One in a million…

This place at Rejang Park here in Sibu has been around for years and years and I keep hearing people telling me how nice and cheap the food is…

Million Cafe, Sibu

Finally, at long last, I dropped by to give it a try. It is a tiny little coffee shop kind of place, so to cater to the crowd, they had tables outside in the open/covered area.

We had the sweet and sour pork ribs…

Sweet and sour pork ribs

…which were pretty good.

The kiam-sor (salty and crispy) fish fillet was not that great…

Salty & crispy fish fillet

…but the fried midin (jungle fern) was all right – like at everywhere else in the town, I guess…

Fried midin

Everybody liked the tofu dish…

Tofu dish

…and the sea cucumber soup…

Sea cucumber soup

The portions were big and more than enough for the four of us that night. The best part was that the bill came up to only RM38.00, inclusive of rice and drinks.

For all that food and that kind of money, I certainly can see no cause for complaint…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “One in a million…”

  1. Whah…that’s cheap for so much good food. I really like that midin and also that soup. I must go there next time I’m back. Now I miss home again!

    Ya…you must be drooling over those. We get those everywhere and all the time and we can even cook our own, so I guess I’m not really crazy about them. LOL!! 😀

  2. argh! your food photos again! two. more. weeks. must. persevere! D:

    Hey! You’re coming home!!! Just slipped my mind, been so busy with things around here. Looking forward to seeing you again. Your number’s still the same? You still have mine?

    1. Don’t worry I’ll get in touch with you when I’m back! Not sure if I’m keeping the same number but don’t worry I think I still have yours 🙂

      Ok…see you then. Have a pleasant and enjoyable flight home. Kampua’s waiting…. Muahahahaha!!!

  3. ooooh!! i love that fried midin. but mom seldom cook it. 😦

    Why? What about paku? Or kangkong? They believe these are cold – bad for people with rheumatism, arthritis…pain in the joints, and bamboo shoots too…

  4. So its called *midin* jungle fern . We never buy any in our younger days back home. We do barter trade with the leeches for a few drops of our blood for ‘free’ midin.

    You have? Ya…we used to pluck our own and even when we bought from the market, it was dirt cheap. Not anymore… The Foochows call it mee-lian…and it became “million” and everyone wants to eat it in the hope of becoming a millionaire, I guess. Tsk! Tsk!

  5. Shop name is Million Cafe but they prices C&G *cheap * good*..haha ~;).

    But so crowded…and turnover’s so fast – I’m sure the towkay’s a millionaire by now!

  6. I ate there once. They close up pretty early. Around 9+pm if I’m not wrong. Considering the amount of dishes and cost of it, I conclude Million Cafe is a ‘Super Save shop’ type of restaurant compared to other dining outlets.

    9 p.m. early? Gosh!!! Almost my bedtime liao! Muahahahaha!!!! For one thing, they have limited items on the menu and only a couple of cooking styles – it’s either this or that.

  7. Yes, for that price, can go there again!

    Yup…but not when there are other better options. Don’t mind paying a bit more if the food is better…and for a bit more comfort. 😉

  8. My B.I.L used to bring us there last time for dinner. I like the sea cucumber soup.

    It’s good…but a lot of other places here, also good… 😉

  9. Good to know the place is still in business. They’ve been around a long time. Will have to try them again this year.

    You ate here? This is opposite Happy Hour…the place at Rejang Park where we had the very very nice claypot noodles. Yummmm…bet you miss that! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Yes, I remember Happy Hour, most appropriately named, because I spent one very happy hour there chowing down that fabulous prawn noodle soup. I thought Million was pretty good but that was years ago. Will definitely try it again in July, the only problem is, it always seems to be closed, but that’s a good sign, shows their business is so good they only need to work a few hours a day. Yes, sure miss all that nice Foochow cuisine!

      Dunno. Somebody commented that they close at around 9…so I guess you will have to go early. We went around 7 that day.

  10. Midin is called pucuk paku in this side of Msia, right? if cooked with sambal belacan syok lo

    Nope, they are two different things but this one is nice too if cooked with sambal hay bee or belacan – and I would say it is even nicer!

    1. I always tot midin and pucuk paku is the same thing too…just had pucuk paku the other day with Kat and Cyn… o.O

      No…no…not the same! A lot nicer, in fact! See…so many things here that you people do not know of.

  11. Very cheap… and the food looks nice too…

    Cheap and nice…but there are other places that are nicer but not as cheap.

  12. i like the name ! Million cafe.

    And for the price for such dishes + rice + drinks are so reasonable!!!

    I wouldn’t want to name my shop like that…but I guess the Chinese would love that – hopefully, good feng shui. Yup, very reasonable indeed…and quite nice some more.

  13. The sweet and sour pork ribs definitely looked different from what we have over here… and the soup looked like shark’s fin soup! LOL!

    Yup…this is different from the other restaurants but it is pretty good – that’s what matters, I guess. Sea cucumber soup is just like sharks’ fins soup…except that instead of the sharks’ fins, they put in sea cucumber instead. In Kuching, they have fish lips soup…also like that.

  14. I know Rejang Park, but don’t know this Million Cafe.

    Midin and sea cucumber soup look very good!

    RM38 only for all these? Cheap!!

