One for the road…

We flew out to Kuching on a flying visit – me, my missus and daughter…in the last few days of 2010 for a two-night stay, coming back home on New Year’s Eve. While we were there, my cousin, Lindy, took us out for dinner and we had the opportunity to relish some Indian cuisine one more time before the new year.

I’ve been to this Indian restaurant before and enjoyed the food there very much, so I was looking forward to dropping by there again. We had the makhani (butter) chicken that everyone seemed to be raving about…

Bombay Spices - makhani (butter) chicken

It was very nice…but personally, I thought the mutton vindaloo was even better…

Bombay Spices - mutton vindaloo

Like on my previous visit, we had garlic naan

Bombay Spices - garlic naan

…with mushroom masala to eat with the bread…

Bombay Spices - mushroom masala

…but I was quite positive that they used abalone mushroom previously. This time around, they used those canned button mushrooms which I thought paled in comparison.

We wanted those deep fried bitter gourd strips that we had in Penang but the guy said that the delicacy was North Indian and the cuisine at this particular restaurant was South Indian and he suggested that we had the crispy cauliflower…

Bombay Spices - crispy cauliflower
*Melissa’s photo taken on her Canon IXUS 95IS*

…insisting that it would be just as nice. I would beg to disagree though – I didn’t think it was something so nice that I would be dying to have it again.

Other than this, for another vegetable dish, we decided to give their palak paneer a try…

Bombay Spices - palak paneer
*Melissa’s photo*

That was actually blended spinach cooked with cheese and whatever else…but if you asked me, I would much sooner go for my pounded/blended* daun bandong (tapioca leaves) fried with lots of pounded ginger plus chillies and ikan bilis (dried anchovies)/pork belly slices/chicken/prawns* anytime. (*Select one as desired)

We also had the pilao rice that we had on my last visit…

Bombay Spices - pilao rice

…and also the bryani rice…

Bombay Spices - bryani rice

…and to wash all that down, we had the pineapple lassi

Bombay Spices - pineapple lassi

On the whole, we enjoyed the dinner and the company was great. Thanks so much, Lindy and hubby, MD, for taking us out and for the treat. We owe you one…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “One for the road…”

  1. Err…somehow those dishes do not look nice…curries and paneer when photographed usually look like some unmentionables in food blog…lol! Wonder if the butter chicken is as sweet as the ones we get in NZ?If Melissa had tried the butter chicken before in NZ,she would know what I mean.
    Love the pineapple lassi though.

    Those Indian dishes are definitely not photogenic. Perhaps, they should work on a bit pf presentation. Ya…Melissa was not keen on ordering the butter chicken, saying that it was something very sweet…nothing really great but I heard many who came to this place saying that it was a must-have, really good. I thought it was ok, not really sweet…but it wouldn’t be something that I must order again should I happen to go there again.

  2. I wonder if you still have time to do all this makaning now that schools are in full swing……..

    Now i wonder why you said Indian foods were not photogenic, i don’t really agree lah, Indian foods to me are so colorful, yellow, red and they look as hot as they taste.. why not photogenic? can’t comprehend……..If the food photos we take look nice because of the food presentation, then (ok ok only my opinion)……because i have seen you taking nice food photo with no presentation at all, hehahahahahaha

    Sometimes, food looks nice because of the presentation…but actually not nice and sometimes, food looks nice because of the camera and the photographer – the photos look like pages in a recipe book, everybody will be drooling over it…but in actual fact, not nice to eat. I just take the photographs just the way they are…but sometimes, with a little effort at presentation, the dish will look nicer…and appetising – all psychological, I guess…but that’s a fact.

  3. Now I thought of taking capati for breakfast! Long time never take indian food and these are making me salivating this early morning. 7.48am now!

    I guess I will not be having Indian food for a long while after this. When my daughter goes back to NZ, I would not be going for the limited items we have here even – the bryani, thosai… No fun going on my own. 😦

  4. Had a good laugh at Shereen’s comment. She’s very perceptive, but it’s a problem. Once someone puts the thought into your head… Now, I don’t think I can ever eat paneer without thinking of some unmentionables.

    LOL!!! Well, many other things don’t look so good either…e.g. Coca Cola float. πŸ˜‰

  5. wah nice! it has been a long time since i last had an Indian meal. I always like the naan with the curry! yummy

    Lots of nice Indian places in KL… Passage to India is good, I hear.

