Peaceful easy feeling…

My daughter arrived on her MAS flight from Auckland on schedule at around 8.15 p.m. on Saturday, 13th November…and we would be taking an evening flight back to Sibu the following evening, Sunday, so there was no point going all the way to KL and then making our way back to KLIA the next day for our flight home. Besides, I wanted to let my daughter have a really good rest after her long day flying from Wellington to Auckland and then to KLIA.

So I booked a room at the more affordable hotel near the international airport – the Concorde Inn KLIA

Concorde Inn KLIA 1

The rates are comparatively cheaper than even the smaller not-so-impressive hotels in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang in the city. I only paid RM140 nett per night, inclusive of free buffet breakfast for two…

Concorde Inn KLIA - key card

…but that was on my government pensioner privilege. Other people may need to pay more.

Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by these handsome and pretty concierges…

Concorde INN KLIA - concierges

…as you proceed to the reception counter to check in…

Concorde Inn KLIA - reception lobby

Checking-in was a breeze – very prompt and efficient and then you can proceed to your room which is more like a chalet in blocks that they refer to as terminals – in line with the airport theme of the hotel.

Concorde in KLIA - rooms

These are located over a vast sprawling area, so do request for a room nearer to the main building if you are like me and are not too keen on walking too far.

The names of their outlets are the same as at all Concorde hotels – I know there is one in the KL city centre along Jalan Sultan Ismail and there is another in Shah Alam. There is a little cafe…

Concorde Inn KLIA - cafe

…which is probably temporary as the cafe/restaurant – the Melting Pot – is currently under renovation, so they are using one of their function rooms for dining purposes. I had my breakfast there…

Concorde Inn KLIA - breakfast 1

…and had one helping…

Concorde Inn KLIA - breakfast 2

…and then, another…

Concorde Inn KLIA - breakfast 3

…but that was all I had since I was planning to bring my daughter there later for the weekend hi-tea buffet at only RM30++ per head.

I really liked the place with its peaceful easy feeling, away from the hustle and the bustle of the city…

Concorde Inn KLIA - koi pond

…and there is a swimming pool as well but unfortunately, I did not have time to jump in for a splash. LOL!!!

Concorde Inn KLIA - swimming pool

You can also catch the free shuttle service from KLIA to the hotel or vice versa…

Concorde Inn KLIA - hotel-airport shuttle

It leaves every half-hourly – very convenient and very comfortable. As a matter of fact, my daughter and I used that to get back to the airport for our flight back to Sibu.

All thing considered, I would want to stay there again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Peaceful easy feeling…”

  1. Cikgu, you can swim kah? Ooo… next time jump in and swim lorr… LOL… paid for it liao!

    Ooi! I do not live by the mighty Rejang for nothing! Used to swim across the river, mind you! These days, cannot already lah… Float across maybe…like they say, fat floats on water. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Bwhahahahaha….float across ah? LOL… I wonder if papakucing oso can float across… LOL!

      That one…jumps in, all the water in the river splashes out/overflows…and he can just walk across. LOL!!!

    2. i vouch to that…

      LOL!!! That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, eh? We men have no problem about such things…not like the women – always in self-denial… Muahahahaha!!!! *I’m dead meat!

  2. Luckily u did not jump in the pool, the water level would have been reduced to HALF! HAHAHAHAHA xD

    Hahahahahaha!!!! You think there’ll still be half left? I can imagine the tsunami… Muahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    1. LOL… red alert, red alert! Run for your life! Lmao!

      Hahahahaha!!! No lah! Sticks and stones may break my bones but words never will. I can take a joke…and I like witty people. πŸ˜‰

  3. This papa is really thoughtful.. hmmm…. yes, very nice ambience.. serene…

    I only have one and you have three, so everything is for her…and what’s best for her mah! πŸ˜‰

  4. How is Melissa doing after all this while in Auckland, no picture of her ka.. can show show or not..?

    please hi to Melissa for me ya……….

