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They advertise it on Facebook, and you can see the banner right in front of their café and there is also an A4-sized notice telling you that there will be a buffet dinner starting 1st October on Fridays and Saturdays at RM11.90 per head.

However, when we went there the other night, we were somewhat disappointed when they informed us that there would not be any for the time being as the chef was on holiday or something. Anyway, since we were already there, we decided to go ahead and have dinner there, à la carte.

I ordered the roti canai kosong (RM5.90) to share…

Roti canai kosong

They claim that it is the biggest in town and it actually was big! I think it was about the size for four normal roti canais put together…and it came with curry gravy. It was quite nice…but I prefer the ones that I regularly buy from the Bandong stall with its fragrant ghee smell and the very thick and rich dhall gravy.

I ordered the nasi lemak unik (RM16.90) for myself…

Nasi lemak unik

…with mutton curry by the side. The rice was very nice – not hard and so very lemak that we could actually smell it when it was served. The sambal, unfortunately, failed to impress and came nowhere near that in the RM1.50-a-packet nasi lemak that I usually buy at Bandong. Other than that, what were those nuts? Canned nuts? Packet nuts? I always have nasi lemak with freshly-fried groundnuts, skin and all…and where was the hardboiled egg? At other places, they would at least substitute it with fried egg, sunny side up…or thinly-sliced shreds of omelette. Even the miserable ones that are sold at the wet market in town have those. At that price, I would expect that they would at least put in some effort to get everything right. Tsk! Tsk!

My missus had the nasi ayam penyet (RM16.90)…

Nasi ayam penyet

…which was certainly a good choice. It tasted great…and they gave the whole leg of chicken which was sweet and tender and went superbly well with the sambals that came with it.

Clare (without the “i”), who was home for the weekend for All Souls’ Day and Jarrod (not the ah^kam_koko‘) shared the nasi goreng USA (RM18.50)…

Nasi goreng USA

…and it was pretty obvious that the former did not think very much of it.

I also ordered this sizzling nyonya udang sambal (RM16.90)…

Sizzling udang sambal

…which looked good but unfortunately, it did not taste half as great.

On the whole, it was not bad, albeit a bit expensive but unfortunately, it wasn’t really authentically nyonya and not much different from any other Malay restuarant/coffee shop. Clare said she would prefer Cafécafé while I think Payung would be a much better option for more exotic…or uniquely different cuisine.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Advertising space…”

  1. Hmm all the food looks good….but I’ll trust your opinion that there are better places…

    The ayam penyet was really very nice – I would say this much…and the rest was o.k., not bad really though there is room for improvement but I do think there are nicer and cheaper places – it’s really a bit too expensive.

    P.S. Your first time here, I see…all the way from Michigan! Welcome…and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  2. Wahhhh! So blardy expensive and not nice summore… haizz… 😦 And the nasi lemak… it’s a sin to have a nasi lemak without the boiled egg… ish ish ish! Not up to the normal nasi lemak standard.

    Just the rice was very very nice – even the sambal was below par – very salty! Yup! I do believe nasi lemak must have the basics – all the standard condiments…and if you want yours to be unique or special, then you can add extras. Even the not-so-nice nasi lemak on MAS flights has everything! 😦

  3. And where the hell is the sunny side up egg for the Nasi Goreng USA???? Why tarak? Cissss… and they dare to charge so much summore… so expensive. 😦 And fail to impress me at first sight too…

    Haizz… somtimes, tepi jalan, near longkang food is still the best eh? (well, at least I think so. LOL… I’m a bit of a cheapskate lerr… like cheap and nice food)

    True! True! We’re not cheapskates…but we do believe we should get our money’s worth. I love pampering myself sometimes – going to classy, expensive places and spending a bit more money than usual to bask in the ambience, but the food MUST be nice – that’s the bottom line. Otherwise, what for we pay more – to be seen and to show off? To flaunt our wealth? Not me… I’d rather go to some cheap kopi tiam, provided it is clean…and there is a fan! 😉

  4. You’re too kind.
    This restaurant is not worth the money paid! It’s a RIP off!
    Mamak in KL is cheaper la~~
    I’d rather go to my fav Nur Islamic for Malay fare.

    Well, at least, the place is a lot nicer than any mamak place in KL, service and all and actually, the food too…and I had intended to go for the RM11.90 buffet actually – that would be considered very cheap, I would think…if the food is reasonably o.k.

    Come, come…when are you coming downstream again? I would love to go to Nur Islamic…but I think it’s mostly for breakfast and lunch, right?

    P.S. Haven’t I always been…kind? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. bloody hell expensive. i would never even order nasi lemak that cost more than let say rm5. and the nasi goreng usa, u can even get it at any malay stall for rm4.5 like that. ish3. that one i blacklist, wont even visit. LOL! and sum more not very nice, if nice as in out of the world taste, maybe i wud consider =.=

    Yup…that’s true, so I would not be going back there again unless they start the RM11.90 buffet as advertised as on the whole, the food is not bad, though not authentically nyonya and way over-priced. I may go for the set lunches one of these days – saw those advertised – no less than 10 items, each around RM5.90 and above only, inclusive of drinks.

