Last flight out…

Well, it was one of the morning MAS flights, in fact, but not the last flight out. Our flight from KLIA home to Sibu was at 7.30 p.m. that evening and I did not dare to take the 5 something flight from Penang in case there was a delay or cancellation and we would not be able to catch the flight home. All the other flights in the afternoon were full, so I had to settle for the one at 10.45 a.m. arriving at KLIA around 11.40.

We had to wait the whole afternoon at KLIA but I guess it would work out to more or less the same thing as most hotels would insist that you check out at noon…or by the latest, 1.00 p.m. and given the choice between hanging around at KLIA and Penang airport, I would much sooner opt for the former.

Anyway, that morning, we went to the airport quite early to check in and I made sure that we had ample time to sit and enjoy breakfast at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet there…

Coffee Bean, Penang airport

…especially considering that all you will get on a MAS flight between Penang and KL would be a drink and a little packet of peanuts.

I had their Brek O’Day which I had the last time I was there and I quite enjoyed it…

Coffee Bean brek o'day

Great heavens!! That cost RM19.00 now – it was only RM16.35 when I had that in September, 2009 – an increase of over 16%!  Tsk! Tsk!!!

My daughter had the salmon scramble (RM17.80)…

Coffee Bean salmon scramble

I guess she missed all that salmon that she had been eating in Wellington, New Zealand.

My missus had their egg club sandwich (RM19.00)…

Coffee Bean egg club sandwich

…but she did not say a thing about it. Well, at least, she did not grumble and complain, so I guess it must at least be edible.

All orders were inclusive of free flow of coffee but their mugs were so big that we couldn’t possibly ask for more…and it would be quite a hassle to go into the (tiny) toilet on board the aircraft while airborne.

All too soon, after breakfast, it was bye-bye, Penang! I would probably be back again…sometime in April.