Up in the hills…

Other than being a hill resort and tourist attraction, the Cameron Highlands is basically an agricultural region with tea plantations all over…

Mel @ the tea plantations, Cameron

…and beautiful gardens growing all kinds of flowers…

Cameron flora 1

…of all shapes and sizes…

Cameron flora 2

…and in an myriad of colours…

Cameron flora 3

There are also cactus plants with colourful blooms…

Cameron flora 4

…and pitcher plants, otherwise known as monkey pots…

Cameron flora 5

Vegetables, temperate ones especially, are one of the main products from the region, as well  as strawberries…

Cameron strawberries

They also plant grapes there…

Cameron grapes

…and even their own variety of apples…

Cameron apples

My missus, daughter and I certainly enjoyed our trip to the Cameron Highlands tremendously, thanks to my very dear friend, Mandy, who went through the trouble of picking us up in Penang and taking us all the way there and back. We certainly appreciate that so very much, Mandy. You’re truly a gem!

For your information, this is the last post on Cameron – next stop…Bukit Tambun!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Up in the hills…”

  1. awww. no food post? hahahah~
    beautiful daughter. and beautiful scenery.
    bukit tambun, where i wonder, the name so familiar one

    In Penang…but I think there is a Tambun in Perak too.

  2. A feast for the eyes! For a moment I thought that third pic was a batik. I’ve seen batiks that look exactly like it. Did you get to sample their grapes and apples?

    Yes, it’s such a beautiful place. Not the grapes, I didn’t try those. The apples not so great, not really like apples…or what I would be more accustomed to.

  3. Cikgu, today you teach history and botanic ka ? mmmmmm . I remember the last time i went to CH, bought many cactuses,they looked so charming to me, balik balik,, dua tiga hari mati dah, this is one of the reason i don’t like CH hahahahahaha

    Geography – I once taught that subject until there was a shortage of English teachers and I had to do it full-time – good thing the marking did not kill me. I suppose you’re like me – no green fingers. I did not bother to buy any back – sure die one! 😦

  4. Wow… they’re so pretty… the last time I went, I was too busy being sick to enjoy the sceneries…the second and the third pic… are they roses?

    Dunno what they are…but I know for sure, they’re not roses. Btw, you noticed the t-shirt Melissa’s wearing? 😉

    1. Not roses? I thought they’re some sort of roses.Eh? LOL… is that the shirt I gave? Oh… I didn’t realize it… lol… but it looks good on her… somewhat a prettier version of u… u kno… u also always wear yellow! LOLOL.

      You expect me to squeeze into that? Impossible…so I gave it to her – then we can wear our yellow t-shirts together, father and daughter thingy.

    2. It’s a type of roses lah. But dont know what’s the name. Maybe Wenn will know coz saw her posted this before

      Not really into flowers – all nice, dunno the names. They look like peonies to me…

  5. That’s really nice of Mandy! Glad that both of you enjoyed your Cameron trip!^-^

    Have a nice day!

    Yes, so very nice. She’s such a wonderful friend… 🙂

  6. Yes, agree with you, Mandy is a gem.. true friend, taking you and your family from one place to another .. i guess it works both ways.. bet you are wonderful to her too!

    I try…but she wouldn’t come to Sibu. Don’t think I can measure up to her – not even half as wonderful! 😦

  7. i need to visit the tea plantation…

    Tea drinker, are you? I’m a coffee man…but my missus bought a lot of the tea…including strawberry tea.

    1. Tea cheers to the kopi man. Huh strawberry tea? A cross breed of strawberry with tea? The tea plants producing strawberries or the strawberry plants with tea leaves?

      No idea. Maybe tea adulterated with strawberry flavour…

  8. ♫The hills are alive with the smile of Melissa♫..love the cactus plant and all the nice pixz… Today puasa kah? So sweet of Mandy truly a gem. Oh geography & Engrish tea-cheer and you’re pretty good in photography too. tQ

    Wah! You’re Julie Andrews today, I see! Muahahahaha!!! 😀 Ummm…with a digital camera, just click…click… Any Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to take nice pictures. No need for any skill lah… 😉

  9. wow it’s been a long time since i last went to Cameron Highlands. So is the grape sour or sweet?

    Dunno…didn’t pluck to try. When do you intend to go again? I tumpang… Would love to drop by there again sometime.

  10. no food post today? Take a break on torturing us? LOL!!

    Yes, i agree too, Mandy is a gem, and you need to “safe keep” her, don’t lost this type of wonderful friend!

    Ya…worth her weight in gold, that’s for sure. The best anyone can hope to have. Yup…like Bananaz said – today puasa. Food posts will resume tomorrow. LOL!!! 😀

  11. i love cameron for their strawberries!! :p but recently there’s a tragedy right?? cz of the hilly road is it?

    I don’t think so. The road was VERY good at Simapang Pulai, not winding – I think a lot better than the road going up Kinabalu…and wait till you see the so-called trans-Sarawak/Borneo highway. Pengsan, I tell you. That’s why I’d rather fork out the money and catch a plane.

    They must be trying to find excuses, said the road oily – one survivor said there was smoke from the bus before the crash (probably the kawasan berkabus, I dunno)…and if you’re not going really really fast, you would not jump over the high divider and overturn into the other side like that – would be stuck on the divider, I’m sure.

    We have had SO many of these bus accidents EVERYWHERE (so don’t blame the road) – enough of all those excuses, the authorities should take drastic action e.g. close down the bus company if there’s any accident…but then again, a little something in the pocket would seal all lips already. Kes tutup, Malaysia boleh!

  12. It has been a long time since the last time I visited your blog. For that, may I ask your pardon.

    I went offline for few weeks because I worked in the middle of the sea and without any Internet connection.

    Nice photos…it is quite different from your usual posts because what I saw are plants and not photos of foods. 😛

    Merry CHRISTmas STP.

    Same to you and your family. Welcome back…but unfortunately, it will be back to food again in tomorrow’s post. LOL!!! 😉

  13. hey, very nice photos, so colorful and so cheerful feeling.. and seems like this is the first time i didn’t see any food photos being posted woh, hahaha~~ 😀

    Enjoy it while it lasts. No prize for guessing what’s in the next post. LOL!!! 😀

  14. Hhmm, taking a break from food post today? Beautiful pics anyway.
    Wishing you & your family a Happy Christmas 🙂

    Thanks, and the same to you… This was yesterday’s post – today, it’s back to food as usual… You must have come via somebody’s blogroll where the links are out-dated…

  15. Enjoyed your tour of Cameron Highlands. I haven’t been there since the 70s. The Singapore govt used to have bungalows there and at Fraser’s Hill, and being civil servants, we could book them very cheaply. The food there was glorious, with their Hainanese cooks. Wonderful times.

    Yes, long winding ride there though but I loved it so much. Sure would want to go again if ever I get the chance.

    1. As a student, I hitchhiked up there with a friend, and the police allowed us to stay a few days in their barracks. Very comfortable it was, too, with nice warm blankets.

      Not for me, thank you. I just love lazing around enjoying the tranquility and the cool mountain air – my idea of a great life. 😀

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