Been there before (2)…

I’ve been to these places before but not my daughter since she was out of the country at the time.

I took her to the coffee shop for Roy’s Asian Flavours and I had the fried sambal noodles…

Roy's sambal fried noodles

…which were fine but considering that there was hardly any taste of it, I would prefer a stronger dose of sambal so as to make it more fragrant.

My daughter liked the Vietnamese beef kway teow

Roy's Vietnamese beef kway teow

….though I personally feel that they should make their own fried shallots. If I’m not mistaken, they use those factory-made packed ones sold at the supermarket and I would never buy those as I simply do not fancy the smell or the taste.

I kept telling her to go slow on her noodles while waiting for the chicken croquettas (RM1.00 each)…

Roy's chicken croquettas

…and the fried fish paste pancake (RM2.00)…

Roy's fish paste pancake

…as these would be a whole lot nicer and the noodles might just spoil her appetite. Well, she loved and enjoyed them a lot…as I had expected.

We also dropped by the Noodle House and she had the sizzling beef kampua (RM8.90) that I had on my previous visit…

Noodle House's sizzling beef noodles
*recycled pic*

…and she loved it – I did too when I had that.

This time around, I tried their sizzling sambal seafood kampua (RM12.90)…

Noodle House's sizzling sambal seafood noodles

…which was nice but I thought it was a bit pricey and the amount of seafood in it was not that substantial. Between the two, I would think the beef is a better deal. I was also kind of disappointed that the broccoli was over-boiled – soft and not crunchy at all. Tsk! Tsk!

We had the salt and pepper fried sotong (RM6.90)…

Noodle House's salt and pepper fried sotong

…which was all right – the ones we had on an earlier occasion at another place were cheaper and a lot nicer.

Another side dish we ordered was the fried dumplings…

Noodle House's fried dumplings

I cannot remember how much that cost – probably RM3.90, if I’m not mistaken. Tastewise, it was all right – nothing to shout about and certainly not something that I would want to go back for more.

And thus our food marathon continues….. LOL!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Been there before (2)…”

  1. where the sizzling kampua located? i want to try~~~
    all the food look nice, but the sotong not so nice lah the color.

    Noodle House – behind Sibu Central Police Station… Can go in via Hua Kiew Road or Lai Chee Lane (BSN there…).

  2. Oh, no! Black pepper fried sotong. *faint* I wanna eat that!!!

    Not a fan of pepper, so not too crazy about it – just a bit salty and peppery…not really tasty. 😦

    1. Actually I would prefer sambal petai anyday… but this sotong looks like not bad… I daresay it would be better if there’s paprika powder sprinkled on top of it. I used to fry sotong for the boy using KFC powder… but these days lazy fry liao, cuz all will be gone before it’s sent to the table. *sigh* My house banyak shark!!!

      Saw some petai at the market the other day…but my daughter’s not a fan – therefore, not going to cook that just yet. Aiyor…if my daughter loves to eat something, I would cook frequently for her…and if she finishes it all very quickly, I will be so very happy. No wonder your anak…so kesian…skin and bone! 😦

      1. Aiyo… kenot cook too often la… the boy is that kind ah… once he like something… he will eat until muak… den after that, will swear off that stuff. Have to cook diff thing everyday so that he dun get bored… else… once he get bored of certain food… I very cham laaa…

        You’re lucky he’s not like my daughter last time, Would not eat more than a bit of something – to feed her, had to cook a lot of different things and she’d have a bite of each. If forced to eat more, vomit liao… 😦

  3. goog morning arthur
    i would love to eat that Vietnamese beef kway teow… it looks very great

    You do? I think I prefer our local variety…clear beef soup and all…

  4. ps: The other day my husband tried the kampua noodles somewhere nearby our house… and he said it tasted somewhat like wantan mee… uh… is it supposed to taste like that?

    Nope…there may be some resemblance in appearance but differ greatly in taste and texture.

    1. *pengsan* den he must have kena scam liao la… say macam wantan mee the taste….

      Ummmm…I guess some people do not have very discerning taste buds…so not much difference, one thing from another. Everything, just wallop!

      1. LOL… I was really wondering whether it really taste like wantan mee… one of these days, I must try it for myself. But that stall really weird… got kampua with curry and stuff. *pengsan*. Must be modern kampua… like the one in your pic!

        Kampua with curry? Eyewwww…… Itu memang 1Malaysia.

  5. I thought this was in Penang till I saw the kampua. All looking most delicious although I’m not sure about the authenticity of the Vietnamese beef soup. Here we call it pho tai, it’s one of my staples here, in fact having it tonite, and it doesn’t look anything like it.

