Senja di Kuala Lumpur…

Hello! I’m in Kuala Lumpur right now…and by the time, this post appears in my blog, my daughter would have arrived home in Malaysia from New Zealand and we would be heading back to Sibu tonight.

I flew over on Friday…and that very evening, I went out for dinner with my friends and met up with some fellow-bloggers and their families. Β I will post on that when I get home…so do stick around!

And what a coincidence! At the restaurant, I bumped into my cousin (My mother’s sister’s daughter…and no, she doesn’t have the shape nor the size! LOL!!!) Β who dropped by after work for dinner at that same place with her friends.

With Christie in KL

As the song goes, it’s a small world, after all…

We’ll be flying back to Sibu tonight, so normal programming will resume after this – that’s a promise…I suppose. Wink! Wink!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Senja di Kuala Lumpur…”

  1. LOL… yeah, she really doesn’t have the shape and the size. πŸ˜› I thought she was your friend…mana tau relative! Mother’s sister’s daughter…. oy! Ur niece lah!

    Ooi…just because she is small and looks young doesn’t make her my niece lah! 😦

  2. Eh… no… cousin… *pengsan* if she have a dotter, oni that’s ur niece… correct? Aiya… mabuk pulut liao!

    In her family, I have one nephew and one niece… πŸ™‚

  3. Haha. Whee !! A warm welcome home to Mel !! πŸ™‚ You guys must have LOTS to catch up on !! And all the Malaysian food too !!

    Thanks, Jo. Melissa arrived safely from Auckland last night on schedule and right now, we’re staying at one of the airport hotels to let her rest – still sleeping…and I had to go for breakfast alone. We’re flying back to Sibu tonight…and the feasting will begin! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. I miss mee kampua. It’s been 4 years I did not stop at Sibu to eat mee kampua!!!

    Try making your own…with those packet egg noodles. Almost like the real thing. I’ve blogged about that before…

  5. Looking good , A, as always! And for a moment I thought that was your daughter you’re standing with, I thought, what a transformation! NZ must be one heck of a place! Then I realized it’s your cousin! Looking forward to news of your KL food escapades.

    LOL!!! Suddenly so glamorous? Muahahahaha!!!!

  6. YES.. really a small world.. u seem to have a lot of relatives and friends all over… looking forward to your pictures, STP…

    Ya…but it was sheer coincidence, I guess. Even in Sibu, so small, I hardly get to bump into familiar faces very often. The first post coming up tomorrow, so don’t forget to drop by…

  7. ceh in KL never call people! hmmph

    Sorry, flying visit – booked for dinner already the first night…and the next day, I was supposed to check out and move to the airport hotel, spend the afternoon relaxing…go swimming etc…and go to KLIA to wait for my daughter around 8. But my friend was held up and only managed to pick me up at around 5…so I was actually idling around the hotel lobby all afternoon. Could have met for tea then…

  8. it’s a small, small, world especially in KL and Singapore. All the folks are there…haha…

    You haven’t been to Sibu – one side kentut…the other side can smell. Now, THAT’s small… LOL!!!

  9. Why so fast balik Sibu?Go la jalan-jalan and makan-makan and shopping-shopping kat KL first.Did you makan breakfast for 2 again?…lol.

    Wah! You know me so well… Wait for the post. LOL!!! Well, my daughter’s going home for the holidays…and she’s not the shopping type. We’ll be going to Penang next month though…so we can go jalan2 cari makan there then.

  10. such a small word aight. πŸ™‚ next time we can go thr at the same time so can meet up d gangs! πŸ˜€

    No lah…all you young people – where got want to hang out with big, fat and ugly old men likeme… I’m so broken-hearted. Everyone was either not free…or not bothered to get in touch with me to arrange to meet. Sobssss!!!!

  11. Wow…you are traveling. ^_^

    Keep safe STP. God bless you bon voyage

    Thanks. I’m home safe and sound now… Just hopped over to KL for the weekend to welcome home my daughter from New Zealand. She arrived there last night and we flew home together this evening…

  12. Next time u come to KL ah… stay in a room that got fridge… can sumbat u more food. LOL… I help u go bodek bodek Cyn and Kat. They more pandai masak than me. Ur very lucky ah, Cikgu… my oven BOOM liao… else I will sumbat u my famous negro chicken… I think if ur Missus see, sure she horrified.

    ps: Bring ur missus come next time la… πŸ˜€ she so cham… alone at home. Sobsob!

    You think my money grows on trees – senang2 just go the backyard and pluck kah? And I usually do not use the cheap airline…so cannot afford lah! Just for the weekend like that – if long holiday, that’s a different story. Anyway, she’s working – draws a big fat salary every month while I’m just drawing a measly pension, so she can buy her own ticket if she wants to tag along. Whatever happened to Women’s Lib?

    Room with fridge? Next time, think along the lines of non-perishables…like Mandy. Watch out for the post – coming soon. If you noticed, I only bought non-perishables except for the kompia…which you insisted upon and even is durable. No need to refrigerate, wouldn’t go bad. I guess I have a lot more experience with what to buy, what to give when travelling…

    1. Hahahahahah… women’s lib ah? When it comes to all these… sure bully the hubby. Hahahahah… non perishable ah? have to go learn how to bake cookies liao… hahaha… (ok, u can start run for ur life now)

      No need…you don’t have an oven! Hey…those “little sprouts” have an oven…and you don’t have one. So kesian lah you…!!! Sobs! Sobs! 😦

  13. Arthur,if ever Cleffairy masak her Negro Chicken for you,make sure you do a special post on it and snap every minute details of the chicken,okey…I am so intrigued now.I heard before of this Negro Chicken but I have never seen or eaten it and do not know of it’s history.
    You are so nice and romantic…you can go all the way to KL just to welcome your little girl home.I’m so touched.

    Muahahahahaha!!!! Her Negro chicken is just one that she will get burnt while roasting in the oven. Don’t bother asking her – you’re a much better cook…and so am I. ROTFL!!!

    Well, my only child – precious. No connecting flight KL-Sibu…so she would have to spend the night in a KL hotel – that was why I went over…and to let her have a good rest, I booked a place at one of the airport hotels (the cheaper one – watch out for the post) and we came back on the evening flight…instead of the early morning one. Thanks so much for the offer – to meet her at Auckland airport and taking her from domestic to international, so very nice and sweet of you.

    1. *pengsan* My negro chicken so notorious kah… how come so many ppl kno about it? *blush blush*

      Here, we have negro cake – no prize for guessing what colour it is. LOL!!! There’s probably a recipe for negro chicken – a real authentic African dish,…not a burnt-to-cinders one like yours! Muahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  14. How was your K.L trip, did you go anywhere beside ‘jalan jalan cari makan’?! πŸ˜‰

    Nope. I just went for dinner that night…and the next day, I went to buy some NZ$ for my daughter – the rate is going up…so by the time she goes back, it may be too high…and I met another blogger for lunch – see tomorrow’s post…and then I moved to the airport hotel, met my daughter on arrival that night, let her sleep and rest at the hotel…and after checking out on Sunday, we went back to KLIA for our flight back to Sibu that night. It wasn’t actually a holiday… Did not even walk to Pavilion (near hotel where I was staying) to see the X’mas decorations – already up, they say!

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