How bizarre…

Some of you may think that this looks bizarre…

Telur terubok masin 1

…but I can tell you this – that visitors from West Malaysia to Kuching would go home with boxes and boxes of this telur terubok masin (salted fish roe), other than the ikan terubok masin (salted fish) as well…even though they cost a bomb!

All you need to do is to deep fry it like fish…

Telur terubok masin 2

…and eat it with porridge. Yum! Yum!

You may want to sprinkle chopped chillies and squeeze calamansi lime over it but that is optional…

Telur terubok masin 3

…or you may want to make some kind of sambal to eat it with…

Soy sauce garlic and chilli

Whatever it is, I am sure most of you would much sooner eat that than these…

Sago worms
*Melissa’s photo, taken at the Sibu Central Market*

– sago worms or what the Melanaus call “see-ertt”. I’ve tried it once – it is very lemak (fat) and I thought it tasted something like buntut ayam (parson’s nose) which is something that I will never touch – no, thank you.

So, has anybody eaten any bizarre things lately? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “How bizarre…”

  1. The telur ikan terubuk I dun wan… but I’ve been craving for that ulat. Sedap kah? They say abit like chicken and abit spicy, and you got to pull go ‘off with the head’ first so that it wun gigit u when u slurp them down. *pengsan*

    Ewek! I’ve never eaten it alive. Fried first… VERY lemak, geli-geli when makan – like buntut ayam. Ptui!!!! Not for me, thank you. LOL!!!

    1. Oh… abit juicy wan kah? I really want to try this… my friends said, makan when alive more sedap…my godbro oso said sedap…very exotic… when u cook it… just fry liddat or wud? or u put some flavouring for it?

      Just fry like that till the oil comes out and it becomes nice and crunchy…but yucks! Just can’t get over the geli-geli feeling…and the ultra-lemak taste does not help one bit. Once is more than enough for me, no…thank you.

  2. I am same same with cleffairy, i would love to have loads of sago worms, tried it once many years ago while in Kuching, it was deep fried with chili and some spices and it was sheer heavenly..

    i understand that sago worms contains high level of protein and i hope i could have some now, running low of protein already, kakekekekekeke

    Eyew…never mind what it contains…I’m not having any, same way I’m not having any buntut ayam. High protein? Thought it’s all fat, so lemak?

    1. Ya… i agree with eugene… they said it;s very high in protein… highly concentrated with protein… (well, those angmoh from Survivors say wan la)… eeeps…. my mouth watering liao… fry it with spices and den eat… omg… I WAN LA!

      You want? For your hubby to eat kah? Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

      1. o.O I dun tink my hubby would fancy these… he sure geli… not for him la… i want punya… all these while when i see ppl eat, I keep feel like wanna try this sago worm. Strange feeling… can crave for such things!

        Well, you have to come over to Sibu to eat those worms… Dunno whether they’d survive inflight. If God had wanted them to fly. He would have given them wings. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  3. erkkkk. i never try both, n not intend to. haha

    The salted fish roe is very nice…but I prefer “long kiam hu” – the rotten ones, not so much the dried, salted ones… Slurpssss!!!!

  4. Gosh.. none of the above fascinates me, for once! lol.. the last picture..gosh, looks like big fat chubby worms…
    ahh..thinking of this, my breakfast appetite has gone liow.. hahaha..

    LOL!!! 😀 As they say, every dog has its day…so today, you don’t go away feeling hungry at all. 😉

  5. I love love love(10000000xxx) the telur ikan terubuk. Boleh buat sambal, masak asam,acar etc.. That would be a great present for me..better than diamonds (get the hint? Lama tak makan.

    Eh, that ulat sedap la. Just pop in your mouth the whole thing and gigit with your mouth close. You can just feel the whole badan pop and there’s an explosion in your mouth. Very lemak the taste. If not used to the texture,feel a bit like geli-geli lar. The fried ones will be better for first timers as less explosion and texture also crunchy. But what I don’t like is the oil they fried with. Usually ada that rancid smell as I think they reused the oil over and over again. Can’t compare the ulat taste with bontot ayam as I have never tasted bontot ayam..geli la!!!
    Interesting post today!

    You’ve had the salted fish roe before? Gee! That’s good… Ok, I get the hint…but I don’t think my daughter would want to carry any food. Maybe I can bring when I go over… The last time we went to Auckland, they repeated the warning over and over and over…until we took out all our edibles and left them in the back pouches of the aircraft seats! Wouldn’t want to get into any trouble – they say do not even take away any of the things you do not eat during the flight.

    And you like the ulat? Good grief! You’re great! I had them fried – just fry in a wok till the fat oozes out and the worms turn brown and crispy and eat. Didn’t really like it…so I never had it again!

