Secret garden…

I bought this book for my daughter when she was much younger…

The Secret Garden

…but this post has got nothing to do with the book. There is this place in town that is pretty new – the Secret Garden Grill…

Secret Garden Grill, Sibu

…and despite the name, it has got nothing to do with the book either…nor that Australian band with the same name. Oops! That’s Savage Garden!

There used to be a dim sum place at that particular location – in the morning, at least…and a Chinese restaurant the rest of the day. We did go and try the dim sum once but were not impressed, so we never went back again.

This new place is pretty nice – big and has several sections depending on whether you prefer to dine indoors or outside. Since it opened, it has been getting pretty good reviews from people who have been there…except for a few who complained that there were a lot of mosquitoes…and indeed, there were!.

This is the bar/counter…

Secret Garden Grill - bar counter

…and the decor inside is somewhat unique…

Secret Garden - decor 1

This partition reminds me of the children’s song – “Six green bottles”…

Secret Garden - decor 2

…but I do wish they would do away with those kopitiam-style table numbers…

Secret Garden - table numbers

For a place like this, they should at least have some more stylish engraved little blocks of wood placed strategically on the tables or perhaps, some brass or copper tags instead. But of course, what matters most would be the food, that goes beyond saying.

The guy who served us claimed that people who had eaten their burgers commented that they would never have burgers elsewhere ever again, so my daughter ordered their double cheese to try…

Secret Garden - double cheese burger 1

…and true enough, it was really great! Their thick own-made beef patties, not the frozen ones, are really to die for!

Secret Garden - double cheese burger 2

It’s not cheap though – RM16.90 but they sell burgers at more or less the same price at the Burger King outlet at KLIA and this one is heaps nicer! Real value for money!

I heard that their baked rice (RM12.90) was also nice, so I ordered the seafood one…

Secret Garden - baked seafood rice 1

…but if you want my honest opinion, it tasted like…rice…

Secret Garden - baked seafood rice 2

I did not really enjoy it and if I were to go there again, I certainly would want a burger – no second thoughts about it! Take my word for it, it was THAT good!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

50 thoughts on “Secret garden…”

  1. Phewww… back to normal. Hahahaha… no more near heart attack for me for the 12am post. LOL! And thank god I just came back from McD. LOL…else I certainly would drool over the burger.

    ps: my dad bought me Secret Garden too when I was a little girl. But there are no pictures on it. It’s the complete and unabridged version of Secret Garden.

    McD? Eyewwwww!!! Comes nowhere near this one. I have not been to McD’s since dunno when…so that would give you an idea as to how I rank the food they sell there! Blerk!!! I bought the children’s abridged versions of many books for my daughter when she was small – including the Bible.

    1. I kebuluran at 3am in the morn. Suddenly wanna makan burger. 😦 Wanted to have Ramlee burger, but tarak liao… all tutup gerai and went to sleep liao. Sobs… left the McD. 😦

      Ah well…at least Rambly is a bit better than McD…and a lot cheaper! Nowhere near this one, of course…!

      1. oh ya hor…i have some burger in the freezer…belum fry

        I also have…but after those, I don’t think I wanna fry and eat anymore. Maybe give to the stray dogs on the road outside my house… 😦

    2. So nice of you to buy the abridged version for her. My dad was quite poor back then… my books were all second hand… and not much of those colourful children books. Had difficulties understanding the books back then. Kids these days are so lucky. Books are much more affordable these days… and very colourful too.

      Where got affordable? My daughter spends a lot on books…but thank goodness – that’s the only thing she spends on (and maybe sometimes, on food)…so I always encourage her to go ahead. Not like other young people her age – if spending like them, sure I go bankrupt liao!!

      1. Eh… quite affordable…. if you go to those warehouse book sales and those excess bookstores. Most of the books are new, and very cheap.

        Don’t have those places here…and now that she’s overseas, you think they have such cheap books there? Sometimes I wonder if those places selling books THAT cheap are dealing in pirated literature… That’s why so cheap – even the best-sellers. We may get a few titles at some places here – like Harry Potter…only the hard covers released, here can buy the paperbacks already at less than half the price…like DVDs of the latest movies.

  2. wa the burger definitely look so good! why that place hv lot of mosquito ? tsk .

    If I’m not mistaken, that is a high-risk area (dengue)…or perhaps it’s because it’s quite dark/dim and perhaps those insects are probably hiding in those huge potted plants with the giant leaves (see 1st photo of the place)…

  3. *rubs eyes* The baked rice looks like nasi goreng pattaya! LOL!

