Come in from the rain…

This was my 3rd visit to the place…and this time around, with my daughter and my ex-student, Judy who is studying in NZ right now, not too far from where my daughter is…and another ex-student, Andrew plus Alfie. Well, I’m talking about this very nice place called Payung or translation – Umbrella…

Payung, Sibu

My daughter saw my earlier posts on it and even before she came back, she had already stated that THAT would be one place she would want to go. Now, what did we have this time?

We had the belimbing prawns (RM15.00 with rice)…

Payung - belimbing prawns

…which was really nice but a bit too spicy for Judy. Normally, when we say belimbing, we mean starfruit…but these are the belimbing buluh/asam – the small oval ones that are very sour and some people claim that they have all kinds of health benefits.

We also had the Bangladeshi curry beef (RM15.00 with rice)…

Payung - Bangladeshi beef curry

…which is a dry curry, cooked without any santan (coconut milk). I was just ok with it…but my daughter said she liked it.

The aromatic chicken (RM15.00 with rice) was quite ordinary…

Payung - aromatic chicken

When it was served, Alfie remarked that it looked like “kay bak char kio see” or chicken cooked with sliced ginger but actually, it did not taste quite the same – just that, it wasn’t anything that was so very nice that I would want to go back for more.

The pomelo salad (RM7.00)…

Payung - pomelo salad

had a peculiar taste, probably from the supposedly-fragrant leaves that they added to it and I did not quite fancy it at all. I still prefer the mixed vegetable salad (RM7.00)…

Payung - mixed vegetable salad

…which I also ordered on my previous visit.

The first time I was there, I had the mushroom roll (RM7.00) and my daughter being a mushroom lover, I ordered one for her to try…

Payung - mushroom roll

…and she thought it was good.

And needless to say, I had to order the otak-otak (RM12.00 with rice)

Payung - otak-otak

…which is simply the best – much nicer than what I had at the Muar Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

I guess some of you will say that it is not a cheap place to go and dine…and you’re absolutely right. It is in no way cheap in every sense of the word but I like the ambience and the decor of the place and the food is good or some of the items on the menu, at least.

I would be dropping by again sometime…..but at those prices, probably not that soon.

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31 thoughts on “Come in from the rain…”

  1. if the food is nice, cost a bit is ok. i am craving for otak2. yum3. the prawn look good too!

    Yup, the food is good…so it’s ok to drop by. Let’s say it’s a special place to go on special days…or to bring special friends when they come to town…but not our regular everyday kopi tiam… 😉

  2. Belimbing prawn? Whoa…I’ve never seen this dish before….

    That’s one thing I like about this place…its uniqueness – special…exotic…and delicious. The prawns were very spicy and very nice…but the otak-otak (which is quite different from what we had at Muar Restaurant, as you can see) is simply the best!

  3. Think the bozz should use the song Umbrella by Rihanna as the theme for Payung haha. Love the pomelo salad my first time seeing, should taste good. Is the pomelo sweet type? Bananaz just love yeesang with sour pomelo. tQ

    The fruit was o.k.- just that I did not like the smell of the leaves used in the dish – not used to the fragrance.

    1. I tink I would like mango salad better.

      If I’m mistaken, they do have mango salad too…but we did not order that.

  4. I would love to try the belimbing prawns..starfruits right? Perhaps Elin should try that and let me taste…. :p

    Not the star-shaped ones… These are small, oval and sour. As a whole, very nice taste…

  5. The food looks really delicious ! Looks like you guys truly enjoyed yourselves … 🙂

    P.s : A super belated Happy Birthday to you… I’m probably the last to wish you eh … sorry

    Thanks. Better late than never… Wonder where you are now – in Ipoh? Working already? Ya…the food was great and the company too. Had a good time.

  6. I am now at Golden Sands resort Batu ferringhi,, lepaking, nothing and am their Cool Lounge surfing the net, hungry waiting for the boys to bathe, hungry and your pictures make me lagi hungry….. die die!

    Wah…got class eh? Hungry? Can order from the poolside cafe or go to the restaurant mah! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  7. Belimbing prawn..never try before la…something new for me.
    Another new rest in Sibu….I hardly dine out in Sibu….
    I must go and explore one day…

    Btw, TQ for ur info abt the cake plc (marcus)….

    Welcome. Poor thing…should go out some days for a break.

  8. dun care about the price lah .. as long as nice and you got what u paid for, ok lah for me .. he he he.

    Yalor…but still, can’t go all the time – must jimat sikit… 😉

  9. Oh at last i can comment…now using IE8…
    The prawn looks so delicious…and the curry chicken also the same…

    Ah, thank goodness… Yup, all’s nice…but no curry chicken leh? Sure your IE8’s ok or not? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  10. the belimbing prawns and pomelo salad look kind of special and nice, i want to try them~~ 🙂

    Come…come! Come to Sibu…everyone can fly! 😉

  11. I think I’ll like the mushroom roll too 😀 Me oso mushroom fan.. long long ago my hair looks like mushroom too 😛

    Same as my daughter then… Loves all kinds of mushrooms, dunno why.

  12. Nice spread of food, but rather spicey to me!:-)

    Only the belimbing prawns were spicy – the rest o.k. I like this kind of cuisine – more than Chinese, usually msg overloaded!

  13. all the food look so good!

    Mushroom roll? Use oyster mushroom or chinese mushroom?

    Can take you there the next time you come to Sibu. I think it’s oyster/abalone mushroom…

  14. i have not been to Payung. i heard so much about it and the food they serve. the salads looks good and the otak otak looks yummy. i will be dropping by soon….anyone tagging along? cheers!

    Not me… Yet to bring anak to Zen, Cafe Cafe…Baba & Siam…lots of places to go! 😦

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