He’s the man…

…and now, the post that Merryn is waiting for! LOL!!!

I met Eugene for the very first time when I was in Penang in August, 2009. He was and still is, a very nice man – so easy to get along with…married to a beautiful wife and blessed with two wonderful sons. He took my daughter and me to try the Hailam lor mee and the best or chian (oyster omelette) in town – the latter was so very nice that my daughter agreed to have a second helping.

During my recent trip to Penang, I met him again. He wanted to take us out for brunch but I had a lunch date already that same day with Edmund who turned out to be Bananaz‘s friend as well. Small world! Nevertheless, Eugene dropped by the hotel where we were staying and we had a good long chat…until it was time for me and my family to go for lunch.

Not one to give up so easily, Eugene insisted on taking us out for lunch some other day and we agreed upon Tuesday, considering that on Monday, we would be going on a day trip to the Cameron Highlands. We went to this old, unimpressive-looking coffee shop…

Hai Oan Penang

…along Burmah Road, directly opposite Loh Boon Siew’s old mansion…

Boon Siew Mansion Penang

I noticed that the kway teow th’ng was featured in some newspaper…

Hai Oan kway teow th'ng stall

…but the guy was wrapping up his business for the day, so I was not able to try that.

The stall next to it seemed equally famous…

Hai Oan har mee stall

…as there was also a press review on it.

I ordered a bowl to try…and boy, it was really very good – the best har mee (prawn noodles), better than what I had before, and much nicer than what my missus had in Ipoh!

Hai Oan har mee

The lobak stall looked good too…

Hai Oan lobak stall

…and I ordered this plate of some of the items available…

Hai Oan lobak

…for only RM6.00. It was good too, better than Red Garden’s…and a lot nicer than the RM13.00 one at Gurney Drive.

While we were sitting there, waiting for what Eugene had ordered for all of us, a lady appeared selling these…

Hai Oan otak-otak 1

otak-otak (RM2.50 each). She claimed it to be the best in Penang though  Eugene said that he could find something much nicer and cheaper elsewhere.

She gave me her handwritten “business card” which declared hers as “Mummy Otak – Penang famous…top nyonya…authentic” and she showed us photos of famous people including the state’s CM giving her the thumbs up!

Hai Oan otak-otak 2

I would say it was very nice…

Hai Oan otak-otak 3

…with its rich aromatic taste but I felt that the egg custard layer around the fish was a bit too soft/mushy. Well, if anybody’s interested and would like to place orders, her mobile contact is 016-4710430. We were leaving Penang the very next day and we already had too much luggage by then or else I wouldn’t mind ordering some to take home, considering that we cannot get any in Sibu…and if we can, they are usually not nice at all, plus the yummy ones at Payung are way too expensive to indulge in too frequently.

And now, the moment of truth! What exactly did Eugene take us to this coffee shop for? He wanted us to try this…

Hai Oan chicken chop

…nice and crispy chicken chop, coated with egg and fried. It was really good like everything else in that shop and the best part was – that generous serving cost ONLY RM3.50. I asked the lady and when she told me, I actually thought that I had heard wrongly. Unbelievable, I tell you!

After lunch, Eugene took us for dessert and instead of going to the one at Penang Road, he brought us to try the cendol at New World…

New World cendol Penang

…which he said was one of the two (the other one being that celebrated stall at Penang Road) selected to represent Malaysia at some international food festival. It was good…and definitely worth going back for.

All in all, we had a wonderful outing with the Penang godfather, as what he claimed himself to be…and thanks a lot, Eugene, for taking your time off your busy schedule and going through all the trouble of taking us out. It sure was nice seeing you once again and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in April next year. I certainly hope the feeling’s mutual… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “He’s the man…”

  1. dear eugene, please bring me around to when i am at penang. tq
    the food loook so goodT_T
    make my stomach hungry and now i need to eat liao. tsk tsk tsk.

    Ya…go to Penang, must pay respect to Penang Godfather! LOL!!! 😉

  2. yerrr!! awal pagi make me drool n super duper hungry!! T.T oh u met Eugene too! whr’s picture! :p

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Click the link – got his photo in an old post…or you can click another link to his blog – lots of his photos there. Very handsome one… 😉

  3. Huh!!! Just cant believe my eyes Penang Har mee selling at RM2.50 today????Had my first Har Mee in Newtown *State* PJ and was charged RM3.00 which I thought I heard wrong mind you that was in the late 90’s.

