Seeing red…

When we were in Penang, we just had to go back there again – the Red Garden Food Centre along Penang Road

Red Garden stalls

We used to stay at Cititel Penang and this was a very convenient place to stop by for dinner. Usually, we would come very early, around 7.00 p.m. so the place was never very crowded or noisy.

Last Sunday night (12th December), my very dear friend, Mandy, came over to take us out for dinner…so we suggested going to that place which we loved so much. She is actually from Butterworth, or is it Sungai Petani, but working in KL, so she is not too familiar with the roads on the island. It should be pretty near – from the Gurney Drive area to Penang Road…but we went on and on and on and when we came to the vicinity of the Penang Bridge, I knew that we had actually gone one big round to one end of the island, far from where we were supposed to be heading to. I had to redirect her back to the place and finally, we got to where we wanted to go. LOL!!!

We had to have the very nice ikan bakar (grilled fish)…

Red Garden ikan bakar

The sambal (prawn paste dip) was just as heavenly as what we had before, and the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) was good, as always…

Red Garden char kway teow

…and the or chian (oyster omelette) too…

Red Garden oyster omelette

– anytime better than what we had at Gurney Drive.

Sorry for the yellowish tint in the photos – we were sitting beside a tree with strings of yellow light twirled around it but that made it bright enough for me to take photos without using the flash.

I don’t know why the lobak photo came out pretty good though, not bathed in the yellow light like that rest…and tastewise, it was good too…

Red Garden lor bak

…and also much nicer than Gurney’s, and we also had a huge bowl of very nice yong tau foo but I just can’t seem to find the photograph now. Probably I have deleted it by mistake.

There was some kind of a show going on at that time, so it was a bit too crowded and rowdy unlike the previous occasions when I was there…

Red Garden TOTO show

All things considered, I think I would be going back to stay at Cititel Penang the next time I go over to the island…and without any doubt, I would dropping by the Red Garden again for all that it has to offer.

P.S.: Today, 18th December, 2010, my dear friend, Zul, is hosting his grand wedding reception (majlis perkahwinan raja sehari) in his hometown, Sri Manjung, Perak…

Zul and missus

I really wish I could attend but I just got back from Penang and I could not possibly stay on that long after my niece’s wedding, plus it will be Christmas next week and I would have to be home to be with the rest of the family. My sincere apologies, Zul, but here I would like to extend our sincere congratulations – from me, my missus and Melissa…and may God bless you and yours with a blissful life of love and happiness always.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Seeing red…”

  1. lol, nearly sesat ka?
    nevermind la, as long as arrive at destination
    the food do look good
    wa, why complain gurney drive kaw kaw one
    i want to go sell chicken rice with boyfriend’s auntie.

    Your auntie has a stall there? Selling chicken rice? Haiya…you should have told me earlier – I could have gone and check it out and maybe, makan free… Hehehehehe!

    1. his auntie. actually i just know her for a week. but she is fei fei, and funny and so kind like santa claus . lol. i went there and she teach me how to cook chicken rice. easy ~! i can cook it with my eyes close. LOL!
      ah yeah, actually i haven’t tried her chicken rice..
      because i love her out of the world hokkien mee~
      really delicious until you will cry. LOL!
      if you happen to be at slim river, you may come ma. she at there.
      actually plan to meet cyn and the geng but cyn get sick and so i followed her to her chicken rice shop
      oh she eat a lot
      she keep feeding me and i keep saying no@_@

      Slim River? Everybody there not slim-slim one kah? Muahahahaha!!! Me no transport – how to go here, go there? Must harap-harap somebody kind enough to take me there – like Mandy taking me to Camreon, so nice of her.

  2. Now I’m in College Station, Texas. Staying at my friend’s house. She is from Malaya. Today we ate curry puff, roti canai, udang nenas masak santan & sambal..Yesterday, nasi lemak, tomorrow will be laksa Sarawak…So happy I can cure a bit my homesickness…

    LOL!!! I guess that means you are not drooling over the food today… 😉

  3. As long as you reach there then it is ok lor. 🙂

    Gurney drive…you know what…I don’t even wanna makan there. :p

    Don’t! If you ever go to Penang, that’s the LAST place you should go to… Some of the really good places may be hard to find but New World (near Komtar/Tune Hotel) has pretty nice stuff too, and this hawker place in the vicinity of Sunway Hotel.

  4. kuey teow banana leave not big enough and the bride so fair

    LeaF, my dear! You’re killing two birds with one stone, are you? One comment for two posts, that is.

    Ya…I noticed the Penang ckt always has a leaf underneath – I wonder if it makes any difference to the taste. For one thing, the plastic plate will be less oily and easier to wash.

    As for the bride being fair, somebody once told me that for a girl, to be fair is to win hands down already. Wonder how many people would agree to that?

  5. I think your photography skill in taking food is very good. Just wonder whether there is any food outlet in Sibu engaging you to do some jobs.

