The real thing…

I’ve mentioned before that there are very few Indians in Sibu and because of this, we may be able to get only a few of the Indian delicacies and specialties in town and will not have an opportunity to enjoy much else unless we have some Indian friends who can cook those stuff. Thus, we were delighted when an old friend of mine in Penang took us to this banana leaf restaurant…

Indian restaurant Penang 1

…along Penang Street, not Road…near Little India on the island.

It was very crowded with patrons from all races, so that should be an indication as to how good the food was…

Indian restaurant Penang 2

We did not have the banana leaf though – I had the nasi bryani with mutton curry…

Inidan lunch - nasi bryani

…while my daughter had the nasi kandar – plain rice with a few items of her choice from the array of delicious Indian delights available…

Indian lunch - nasi kandar 1

My wife had the same…

Indian lunch - nasi kandar 2

…and so did my friend…

Indian lunch - nasi kandar 3

He also ordered for us the chicken tandoori…

Tandoori chicken

…which he said, was very well-known and popular in the city.

After all that, none of us could manage to try the Indian sweets and delicacies that certainly looked very tempting, for dessert…

Indian delicacies

We certainly enjoyed the lunch, especially my daughter as these would not be that easily available in Wellington and besides, they may not be that authentic and would be so very expensive. Thanks so much, Edmund, for taking time off to bring us there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “The real thing…”

  1. Wahhhh… nasi briyani… I wanna go makan nasi briyani. Even better, cook myself… lol… goes well wif curry… aiya… must have salted eggs and fried chicken oso…and acar… *DROOL*

    You can cook kah? Hmmmmm…no comments. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Bila? Lets go after Xmas…den we go BX oso… dono they got year end sale anot?

        X’mas? That’s still a long way to go… Dating, must book so long in advance one kah?

      2. No la… we Kanna kaki for God knows how long liao… it’s near BX ma… after shopping for buku, go makan kanna lorr

        The outlet at Brickfields’ eh? These places, they open more and more outlets and they say in the end, not as nice as when and where they first started… Over-commercialised, that too has its price, I guess.

    1. Nasi briyani? Can… pakai the instant paste lorr…but I dun really like to cook nasi briyani… cuz will hand itchy wanna cook curry and god knows what else… tarak curry how to eat nasi briyani? Tak sedap lah!

      Hmmmm…wait till I cook my ghee rice and post on it! Very nice. My missus’ niece in KL, coming home from Chinese New Year every year, would insist on us cooking that and she would eat it with curry and stuff.

      1. Eh? Nasi minyak kah? LOL… I can cook that too… my version have beef inside tho…. I dub it nasi daging….but then again… lazy to cook it cuz needs to pair it with curry and a lot other lauks… 😦

        Family so skinny, should not be so lazy… Have to fatten everybody up! One look at everybody, people will think – adoi…these people nothing to eat one kah? LOL!!! ;D

  2. War…so sedap. 😀 Now I wanna go out and cari makan. 🙂

    Go! Go! I’m sure lots of nice makan places in Malacca too. Think I should go there next – you’ll take me around, won’t you? 😉

  3. banana leaf rice? yum yum…im a big fan of banana leaf rice. too bad we dont hv that in sibu….just have to make do with the ones we hv here. btw, how many kilos did you gained on this trip STP? hehehhe cheers!

    Dunno… Don’t dare to imagine. Saw my reflection at KLIA yesterday, almost pengsan! When did I grow to be so fat? BIG!!! 😦

    1. come stand next to me!

      Ya…at times like that, I miss you most of all and wish you were by my side!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. INdian fooddddd …. slurp slurp !! LOVE that bittergourd thingie … they do it so well !!

    Yes, it was really VERY nice! I wonder how they cook that. Must try one of these days… Everyone loved it! Heaps better than the Japanese tempura…

  5. errr… they didn’t put the rice on banana leaf? sayang….. cause the taste and the aroma is much more different.

    I didn’t want banana leaf – that one, have to eat with hand or else, not the same also. I was manning the fort (jaga the table – place so crowded) while my missus and daughter went to look at the food…and they ordered the nasi kandar; my friend saw that and decided to follow suit.

    I wanted the bryani…but so jakun, did not know got meat buried in the rice…so I ordered another piece – plus the tandoori chicken my friend ordered for everybody – we were so full after that!

  6. I always like Banana Leaf rice, Bryani and nasi Kandar, here we can only find a good one in PJ, and the price is extravagant!>_<

    So, how was the pricing of these spread of Indian food in Penang?

    I’ve no idea… My friend’s treat. I only ate…ate…ate… Oh dear! So fat now. Must stop eating already… 😦

  7. Oh i been to this shop before, long time ago…nice food but hard to get parking…

    We were lucky… Found a parking space near the shop. Eugene will tell you that I’m always so lucky – there’s always parking wherever we wanted to park the car! And this God of Prosperity brings lots of good luck! Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. Frankly, I love banana leaf rice! Together with a masala chicken or tandoori chicken, and some fresh veggies and not forgetting papadam, it’s a gastronomic experience!!!!!

    Yes, it certainly was. So very nice… They gave us the free piece of papadum after we were halfway through – my daughter wanted extra, so I gave her mine… Father, like that lah! LOL!!! 😉

  9. How come you went to Restoran Daun Pisang but no one ordered Daun Pisang? Hehehe.. I love Briyani too! If only it’s not so fattening!

    We did not even know it was a banana leaf place – raining and I only saw the sign (and took the photograph) after we had had our lunch. My friend said he would take us to eat tandoori chicken – the best…or one of the best in town…and we jakun, didn’t know what to have – no Indian shops here or at least, not the complete works.

    I did see quite a number of people eating banana leaf though…but a lot had the nasi kandar and the bryani too… So crowded, that place.

  10. Very nice but always a little too oily. For me, oily food is now off for me.
    In Miri, we used to have few Indians. But now, the community has grown from migration.

    Sibu’s still the same…only a handful and any new faces would probably be in the army and the police…or doctors and teachers.

  11. yummy..yummy…i love briyani..even oily but really nice !!!

    I love bryani too… Should be ok if we take that sparingly, especially considering that we do not have many places where we can get good nasi bryani here. Btw, thanks for dropping by, a warm welcome…and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  12. Just had nasi ‘berani’ too takut to eat white rice need a change hehe. Love nasi kandar banjir and will flood all over the plate. Read your interesting story about your old Penang friend Edmund (sorry cant figure out from the pix) and he sort of “matches” a person whom I frequently lunch with during my days in Penang. He has some family connection in Spore too and currently attached to an insurance adjuster company who is almost your age born in the year of rabbit with a surname Choong. Rings a bell?

    Yes, that’s him. Small world, isn’t it? You know him? Not your brother, by any chance? He has a brother working in KL if I’m not mistaken.

  13. We were twins haha..sharing the same office block at the 8th floor separated by a wall at Wisma Manilal (old name). We were in the same insurance biz, he adjusts a bit and I broke a bit and over time the adjuster and broker get along pretty well to become great buddies.

    I’ve sent him your comments via his inbox on Facebook, so I should be able to get some info about you from him soon enough. Hehehehehe!!!! You’ve just blown your cover! 😉

    1. Tsk tsk tsk… playing Sherlocks ah? Hahahahah!

      Hahahahahaha!!! He’s dead meat! Now I know everything about him…down to the fact that he likes the Bee Gees! Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

      1. Oh oh STP playing Sherlocks and wikileaker Bananaz gonna be dead would be peeled cukup cukup and all the good bad and ugly exposed, haiya me and my big hand. Hope able to hijack your message..praying hard regretting now. They say if cant win em join em and have a good belly laugh muaaaahaha.