    Wellington lah! Aiyor…you old liao lor! There was a photo in my post the other day – I guess you missed it as I posted two posts at the same time –
    I guess you’ll get to see her in person when we go over to Penang next month…that is if you’re willing to come to see us then… πŸ˜‰

    1. Going Penang? Arghhhhh… I’m gonna have to eat my heart out. BOOHOOO!

      I’m sooooooo….looking forward to that – will be there almost a week! Slurpsss!!! Yum! Yum! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. true enough.. it looks really peaceful.. I think the fishes played an important role.. but still, I prefer the beach.. lol..

    hmm.. a buffet and you just stopped at 2 helpings? πŸ˜›

    Not me, not keen on beaches especially those with lots of sandflies… Eyewwww!!!! Yup…believe it or not! Growing old liao…so I do not eat as much these days – slowing down! 😦

  6. Sounds like a recommendation. I’m very impressed! For RM140, a steal! But I like my shopping in KL so I’ll probably still stay there. Plus, no pensioner perk for me (yet, thank goodness)

    Hmmm….you don’t know what you’re missing – paid for not working and still enjoy all the privileges. So nice! πŸ™‚ I don’t shop in KL or anywhere else anymore…so it does not matter to me. I would prefer to relax in the hotel, basking in the comfort…enjoying life. Old age, I guess – not much excitement in my life anymore. Hehehehehe!!!!πŸ˜‰

  7. comfy place to stay it seem. whoaa u got such cheap rate summore! can use ur name or not next time?? :p

    the foods nice too! πŸ˜€

    Use my name? Can…but you will have to stay there together with me! Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Ah, this place ! Nostalgia … we stayed here too the night before I was supposed to fly off. I agree with the peaceful easy feelings πŸ™‚ The food was good too as I recall. πŸ™‚

    Yes, the food is good…and also at the one in KL – but I think it’s more expensive there. Dunno the Shah Alam one – never been.

  9. Thks for sharing. Maybe next time I can ask hubby to stay there for a night or two to freshen up! He is too stress up with his work. hahaha…

    And I can at the same time eat the Hi-Tea Buffet.

    Yes, good place to de-stress. Nothing to do, just stroll around enjoying the peace and quiet and fresh air…go swimming…or work out in the gym…or relax in the room and watch tv…or take the shuttle to KLIA and back just for the fun of it. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Oh ya…you can enjoy eating and there’s the Crossroads’ Lounge with a trio playing – I did not check it out that night so I dunno if they’re any good.

  10. not that pricey right? looks comfy la. Next time my SIL come can ask her to stay there overnight before transit to KT

    Ya…anybody in government service? Can use the privilege – much cheaper…and I’m sure got corporate rates also.

  11. Ei..the price is reasonable…aisk for the privilleges u have..^^

    The hotel looks comfy and nice….but guess i wont have any chance staying there kua..LOL

    Ya…not for locals, I guess – except for some who may be up to some “mischief”. Very secluded…very safe. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Do you think if we had our hi tea there, we could have the privilege to use its swimming pool? I should make a call one of these days to confirm, thanks for sharing!:)

    Enjoy your sweet company!^-^

    They probably will allow that – didn’t see anybody swimming, anyway. Btw, they will have pre-Christmas lunch on weekdays in December, dunno about the weekends…and it’s going to be more expensive – over RM40. Just saw it on their website… 😦

  13. It never entered my head to check in into any hotels near KLIA 2 years ago.You see, we took the MAS flight from Auckland to KL and arrived at 8.30pm.We then hired a car which cost us RM$180++ to drive all the way back to Melaka and reached Melaka around 11pm.Then the next day maybe due to jet lag, we got up at 7am(very unusual especially for me…hahaha) and drove back to KLIA at around 3pm for our flight to Italy.That trip was really a torture especially for me as I was so tired and just couldn’t enjoyed my holidays.Infact,I even got sick.The tiredness,change of weather as NZ was summer and Italy winter and of course lack of sleep.I am kicking myself now for our stupidness of not staying near KLIA…but then,we also got no choice as we have our luggage and we did not want to lug them all over Italy and also Dubai.Do you have any info as where one can leave their luggage safely if one needs to?

    7 a.m. in Malaysia is already 12 noon in NZ, but thankfully Melissa does not seem to have any problem adjusting to the time difference. Well, perhaps you wanted to go back to Malacca to see your folks there…otherwise it would be a lot better to stay at this hotel. If you’re coming back this way and staying at the hotel again, you can leave your luggage there – I’ve done that before but I can’t remember at which hotel now – probably Cititel Penang. Other than that, if I’m not mistaken, I think they do provide the service at KLIA – perhaps you can check out their website.

  14. Concorde Inn, heard about it, but not sure the exact location and how does it look like. Look like a very cosy and quiet inn.

    WAH! You had so many eggs for your breakfast!!! LOL!!!!
    American breakfast mix malaysia breakfast. yummy!!

    Yup…it’s a nice place. I stayed there in 2006 – on transit home from New Zealand but we checked in at around 2-3.00 a.m. and had to leave by 6-7.00 a.m. owing to flight delay in Auckland – very heavy fog so all aircrafts could not land, all diverted to Christchurch. Real bad experience…and my mood already so spoilt I did not bother to pay much attention to the hotel then.

    Oops…I guess that was my ration for the rest of the month. No more eggs! LOL! πŸ˜‰

    1. One wik can take how many eggs oni? =.= my house here… one tray of eggs can only last for about 2 wiks. LOL!

      There have been conflicting pieces of advice – two a week at the most, eat the white not the yolk…must eat both white and yolk… Say what they want – I love eggs and I take whenever it pleases me…but at least, my 1 tray will last longer than 2 weeks.

      1. shhhhh! **cabut lari***

        What? You take so many eggs kah? Aiyor…those people cicak kering, as thin as a rake…all the broomsticks, all the Somalian refugees – they can eat as much as they want. We plus-sizes must control…a bit! Or at least, we try…LOL!!!

  15. My Melaka house was empty and still empty but with furniture.Nobody living there and we only went back there to put our luggage.You mean the hotel will allow us to keep our luggage even if it’s for 2-3weeks?We have checked with KLIA and they do have the facility but for small items only.You know la when we balik,kena buy stuff for the whole kampung,big bags!!

    I dunno about such long stretches – I only left my suitcases at one hotel for a few days – 1 week at the most. Wah…so many things to give away kah? When are you coming back again? Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  16. it looks more like someone’s condo/apartment than a hotel πŸ˜€

    but you are right, it does looks relaxing and the free shuttle to KLIA is really attractive considering how expensive it is to grab a ride to KLIA from KL city

    Ya…doesn’t look like much on the outside – something like LCCT terminal…but inside, it is nice.

  17. A peaceful place indeed.. truth be told, if you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t think that the first picture you took was a hotel! Concorde somemore…

    Yup…like what I said in my reply to the previous comment, like LCCT – I think the lobby block is called the main terminal, if I’m not mistaken – in line with its airport theme. Nice place to get away from it all…

  18. I always stay at this hotel when am on transit-you can get good rate if you book thru the Travel Agent…this hotel dont hv free shuttle to LCCT–hv to pay RM50 for a van pickup to LCCT. Another hotel is Empress hotel..I still prefer Concorde and the free breakfast.

    Cheaper than RM140 through travel agent or not? Apuuu….RM50 is almost as much as the limo fare to KL – at least flying MAS, there’s free bus shuttle to KLIA. Ya…I’ve checked Empress – further away (around F1 Sepang circuit, it seems) and more expensive and no info about free shuttle and what not.

  19. that’s a nice hotel. i love the poolside!

    It is nice…and cheap! Had to pay more at one of those shoplot hotels at Bukit Bintang. RM150, small room…and miserable breakfast – see Monday’s post…and no pool, nothing.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by – do come again.

  20. that hotel room must be very expensive..any discount for government servant?

    Ooi!!! Thought I already mentioned – government rate (same for pensioners) RM140, single or double occupancy…with free buffet breakfast for two.

  21. Concorde Inn.. will keep this in mind in case anyone from outstation ask me again next time coz it really looks nice and all rite? it would have been awesomer if STP with his G-string jumped into the POOL! πŸ˜›

    Ya…and if not in his g-string, his skimpy red speedos would be good too – a la that Baywatch guy! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  22. NICE PLACE. It is good that you promote it using your blog. I also do this to food shops and hotels that offer excellent service.

    The shuttle service is also good and convenient for hotel patrons.

    Ya…if it’s good, I will say it’s good…and what’s not good, I will be very frank and say it too. After all , this is not a paid post and I am not in it for the money…..

  23. i see….it’s quite nice. next time shall stay there instead of bukit bintang then. hmm…

    Certainly would, unless have to go to the city for something…like meeting fellow-bloggers. Unfortunately, not many would come all the way…so no choice.

  24. Like the inn. Thanks for sharing.

    Hello! Hello! So nice to see you here… Yes, nice place. More on it in the post day after tomorrow. Make sure you drop by, k? πŸ˜‰

  25. oh no, i missed out this post. luckily you linked here from your latest post.. sorry..

    I did not know they had hotels this affordable nearby to the airport. Plus it looks like a villa instead of a hotel. Nice one!

    Yup…something like a resort. Government rate – RM150 a night…cheaper than the getting-to-be-very-dingy Bintang Warisan. Good to go there and unwind…and Downtown KLIA is nearby – lots of makan shops. My friend told me the wantan mee is really very nice but I did not get the chance to go there and try. Another time perhaps.

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