It was a very good year…

It certainly was…a very good year for me, 2010.

It got off to a tumultuous start though, with all the hassle over the arrangements for Melissa to go over to Wellington, New Zealand but mercifully, everything turned out all right in the end and the year for her there was pretty good…

Mel in Wellington, NZ

…and she got on fine as far as her studies and staying there on her own were concerned, for which I am indeed very thankful and glad.

Back here in Sibu, things were somewhat routine mostly, though there were some good moments along the way.

It has been a wonderful year in blogosphere, no doubt about that.  I had the pleasure of meeting a few more blogger-friends in the course of the year and I certainly look forward to getting acquainted with more in the year ahead. I think I have had more or less a post a day…and I guess my photographs are a lot better now since I have my daughter’s old digital camera at my disposal…

Caught in the act
*Gundot’s photo on Facebook*

…compared to those days when I had to depend on my handphone camera.

There have been weddings, lots of them – my sister-in-law’s son got married in April and my cousin, Leo and my nephew, Quentin on the same day in different parts of the world in September. My ex-student/friend, Louis J, tied the knot in early October…and my blogger-friend, Chris too…and Mark, another ex-student, on the same day as her. The most recent, of course, was the one in Penang – my niece, Alicia’s on 11th December.

With Melissa home for the holidays, we took the opportunity to have a short break together in Penang…and went up to Cameron – my first time there…ever!

Melissa @ Cameron

…with my friend, Mandy and all of us had a really great time.

To all my relatives and friends, near or far away, here’s to a wonderful New Year, 2011, for all of us… CHEERS!!!

A toast to a great new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone…