Top of the world…

Here we are…on top of the world, so to speak…

Cameron Highlands

…at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands…

Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands

I love some of the buildings in the vicinity with their old colonial architecture…like this school, for instance…

SK Convent, Cameron Highlands

– SK Convent, Cameron Highlands. It must be great teaching in a school up in the mountains like that with the nice, cool weather – I would not need a fan blasting at full speed, I’m sure…much less, an air conditioner.

You will see a lot of shops selling souvenirs and all kinds of local produce and products…and stalls like these all around…

Cameron - roadside stalls

Mandy said that we must try the jagung mutiara (pearl corn)…

Cameron - jagung mutiara 1

…and we did…

Cameron - jagung mutiara 2

It was VERY sweet…but I did not quite like the texture of the kernels – I would prefer our own local sweet corn or jagung madu (honey corn).

We also had the sweet potatoes…

Cameron - sweet potatoes

Small and very nice, like the ones imported from the Philippines – the last time I bought some in Sibu, I think I paid no less than RM8.00 a kilo.

I really loved the ubi kodok

Cameron - ubi kodok

– some fritter-like local delicacy made from sweet potatoes. I think I’ve heard Cleffairy mention it a couple of times but I did not know what it was and if there are any available in Sibu, I do not know of it. All I know is that kodok in Malay means toad, correct me if I’m wrong.

Next stop…..steamboat, right in the middle of the afternoon!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Top of the world…”

  1. LOL… you got that right… the kodok does stands for toad… kakaka…they name those cucur as ‘cucur kodok’ cuz sometimes, the cucur turned out so ugly… just like a toad. When I was a lil girl, I used to think that the cucur was made from toads, and therefore would refuse to eat em til my mum showed me that it’s not actually made from toad. LOL!

    I loved it. Should have bought more…but we only tried when we had got into the car and were on our way… 😦

    1. LOL… inside the car oso makan kah? Wah… eat all the way. So nice. You can make the cucur kodok ubi urself… very simple… just mash the sweet potatoes with abit of water, flour, salt and sugar… den deep fry it. I used to make these too, but it’s rather hard to find nice sweet potatoes for it…. so instead of sweet potatoes, i used bananas for the cucur kodok…

      Not into making cucurs… My missus would make, if she’s in the mood. Easier to just go and buy from the Malay stalls – lots around. Can buy sliced sweet potato fritters here quite easily – any day available.

      1. My anak gila cucur… so I make them quite often… cucur udang, cucur ikan bilis, cucur bawang, cucur jagung.. cucur kodok… *pengsan* all sort of cucurs… LMAO!Easy to make and very filling ma…can make as bekal for school oso. LOL!

      2. inside the car also can makan la..yum yum…eating the “Toad” and the ubi …

        Yup…Mandy didn’t say anything, so makan lor… Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  2. Didn’t there are a small town up there. 🙂

    You mean, isn’t there a small town up there? There’s Tanah Rata (2nd photo)…and you will see Brinchang in the next post…

  3. All that’s missing is the snow! Those first 2 or 3 shots remind me of Europe, northern Italy or Switzerland/Austria. I can imagine grapes growing on the side of the hill waiting to be harvested and pressed into wine. No matter what the crop, one can see the care of generations. And the corn looks very similar to what we call peaches and cream. It all looks good!

    Snow? Thanks, but no, thanks. Had my experiences of that in Japan and in Down South New Zealand and I wouldn’t say that I liked it. A lot nicer in photos and on Christmas cards. I guess all you folks up north are getting a bit sick of it – way too much this year and it does not seem like it’s ever going to go away.

    Ya…there are grapes and strawberries – watch out for those in the coming posts…and the heavenly strawberry desserts. Yum! Yum! LOL!!! You have corn like that too? I prefer our sweet corn or what the locals call “Ligo” after the popular brand of canned sweet corn here…or honey corn.

    1. Snow’s great if you don’t have to drive. Toronto in the winter …an inch of snow and the city grinds to a halt. We’ve been lucky thus far, only getting an inch or two at a time and it’s been cold so it’s the best kind of snow – light and powdery.

      But there’s nothing better than being inside watching the snow fall, next to fire place with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book or some blogs to read!