    Just click…and leave the rest to luck! LOL!!! Aiyor…so many professionals around with their massive equipment – once they see my little one, they’ll be rolling on the floor laughing liao… 😦

    1. Cheh… if they see me and my handphone… they’d be rolling til the sun goes down! LOL!

      Yup…as Cyn would say, “Sia soi! Put it away lah…go and copy from Facebook later!” Muahahahahahaha!!!! Been there, done that – all the insults hurled at the pics in my blog.

      1. LOL… you know in Miri, two big restaurants were using my photos from my blog on their menu cover. They prefer not to pay and not to give credit! This is really sia soi?!

        Typical Malaysian – just help themselves to what they can get on the internet. In western countries, they would have been sued… I don’t mind anybody taking anything from my blog but at least, they should ask for permission…and better still, add some acknowledgement of the source somewhere.

  6. Gosh… miss Penang food. 😦 But from what i heard from my old friends… not all Penang food are that nice anymore. Dunno what happen… alot became expensive and not so nice and what we get here in KL sometimes is much better. So strange!

    Anyway, congratulations to your friend Zul and his bride.

    Thanks on their behalf.

    Well, if you should go to Penang, get in touch with the Penang godfather, Eugene – he will take you to the nicest and the cheapest places on the island – watch out for the post. You will never believe it!!!

    1. Actually… I should just go and pester my teachers to feed me if I ever go back penang. Free… hahahaha… homecook summore. Beat the stalls anytime. Wakakaka… aiyo…. i got a lot kaki in Penang, but most of them would tell me… these days… the quality dropped liao la. 😦 Some place… the food is even more expensive than in KL. Unbelievable!

      Why not Eugene? He’s the Penang godfather – knows all the best places with the nicest and the cheapest…but I told him Penang Road is my territory – he don’t play-play! LOL!!!

      1. Paiseh la with Eugene… he seems very hip and very updated leh… old auntie like me…dinosaur liao, will want ppl to chaperon me… aiyo… if I go there alone and not with the gang… I shy la… =.= segan, later dunno what to say, kekok…if got go with more ppl ok la. LOL… Did you meet his family too? His kids and his wife was there when you went there?

        He’s a very nice man, simple and down to earth…and very kind, very considerate – if not, after my previous trip, I would not want to meet up with him anymore lor.

  7. The ikan bakar definitely looked so good. I love it!

    The last time we drove up to Penang with a bunch of girlfriends several years ago, we were lucky to have a local friend who took us around to those yummy makan makan places.. Simply loved the food there.

    It’s the best I’ve had in Penang so far…nicer than Northam Court, and don’t ask me about Gurney – I’ve nothing nice to say about the place. Annie-Q went to eat at the Pulau Tikus market – I hear the food’s there good…so maybe she may post on that soon. Never been there myself.

    1. Ohhh! Pulau Tikus market… there very nice food… but now I dunno still nice or not!

      Have to wait for Annie-Q’s post and see her comments…

  8. Yup, i was joking with Mandy on FB telling if she once again got lost in Penang, GPS me hahahaaha, personally i don’t like Red Garden… food so so, price …loathe loathe, sorry to differ cikgu.. dissentment allowed kan?

    have a great weekend, my family shall be back tonite.

    Hah…lonely no more! Send my regards to ur missus and the boys, too bad I did not get to meet them this trip.

    Ya, whatever it is, you cannot disagree with me over the fact that it is nicer and cheaper than Gurney…and perhaps, some other places on the island as well. Nicer to go earlier – around 7, not so many people and not so noisy…and everything would taste a lot better, even though some may think it’s all psychological – the effect of one’s state of mind on one’s taste.

    1. Ahah… din see this comment… so you din get to meet his family?

      Not this time around. Maybe if I go again in April…but Eugene did say that his sons were eager to see me again, I wonder why… 😉

      1. You look like Santa Claus kot… that’s why budak budak like. My anak, on the other hand, claim ur a Digi man. *pengsan*

        Must be because of my yellow t-shirt! LOL!!!

  9. So enjoyable to read about your trip to Penang and the food stories. I was in Penang too, a few days earlier than you, I think. I haven’t tried the Red Garden yet but will definitely look for it next time, after reading your reviews.

    Go earlier – around 7. They will usually play some Englsh oldies – songs like Neil Sedaka’s “Oh Carol” and the like… Once the party has started later in the night, it may be a bit crowded and too noisy to really relax and enjoy the food… Well, do stick around – more posts coming up…right till after Christmas! 😉

  10. I have been to Red Garden only a couple of times only.. not to eat but to listen to some 60s, 70s songs.. just went there for something light… yes, very crowded and noisy at certain times..