        Ya…you couldn’t wait to call Edmund to make sure all your grounds are covered eh? Hahahahaha!!!! Well, you can get my hp contact from him and we can meet up when I go over to KL in February. Don’t worry, he’ll tell you that I’m a VERY nice guy. I wouldn’t bite… Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  14. my pengangite friend told me about this femes stall!

    i’ve been here (Pg) for three months plus and i have never tasted any nasi briyani, nasi kandar or banana leaf :S

    Oh? It’s famous, is it? Hmmm…and when in BintULU, you were grumbling and grumbling that they have nothing there…and now in Penang, you never even go… Gee!

  15. Sibu nasi bryani so much different from here one lei. Here a lot nicer right? This time i brought my mum to one of the shop near my house to have nasi bryani, so nice till she eat one big plate!!! AHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Next round if you stay longer in KL, i will bring you there, sure you will like it.

    This one is very nice…but Sibu one also not bad, boleh tahan. Beggars can’t be choosers – we just have to eat what we have here. The cooks are Indian but they do not sell a lot of things like those Indian restaurants over there – small limited market, I guess. 😦

  16. Once awhile I love to take these spicy indian dishes.. i love the fried fish and the curry brinjals… no need to have many of these shops if one or two can serve such delicious dishes like the above!

    Melissa loves Indian food…and wanted to go for these while we were in Penang as the ones in Wellington are not so nice, and the nicer ones are expensive.

  17. Oh my gosh…torture betul this post!All my favourite.You really awaken my cravings.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Quick! Quick! Rush to the nearest Indian restaurant…if there are any good ones in Auckland. Should have, I would think, but probably a bit pricey, right? 😦

  18. i dunno why i never be a fan of the indian/mamak food. maybe because i always felt chinese food is cheaper, my dad love that and have a big plate of nasi kandar in kl. cost rm9++ . i fainted. i eat chap fan only cost me rm5 the most. if i take veggie and fishball only rm2. so cheap! huhuhu.

    Wah! Your bf so untung, have gf like you…so cheap to feed. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Woi… perempuan… chap fan more expensive than banana leaf rice la… here in KL, banana leaf rice only cost you Rm4.50. Den u get freeflow of the veggies, the curries and papadoms too. Can add rice for free. U can eat til 5 times… 5 times the mamak will refill for u. Macam buffet, but dun nid you to walk around and take the refills… Very cheap leh, can makan til muntah summore.

      1. yeah meh? rili? my dad that day eat cost rm9++ so i thought all cost that much. so never try . hahahahha.if that cheap, sure can go and eat to my heart content. hehehehe

        This is news to me. Never knew it is that cheap… 😉

  19. those deep-fried bittergourds are my favourite! Just love them!

    Yup…we all thought they were great. Must google for the recipe now…

  20. In NZ, most Indian restaurants sell North Indian food and not South Indian or mamak’s food. North Indian food memang sedap but once in awhile it is nice nice to have unpretentious food like the south Indian’s. Lagipun, like you say, memang mahal. Just 1 curry with steamed rice can set you back NZ$14-17 and that is only for 1 person and takeaways. If proper sit down place, tak payah cakap la. So,nowadays, I beli buku recipe on Indian Cuisine and masak sendiri…cheapskate…hahahahaha.

    Well, at least you can cook your own. I’d probably buy those frozen Indian dinners at the supermarts or some canned stuff – beggars can’t be choosers. LOL!!! 😉

  21. mega big time droooollll…..

    thanks for the photos..again. man…i can only imagine how orgasmic it all tastes….

    Hang around! Lots more to come…and you can imagine how I “grew” during that short trip. LOL!!!

  22. Sluurpp! Feel like eating all the food posted here. Authentic Indian food is among my favourites. Papadom – a must have! Too bad no banana leaf rice at the place. Thanks for sharing the place. Will try to visit the next time I’m in Penang 🙂

    They do have banana leaf – just that we did not opt to eat that.

  23. I like all the foods here. I really like Indian food. I am mad of Indian food.

    Me too! Love Indian food but can’t get a lot of that where I live. So when I travel, I would grab the chance to eat as much as I can…

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