    Nah!!! It does not look or taste anything like it. Go get your eyes checked. And talking about nasi goreng pattaya, the ones at Thomson Corner, one place just a bit further down the road are a whole lot nicer…and very very much cheaper! If it’s rice that I want, I would rather go there and have that than this baked rice.

    1. *sigh* Mata oredi need to tukar specs very long time ago. This one blurr liao. 😦 Been procrastinating. Time to bodek my big boss to get me a new pair of specs!

      See! Don’t eat vegetables. I’m 58…and I do not need spectacles at all!!! Hehehehehehe!!! 😉

      1. Greenies? Eyewwww… I only learn to eat veggies after I meet my husband. My mum and dad are almost carnivore. LOL. Veggies ah? *innocent face* French fries is veggiessss!

        So now you are paying for your sinssssss…..

  4. Is it a trend to include the word ‘Secret’ after learning the ‘power’ from ‘The Secret’ where they stress so much about the Law of Attraction thus chances are could attract lots of customers hahaha.. Oh the burger is like the leaning tower. tQ

    Yes, so high…and so nice to eat! Yum! Dunno why they would want to keep anything a secret – in this line of business, I’m sure they would want everyone to know about them…

  5. Whoa love the clocks deco. Your baked rice looks like rice tastes like rice and its no doubt rice fave is baked fish.

    Notice that one of them tells a different time from the rest? I dunno if they have baked fish on the menu…

    1. I think… it tells different time because it’s set to tell time from different timezones. I have a few clocks in my house too. All tell different time. 5 major timezones in the world+ Malaysia.

      Nah!!! The rest tell the same time – I think that one died! No wonder you keep very peculiarly odd hours – too many clocks…and you end up all confused! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Bwhahaha.. busted. LOL! Aiya… old habit die hard la… used to work in newsroom where they display different timezone at the hall. I kinda find those different time-zone thingie very comforting… dono why.

        Then you should go to Sogo KL…and stand in front of the clock-wall. I wonder if it still plays music at 9 a.m. or is it 10 every day? Then the clockwork animation will start… Nice, that one!

  6. Snow in Sibu, very cool! The burger looks good, esp the patty. I guess that’s their specialty. Saw the fake crabmeat on the rice. Those things have absolutely no flavor. It’s enough to keep me away from the place. No class.

    Crab sticks! I don’t like them either – all artificial flavouring…but I know there are people who love them. Eyewwwww….!!! Ya, the patties were really good…but I guess you have lots better in the states. Here, there’s only McDs…and that comes nowhere near these! Yum!

    1. Philip… since Cikgu is not here yet… I’ll tell you what i think he’ll say about your comment. LOL!

      He’ll say this . “Sigh, I’m an old man already. Retired. Pension not much… no money to eat in classy place… that’s why eat baked rice and fake crabmeat. Boohooo~”.


      Nah!!! Salah liao!!!! Even if no money, I would not eat those crab sticks – would rather go for home made fish balls…anytime!

      1. Looks like he already responded. But no, I wasn’t saying cikgu got no class. I meant the place got no class, serving fake crabmeat.

        Well, FINALLY…she’s wrong! That woman doesn’t know me THAT well after all!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉 Yup…those crabsticks belong to those cheap NCAA (no class at all) buffet steamboat places….

  7. @Philip… ya… that place kinda terrible, from what Cikgu described. With mozzie and all. 😦 And as for crabmeat… I kinda dun like it too… taste weird. 😦

    Only tried two items on the menu…and the burger is really to-die-for! Next time I go, I’ll bring my own Ridsect! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. Looks very juicy and thick leh, the burger meat. ya… really looks like to die for… especially with the melted cheese on it. Thank God I makan breakfast liao… hahaha… else… no prize guess wud I’ll be having for bfast after seeing this one.

      Burger? Thought you already had McD’s?

    2. Some places are BYOBeer, some BYORidsect. As cikgu said, NCAA, better to eat home made fishballs. But to be fair, the burger does look good.

      The only thing that would get me to go back there again…if ever.

  8. Cis… me not greedy lah… just metabolism very fast. Bwhahahahahahaha!

    Console yourself, woman… That must be the joke of the year. ROTFL!!! 😀

    1. None of those. I don’t have a reservoir of bile to help with the digestion of fat anymore. So have to go slow first.

      So sorry to hear that. Do take care now…

  9. is this near the big thumb area?