  6. Hi Arthur…Happy 2011 to you , Missus and Melissa. Wa…delicious looking indian cuisine. We love them too but I just don’t know how to cook indian food so we normally eat out when the cravings is there πŸ™‚ Glad that you enjoyed your short holiday in Kuching πŸ™‚

  7. fried cauliflower ?????!!! :O
    never heard that before! i normally go for chinese food only. and even if i go to mamak i only order roti canai, never try all that~

    Not very adventurous, you! There’s a whole big world out there…

  8. the butter chicken looks like lasagna to me!! hahaha! i dnt really like indian foods except for their naan i guess. πŸ˜€

    Guess you’re into the western stuff…more expensive, classier… I don’t mind having that for a change but not really into those.

  9. You didn’t put up the price leh… it must be darn pricey then(with such spread of delicacies in such design porcelain dish)!>_<

    LOL, when I scrolling through the photos, my eyes suddenly blurted out due to the vibrant picture! Her 1st picture was not bad leh! Thumbs up!

    Keep well and have a nice day!

    I dunno – it was my cousin’s treat…but my missus said she sae her take out a RM100 note, and she said it was so cheap or perhaps they counted wrongly. There were 7 of us altogether.

    Yup…my photo of the cauliflower was blur and so I took Melissa’s. I had a clear photo of the palak paneer but I can’t seem to find it anymore – must have deleted it by mistake. Melissa said that she simply clicked because she also felt that the food would not like nice in photographs…so not bothered to make sure the photos would come out really nice.

  10. Indian food!! Second blog today that is talking about indian food.. gosh this is torturing. I need Indian food for lunch! LOL!

    Lots in KL… No problem, can have it anytime. Whose blog also has Indian food today? πŸ™‚

  11. The butter chicken looks rather strange… not really something I would order, I think.

    Everybody else was praising it to the skies…and asked why I did not order that on my previous visit, and so I did…this time around. It was good though…just that the mutton vindaloo was nicer – from my point of view, that is.

    1. The mutton vandaloo was nicer? Ooo… the mushroom masala looks good… I’d probably makan that one first if i was there.

      Yup…and nope, they used canned button mushrooms. The first time I went, they used fresh abalone mushrooms – much nicer! Didn’t like it as much this time around.

  12. I love to dip in condensed milk…Yumm. Pineapple lassi, never try before. Normally go for plain, mango or peach flavour

    Yup, they had mango too…but we had that in Penang. Personally, I think mango’s nicer… πŸ˜‰

  13. OOoOOh … I love palak paneer ( I’m terribly lazy to chew so maybe that’s the reason why I like my food blended … other than the fact that all the flavours and aromas meld better when food is in tiny pieces …. :p ) !! And the food looks really fantabulous !

    Oh, a super duper belated New Year btw ! May this one bring you and family joy, peace and happiness !

    Wishing the same to you, Joanna. Hmmm…then you would love our kampung-style fried daun bandong or tapioca leaves then. I prefer them pounded though – too fine if blended…lacks texture, not so nice anymore.

  14. first and second dish look same to me, maybe the colour.
    Not really into indian food, but just love nasi bryani.

    That crispy cauliflower look interesting, but you said taste so so only?

    Next round when you are here, if got chance i bring you to have nice indian food. πŸ™‚

    The taste was different – both nice…but the mutton was nicer. The cauliflower a bit oily and not much taste – we really loved the bitter gourd in Penang – so yummy! You like bryani? You can try cooking my ghee rice:
    It’s something like that, also nice…or maybe even nicer.

  15. Mmmm…..i think it’s time to visit Bombay Spices again.
    i find the best crispy bittergourd strips in Kch are from Amah Curry House behind SGH. Bombay Masala makes them too, but they sometimes aren’t crispy.

    Bombay Masala has become some kind of franchise in Kuching, I suppose. Branches all over… Wonder if they will open an outlet in Sibu or not… All of us loved the bitter gourd strips when we tried it in Penang.

  16. Ahhhh, vindaloo! I love this spicy curry!

    Yum! We were not brave enough to try the VERY hot though…and opted for the MEDIUM instead – which wasn’t hot at all. I wonder how hot their very hot is…

  17. if you enjoy spices, i think Indian food is just the right thing for you.. i love the garlic naan with the mushroom masala, nice.. and oh, lassi, never miss drinking lassi when having Indian food, it actually helps to sooth your stomach.. πŸ™‚

    That’s the main attraction in Indian food – the fragrance of the spices. I heard long ago that we should drink yoghurt after eating to cleanse away the excessive oil used – I do not know how to drink fresh yoghurt…so I guess lassi will have to do. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Haha…so there is a variaty in Indian cuisine. They have what they call as North Indian and South Indian.

    This is the first time that I discover of the two kinds of Indian dishes. πŸ™‚

    Yes, there is a difference…just like in China, you have Cantonese, Szechuan, Hainan and all kinds of cuisines depending on where they originate from.

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