Pretty good (2)…

I guess everybody would know by now that I was in Penang for my niece’s wedding. I’ve shared most of the photos on Facebook…but I may retrieve them from there one of these days to post them here for the benefit of those of you who are not my “friend” on that social domain.

The wedding banquet was held at the Rafflesia Ballroom, Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel – a very grand and impressive place and the food was pretty good. It started off with the Four Seasons…

Four Seasons

…and the not-to-be-named soup…

Shark's fins soup

The herbal chicken in lotus leaf was really nice…

Chicken in lotus leaf

…and I liked the prawns too…

Sambal prawns

I did not get to eat the fish…

Steamed fish

…as I “went out for some fresh air” and there wasn’t much of anything left when I came back and besides, I was already too full by then. I did not try the broccoli with mushrooms either…

Broccoli with mushrooms

The noodles were a disappointment though…

Fried noodles

…somewhat bland, and for dessert, they had something with jackfruit and sago pearls in santan (coconut milk) and milk – Β a little too diluted but it was nice enough.

All in all, we enjoyed the dinner very much, and the entertainment as well and most of all, the company was great. We will be flying back to Sibu today but will only reach home late tonight. Anybody in KL who is free and would like to meet up? I’ll be on transit at KLIA all afternoon till our flight in the evening…

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23 thoughts on “Pretty good (2)…”

  1. um i love the chicken. i think last time i have it is during my cousin wedding. so yumm yumm! hope you have a safe trip back to sibu!~

    Thanks. Ya…the chicken was everybody’s favourite… πŸ™‚

  2. Ohh… it’s working day and I cannot drive. 😦 Anybody kind enuff to pick me up? *muka tembok mode*

    Never mind lah… We would not be coming out from the departure lounge, I think. Just hang around inside, nap on the chairs, go to Burger King, surf online…and very soon, time to get on our connecting flight to Sibu already…

    1. 7pm flight is it? Quite long…aiseh… lepak at Burger King there… that means you’re gonna check in early… check in liao kenot come up back. There can online kah? The last time I went there cannot connect… made me almost die out for boredom, cuz I got stuck there for 5 hrs. LOL…hope you have a safe journey… Godspeed.

      I have an external modem bah… This old man, where got kalah one? Hehehehehehe!!!! We will probably check in all the way in Penang if they allow that so no need to worry about our luggage…but our flights are too far apart – will have to see when we reach the airport.

      1. *PENGSAN* What broadband u use? Celcom? Maxis? OMG… memang tak kalah. LOL… last year I still din hijack the Celcom modem from my dad yet… so hang around the terminal there macam orang bodoh though I have my laptop with me. KLIA tipu orang wan, say got free WIFI… turn on laptop, cannot connect pulak! Grrr.

        Sell-con…everything is money…money…money. 😦 I’m online at KLIA right now, see… Good way to pass the time! πŸ˜‰

  3. Looks like they devoured that fish while you were gone, and no wonder, it looked pretty good. What fish was it? And that unnamed soup, seafood soup? Have a good flight back!

    I think it was ikan merah – red snapper, I uess…but not big. As for the soup, Cleffairy already replied. Thanks, now in KL…waiting for our connecting flight to Sibu at 7.30 p.m. Loooooooong wait. 😦

    1. Philip… the not to be name soup is rather… exotic… the contsnt inside the soup comes from a fish that nearly extinct…coveted stuff… but… rather tasteless on its own.

      Now they have imitations – plastic ones. You want imitation fatt choy, also got Plastic as well… Trust the Chinese to do things like that…

      1. Thanks, Clef, for the clarification. If I’m right, it was the star in a movie many years ago, something to do with jaws? I actually can’t tell between sea cucumber soup and any exotic species soup. All taste the same to me. As STP would say NCAA.

        The soup is all the same, never mind what you put inside – the not-to-be-named stuff, sea cucumber or fish maw…or plastic. LOL!

  4. hi STP..i m still on leave but sick leave.. sorry, couldnt make it.. now like half life..coughing and coughing.. that is the aftermath of not wearing warm enough!!

    Aiyor…kesian. This is like – enjoy now, pay later… Take care now, get well soon.

  5. You see one thing i really don’t like attending wedding dinners(unless really good friends or relatives) is that the dishes are so predictable,,nothing new per se….. four season lah, friend rice lah, broccoli lah , steam fish lah, …………..

    next time must suggest fusion foods already for Chinese cross between Chinese foods and the rest, first dish Masala chicken with wasabi, sharp fin dipped with papadom……………….

    Ok,,, from now i must create wedding dishes for Melissa already,,, let her be the first one to do that,

    Wah…so creative. Wait for Penang godfather to invest and open his unique restaurant, then I’ll go and dine there. Must give special discount ya? Special for fellow-bloggers! πŸ˜€

  6. Hehe… the noodles were disappointing cause all of you were already stuffed with the former few dishes mar!^-^

    Perhaps so…but it really was bland, no salt…no msg, I guess. In fact, all the dishes that night did not leave that lingering msg taste in the mouth – not overloaded with the stuff, I guess…

  7. can’t be me who ate most of the fish, i only had a spoonful! πŸ™‚ must be KK’s tkneo’s son,T. remember the mum said he likes fish! LOL! πŸ˜‰

    LOL!!! I thought they have much better, nicer and fresher fish in KK. Maybe too busy making money, no time to take him out to eat.

  8. The portion of the dishes look small…patutlah tak cukup ikan for you…lol.The not to be named soup happen to be my son and my favourite but scary thoughts to think that I might be swallowing plastic!
    You have a safe journey,ya.Take care.

    Thanks, home in one piece…got in late last night, reached the house at around 11… Ya, I thought the fish was kinda small too and I’m not crazy about this type of fish. That was why I did not stick around to eat it first after it was served.

  9. next time you should go for your “fresh air” a bit later, after they serve the fish. Normally after fish/prawns, will be vege, fried rice/fried noodles, so that is the time. LOL!

    Have a safe and smooth flight back to Sibu!

    Thanks. Home already… Wah! You’re an expert at dinners and banquets ah…? Hahahahahaha!!!! Thanks for the gifts – will feature in my blog but the post will probably come out around Christmas…all in the queue. πŸ˜‰

  10. yummy food…they all so bad…never kept the shrimps for you :p and what did you do..gone out fora puff πŸ™‚

    Have a safe flight back to Sibu πŸ˜‰

    Ummmm….ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies. πŸ˜€ Not shrimps lah, fish…but it was ok as I’m not really crazy about this type of fish. Thanks, I’m home already….

  11. I’m friend on FB πŸ˜€ I wanna read about ur meet up with Eugene! πŸ™‚

    So you’ve seen all the wedding photos, I guess. Eugene…that will be after Christmas…sometime around New Year – all posts in chronological sequence. Hehehehehehe! That Penang Godfather also has to wait for his turn… πŸ˜€

    1. LoL! Godfather has to wait until New Year! Whoa.. tak per tak per… good things come to those who waits πŸ˜€ So wait I shall… πŸ˜€

      Have a nice weekend STP πŸ™‚

      Same to you, hope you’re feeling better now. Yup…as they always say, save the best for last. LOL!!!

  12. wow… dinner with candle light huh….
    on the first photo… are those dumplings??

    Romantic eh? Ummm…I guess you can say they’re some kind of dumplings. My daughter called them money bags when she was small…and the name got stuck.

  13. jackfruit with sago?? i never tried it b4! where’s the pic!!?

    I didn’t take… Lazy already by then… Busy taking photos of the people dancing. LOL!!!

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