Pick u up…

I do not know the name of these roots in other languages but in our Foochow dialect, we call them char bee lau

Char bee lau

In the old days, we would have to buy a bundle from the local Chinese drugstore to take home and we would need to chop it up with a heavy cleaver or perhaps even an axe. It is indeed that hard! Thankfully, these days, we can buy them already chopped up and packed in plastic bags.

My mother used to boil the roots in water for a long time and then use the stock to cook chicken soup. It is a lot easier these days with the slow cooker. We would just throw everything in – the roots, the chicken plus ginger, dried shitake mushrooms (pre-soaked) and dried cuttlefish (cleaned and pre-soaked as well). The cuttlefish is added so that they would give the soup the extra fragrance and sweetness. Traditional Foochow red wine is also added, turn on the switch and this is what you will get eventually…

Char bee lau chicken soup

Salt and msg may be added according to taste.

It is believed that the soup is a pick-me-up – good for one’s general well being and can give one a boost should one be feeling tired and lethargic from work.

My father does not like pek-ting-eyok…and is not crazy over ginseng and stuff but he likes this and thus, it is something that I have grown up eating frequently…and loved.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Pick u up…”

  1. Herbs? Uh… no tankiu…. not for me. LOL!

    Belum cuba, belum tahu… This is a whole lot nicer than bak kut teh, I tell you… Must cook at home – some stalls selling char bee lau pork leg in town…butverymild, watered-down…not as nice.

  2. I have not seen this before….must around and see what herbs are these…looks good….you cooked this for Melissa? Great dad no doubt 🙂

    Ask Wenn. She may know…or perhaps the Sitiawan Foochows may know. Nope, Melissa isn’t that crazy over herbal stuff. I had guests, not from Sibu and not Foochow, over for lunch, so I cooked this Foochow specialty for them. Nice with mee sua too.

  3. Have not seen this root before or even heard of but very close to chak beh lau *eat cant old* .stay young forever or be chubby hahaha

    Like me lah…forever young! Must be eating all that char bee lau my whole life. Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Nice to have talked to you this morning, sadly you will be hijacked again the whole of tomorrow, hope to see you on Sunday after church service…………………….

    Oops…I’ve a friend dropping by lunchtime… Anyway, we can all go together, no problem. The more the merrier. LOL!!!

  5. I love herbal soup, although I don’t really know what’s char bee lau! Your soup looks great with sufficient heat!^-^

    Enjoy your trip!

    Thanks, sure will. If you like herbal, I’m sure you’ll love this one… Really nice!

  6. What? Have to use an AXE? Are you sure? Ha 😀

    Thank goodness now it is easier for us.

    Thank goodness indeed! It was so hard to chop that even eating the herbal chicken soup later would not be able to replace the energy loss. LOL!!! 😀

  7. hmm…have not come across this thing. Normaly I buy is the prepacked ones

    I’ve tried the pre-mixed ones from Chinese drug stores ones or twice…and did not like any. There are some “branded’ ones available at supermarkets as well – not my favourite either. This one is simply…BEST!

  8. i dunno what chinese herbs u r talking about as i’m not well-versed in all these BUT i love herbal soup and anything goes! Gimme some soup STP 😀

    I bet you would love this one. Come to Sibu and I’ll cook it for you. Very easy…

  9. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!!! I love this. Only Sibu got i think? My mum bought some for her friends here, they love it so much!!

    Yes, agree, this can boost up your energy, very effective. I remember when my grandma still around, she love to cook this soup with duck and dried cuttle fish. We call it “chou chi cha”?

    Next time i should ask my mum to bring this over, if she want me marathon with her shopping and outing, i won’t be so worn out like this time, totally collapse after she left. LOL!

    You like. Gee! I should have brought some for you… Never mind, later I get your mailing address and I can post it to you. Not heavy, so it would not cost very much. Wait till I get back to Sibu.

  10. Heavy cleaver or perhaps even an axe. made me laugh by your description.
    Chau Bee Lau or Chau Bi Char?
    We also Foochow but we never tried chicken meat, we always use Pig leg & cuttle fish LOL.. hehehe.. Saliva!

    My mother has cooked with pork leg once but we did not like it as much. Prefer chicken, never tried duck… Your 1st time here, whoever you are? Welcome and do come again….

  11. yikes… not really into tea… i just hate how they taste ,,, hahaha not really for a sweet tooth like me LOL

    I love tea when it’s cold…

    Not tea…herbal chicken soup – for good health and vitality! Rawrrr!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  12. Never heard of this. You sure it’s not chau chi tah? Well, I sure need a pick-me-upper right now.

    I’m amazed. Thought you would know this. Dunno what chau chi tah is… Never mind, will cook for you when you come back to Sibu again. 😉

  13. hmm.. or is it chao li da?? it’s so nice to go with pork knuckle + dried cuttle fish! 😀 too bad my husband dont like it, so i dont get the chance to cook too 😦

    Like how my missis doesn’t eat duck… Well, if you’re in Sibu, you can always go and eat it in the shops – a couple of places here selling that. So it’s chao li da? Sounds like “smelly tea”. We call it char bee lau…

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