Along the way…

On Monday (13th December), Mandy picked us up at our hotel in Penang to take us to Cameron Highlands.

I’ve heard people saying how the place was no longer nice and cool and all those horrendous stories about the winding road and how everyone would get nauseous and throw up…but not too long ago, my missus’ nephew and niece took my mother-in-law there and she came home full of praises of the place and how she would love to go there again if she had the chance. Since then, I had been hoping that I would have the chance to drop by myself…and finally, my dream came true.

We stopped by Ipoh, Perak along the way for breakfast. It was around 9.00 a.m. already but for some reason, most of the shops in that part of the city (around Jayajusco)  that we went to were not open for business. We ended up at this coffee shop…

Ipoh coffee shop

The wantan mee that I had…

Ipoh wantan mee

…with the 5-6 little wantan in the soup…

Wantan in the soup

…was very nice, not as nice as what I had at Kafe Kheng Pin along Penang Road on the island but definitely nicer than what my missus had at Gurney.

My daughter ordered the hor fun soup, something she would usually have whenever she went to eat at Old Town…

Ipoh hor fun soup

…and she loved it a lot. Hor fun is some kind of flat rice noodles like kway teow…but narrower and finer especially the ones from Ipoh. I think I would love that too but I wanted to have something different to post on. LOL!!!

My missus had the har mee (prawn noodles)…

Ipoh prawn noodles

…and it was good too.

After that pit stop, it was all the way to Cameron Highlands…

Cameron Highlands

Stick around for the posts on the wonderful time we had there!

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22 thoughts on “Along the way…”

  1. Is that Melissa in the first picture? I can’t see clearly…

    Yup…that was her coming out of the shop – not actually meant to be a photo of her, just happened to be at the right place at the right time. 😉

  2. good morning Arthur!
    wow…what a nice post to start my day.. it is like i’m taking my breakfast already haha
    what is wantan??? is it a mushroom??
    anyway i really like the view of the Cameron Highlands…so stunning, but i’m sure it’s pretty damn cold there especially this season

    Nope…it’s meat dumpling – minced meat wrapped in thin, soft skin made from flour. It’s not cold – just nice, like an aircon room…or at least, it was when I was there.

  3. really have a good time – tour n eating. I salute you. we all got sick after eating all the oily rich food in Penang. Back yesterday..still weak….haha plain porridge is the best.

    Yes, it was a really great trip…time passed so fast and Melissa was grumbling that we had to go back so soon. Hope everybody’s ok now. Porridge nice, I like! LOL!!! 😀

  4. wanton mee with char siew is always scrumptious!

    I like the char siew and the wantan… Just ok with the wantan mee, our kampua or kolo mee nicer. 😉

  5. I love Ipoh food too. It has been a long time since we last went. Should make a makan trip there some day. By the way, did you stay overnight in Cameron?

    Nope, it was a day trip. Next time around, would love to stay there for a night or two. Lots of cheap hotels around…

  6. Always wanted to go to Cameron Highlands. I noticed you went via Ipoh. Is that the only way? Food looks wonderful as usual.

    Mandy says this is a new road via Simpang Pulai and it is not so winding. From KL, if you use the old road, you may have to snake your way up to the top.

  7. So you like heavy food the one ton mee should keep you filled up to the brim until dinner time. Your daughter made the wise choice to go for Ipoh hor fun where you can find any other place better than Ipoh heard its the water there that made the difference. That was a big sacrifice on your part to order something different to have varieties in your post. *salute*

    Ya…I think I heard something like that too – the water. Yalor…so sad to be blogger, have to make sacrifices so as to have more things to blog about. LOL!!! 😉

  8. Visited your previous post about Kheng Ping & Kafe 78 gee since when they have this Kafe 78? Really outdated lah truly sua par kaw..Agree with you, prefer Penang one ton mee than KL even though the one ton is short of few kg than KL.tQ

    Well, both have been there since 2007…all the time when I was staying at Cititel. Love the ckt and the kway teow th’ng at Kheng Pin too…and they say the lobak/lor bak is very famous in Penang – have to queue during lunch hour…and the chicken rice too – but I went and did not like the look, kinda messy, so I did not try.

  9. One ton mee, har mee or whatever mee cannot carry me over curry mee. Hit die no run for curry

    Ya…you treated Pete to curry mee eh? So when I go KL, you take me out to try also, ya? Ok with curry mee, not really a fan…so you have to convince me that it’s something die-die must have one! 😉

  10. Now you’ve got me curious! I might head to Cameron Highlands one of these days too!

    Well, check out the next few posts – all on Cameron and see whether it is a place worth heading to. I love it!

  11. 9am belum bangun la…JJ open 10a.m.

    The Wantan Mee doesn’t look nice but the Hor Fun looks good. I love Ipoh Hor Fun

    Aiyor…Sibu kopi tiam 6.00 a.m. already full swing! The wantan mee was quite nice – not so oily as some that I had in KL. I love hor fun too…even the fried ones with gravy – Cantonese style.

  12. I have never been there. Malunya. :p

    Your in-laws in Taiping, right? So near already. Well, wait till Jordan’s bigger and take them there – I’m sure he’ll love it! Lovely place.

  13. Hey, that was the date I came back to Ipoh but was furiously feverish… gosh… otherwise .. otherwise……… anyway, better not spoil your trip by spreading my virus.. hahahaa..
    Looking forward to your Cameron pictures!

    Gosh! Hope you’re ok now. Everyone falling sick after their holidays – thank goodness, we were all ok. Touch wood! Well, the next few posts will be on Cameron…

  14. That coffee shop looks familiar, must be the one in Taman Ipoh Garden East…..the wantan mee there quite nice!

    Dunno the place – I only know Jayajusco’s round the corner. Maybe the Ipoh ladies, Claire or Elin or Wenn can confirm this.

    1. yeah near Ipoh garden east….near to tesco…

      Thanks, Mandy. So looks like you’re right, Pete! That’s the place…

  15. i am in freezing in europe now and i am reading this! this is bad!!!

    When are you coming back? Flying home from Heathrow? The airport is closed now – doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better this soon. Can start singing “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…” liao. Have fun, enjoy yourself there. 😉

  16. wantan mee can never compete with kampua.
    my bofyriend love kampua too =D
    wa cameron!brrrrr. so cold. hehehehe

    Where got cold? Just nice…I really loved it there. If only it’s like that in Sibu…no need aircon! Here, they sell kampua with (real) char siew – nice!

  17. I love Ipoh food. Looks like there’s a lot of apartment high rise in Cameron now. Waiting eagerly to see what you makan there. Its been ages since the last time I set foot there.

    Gosh! You people are so lucky and do not appreciate it at all. With the beautiful highways and the nice cool weather and everything up there, I would want to be up there every long weekend and holidays… We do not have places like that here and our roads suck bigtime. All these years, we’ve been shortchanged…and still are! 😦

  18. Did you try the famous ipoh white coffee? Did not go for Dim Sum or famous chicken rice? Or is it too early to have rice? hahahahha

    Had been quite sometime didn’t go to Ipoh, should make a trip there for makan makan.

    Nope, I only drink kopi-o. Not into white coffee. Shops all not open in that part of Ipoh, so we did not have much of a choice. We did not go into the city centre as we were only stopping for breakfast in the way to Cameron.

  19. How could you not love the corn in Cameron highlands? They’re the BEST ever! Can even be eaten RAW!! I never miss buying that whenever I visit CH. 🙂

    To each his own. Even the sweetness, I thought, was a bit too sweet. I liked the raw kernels that I sampled though – maybe I should have just eaten it raw instead of steamed.

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