    Nope…it’s among the shops ACROSS the road from Rejang Medical Centre…on the left after the roundabout if you’re heading towards Sibu Gateway.

  10. Yes, I go for the burger anytime.. my son always like to order baked rice but I do not like the cheese on it… there is also a Secret Garden in Ipoh.. fine fining style.. I have yet to visit it..

    Seems they have Secret Gardens at a number of places… The cheese in this one was quite bland – not much cheese taste. In fact, as a whole, not much taste…

  11. Your post title only reminds me of just one thing that just flashed through my mind, Secret Garden…from the Boss – Bruce Springsteen…………..remember the song ?

    Ya, he sang that…but I don’t know the song. LOL!!! 😀

  12. Arthur…ok bookmarked this place. Shall go there when Claire and I fly over . You take us okay ? :p The burger looks good !

    Did you run the extra mile ? after all these sinfully rich goodies ? 😛

    Me run? That will be the day! Muahahahaha!!!! Wouldn’t wanna cause an earthquake. So when are you and Claire coming? I am waiting… 😉

  13. Nice decor. But like you said, at least have a nicer number engraving than using that Carlsberg tag!

    Ya…no class at all! If they want to advertise their beer, the owner of the premises should have insisted on something that does not look so…cheap!

  14. Oooo… The burger looks good and thick! Certainly worth the price if compared to fast food joints.

    You think so? It’s a bit expensive but it’s really very nice… Big Mac is probably half the price (minus the fries and the coleslaw) but I guess it’s also half as nice…

  15. Where is this Secret Garden?

    I will go for the burger too!! I like baked rice, but not everywhere can get good baked rice! Like you said, your baked rice, doesnt look like baked rice nor taste like baked rice, it just rice.

    This place is across the road from Rejang Medical Centre. If you want really nice baked rice here, the one at Cafe Cafe (near the pagoda/temple) is very nice.

  16. Do I even need to tell u how much calories are in that cheeseburger! Take care of ur health 25 year old man! Or make sure u exercise to make up for it hahahaha

    Oooo…so sweet of you, so concerned. Hugsssss….muuuuaaaahhh!!!! LOL!!! 😀 Well, I did not eat that; my daughter did…and she’s so thin she can eat half a dozen and yet will not put on weight. So blessed. LOL!!!

  17. Chammmzz i see the cheese baked rice jor…..recently have been putting up weight jor…must hold to it..LOL!!!

    Well, if it’s any consolation, the baked rice wasn’t nice…😦

  18. you know what?? i really just finished reading the book “Secret Garden” woh, of course the original version and not the edited version for kids lah..

    wow, that burger!!! so sinful but yet very delicious lor, i like it~~ :p

    Come on over, I’ll take you there – my treat! 😉

  19. The baked rice at Bubba Gump in The Curve is very nice!

    The Curve! Nobody ever took me there leh… Every time, went KL, where got people to take me here and there and everywhere to eat…Sobssss!!!!! 😦 …..Ummmm…except Mandy and Annie and Pete. Hehehehehe!!! 😉 But Pete’s too busy now these days…Sobs again!!!😦

  20. Had a portion of the beef burger. Yummy ! I only ate a quarter piece but this is super exciting in the Land of Kampua and Kompia. But one thing that irks me is that the quality of some of the dishes are inconsistent e.g. sometimes you get coleslaw with it, sometimes you don’t. I’m impressed with the selection of pasta they have. Tried only one and it was nice. Was pleased also to catch a glimpse of the chef who was actually dressed in full gear save the tall hat. Very professional and makes me feel pampered eating there hahahahaha

    Ok…KIV pasta! Must try that next time…and must remember to bring along my Ridsect! LOL!!!

  21. the australian band…isnt it Savage garden? anyway…i had the burger and i really love it. we can go there for the burger next time STP….my treat…i would love to have that burger again….fantastic! cheers!

    Oops! Yahor…old man, memory failing already. Hehehehehe!!!! And I was never a fan anyway. 😉 Yup…so nice hor! Will go again sometime…but not so soon. Kuat mahal!

  22. ererrrrr King Arthur…. please no offense…. regarding that Australian band, their name is Savage Garden. Secret Garden is a Norwegian group that won the Eurovision Song Contest 1995.

    Yes, yes…somebody, Louis Jarau, if you know him…your junior in Sacred Heart, did make a comment regarding this earlier – somewhere up there, or was it on Facebook? Thanks for your comment, anyway. I’ve amended it now…

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