 meal…and often, got leftovers some more – give to my parents’ Indon maid the next day.

  19. japanese food ah..not my cup of tea. Cant stand the seaweed smell

    Don’t really like the seaweed too…but that’s not the reason why I’m not into Japanese food. Too mild/bland…too light/not heavy enough – no kick!

      1. wasabi miyabi… they all japanese…

        Why? She likes that? No wasabi for me, thank you…

  20. I would have loved to go with you but I know you’re too cool.

    You would? Why would a handsome young man like you want to go out with a boring old man like me…when you can date all the sweet young things around? 😉 Hehehehehe!!!!

  21. oh, very nice combination of spicy tuna + cucumber and unagi + avocado.. yummy.. and i also like the potato salad sushi..

    Yes, it tasted great. No plans to hop over to Sibu – can go for the potato salad anytime…

  22. i love sushi once in a while…

    I just don’t mind eating it – you wouldn’t find me wanting to go and buy or opting to go and eat it…

  23. the presentation is nice.. but i think some japanese food are quite costly.. small portion, big price tag.. 🙂

    You’re right. Imagine having spent RM50 or so for lunch (for two) at a Japanese restaurant, I had to drop by the coffee shop next door to buy the “tua pao” (big pao) – now, itu baru filling…and not so expensive! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Bwhahahahahahaha…. so funny… after eat kenot full still nid to go and buy big pao to eat. LOL!

      It’s true! One time I took Melissa to a Japanese restaurant here for lunch…spent so much, no satisfaction, had to eat pao…baru puas!

  24. Arthur…I love Japanese food ESP the soft crab maki and takoyaki balls. Melissa can really cook and you must be proud of her 🙂

    I’m just ok with those. Yes, she’s picking up fast. Never used to cook anything before. NZ’s good for her…

  25. i love japanese food but its cost too much $$$, better eat fast food. hahaha. aww melissa such a good daughter, cook for her daddy! me think my dad wont love sushi.
    he won’t even eat anything that divert from what he normally have. =_=

    How old your dad? Old people like that – very traditional…will only eat the same old things all the time…and must eat rice!

    1. Ohhhh… my dad same too… wun even touch pizza! But my grandfather… wah… very modern punya….all sort of food he makan… even those raw sashimi. Eyewwww… so geli!

      Some people love sashimi… I’m not really into that but I love our own local Melanau umai (raw fish)…

  26. How much do u spend on those dishes??

    Can’t remember. Old post…but at such places, no less than RM50 for two persons – pretty usual.

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