    KL people, all so rich…so must charge more lor. Like you, now based in KL, so rich lor…how can still expect to pay RM2.50 for har mee liao? LOL!!! 😀

  4. wow..penang always has the best and cheapest food..

    Indeed…must know where to go – some places quite expensive and not so nice. Ask the Penang Godfather – he knows where. 🙂

  5. Eik ears itchy leh! No wonder saw Bananaz been gossip-ed 7 early 8 early haha..anyway tQ for the link. When comes to otak otak and chendol can remember we had our counter part from Taiwan name is Billly Chang, (Ed knows him too) who was stationed in Penang for a year and that ‘forced’ me to learn Mandarin from him. Each time we had our meals would pulled his legs like otak otak is monkey’s brain and green chendol are worms from the sea. Best part was we took him for banana leaf lunch once and he really struggled.

    Hah…see you very high, must give special mention lor! LOL!!! 😀 Aiyor…one kind friend like that – people from other countries, must treat like VVIP…how can bully poor fella’ like that. Sure had bad impression of Penang lor… 😉

  6. Wow! Such delicious foods. I will definitely want to try the foods that you tasted STP. ^_^

    Come! Come! I think our cheap airline, Air Asia flies from Clarks to Kuala Lumpur. Grab the zero airfare or cheap offer fare – will be very cheap.

  7. The GodFather has a very strong will and will never give up! 😀

    Just like when I was in Penang, he came to the meet us up 3 days in a row! He’s really awesome!

    The chicken chop for RM3.50 is ridiculously cheap! How can they make money like that? hahaha.. i wanna try too!

    Eugene brought us to New World too.. he said the Pasembur there nice oso 🙂

    What? 3 days!!! And he only spent one lunch break with me!!! *jealous!!! Muahahahaha!!! Can’t blame him – our programme was pretty tight during our stay there. Anyway, I’ll be going again in April so I guess I’ll see him again then.

  8. STP, have I met you before? sobs… the answer is unfortunately.. NO 😦

    me no godfather nor a godmother.. so no opportunity to meet up with STP 😛

    The next round…when I go to KL in February, if all of you are free. Would love to meet Quachee, witch and saucer…and maybe SK, Bananaz and whoever else, even those I’ve met before – if they are keen on meeting up.

  9. My gosh…..these foods make my tummy rumble! I miss all the Penang food….soooooo delicious…….yuuummm. Take me along next time 😛 Oh, you didn’t try the famous Penang char kay teow? The assam laksa? Nyonya kuih? Just what a way to talk about food and suffer…on Christmas….haha.

    Not a fan of assam laksa and I find nyonya kuih in Kuching nicer – but you must know the places to buy them. Of course, we had the char kway teow, the or chian…and the works! LOL!!! 😀

  10. hey STP, u r so blessed la.. I know Eugene earlier than u but he never takes me out for makan before one… he only looks up to leng lui (pretty girls) and big Boss like you.. heheheee…
    Anyway, I wont blame him la.. he knows I am very tied up with my kids all the time.. next week, we will go Penang and look for this place ourselves!! sobbbbbb…

    Indeed I am blessed. You can let him know earlier when you’re going. I’m sure he will find time for you – if last minute, of course…he may be tied up. Business people like that mah…their time is never their own.

  11. I find the best food in Penang…the place sometime is so rundown and I cant really enjoyed what am eating…
    Have you booked your flight for April…so I see you then.

    Old kopitiam quite ok… Has the old rustic feeling to it…but the assam laksa by the drain at Air Itam – the laksa gravy the same colour as the water in the drain – no, thank you! The old metal table and the stools have seen better days… 😦 Nope, haven;t booked my tickets for April yet – going alone so not so bad. That day, I saw RM2 KL-Penang…

  12. eh..what happened to my comment.. how come not published one! aiyah…now i forgot what i wrote…
    I said something like Eugene bringing you out for makan and not even once brought me out.. so unfair!! Seems he takes only leng lui (Merryn) … 3 days in a row some more, gosh!!… and big bosses like Arthur, he took u to such delicious lunch too!
    Guess I got to find that place on my own next week!! soobbbsss…..