    Not really a fan… I’ve had the so-called Vietnamese beef noodles in KL and elsewhere but I think I prefer our own local clear-soup type – I think they say it’s something like Taiwan style and sometimes they may put lobak (radish/white carrot) in it…and at times, even salted veg. Don’t like the ones with the dark spicy soup either…

  6. Wait hold your horses you mean both of you had the above within a day or in one meal? Phew both of you could eat like a horse hahahaha

    No lah…not on the same day. You think we’re like cows kah…so many stomach one! 😉

  7. Like the fried sambal noodles (wet type) can sambal be added later help to strengten the kaw-ness? Yeah sotong are getting harder to catch so kena potong-ing the throat with high price..tQ

    Dunno now…but last time, sotong not very popular here – very cheap not like prawns. I was asking my friends how come I seldom saw sotong at hotel buffets, so cheap. Was horrified then when I heard it was around RM20-30 a kg in KL…and prawns too.

  8. I love hotplate, sizzling food a lot, have yet to see any sizzling kampua over here in K.L. Even kampua, we hardly find any good one here(haven’t try the one you recommended in Damansara).

    Happy holiday!

    Bad news! I heard from Annie-Q that the Damansara shop already closed. Hahahahaha!!!! Can always hop over to Sibu – everyone can fly! 😉

  9. LOL!! really food marathon for ur daughter!! hahaha u’re just goin to make her miss those foods badly when she left!

    Good! Good! That will make sure that she’ll always want to come home. Many left home for further studies and never came back… 😦

  10. Don’t care if you say the food not nice…for me all look so alluring…drooling here!How many days you think I need to be in Sibu to enjoy all those drooling recommended food by you?…and how many days you think I need to fast before the makan marathon?…muahahahaha.

    Depends on how much you can eat in a day… Probably two weeks would be enough…and as for fasting before coming, it would be easier to wear pants with drawstrings or elastic waistbands…or be a nyonya – wear a sarong. LOL!!!

    1. Now that’s an idea… wear kebaya with sarong. Why I never think of that? LOLOLOL! Gosh…. it’s been so long since I last wear kebaya and sarong. 😦 Stopped wearing once since my late grandmother passed away. Hmmm… none of us granddaughters wear kebaya anymore…

      My missus also does not want. My maternal grandma and her daughters (including my mum) all wore sarong kebaya. My daughter prefers t-shirt and pants – nona zaman sekarang bah!

      1. If my late grandmother is still alive saw what I usually wear these days…. she’d wish she’s back in her grave… LOL!

        Can’t imagine you in a kebaya…so skinny! LOL!!!

  11. By the time your girl goes back to NZ, she will not miss Sibu food so much.. really er… eating out almost everyday, STP? but i can see that Sibu really have so so much varieties! I would love to try the kampua noodles…. they look so good!

    Hopefully…and by the time she starts missing anything, she’ll be coming home again. Well, I am still waiting…waiting…waiting…but nobody wants to come to Sibu. 😦

  12. wow, that sambal fried noodles is very nice!!! and the sizzling kampua noodles very creative leh, haha!! i’m so hungry now, haven’t even had my breakfast~~ :p

    Breakfast? Already time for lunch lor… LOL!!! No plans to hop over to Sibu – can try all the nice food here? Most welcome…

  13. I went to one o one for breakfast this morning. The kampua is good, the pork liver soup is good and even the toast is good. It’s at bus terminal, next to “wu bai du” (500 degrees), or next to lao-su-ge (old uncle cafe). Have you been there?

    Yup…can’t find my post on it now but I went there a long time ago when it first opened – nice cafe…and at the time, they would sell things like nasi lemak, salad chicken rice around lunchtime and western cuisine at night. Didn’t really like it, so I never went back again…

  14. Geez…you gave me a scare! When I saw the “snowflakes” gliding down from the top of the screen, I thought my PC’s invaded by virus!!! Anyway, the dishes look good.

    LOL!!! Must keep up with the things going on mah! Everywhere snowing…so tak nak kalah! 😀 Ya…a lot of nice food here – when are you coming? 😉

  15. i think most of the food listed are my fav 😉

    Yakah? No plans to hop over to Sibu? Check the public holidays next year – book in advance one long weekend…cheap if you book early, everyone can fly.

  16. i like the fried dumpling at noodle house…not bad. the chicken croquettas made by roy was great…really love it when i went there last time. i will surely go there again soon for roy’s other dishes…..coming with me STP? cheers!

    No, thanks…went already. Will have to go other places that my daughter has not gone yet… 🙂

  17. you know what? My mum had that sizzling kampua beef for dinner last night, she told me it is very nice. Will bring me go there next time when i am back. She said now noodles house had come up with lots new menu, i have not been there.

    Now look at it, make me feel hungry. 😦 And your seafood noodles look good too!!! Yum!

    Hahahahaha!!! Your mum goes to eat everything that I post in my blog. Not to worry, I can take you there when you come to Sibu.

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