I have heard a lot about this uniquely intriguing Chinese mask dance and as a matter of fact, there was an Indian guy performing that at a Chinese New Year show along Bukit Bintang, sponsored by one of those foot reflexology shops, when I was in KL early this year…but it was so very hot and crowded that I did not bother to cross over to the other side of the road to watch.

Well, finally I had the opportunity to see it performed live recently – at my uncle & aunt’s Golden Jubilee, their 50th wedding anniversary reception…

It was very lively and exciting…

Chinese mask dance 1

…and there was even a Monkey God mask…

Chinese mask dance 2

This one was a black-faced mask – I don’t know whether that was supposed to be “Pao Ching Tien” – the legendary Chinese black-faced judge…

Chinese mask dance 3

You do not only get to see the masks changing as the performance progresses – there are also some magical tricks where some props may appear out of nowhere, for instance the Monkey God’s stick…or this red fan…

Chinese mask dance 4

This was the last mask and we could get to see half the face…

Chinese mask dance 5

…and finally, the identity of the dancer was revealed when the performance ended…

Chinese mask dance 6

It turned out to be my cousin – my uncle’s youngest son.

Bravo!!! That was a great show indeed…and thoroughly entertaining! More on my uncle & aunt’s anniversary celebration in the posts to come…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Faces…”

  1. I have watched a Chinese movie about this mask changing dance years ago and I have been in love with it since. Your cousin must have learnt and mastered the dance since he can performed live. Wish I was there!

    I’m not too sure but I heard something like there was a performer from China and he learnt it from the guy…and the costume and props are worth thousands. It certainly was very entertaining – split-second mask switches in a lively fast-paced performance.

    1. The sun will come out from the west if I can do that dance!!!

      At least you’re skinny… I wouldn’t be able to fit into the costume…and the masks would probably get stuck on my big head. Hahahahahaha!!! 😀

      1. Hahahahahah… the mask wouldn’t fit on my head! LOL! I’m always amazed by all these performance… dunno how they can manage to do it! Really amazing!

        I’m sure it can…you’re so skinny and your head’s not big…not like mine. 😦

  2. Bravo indeed! You are one multi-talented family! Even before you mentioned he’s your cousin, I could see some similarity, ie the same good looks. Just curious, did he learn the dances himself or did he learn from a sifu?

    Chesh! He’s handsome…I’m not. Flatterer, you. I heard he learnt from somebody who came from China to perform the dance at the Borneo Cultural Festival or something – not too sure.

    1. You look like a pop star when you’re younger though… but I prefer your fatherly look when you’re older. LOL.

      Hehehehehe!!! So loving and caring hor? Muahahaha!!! 😀

  3. I can never perform such thing, even if I’m taught to do so. Such dance requires agility and dexterity. I’d probably found myself wheezing half way! Amazing that people can actually do that, Cikgu!

    If I were to do it…the stage would collapse! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  4. He’s a man of many faces, and changing all the time..I always wonder how on earth he can do it so fast? Amazing.

    Search me! Maybe there are buttons or switches somewhere…and you just activate and the masks will change.

    1. Aha! That must be it! Must be got button or switches… wakakakak… else how to change? Too fast liao!

      Never mind. Let it remain a mystery – more fun that way.

  5. This type of face changing needs lot of practice.. your cousin must have taken much effort in undergoing training.. 🙂 I watched it before in Penang last time…

    I guess so. He was very good at it… Amazing!

  6. wow.. so is your cousin doing this as a full time job?.. that will be super cool!

    Not that I know of. But I do know he’s into a lot of things like at one time, a t-shirt making business. Dunno if it’s still going on or not.

  7. wow…your cousin must be very special and talented. Normally the sifu of the face-changing art (Bian Lian) is very strict about the disciples he chose one, only the selected fews can be taught the tactics. haha..and i guess the costumes and the masks worth thousands?

    Oh? That’s news to me… I suppose he is thus-inclined. I did hear something about the masks and costume being really expensive…@.@

  8. Wow! The Chinise ‘bian lian’ dance. He must be special as I read about it being a rather sacred art originates from Sichuan China and foreigners are not permitted to learn the art form.

    Happy New Year! 😀

    Oh? But there was an Indian, probably Malaysian, performing it in KL? Maybe it was just me…but I felt kind of eerie a bit when watching it. Must be my imagination. LOL!!! A Happy 2011 to you too…

  9. wuah.. your cousin’s very talented. hardly any such face changing artist in Msia. I think he can make big money performing.. at events or even children’s parties. Kids n adults will love it

    Ya, it was very entertaining but I don’t know if he does it professionally – probably just for the fun of it.

  10. Chinese mask dance , wow..i only see this in the TV. Your cousin must be very talented only can get the tactic to perform this? I heard not easy to get learn this, not everyone get to learn.

    Bravo to your cousin, can earn a lot with this skill in hand.

    I think he’s artistically inclined – very much into singing and dancing…and tae-kwon-do.

  11. erk! i don’t like masks~!
    it scares me… hehehe!
    good that you enjoy it!

    Ya, I liked the performance but it did give me some kind of uneasy feeling, dunno why…

  12. Ohhh, I always love this dance and it’s very thoughtful of your uncle’s son to perform this show to his beloved daddy and mommy! Happy anniversary to them!


  13. Hi, This is Edmond, your cousin.Thank for all your comments. I will keep up the good work and keep as many traditional knowledge as I can.

    Hi!!! Most welcome… Melissa, my daughter, actually scolded me after the performance that night…said why I did not video-record it – just took photos instead. Great show, we all enjoyed it very much! Wahhhh!!!! Such an old post and you managed to come across it…

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