    Hah!!! It was delegated to spam, dunno why… He didn’t take you out makan kah? Maybe you’re so busy, programme always full? Ya…but he took Merryn out 3 DAYS IN A ROW! Humph!!! Now must wait for him to come and speak in his own defence – innocent until proven guilty! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  13. Ehhh? I was expecting the Christmas party you hosted and the pasta that Melissa cooked! Gosh… it’s been a year, and yet i still remember your Shepherd’s pie last year. Did you make any for this year, Cikgu?

    Hmmm… Chicken chop… that chicken chop reminds me of the chicken chop in Perlis. It cost a tad more expensive, Rm4.00. My grandpa took me there the last time I went back, and omg, the taste was out of this world and the serving was so huge that I could not finish it and I thought it would have at least cost more than Rm16. But to my surprise… it was only Rm4.00 and I was rendered speechless. My grandpa told me that it was one of the most expensive chop in town. (another OMG)

    I guess, small towns are really different in term of price and portion, eh? Everything seems cheaper and bigger!

    I had. A simpler one, toned down a bit…and for the post you will have to wait till after New Year. Too many things lined up to post about. The tomato rice was really good…and everyone was praising my rendang…except that it was actually satay beef. Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀 Well, small town people are definitely bigger – look at that one from KT… ROTFLMAO!!!! 😀

  14. RM2-50? nice leh…hahaha…guess next round when i go Penang i will know who to cari

    Ya…that, you will have to ask the godfather himself. 😉

  15. i followed eugene’s blog and read about you, so nice to feel in the virtual world, we still not that virtual. merry xmas.

    Thanks, and a warm welcome to my blog as well. Will link you in my blogroll, do drop by often… 😉

  16. Wah… next time if I go to Penang I also gonna invite Eugene to be my tourguide lar, so many delicious makan places he had brought you!>_<

    I'm drooling over the food now!

    Yes, he knows all the good places…and the best part, cheap some more. Nice guy, should meet up if you drop by Penang.

  17. The cendol was selected to represent Malaysia? Then must go and try lor. 🙂

    Ya…this one and the celebrated Phua Chu Kang one at Penang Road. Theysay nice…butI found out that I went to the wrong one a couple of years ago – no wonder I thought not so nice. 😦

  18. The food selection you had were all good! The fried stuffs are something I will definitely enjoy so as the prawn noodles. I love those! I am quite meticulous with foods, if you said those really taste so good then I really want to try those!

    They’ve those things all over Penang (and maybe even in the states where you are too) but you really have to know where to go to get the best! Not all are nice… 😦

  19. The cendol look extremely good. You know what ingredient to go in? Since I can’t go, maybe I should make one myself.
    By the way, our cendol in Miri is so watery and cost RM2.50-3.00!

    The ones in Sibu – no good either. Had one very good one around here once but when I went the other day, it was no good already. Disappointing. Now have to go to Penang for good cendol or ang-tau peng. 😦

  20. and the Har Mee is only at RM2.50? that’s a steal!!!

    Ya…dirt cheap. Kampua noodles in Sibu RM2.20…but it’s all noodles, hardly any meat. This one has all the ingredients. Unbelievable! And the broth was so rich, so fragrant… Really good!

  21. sometime those old and unimpressive-looking coffee shop food taste a lot better than those posh looking one.

    Yes, must get the local people to bring you for the food, they sure know where to find.

    That chicken chop only cost RM3.50? Wow!! Good deal!

    Yup…like in Singapore. When I went there, all those so-called kopitiams were food courts and the food, though ok, was not the same as what I had before. Would have to go to the less-touristy corners to look for those old coffee shops…

  22. I must remember to go there for prawn mee when I ever go to Penang again. The otak otak does not look very tempting but I am curious to find out if how it is compared to mine. hehe

    Oh? You make otak otak!!! Hmmmm….I wonder if I will ever get the chance to try that. You must try the Sibu one when you come again – best in the world!!! 😉 LOL!!!

  23. the koay teow th’ng has moved to another place at Carnovan Street, there’s a slight increase in price for the chicken chop as well, find me next time if you happen to be in penang! 🙂

    Sure will! 😉

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