Christmas isn’t Christmas (2)…

As I have said in yesterday’s post, Christmas isn’t Christmas if not spent with loved ones – family or friends. Melissa had a terrific time at last year’s Christmas party, so I decided to hold one again this year…

Christmas party 2010

…but a slightly toned-down one at that.

Last year, we were planning a western-themed party and Melissa and I were supposed to cook some special dishes…but my missus, despite the fact that she had to work around that time, wanted to get into the thick of the action (and insisted on cooking certain dishes not related to the theme my daughter and I were working on) and it was a real hassle – all three in the kitchen at the same time, fighting for the gas stove and the oven…and tempers (mine mostly) were wearing thin – I was quite upset that the guests were starting to arrive and my missus was still struggling to get her dishes done and served.

This year, being older and wiser, we decided to let her do everything and besides, she was on leave so she had more time to do whatever she wanted. I only cooked this satay beef…

Christmas party 2010 - satay beef

and ketupat

Christmas party 2010 - ketupat

all instant but it was well-received except that everyone was commenting, “Oooo…the beef rendang‘s really good!” Duh!!! It wasn’t rendang! LOL!!

My daughter wanted to cook tomato rice…as she and her friends did something of the sort in Wellington, New Zealand and she loved it and was quite certain that she could do it on her own. I googled for the recipe and got very complicated ones…so I had to ask around, only to get different suggestions in the end. We decided to take a bit from here and a bit from there and come out with something of our own…

Christmas party 2010 - Melissa's tomato rice

…and thankfully, it turned out all right and was really very good.

I wouldn’t want to cook something for a special occasion like this unless I have done it before and I am sure that it would come out just perfect. Kinda’ risky, don’t you think?

My missus cooked the chicken curry…

Christmas party 2010 - chicken curry

…A1 Mountain Globe instant curry paste, kay liao (with added ingredients) and her specialty, the ngor hiang (meat rolls)…

Christmas party 2010 - ngor hiang

She also made these lokam which my daughter loves…

Christmas party 2010 - lokam
*Melissa’s photo on her Canon IXUS 95IS*

…and the baked chicken wings…

Christmas party 2010 - baked chicken wings

…and the salad…

Christmas party 2010 - salad

I bought these super-duper cream puffs from a bakery near my house

Christmas party 2010 - cream puffs

…and my sister gave us this yummy Horlicks cake

Christmas party 2010 - Horlicks cake

…which was something like batek cake except that they used Horlicks instead of chocolate…and chocolate Marie biscuits instead of the plain ones.

Other than those, for dessert, we also had the very rich and nice fruit cake that Annie-Q gave me, made by coffeesncookies

Christmas party 2010 - fruit cake

…and everyone liked it a lot and was praising it to the skies. There were only a few slices left when the party ended. All in all, I guess it all went pretty well, thankfully – everyone had their fill and had a good time.

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve today. So what are your plans to say goodbye to 2010 and to usher in the New Year – 2011? Care to share?