Do it on my own…

I went to Kopitiam Fantasy to try the Sarawak laksa there that Alfie said was nice

Kopitiam Fantasy's Sarawak laksa

…but I thought it was just so-so – nice but not really great and I still prefer the one at Thomson Corner. The sambal belacan (pounded dried prawn paste with chillies) was very good though – really pedas (hot)…

Kopitiam Fantasy's sambal4laksa

Well, now that my daughter’s home, I am trying to cook things that she likes and the other day, I decided to cook my very own Sarawak laksa all by myself. I used this new brand of laksa sambal (paste) that I got from a cousin of mine in Kuching…

Hj Manan's sambal laksa

I boiled a piece of chicken breast and kept the stock. In the meantime, I shredded the chicken meat into fine, thin strips…

STP's Sarawak laksa - chicken

I also boiled some prawns – shell removed and de-veined, of course…

STP's Sarawak laksa - prawns

…and kept the stock as well. I also boiled the heads and the shell of the prawns for the stock before throwing them away.

Then I mixed the stock from the chicken and the prawns and added the laksa sambal and boiled that for the broth, soup or gravy – whichever you prefer to call it. It seems that with this particular brand, you do not need to tapis (sieve) in order to get a “cleaner” broth but if you are using some of the other brands available, you may need to do that.

When it had started boiling, I added a tin of santan (coconut milk) and a tablespoon of anchovies (ikan bilis) stock instead of salt and msg.

The other things that I needed to do were to fry some omelette and cut into thin strips…

STP's Sarawak laksa - egg

…and to blanch some mihun (rice vermicelli) and taugeh (bean sprouts).

To serve, place the mihun in a bowl and on top, place the chicken shreds, the prawns, strips of egg and taugeh and pour the broth over all of that…

STP's Sarawak laksa

Add Chinese celery and serve.

My verdict? It was very nice but I think I still prefer the Double Swallow brand. Perhaps I should try that one of these days to see if it is still as good…

Author: suituapui

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31 thoughts on “Do it on my own…”

  1. I tried Sarawak laksa for the first time at The Shack. It was good and I always order this whenever I eat there. It tasted like something between asam laksa and curry laksa but the gravy was nice. Your homemade Sarawak Laksa looks very delicious. I can imagine the taste and smell already and my mouth is watering.

    I’ve never tried Laksa Shack though I must say it smells good, so I can’t say how authentic the Sarawak laksa there is – whether it’s anything like the real thing. For one thing, all these franchise shops, the stuff they serve is usually quite good, not the best…but good enough and with the classier environment, a bit more expensive…

    1. Ohhh… i passed my Sarawak Laksa paste to my mum to cook for my grandpa’s bday… have yet to ask her how it turns out. Gonna have to ask her how it turned out. LOL.

      I’ve never tried Lisa Brand laksa sambal myself. But a number of people told me it’s quite good… Just that there seems to be so little, dunno how many servings. If for me alone, already not enough… LOL!!!

    2. Laksa Shack? No thanks… I tried once and I hated it… especially their so called Asam laksa… taste so awful and not like the real thing!

      When going to such places, have to keep an open mind. Don’t expect too much and you will not be disappointed. Like food in Singapore – all the nice and comfortable food courts…where got the same as last time, old-school kopitiam and roadside stalls…the hot and steamy stalls above the market at Cuppage Centre – those were the days.

  2. nice to do it on your own . But then sometimes it’s hard to cook for 1 or 2 person only. Buy taugeh 50sen already too much. Buy 20sen kena the seller laugh.

    Nice to cook if got a few more people to eat with

    This was enough for three for two sittings = 6…but of course, I had extra helpings. Not going to cook every day…so might as well make the most of it! 😉

  3. Looks yummy reminds me of curry mee again wokay shall makan for brunch today. Oh chicken breast..have something in mind already will post about it in future and the prawns wowie wowie love ’em. Have not tried Sarawak laksa yet can email over pleazeeee? tQ ~;).

    You want the sambal? I can send to you…or bring over when I go to KL next month. Then you can cook your own… Otherwise, you can hop over to Kuching – some nice places selling this there…

    1. Can bring some for me anot if got meet u? *blush blush* Wanna pass some masak hitam to my mum. =.= she said she make her own tak jadi.

      Dunno got time or not…pretty tight schedule this time as want to bring my daughter here and there to eat this and that – no time to meet up and sit and chat and socialise…and also, dunno got stock or not. The masak hitam always sold out…have to go here and there – 1 here, two there…and kumpul2, enough for everyone. Kucing and Cyn already cooked theirs? Not a sound from them (and nothing on the keropok and the terbaloi either) – maybe you can barter trade with them – cook them your negro chicken. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. LOL… correct oso… if ur coming in February… mebbe we all balik kampung liao for CNY. Wahh… the masak hitam wan so laku punya kah? Waaa… but that one really sedap lah… goes very well with nasi tomato. Negro chicken ah? Aiya… oven kaboom liao… lol… kenot cook unless got ppl borrow me oven. LMAO.

        Buy a new one…now New Year sale, should have some good bargains. I can do without a microwave but not a conventional oven.

    2. Burp!!!!excuse me just had curry koay teow for brunch. For those who are capable of growing nice plants people say they have got green fingers, sorry Bananaz have got no wok fingers can’t walk the wok. Thanks so much for the sambal appreciate it very much. Cheers ~;).