    1. I oso heard ppl say eat it alive nicer… hmmm…. I wonder….

      Clare did. I’m not that adventurous. Had mine dry-fried first… At least, they were dead! LOL!!! 😀

  6. hi there suituapui!
    these are really bizzare and exotic food. So you tried that? How’s the taste?

    Some food doesn’t look appetizing, but is very delicious though.

    ps: Thanks for dropping by my page. Yep, i just realized Wenn’s Experiences blog yesterday while blog surfing. Very interesting blog as well!

    Oh? What a coincidence! Some things are fated…I guess. LOL!!! I’ll link you in my blogroll. As for the bizaare foods, the roe is nice…like salted fish but I’m not a fan of the worms – eyew! LOL!!!

    1. hey ! thanks for linking ! 😀 What’s your name? If I were to link you, it’ll be as suituapui as well? Beautiful fatty? o.O

      I just requested to be added as your friend on Facebook. I use my real name there…but most people know me as STP…or suituapui. 😉

  7. The fish roe is Juan Juan’s favourite, I have yet tried any before… look so geli to me!=_=

    The sago worm?!! No thanks too!

    She likes? Obviously has good taste…like caviar! Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. All new to me leh would go for the salted fish roe though mama told me not to have them as they would upset my math *I believed her as for me 1+1=3*. Will have to pass the sago worms if you said its like Bishop’s nose which I have not tried any as yet haha.

    Hey! How come nobody likes buntut ayam? I see the barbecued ones being sold all over like they’re so popular. Not for me though…geli-geli becuase of the lemak! Oh? I would think the roe has high cholesterol content – never knew that it makes one so productive. I should have eaten lots of that then! Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Correction got a lady ex-colleague loves the buntut very much and she would whacked a whole plate of buntut(s) [cigku BM no ‘s’ for plural hoh?] while we were having chicken rice. One thing for sure she has a nice smooth & radiant face..ladies still not too late not sure the bishop’s nose has got lots of collagen or something? ~;).

      Haiz!!! Too late already for me. How come nobody ever told me this when I was younger? Now my face like sandpaper…all the buntut(s) in the world (the chicken ones, I mean) will be of no help already. Hahahahaha!!!!! 😉

      1. I heard it’s due to hormones (or something else) injection that is injected at buntut ayam. That’s why most people will discourage us from eating too many buntut ayam. Correct me if I am wrong.

        They say they inject the wings – used to inject the neck. Never heard about the buntut – if iinject there, can go back into the body kah. Later all come out with the shit, what a waste! Hahahahaha!!!!! You see the buntuts at the barbecue stalls…red colour like chicken tandoori, smell so nice…but no matter how nice or how young it will make me look – I’m not touching it! LOL!!! 😀

      2. In my younger days my mama would discourage us to eat the chicken neck said got ‘ta cham’ *injection* there. For boys to eat the necks will later become ‘pua kang bo’. Actually there is nothing much to chew at the neck not much meat..haha.

        It was in the news – one macho taxi driver inKL would stop by the chicken rice stalls for his meals and he would eat nothing but the necks (probably cheaper or he could get more?) and he started developing breasts like a woman’s. The truth came out – all the birds were injected with growth hormones in the neck… I heard that later, they started injecting it somewhere under the wings…and these days, chicken wings are soooo expensive, selling like hot cakes. Wonder how many guys there are around with breasts as a result of that! LOL!!! 😀

  9. I love fish roe (salted or normal). I normally have ‘long kiam hu’ from Mukah but my hubby dislikes the overly rotten taste (he is not a Sarawakian, obviously) but last year when we received ikan terubuk masin as a gift from my brother’s gf, my hubby fell in love with the fish. I did not now it was expensive then until I saw your blog.
    I have never tried sago worms although I saw a lot when I went to Mukah. If they taste like ‘buntut ayam’, I think it is OK because I can eat lots and lots of ‘buntut ayam’. Yeah, I know I am disgusting. Hehe!

    Oooo…the long kiam hu is the best! If with porridge or in claypot chicken rice or steam with tofu or pork belly, like heaven!!! Ikan terubok masin is nice…but I wouldn’t say that i would crave for it. Anyway, can’t have such things too often – salty and high cholesterol… You like buntut ayam? Eyewwww…. No, thank you! LOL!!!

  10. Aiyer!!! Both look very “geli” to me, i won’t want to try.

    If you like salted fish, you’ll like the roe…but I guess not many people would want to try the worms. LOL!!!

