The loveliest night of the year…

It certainly was one of the loveliest nights of the year – that night in Penang when we attended my niece’s wedding banquet at the Rafflesia Ballroom at the Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, Penang…

Alicia's wedding reception 1

Here I was signing the guest book at the entrance upon arrival…

Signing the guest book

…and this next photo shows the couple – Alicia & Navaraj cutting the beautiful wedding cake…

Alicia's wedding reception 2

After the pouring of the wine…

Alicia's wedding reception 3

…there was, of course, the yaaaaaaaaaaaam seng – the toast…

Alicia's wedding reception 4

There was a band in attendance and I particularly loved the first set when they played all the romantic lovey-dovery songs – songs that I could sing along to…and the tempo picked up by the second set and that was when the dancing began. I didn’t dance though – these old, creaking bones of mine wouldn’t be able to stand the torture. LOL!!!

Thanks to my cousin, Pollie and her hubby…and also Alicia and Raj, for inviting us. It certainly was our pleasure to be there to share the joy at this very happy event in your lives.

I’m back in Sibu already after a wonderful week-long trip. Now I have a lot of other people to thank but I think I will do that post by post as we go along. Other than that, I must start dropping by all your blogs again to post comments – I had very little time to do that when I was in Penang, my sincere apologies for the extended silence…


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26 thoughts on “The loveliest night of the year…”

  1. love is in the air! hope they are happily ever after. heheheh!
    no food post pulak. fortunate for me because i am hungry. LOL!
    its ok even if you don’t come to my blog at all i still come to this blog. hahaha
    a habit i guess.
    so please live a very very long life, take good care!

    I certainly hope to be able to do so. Yup, can have a break today – no food. Btw, you’re commenting on your iphone or what? The format/layout of your comment is rather unusual…

    1. LOL! i don’t have iphone. how different pulak? *faint* same wor. commenting from my computer la. sobs christmas is near, are you hinting on buying me an iphone? LOL!

      Ok…now quite ok…not short, short lines. Let me edit this one… There! Done…you never type till the end kah?…Or you just love to hit ENTER…ENTER…ENTER… Oops!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. The cake was 4 tier cake? What flavour was it?

    So? I guess Indian and Christian, no pantang…but actually it was FIVE. The lowest tier not seen in the photo – the one they were about to cut. No flavour – it was a dummy… The cake was in individual golden boxes – you can see those in one of the photos in an earlier post.

    1. La… I tot it was 4… cuz the cake seems to be ‘hanging’ at the bottom… seems like there’s another later. Aiks… the cakes so nice, but dummy? I thought it was real!

      Gosh! Where have you been? This has been the usual practice for a long time already. But I’ve attended dinners…e.g. birthdays and they had real cake. Then the waitresses would cut it up in HUGE chunks and dump one at each table…and everybody would poke at it with their chopsticks to cut a bit and eat. Real messy – so NCAA…and pity the cake, so messed up! 😦 That was why I did not want to bring the cake to my recent birthday dinner – such a hassle, cutting and serving to everybody present.

  3. All i really want to say is that, this is the only picture of yours that truly makes you look so gallantly and pompously “Tan Sri” look… you’ve got that look Cikgu

    Aiyor…I saw you in a suit at a wedding dinner at E & O, so high class and bergaya…so I had to make sure I was decently presentable lor. Didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and put Sibu to shame bah… Already got people saying we live in the trees, so kesian. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. I never known that wedding cakes are fake, just to show off the huge thingy. Discovered the last wedding I went.

    I liked to see mix marriages, a lovely couple your niece and nephew in law.

    That has been going on for a long, long time. Then you do not have to go through the hassle of cutting the cake and distributing to everybody – especially when you have a grand banquet with so many guests, that would be quite a chore. Sometimes, one tier is real cake (the top/smallest one)…and they usually keep that for the bride and groom and the immediate family.

    In the sixties, there were wedding cakes made out of tin containers…with a small door that could be opened and inside, there were all those pre-cut fruit cakes wrapped in aluminium foil to be distributed to all the guests. I would think what they do presently is the most convenient and the best…

  5. Fuiyoh!! Mr Arthur in suit! Looking handsome phewitt! Congrats to the newly weds!! πŸ™‚

    Oooi!!! You need glasses lor! Muahahahaha!!!! That was an Indian fusion outfit – with collar and Chinese “bamboo” buttons. Thanks for your well-wishes.

    1. I was mistaken too. Thought it was a suit. Very elegant!

      Thank you, thank you. I may be fat…but I’ve got style. Wink! Wink! Muahahahaha!!!!

      Btw, went out for a very simple dinner with your son last night – I hope he was not disappointed. Too bad he’s leaving tomorrow or else I could bring him to more places. Thanks for your mum’s book and the acknowledgement inside (Gee! I didn’t expect that!) and for the torchlight – very handy…old man doesn’t see very clearly at night. LOL!! πŸ™‚

  6. I thought it was a suit too! You look very handsome and smart!!

    Gosh! Looks like I picked the right outfit for the evening – something casual and yet looks quite formal. πŸ˜‰

  7. Alicia is beautiful, specially when she hugging a wonderful smile, lovely! Wishing her a ‘happy ever after life’!

    Yes, she’s a sweet and simple girl…and certainly deserves a blissful life in the years ahead.

  8. see u in a week’s time, my treat to lunch for passing my exam wahaha

    Congrats!!! Yipee!!! Ya…I certainly deserve a treat for all my good wishes and moral support. Can’t wait now….. πŸ˜‰

  9. Wah..the groom is Indian-Chinese & the bride is Chinese. So their offspring will be hansem beautiful. 1 Malaysia ma

    Ya, I’m sure they’ll be good looking…and I heard some people say that the offspring from such inter-marriages are smarter. Dunno how true this is…

  10. What a lovely looking couple. And I must say you look rather handsome in the “fusion outfit”. Looking so serious too, while signing…lol

    Ya mah…serious matter! Something the couple will keep for a lifetime – must write sincerely and meaningfully. πŸ˜‰

  11. The wedding banquet looked lavish and sort of grand. Me too, hardly have time to leave comments, busy entertaining my boy and friends who returned for X’mas. Hahaha..

    Ya…guess it’s that time of the year. Everybody’s busy…on holiday, shopping for Christmas, making cakes and cookies and what not.

  12. Will you come to my wedding and BLOG about it?
    We’ll be such a famous couple!

    No problem at all, provided I get invited, of course…but wait a minute! What do you mean “we”? You mean us? Don’t tell me you’re proposing to me? Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

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