Hello from Penang…

Good Hope Inn Penang

I’m staying in this hotel – nothing grand but the room is quite big, clean and comfortable….

Good Hope Inn Penang 2

The family room has a king-size bed and a single – just what I need for a family of three. The rate is RM180 – the same as what I would have to pay at that hotel where I always stay in KL

Good Hope Inn Penang 3

The only complaint is the location. It is very near Gurney Drive…

Gurney Drive Penang

…but at the wrong end. It would take quite a long walk to get to Gurney Plaza and the overrated tourist trap – the Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. There is no coffee shop and the like in the vicinity, just Starbucks and Roadhouse Grill and a very nice nasi kandar shop a stone’s throw away at the Gurney Hotel building. We had roti jala with chicken curry (RM4.00) from the latter for breakfast the first morning in Penang but I did not take any photographs of it. Maybe we’ll go there again…

We spent our first day at Gurney Plaza…

Gurney Plaza Xmas 2010 1

The Christmas decorations were nothing to shout about…

Gurney Plaza Xmas 2

…but they had activities such as colouring competitions for kids…

Gurney Plaza Xmas 3

stage shows…

Gurney Plaza Xmas 4

…and so on to herald in the festive season.

Upon arrival in Penang, I was quite put off by the mess at the arrival level of the international airport owing to the renovations currently going on. They would not allow passengers to push the trolleys beyond a certain point. I wonder how they expect someone to carry the luggage the rest of the way to his/her car should he/she have more than one or two pieces. The place was so badly jammed that we took quite a while to get out of the airport area…and went at a snail’s pace to my niece’s condominium, located somewhere near the Penang Bridge…

Penang Bridge

There were a cafe, a hair salon and a swimming pool even…

Pool at Alicia's condo

…among other things but I cannot imagine myself being cooped up in that little space. I guess that’s part of life in big cities.

Well, do hang around for more on my Penang trip. Stay tuned…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Hope…”

  1. Ohhhh… you had roti jala? No pic? Gosh…. i miss roti jala… hard to get good ones in KL.

    I went to tapao when everyone was still sleeping and we ate in the room. Wouldn’t do it justice if I had taken the photograph . Will probably go back there again…

    1. LOL…it must be really nice. Not all roti jala is nice… here in KL… aihh… tarak nice. Have to make our own if want to have nice ones. Goes very well with chic curry… yum yum!

      Loved the one we had – will try to go back there again…and eat there and take photos.

  2. A time for reminiscence! Going through a wave of nostalgia seeing your pixz and wanna make me..*sobs*. Missed Penang very much. Have lots fun in Tanjung tQ.

    Oh? Should have planned to come over around this same time and then we can get to meet… Hehehehehe!

  3. A cosy and charming hotel…. urghhh, what’s wrong with it if it was near Gurney drive? I would think it’s an ideal place to ‘jalan jalan cari makan'(even if it’s overrated makan place).^-^

    Enjoy your trip there!

    Too far to walk, too near to take a cab. It’s at one end…and one would have to walk a long way to the other end…and being my shape and size, I am not that mobile. Hehehehehehe.

  4. i only go to gurney drive for the fried chicken skin.. haha 🙂

    Eyew….I ordered that – did not know what it was and when we saw the hair and feathers, nobody wanted to eat it. We left it all by the side.

  5. You can take your daughter to ‘New Zealand’ just some walking distance from your hotel. We used to hang out at this kopitiam *not sure still there or not*. Not many tourists there but mainly Penangites. Guess your daughter would not miss “New Zealand” maybe the weather there haha.

    I saw that place – round the corner, not far from our hotel. But it’s just Zealand…no New.

  6. That’s such a lavish pool.

    Christmas spirit is very much alive there. Unlike here not as festive.

    Aren’t you overseas? Thought Christmas is more happening there…..

  7. The best for me is at least i had the chance of sitting down with you chit chatting away in the hotel of Hope,,,,too bad you would not allow to buy your lunch,,,cos you are one heck of famous guy, always being hijacked,,,hahahhaha

    nice to have met you once again,,,

    Ya, so nice to see you again – you’re looking more handsome, younger and slimmer. Never mind, as long as we get to meet…that’s all that matters. 😉

  8. oooops..I mean the Inn in front

    We ARE staying at that inn! You think poor old pensioners like me can afford to stay in that big classy hotel kah? 😦

  9. Not going to be part time Santa over there ah? Papa kucing gng to be part time Santa this Christmas wor

    Any openings in KL? Do they pay well? Would be a good excuse for me to go to KL again…

  10. Ehh your niece’s place, that’s Sunny Ville right? I recognize the pool! Used to stay there when I was working in Penang!

    Yup, it is! Small world, isn’t it? 😀

  11. eiii i dun think i want to live i big city. bintangor is the best play to stay. mwahaah!

    Me too… Going on a holiday for a few days would be fine…but not for too long.

  12. next year come around end of November to participate in Penang Bridge International Marathon. haha.

    Ya…wouldn’t matter if it collapses. After all, they’re building a new one. LOL!!!

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