      No kah? Aiyor…so you have to eat out all the time or you have a live-in girlfriend? 😉

  4. Been awhile since I last ate laksa. Not in favour of Kopitiam Fantasy’s laksa because of the broth colour. An indication of excessive santan usage. Thomson Corner’s laksa and your product have crimson red (almost there. :D) broth, which indicates a hot and spicy meal. The pictures of your boiled ingredients are so beautiful. :’)

    Thanks for the compliments… 😉

  5. No doubt a lot of work but it is worth cooking for your own family… but please cook for us too when we come, ah… LOL…

    Not really a lot of work…and it’s an all-in-one dish,so no need to cook anything else. As much work as cooking a complete meal plus rice…or maybe even less. Hmmm…I’ll just pretend I did not hear you say anything about coming to Sibu… 😦

  6. Beautiful photos, Arthur.Your Sarawak laksa nampak so sedap…bercucuran my air liur! What a nice dad,you. Melissa is very lucky.
    Masak hitam?….eh,mana you punya recipe?

    Come to Sibu for a holiday and I’ll certainly cook this (and much more) for you…and my masak hitam too. Muahahahaha!!!! Wait ah…if I’m going to cook for Chinese New Year. Dunno why my missus suddenly doesn’t like masak hitam…so no sure whether I will be cooking or not.

  7. Laksa – I still prefer the double swallow brand… hv tried Lisa Brand – only.
    As for masak hitam – best still my late mum recipe-guess its from the Dimong brand. lol.

    Ok…so I’ll just forget about Lisa’s sambal laksa. We use their masak hitam all the time with a bit of extra ingredients – very nice. I would think it’s good enough without having to go through all that trouble to prepare all the ingredients.

  8. huhu…. i think i should stop visiting your blog for a while if you keep posting kampua,kolok mee and laksa sarawak, the thing that i cannot get here…tsk3
    i should try to cook it when i go back
    my cousin cook for me once, very nice too. and he is big like you too and love cooking. i think must find big guy, jolly and love cooking and do house work. hahahahha

    You bergaya…stay in semenanjung, don’t want to come home anymore bah! See! Now you cannot get to eat all these nice nice things. Nyamai meh! Hehehehehehe!!!! Your boyfriend can fulfil how many of those conditions…? 😉

    1. hahahah
      when i finish study, i will apply posting sarawak ba.who said i dun wan come home. tsk3
      my boyfriend fulfill all kot. kakakakah. but not really big, he lose a lot of weight!

      That one no problem, feed him…! Your uni…got a Dr ***, wears spectacles or not. Now, associate professor already, dunno if you know him.

      1. cannot la, he diet ma. LOL!
        yeah i know him, got auntie bad mouth him said he eat and don’t pay wor… he didn’t teach me anyway

        Oh? Pay so high…so phai kha like dat one kah?

  9. The sarawak Laksa looks so yummy…..yesterday I also bought a pack of Nyonya laksa paste (since I can get free angpow packet)….so this Sunday I may cook nyonya laksa for lunch.

    You mean Mak Nyonya? That’s a West Malaysian brand…so you may end up cooking curry laksa…or something like Penang curry mee, not actually Sarawak laksa. Let’s wait and see your post on it… 😉

  10. Dump in some clam and *drool*

    Not into clam so much these days…even in char kway teow, I would pick them out and give to my daughter.

  11. WOW! U can make it urself! 😀 it seem so easy but i noe the taste sure turn out diff one if im d one cook. =.=

    Belum cuba, belum tahu… Sweet girl cooking…sure sweeter one. LOL!!! 😀

  12. You still have not taught me how to do it yet, remember? hahahahahaha

    There, just go through the post and follow the instructions. Yours is the Double Swallow brand – supposed to be nicer. Good luck…

  13. Seriously… I wish I can be your daughter, perhaps next life (if there’s any)! You are every child’s dream dad, you even cook something nice for your daughter… I remember vividly my late dad had never cook anything for me, not even instant noodles (am I not contended… sigh). Just wish we could spend more valuable time together, but now it’s too late!:-)

    I only have one child so I would like to do all I can for her and hopefully, she can have a life that’s fulfilling and happy…and of course, I would like to do as much of that as possible…before I too will join the heavenly choir – wouldn’t want her to spend the rest of her life wishing for what-might-have-been and feeling sad…

  14. Home cooked can add in more ingredient. Bet your daughter enjoyed till the bottoms!

    That’s the thing – everything the best and to your satisfaction. I cooked a lot and we finished it in a day…down to the last drop! 😉

  15. wah looks like you can open a laksa stall already and make sure you invite me yeah?!! looks yummy!

    Come… Like what I’ve been telling everybody, come to Sibu and I’ll cook for you too…but unfortunately, nobody wants to come. 😦

  16. hheheheh..i always buy laksa paste for my friends over here, but when they ask me how to cook, i said i don’t know, i only know how to eat. LOL!!! Now i can direct them to your post.

    My mum always get for me got two bird on the packaging. I don’t know which one is good, which one is not.
    Remember i told you one of the coffee shop nearby my house serve very good Sarawak Laksa, i heard we can order laksa paste from them, so now i no more bringing laksa paste back here.

    Your laksa look very good, and got some many ingredient!

    The two birds would be the best – the Double Swallow…all the others have one bird – be it the eagle, the parrot…or whatever. This one wasn’t great…but quite ok. Will cook again before Melissa goes back to NZ…using the Double Swallow brand…

  17. Now I want to eat Sarawak Laksa after reading so many posts where you DIY your own. I don’t think I will be diligent enough to DIY. Just go to Auntie Christina to eat during weekend will do for me.

    And tapao home for dinner, one for the road. 😀 😀 😀

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