      Must be getting close to Christmas…

      Ya…and I guess one of those blogs would be mine? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀 Watch out for my Christmas post…on Christmas Day – how we, halfway across the world, celebrate it here. Snowing’s pretty bad in the U.K. and Heathrow’s closed and flights are delayed or worse, diverted – guess there will be many who will not be happy this Christmas. 😦

  4. wow yeah… it’s like you’re on top of the world…look the the very stunning view from the top….
    hey i love sweet potato… in Filipino term, we called it “Camote” or “Kamote”… I like it when it is steamed….

    I like ubi kodok too… we called it here as “Buchi”

    It’s something like Baguio in the Philippines – beautiful, cool weather. I was there in 1981, before the earthquake in which the hotel where I stayed (Hyatt) collapsed like a deck of cards. 😦

    Your Filipino sweet potatoes are small…but they’re simply the best! Very expensive here…and “buchi” is definitely a much nicer name than “kodok” (toad)! LOL!!! 😀

  5. I tasted corn too in Korea.. they were son mentioned that it was like plastic we were chewing on.. hahaha.. to me, it was more like pulut… nothing as tasty as our local corn, yes!

    Me too! Can’t remember whether it was in Korea or Japan – barbecued corn, we bought from a roadside vendor near a temple. It was like the corn we used to plant in our house compound when I was a child – those days before we had Ligo sweet corn. The young ones were slightly sweet and quite nice…but I didn’t like the old ones. We do get them being sold at the native produce market here still…but I would not bother to buy.

  6. ♪ Such a feelin’s comin’ over me
    There is wonder in most everything I see
    Not a cloud in the sky…
    I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation..♪

    Lovely town clear nice fresh air ..aaahhhhhh! can even smell it from here. Love jagung especially the old ripe ones like to ‘over work’ my molars haha. tQ for the virtual tour.

    Shhhhh….don’t let everybody guess your age! Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya…it’s so very nice. Next time I go KL, you take me up there, ok or not? I would love to go again and maybe spend a night or two up there.

    1. Have not been going places guess when one is reaching 80 all activities slow down. Love to be in my cave enjoying the pixz of places and food by bloggers. Simple lifestyle surviving on curry mee and the buffet meals daily aka chap fan. No got big fish, prawns or crabs ..hahaha

      Aiyor…scared I go KL ask you belanja kah? Don’t worry…curry mee or economy buffet also ok one, no problem at all. Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    2. Cis… I oso kno Carpenter’s song,… are you my age, Bananaz?

      Ummm…more likely around my age than yours, Cleff. You just happen to love oldies, that’s all – songs, I mean! LOL!!! 😉

  7. Don’t know why i still do not like CH, may be i went there during the peak,and the terrible traffic lol… i still prefer Genting Highland…yo yo

    With small kids like yours, it would definitely be better to go to Genting with all the rides and games and what not…and if you’re a “pua kiaw kui” (gambling ghost), that’s the place to be. Cameron is for people like me who love peace and quiet…and the nice cool air…good food and one can commune with nature there.

    I saw the jam going downhill (around noon – I guess everyone checked out of the hotel then and was going home) – the queue was miles long. Luckily we were not caught in any jam at all – both on the way up and on the way down – smooth sailing all the way…or perhaps everyone, knowing what was good for them, was making way for this Sarawak godfather who could “make them an offer they could not refuse”? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  8. Ohh, you should try those baked jagung mutiara, we had it last time at its pasar malam, it’s delicious!

    The fresh and juicy vegetables that selling in Cameron’s Market are something we hardly taste in K.L!;D

    Have a nice day!

    It’s the texture of the kernels that I did not like, felt different when chewing – very sweet though. No? I thought you get a lot of veg from Camreon – our temperate veg come mostly from Sabah – Kinabalu.

  9. I hv been there several times. I still like to go there even for a day trip.

    Aha!!! Then you’re just like me. I wouldn’t mind going there again… And it’s so much nearer from Ipoh.

