Seeing double…

I spent one night in KL proper before my daughter arrived from New Zealand…and I stayed at the same hotel where I had always stayed on my last few trips. For one thing, it is the cheapest among the better hotels in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang in KL…and is much better than some of those shady looking ones around.

However, this time around, the room rate had gone up by around RM10 or so…and I was given a much smaller room – one that was slightly bigger than a queen-size bed. The rooms where I used to stay in previously were much bigger and nicer…but since it was only for one night and I was travelling alone, I did not bother to complain.

It is cheaper to book through a travel agency in your town compared to booking online and it is even more expensive for a walk-in guest. It certainly seems that the hotel is extremely popular – I was there on a Friday…and it was full on Saturday and Sunday and while I was waiting for a friend in the lobby, I overheard somebody calling and the receptionist told him or her that there was no room available on Sunday, just one on Monday – and that one was instantly snapped up.

Well, the location is good and you get free breakfast for two even though you are occupying the room alone. Shirleen seems to know me so well that the first thing she asked when she commented the other day was whether I had a double-breakfast again…

I will be honest about it – I most certainly did! I went for the breakfast as I needed the coffee to wake me up in the morning…

Bintang Warisan breakfast - coffee

…and I had two cups of that.

I was also given a bigger glass of orange juice since I was having the double…

Bintang Warisan breakfast - orange juice

The others were served a smaller glass, kesian… Muahahahaha!!!!

The American breakfast (and also the Malaysian breakfast aka nasi lemak) was priced at RM13.50 on the menu which I thought was extremely pricey and I would not want to go and pay that kind of money to go and eat there. However, since I was getting it free and I had two breakfast vouchers, I requested for two American breakfast on one plate…

Bintang Warisan - American breakfast double 1

But hey! Where were my eggs – bull’s eye or sunny side up? I never asked for an omelette!!!

And I thought they did not give me any ham/bacon/sausages until I discovered the two buried under the toast…

Bintang Warisan - American breakfast double 2

Ah well, as the English proverb says, “Never look at a gift horse in its mouth,” and often has it been said also that the best things in life are free…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Seeing double…”

  1. Looks like a good place to stay. But I’ll probably still look for my mamak roti place. Coffee looks good but not crazy about the rest of the offerings.

    Yes, it’s a nice (and decent) place to stay especially considering the price and the location…and there’s a mamak roadside stall right at the back of the hotel building. Never had the chance to eat there though as breakfast was provided – one drawback where hotel rates are inclusive of free breakfast – too full to venture out and try the food in the vicinity.

    The coffee was very good – typical hotel coffee…freshly ground and percolated using those coffee machines, I suppose. The coffee in the coffee shops in West Malaysia sucks big time – VERY black and VERY sweet…but no coffee fragrance and one kind of peculiar taste.

    Ya, the food in today’s post would not interest you, I’m not surprised – you can get these there…and I bet your sausages are a whole lot nicer than these miserable frozen ones… 😦 You wouldn’t like tomorrow’s either – typical American fare… 😉

  2. I don’t think complementary breakfasts are free, they probably have included under your hotel room charge… perhaps to make people feel good. What do you think? ;-p

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

    I prefer hotels that give you an option – without breakfast…but if you want, you can pay a little bit extra – but it will be a lot less than what walk-in quests have to pay when eating in the cafe. But some – you do not have a choice – you pay a fixed amount and you will be given breakfast – whether you go and eat or not, that’s your business.

  3. Hahahaha…. surprise under the roti! 😀

    Not one…but two – sticking out from underneath! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😉

      1. *jeling mamarazzi* What are you tinking ah? LOL!

        I’m sure she’s thinking what you’re thinking… Hehehehehe!!!

  4. Wow wow. DOUBLE portion of breakfast! That should last you until past lunch, or did it not? LOL!

    Ummm….ummmm….kenwooi dropped by and he had not have lunch so I HAD to go with him. Hehehehehehe!!!! Good excuse! 😉

  5. hahahha…i just about to ask, how come American breakfast w/o sausages, then the next picture reveals it. 🙂

    I love omelette or scrambled egg for my American breakfast.

    I prefer fried egg – sunny side up…or scrambled – but must be creamy. Many hotels even Concorde Inn can’t seem to get it right and the scrambled egg is like a messed-up omelette. My omelette, I usually add cheese…fry in butter…or at least, I’d add salt…so the hotel ones taste kind of bland to me – not as nice.

    1. I prefer sunny side up… or omelete+cheese+mushroom. But…if ask me to compare between American bfast and a Full English bfast, i’d go for the Full English breakfast. kakaka… more things, heavier, and oiler. I damn suka! Can make me last til teatime, no problem! LOL!

      Ooooo….I miss the good ol’ English breakfast! You stay at a b&b in the UK and you wake up in the morning to the smell of frying bacon, ham and sausages and eggs…and toasted bread, plus freshly-brewed coffee – it feels like you’re in heaven!!! Yum! Yum!

  6. i prefer omelette more than scrambled eggs..LOL.

    Aha….u get to try Mamarazzi glutinous rice ya…that’s one of my fav dish from her..

    You haven’t tried my goo-ey creamy ones yet! LOL!!! Ya…but too bad I was already full from dinner and it was cold…

  7. Where’s the egg? — It is just hiding. The egg does not want to be eaten. 😛

    The eggs are there all right…just the sausages hiding, nowhere to be seen at first. LOL!!! 😉

  8. Believe it or not,I find the breakfast appetising.I love Malaysian sausages ( no naughty thoughts here ) but not those real sausages from Mat Salleh country.Can’t find any here,though.Wanted to smuggle some back here when I came back from Malaysia but not to keen to appear on Border Security NZ tv

    Muahahahaha!!! Malaysian ones? I like German ones…and no naughty thoughts here too! LOL!!! 😀 Ya…NZ’s so strict with food – so many things that I wanted my daughter to take over with her but could not…

  9. Whoa have checked your scrambled eggs with roti canai and bacon yo East meet West great mix yummy bro. Oh with the heavy rain you gotta scram…haha. tQ

    Heavy rain…not a problem for us here anymore. These days, no need to worry about flood already – just worry about the rivers drying up and people in the interior will have transport problems and what not…all because of the Bakun, they say. You probably have read about this current problem in the papers…

  10. i was wondering which hotel until i found that link to your earlier post.. so they don’t serve buffet breakfast?? you have to order “a la carte” style using the voucher??

    anyway, i think i can finish that plate of “seeing double” too.. i can eat a lot for breakfast, especially American or Continental, haha!! 😀

    Not really a fan of American or Continental – give me English anytime…or buffet. 😉

  11. not bad at all..

    You like? Nothing to shout about really…but at least, it was free! LOL!!!

    P.S. Your first time here…or you’re somebody who was here before, who’s the sister of a blogger-friend I met not too long ago? Can’t be the mum, I’m sure… LOL!!! Will link you, so do come again…

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