  11. STP!!!!!!!!! The first pic looks ‘dot dot dot’! hahahahahha.. i dun wanna say it!!!!!!!

    Muahahahaha!!!! And to think that they have this restaurant where everything looks like what one can find in a toilet…and the food looks like you-know-what, and yet a lot of people go to eat there… Eeeeee…what’s with all of them, I wonder? LOL!!! 😀

      1. Arthur! those fish roe are wild boar favourite 🙂

        Wait! Wait! When I have time, I’ll drop by the market here to see what I can find. I got those from my uncle in Kuching – high quality special made-to-order ones….not those from Thailand or India or wherever, sold in abundance at the market in Kuching.

  12. Sago worms!!! It’s been a loooooooooooong time since I had it…last was in Kuching in 2009 when Nicolekiss was there 😛 I like it both dead (fried, I mean) and alive. Muahahahaha!!!

    The weirdest thing I had was not sago worms though. It was fried butterfly larvae or something like that and also fried housefly (according to my senior who challenged everyone to eat ‘or else we’ll be left in Thailand’, but I don’t think it’s housefly, didn’t look like it) that I had in Thailand.

    Next I’d love to try the tarantula if I drop by Thailand again 😀 Yes, I’m disgusting like that 😛

    Eyewwww… certainly are very adventurous. I wouldn’t want to even touch all those strange stuff. When I was in Thailand, they were paying to drink snake’s blood mixed with wine and eating the gall bladder – just looking and I felt like puking already! 😦

  13. OMG….both also I don’t want. haha…..especially the WORMS. So geli……

    Hahahahaha!!! It’s a delicacy…and manypeople like it. Not me though… 😀

  14. The first picture looks like liver, and the last picture.. EWW!! *gross*

    That’s fish roe bah…like caviar, and it tastes like salted fish – very nice. As for the worms…at least I tried though I can’t say that I liked it. LOL!!! 😀

  15. Yummmm this is my absolute favorite . I would salt some overnite and deep fry with kentucky flour in the absence of original roe from Kuching.But roe is pretty bad for health ….. Oh well haha

    Ah!! THE wild boar is here. Took me a while to figure out who this is. A warm welcome…and do keep coming by (and then pester Mdm Piggy to cook! Hehehehehe!!!) Hmmmm…let me see if I can fine any at the market. Will try and send to you. Here to there, no problem…as long as it’s not perishable – not like to New Zealand where they’re very worried about any kind of food you bring in.

  16. I’d love to have some of those worms! haha~~

    From where you are right now – just a few steps to the native produce market, you can get these worms every morning – alive and crawling…

    1. I will do that & I will blog about it!
      Maybe I’ll make a video about it!

      Can’t wait to see. Make sure it’s not X-rated, eh? Rancangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat. LOL!!! 😀

  17. Ate monkey head recently…………

    no lah, monkey head mushroom! ha ha ha!

    Never tried monkey’s brain…wouldn’t wanna try after hearing the gross descriptions of how people eat it…but I love pig’s brain…steamed with ginger and ginseng and what not in chicken soup. Had that in a steamed soup shop in KL, Bukit Bintang long ago and I might have had it in Singapore too, can’t remember. Nice! They say it’s good for preventing headaches…

  18. OMG!.. you actually ate sago worms!!??.. It’s GROSS!

    I tried…once, and that was it! At least I ate them dead…not like Clare or some other people – they just popped the thing in the mouth, chewed and swallowed. Eyewwwww…… Hahahahaha!!!!😀

  19. oooh always wanted to try sago worms. ate a dried cockroach once..on a dare if tht counts as bizarre?

    Eyew…but I ate a number of cockroaches myself when small. It was believed to be a cure for asthma. Remove the insides by pulling them out by the tail end, dry fry till crispy and pound into powder form and wash that down with a glass of milk. Well, I got over my asthma eventually but I wouldn’t know whether it was the cockroaches or all the other bizarre stuff I ate. LOL!!! 😀

  20. wow.. i would love some salted fish roe with my porridge too! no i would never eat those sago worms unless you pay me a thousand bucks for each one!

    Oh? You’d do anything for money, eh? Wink! Wink! 😉 Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  21. Hubi bght these telur masin back some time ago. Have to rendam 1st before fry is it? coz i fried without soaking and it taste awfully salty

    No need… I guess it depends on the quality like some salted fish, have to soak and rinse many times before frying or it will be too salty.

  22. interesting, i heard it’s pretty much pricey stuff….
    have you ever taste bottarga ???
    i bet this is pretty much similar with it…

    VERY!!! Never heard of it…but those here – at the ridiculous prices, we can jolly well live happily without it. No love lost. Like sharks’ fins soup – all about the snob appeal, a sheer display of wealth to flaunt one’s fortune, that’s all. The soup will taste just as nice without it…or with something else.

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