  10. The ready steamed corn very expensive there. RM3/pc, right? Usually I would just buy home and steam

    I’m not sure, my missus bought… I thought they were RM2 each? Mandy did buy quite a lot of uncooked ones home for her family but for us, staying in a hotel, no choice lah! Expensive also had to buy and eat there – can’t expect us to boil in the electric kettle in the hotel room or cook using hair dryer… 😦

    1. Wahhhh… Kat, ur place so mahal kah steamed sweet corn? Here it’s RM2 per cob.

      Ya…I thought it was around RM2 – if RM3, I wouldn’t buy lor… My missus would though, so I don’t really know how much that was.

      1. Yeah it was RM3 per piece……

        Pengsan! If it had been me, I would not have bought… Just tell them kamu sendiri makan lah. LOL!!! 😀

    2. one longgok is RM10 for 5 or 6..depends on the size.

      Oooo…mahal! Hmmm…orang Semenanjung sangat kaya lah… LOL!!!

  11. ubi kodok… ubi is some kind of yam rite? kodok is some kind of frog! so u ate frog meat yam????!!

    ubi is a root plant – e.g. ubi kentang (potatoes), ubi keledek (sweet potatoes), ubi keladi (yam) etc… Dunno why it is called ubi kodok – here, they are called cucur, regardless whether it is sweet potato slices…or it is all chopped up and mixed with the batter.

  12. The pearl corn.. I still remember the last time we had our team building at Camerons, my boss gave us RM100 each to buy the local produce there and as a result, our car boots were filled to the brim with corns, sweet potatoes, vegetables… LOL…

    Wah…your boss wants to employ an old retired teacher or not? So good, give RM100 just like that, I also want. LOL!!!

  13. Weather look cold in Cameron. I love the weather, best time to go is during December and January. I love Cameron, but hub always said very far and the road winding.

    Yes, the pearl corn is a must buy items. Last round when we are there, my mother in law bought so much. They said no need to cook also can eat wor, but i am not a corn person, i just like the corn soup. hahahhahahhaha

    Yup, can eat without cooking. The seller gave some to try – I thought it tasted better raw…than steamed. Yup, Cameron’s so very nice. I would love to go there again…

  14. hohoho! i dunno anything bout pearl corn or honey corn. LOL! but honey corn sounds sweeter. heee

    We have two types here – sweet corn…or what they call “Ligo” and now there is another type that they call jagung madu. More or less the same…

  15. I like the pearl corns,they are really sweet.
    Must try the honey corn as you mentioned here when i go back to Bintulu.

    Not always available – even Ligo as well… These days, seem so hard to get and very expensive (last time, RM2 can get 6 or 8, – these days, RM1 each or small ones RM4 for 6), and do check the stems where they cut the corn. If dry, it means they cut sometime ago – not fresh, may not be nice and sweet anymore.

  16. oh, cameron highlands!!! i have not been there for many years already, i miss the place.. and the sweet corn, i heard you can even eat them uncooked and they taste as sweet…

    Yes, yes… So when are you going? I tag along, can? I would love to go there again! 😉

  17. Your photos are very nice and interesting to attract any tourists. My job forced me to drive up to Cameron Highlands for 2 trips in within 7 days and I fell in love with the jagung! It’s really sweet and juicy! This morning when I heard the bus crash, my hair stood up for so long with goose bumps!

    I always believe that everything is fated – all God’s will. If it’s time, then it is time… Anyway, we were safe in the good hands of my good friend, Mandy. Her job takes her to all the northern parts of the peninsular, so she’s always driving here and there and everywhere. She drives like a pro…it certainly was a smooth, comfortable and very safe ride. 😉

    Your first time here, I see. I’ve seen you a lot in other blogs. Welcome and do come again…often. I’ll link you in my blogroll.

  18. not a fan of jagung. hehehe
    and all sort of cucur if taken too much make my stomach feel weird too
    aww so nice to live there. sure i can get fairer and fairer if live there.ahahahah

    Oh…like that, you cannot gang with Cleffairy lah? She…all cucur, all deep fried. Hmmmm…ask your BF go and open a business there lah – sure prosper one…so many people and all have one thing on their mind – eat! Then you can be rich towkay neo – just sit and shake legs… LOL!!! 😉

  19. that reminds me.. I need to get my parents to buy sweet corn now that i’m back in kuching.. 🙂 yayy

    You’re back in Kuching? Enjoy eating… Lots of sweet corn at Satok Sunday market. 😉

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