    LOL!!! Oldies for old people like us? Muahahahahaha!!!! My daughter loves such songs though… 😉

  11. fuyoh!!! look at all those nice food that are my favourite, i sure cannot resist to have them all if they were in front of me~~ 😀

    Know any nice places in KL? Next time, I hop over…you can take me there and we can enjoy it all together. 😉

  12. Bananaz now like ‘sua pa kaw’ [forest monkey] in Penang not knowing so much changes. Red Garden in Penang Road itself? Where izzit? You can relate this reverse incident to Ed as both of us were so undecided what to eat for lunch and kept driving around and around in Penang until we reached the bridge. So we might as well cross over to Prai for the famous chicken rice *heard this shop have shifted to Chai Leng Park*. tQ

    Oh? He didn’t take you to the club to eat: ? Hehehehehe!!!

    Oooo….I love Chai Leng Park – nice food there!

    Yup…Red Garden is along Penang Road – opens only at night. After the Continental Hotel block, somewhere across the road from Cititel Penang. Wah…you two also got lost…what more to see we people all the way from Sarawak…and from KL. 😉

  13. Read your post about CRC club in 2009, oh we have not ‘lunched’ there before perhaps back in the early 90s CRC not popular yet and maybe the ‘Sultan mee’ nearby over shadowed them moreover we frequently squat and eat heavy one ton mee by the roadside hahaha *kidding*. Seriously have you seen those guys squat on a bangku eating porridge at a stall opposite the then Shangrila and the now Traders? Must have good kungfu to eat in that squatting position.

    Ya…maybe he was not a member then – now already naik taraf bah, got class liao. 😉 Is that the open area that looks like a makeshift (private) parking area with a run-down shed? I think we drove past that place. I hear it is always packed with people going there to eat the porridge. I love porridge – wouldn’t mind eating that…but I can’t squat and definitely not on a bangku. I’m so fat that I would tumble over and would not be able to get up! Muahahahaha!!!!

  14. All look most excellent. My favs — the lobak and char kway teow. Thanks for bringing out M. Told me he had a great time! Will have to get full details from him later.

    Most welcome, my pleasure. Was afraid that he find find it all so boring – yunno lah…me old man, and he’s so young.

  15. haha! went one big round eh? nemind la as long as can reach thr ok lor! love all the foods! n congrats to Zul! 😀

    Thanks on Zul’s behalf. Ya…Penang, of course, is so small – just keep going and you’ll eventually get to where you wanna go…sooner or later. 🙂

  16. Looks like a nice hawker place! Haven’t been there before though. I guess I went to more hawker stalls around bayan lepas where I used to work.

    I like this one more than Northam Court…and definitely a lot better than Gurney. There may be other better places that I don’t know of though…in other parts of the island.

  17. This place is located at a corner shop right? I think i have been there before. We had the “siput” there . Think it’s called Belitung or something

    No leh? It’s a BIG place…maybe bigger than Gurney, with a BIG car park beside Penang Road after the Continental Hotel block.

  18. i love penang food.. especially their char koay teow! 😀

    Ya…somehow I can’t seem to find something just as nice in KL until I came across that old Sitiawan Foochow man at Jalan Alur when we went for lunch that day. It was quite good. There was an old woman whose ckt was very good too…but I don’t see her around anymore – stalls mostly manned by Myamarese and Banglas.

  19. LOL, abang… what a misleading title! I see you kept repeating the ‘much better than Gurney drive’, it seems you were really upset by the food there!;p

    These spread of food looked amazing, thanks for sharing! Happy Sunday!

    LOL!!! You will see the same thing throughout the next few posts. Not really upset…but hopefully, others reading that will not bother to go there when they visit Penang. I heard that all my relatives from near and far went through the trouble of taking a cab there when they were there for my niece’s wedding – the place is so famous but sadly, it does not live up to its reputation. A Happy Sunday to you too…

  20. OH, now i only know Red Garden is a food centre, i thought is a restaurant! hahhahahhahah

    Oh..grill fish, our local penang friend told us, there is one stall at Gurney there serve very good grill fish, we are thinking to go there for supper on that night, but we are put off by the bad traffic at Gurney Drive, so no chance to try this time.

    Hmmmm…i should find sometime to put up my Penang post soon. 😦

    This one at Red Garden is VERY nice…especially the sambal. Love it! Dunno about Gurney’s – they were the ones who shouted at my missus for taking the stools from their table – if we had wanted their grilled fish earlier, we would not want to order from them anymore. So rude! Ya…the jam at Gurney is pretty bad and parking is a pain. They park their cars all over anywhere they like – no law one…and I thought it is only like that in Sibu!

  21. OMG! I am a Penang kia and didn’t even know there’s this Red Garden place. I will pull my friend’s hair for not telling me!!! So thanks to you for sharing!!!!

    Somebody said that it always follows the generations – the grandpa said good, the father also said the same thing…and the children and grandchildren will follow suit. Many of my Penang friends have not heard of the place either or they have not tried the food there…and they just say that there are nicer ones elsewhere – I ate there frequently as I always stayed at Cititel nearby and I really like some of the things there even though some will insist that they are not the best.

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