Love’s been good to me…

Sometime ago, I received an email from an old classmate from our lower secondary school days, whom I had not seen since then, and he attached with it this old photograph…

Old photograph

Gosh! I was so very young then – only 13 years old at the time, I think.

Those were the days when we would exchange autograph books and we would write a few rhyming lines in them, for instance:
Far in the ocean, there is a rock
On which it is written, forget me not

We would also write acronyms such as F.R.A.N.C.E. which stands for “Friendship remains and never can end” and if you noticed, we also signed on our photographs like what the film stars and pop singers would do. LOL!!!

Today, 45 years later, I am celebrating my 58th birthday…and as we all know, nothing stays the same. Gone are the youthful looks – the baby face…and I must say that I was much smaller then…

Father & daughter - Nov 2010

But still, there is so much that I am thankful for. As the words of Rod McKuen’s song go:
Still in all, I’m happy
The reason is, you see
Once in a while along the way
Love’s been good to me…

It has been an eventful year – my daughter, currently home for the summer holidays, left for Wellington, New Zealand to further her studies and we were stranded in KL until the first day of Chinese New Year…and there have been quite a few weddings and other memorable events plus occasions when I was able to meet with family and friends – old and new.

On this special day, the lyrics of one song say it all and I would love to share it here with everybody…

Thank you to one and all for making this a really wonderful year…and my special thanks go out especially to those of you who have been dropping by regularly, if not every day, to read my blog posts and to post a comment or more. I certainly look forward to another great year ahead. Keep smiling…..