    Hah! Of course you don’t know this place… Always go to the expensive restaurants. Hehehehehe!!! 😉 But I wouldn’t say this is a must-go place – nice and cheap but a lot of nicer places around – pay a little more, never mind. Worth it.

  15. i am really intrigued by theSea Cucumber soup… i wonder how sea cucumber tastes like

    It’s tasteless…something like beef tendons. Any sea cucumber dish depends on the soup or the other ingredients for the taste.

    1. Saw the sign at the sundry/medicine shop selling dried sea cucumber at RM850.00 per joke tasteless but good money haha ~;).

      Yup…but some claim that they’re good for health. I wonder how much sharks’ fins cost – over RM1K a kg, I’m sure…since 100g is over RM100….and they’re tasteless too.

  16. A meal with dishes of pork, fish and sea cucumber soup for only less than RM40? I love the sea cucumber soup, must get my mom to cook for me when I’m back this March. Hehehe..

    Back in March? Are you from here? Now, I’m curious… LOL!!! 😀

  17. looks yummy, typical sarawak delicious dishes. i miss them. 😦

    Not coming home – holidays and long weekends? Everyone can fly…if the aircraft does not encounter any mishap i.e. Muahahahaha!!! Re. crash at KIA the other day…and as a result, everyone cannot fly! Tsk! Tsk!

  18. Yes..this restaurant is like at least 15, 20 years. I still remember when we were still reside in rejang park, when Raymond was still a toddler..perhaps not even born yet. our family used to frequent this res. Back in those days, they used to have this western style menu well known for their fried chicken.

    Gosh! That would be at least 20 years ago? At one time, I heard there was a Foochow lady, married to a Melanau (the children were my students) – people from my church…who were running the place. I never went though…but this time around, I noticed that they were definitely not the same people. Perhaps that was when you had the western-style fried chicken.

  19. i miss midin… in fact, i miss everything 😦

    Speak to your old boss. Maybe you can get your old job back… Or get KNB to move to Singapore and you can take over his duties. Anyway, KL not that far! Fly back on weekends – grab the cheap/zero fares…

  20. wah it’s been a long time since you last feature a midin dish. I love it…. wished i could have some now!

    We do eat it pretty often…and we even buy and cook our own at home, just that I did not take the photos to post. Come, come to Sibu…and you can eat all you want.

  21. WHAT?!!! RM38 (Are you sure it’s not RM83? LOL)?!!! That’s a suicide price my friend, I’m drooling over the sea cucumber soup! Looks like those shark fin broth!

    Yup! It’s the same broth all right, tastes the same too…except that they put in sea cucumber instead of sharks’ fins. And yes, it was RM38…includingrice and drinks. Really cheap and really good business!

  22. I miss midin also. It’s no longer cheap. Last year when I was in Kuching for holidays, we went to Stutong wet market to buy midin to cook at home. It was wrapped in banana leaves and looked quite a huge bunch sold at RM2 per bunch. We bought 3 bunches and when we got home, we realised that what we saw at the top of the packaging was what we got. Nothing at the bottom of the banana leaves. End up my dad had to go out and buy another 2 bunches. Hmmph….
    I heard there are midin sold at certain market at JB but I am not sure which one. It would be too far from where I stay though.

    That’s what they do at the native produce market here – crooks, all of them. I buy from my Bandong kuih-muih stall – sometimes they have midin in the morning, RM2 a big plastic bag (with leaves)…and RM4.80 for only the curls. Very cheap and more worth it…than paying less only to find that you’ve been cheated. Today, they have paku but I did not buy – having tuition class later, so no time to cook… 😦

    1. Oh, you are still giving tuition! I liked your English classes. Full of humour and witty remarks which made our 2 hours, 3 times per week class more endurable…..
      I do not trust those tuition classes here. I almost fainted when I saw their brochures. All those grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. I would not know where to send my daughter for English classes when she needs one. It is not that my English is extremely good but at least I need to find a tuition centre with teachers having better English than I am, right?

      Many are in it for the money and many parents are foolish enough to send their chiclren to such classes. Some, I guess, just want to get their children out of their hands – babysitting for two hours… I do a bit – two classes, two times each a week…as I have not much to do…especially when my daughter’s not at home…and my missus is working – and the extra pocket money comes in handy! 😉

  23. i wonder do they still got untung sell so cheap. :O
    but eating there definitely worth it!

    Must be lah… Otherwise would not last for so long. Untung a bit, so many people coming to eat…in the end, will untung a lot also in total… 😉

  24. Yes, nice and cheap! I eat here if I am in a good mood and can stand the long wait for the food.

    Oh? Go early…like us – around 6.30…before 7. Did not have to wait too long…

  25. Another restaurant! 😀

    You make me wonder, are there really so plenty of restaurant in your place. There are many restaurants that you haven’t visited yet.

    Lots more! In Sibu, it seems that all that the people do is to eat…eat…eat. In every block of shops, there most be at least one or two or more eating places…and more often than not, they’re packed with people…

  26. lol.. I used to go there for dinner last time especially now that when I go back to Sibu, I stay in my relative’s house at Rejang Park.. lol…

    You like the food there? I thought it was o.k. only but there’s no denying that it’s really very cheap…

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