  6. STP, they look very delicious especially at this time.. 8.02am.. torturing, isn’t it? sigh..i better go and make my quaker oats now! lol…

    Tastewise, all not bad…but pricewise, a bit too intimidating and not really value for that amount of money. Enjoy your oats! You had your fill at Jogoya – so now time to fast! Muahahahaha!!!!

  7. Never mind lah cikgu,,, if we think it is expensive,we must then exercise our right not patronize there anymore, but seriously speaking nasi lemak for RM16.90 (got plus plus or not) is sheer expensive…..

    Thankfully, no ++ or else it would be even worse! Yup…it’s our money, so we have the right to decide where we want to go and spend it…and as the proverb goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  8. You must be paying for the ambience. I know places like that, the decor is more important than the food. But from a distance, the food looks extremely good! Just had my oatmeal too.

    In a way, yes…but the decor ain’t that great either. But from where you are, US$5 for that is dirt cheap…and tastewise, I’m sure it is better than anything that you can get there.

    My daughter went to a classy Malaysian restaurant in Wellington the other day, had their chicken curry (with rice, I guess) and some ice cream…and probably a drink and that cost her NZ$25 which is over RM50 – and she said that the curry was not nice, nothing like what she used to have at home. But I told her it was perfectly all right – sometimes we need to pamper ourselves especially after working hard for so long.

    Well, enjoy your oatmeal… Muahahahaha!!!!!

    1. For some reason, very few Malaysian restaurants here, mostly Thai and Vietnamese. Took my son to a Malaysian place once, had to drive over 100 miles. Well, another point of confluence, both of us doting fathers. Actually, the oatmeal was more for medicinal purposes than for nutrition.

      LOL!!! Aren’t we two of a kind? I see…you must be taking oatmeal for lowering cholesterol then? I can’t eat it on its own – have to add milk and sugar, so it’s like from the frying pan into the fire – no point! Love it when cooked as sweet porridge, richly thickened with sweetened condensed milk… Yum!!! They have more Malaysian eateries in NZ, I guess… Will be featuring one in tomorrow’s post.

      1. Well, looks like I’m jumping into the fire, I take it with condensed milk. But I drink coffee with it anyway so figure a little more wouldn’t hurt.

  9. What kind of nasi lemak is this? So damn expensive. I thing I can get RM5 which is 100x more delicious. 😀

    High-class nasi lemak bah! But let’s say it’s RM8-10, like they usually charge in the classier hotels…plus the mutton curry – another RM10, it is expected…that the price will come up to that much but I would expect them to take the trouble to make it like really authentic nasi lemak. The missing egg, the disappointing kacang…and the not very nice, too salty sambal – for all that, I would give in a thumbs-down!!!

  10. That’s really expensive. Besides the roti canai kosong, I won’t open my purse! LOL

    Ya…you were the one who told me that the roti canai there was good. Well, if 4 canais = RM4.00, RM1.90 for the comfort and the airconditioning, I would think that the pricing is quite ok. But you MUSY try the one at Bandong – the canai is nicer…and the dhall gravy is absolutely yummy. Will try and get for you next time you’re home – always sold out by 8.00 a.m.😦

  11. Errr… bad verdicts again kar?!! Anyway, the Nasi Ayam Penyet does look nice and the prawn looks pretty appetizing(really that bad meh?)

    Have a nice day!

    Yup…the ayam penyet was very good and the way they cooked the prawns too except thatI had a bone to pick with the prawns – they were bland, probably kept frozen for a long long time. The cheap prawns that I always buy from my Bandong roadside stall – one bite into them and you can taste the “sweetness” and the freshness, but not these at this restaurant.

  12. Looks like expensive food is coming to Sibu also. I won’t pay that price for the roti.

    Well, Yan would. She was the one who told me the roti canai there was good. LOL!!! 😀

  13. I like Mrs.Wee plate of nasi ayam penyet. Your nasi lemak look good, i prefer to have fried egg to go with my nasi lemak instead of hard boil egg.

    I think if you want to try again the food should just go for the buffet, more worth it, but what food are they going to serve for RM11.90 per head??? I wonder….

    This month when you come KL, give me a call if you got time for me, i bring you for some nice nyonya food at KL area, near Petaling Street, a cafe called “Old China Cafe”, it had been there for many years already. I have yet to blog about that place. Quite nice, i will bring my mum there when she will be here end of this month.

    Yup, the ayam penyet was good but at RM16.90, I wouldn’t want to have that at a regular basis…and yes, I would want to see what they have for the buffet – that is , if they ever get it started.

    I will be in KL for one night but I think I will only arrive mid/late-afternoon and I need to run a few errands…and the next day, I would be moving to Concorde KLIA and stay there when my daughter joins me that night upon arrival from NZ…till our flight home the following evening. Dunno if I will have much time to meet up with everybody or not… Will let you know how it goes.

  14. WHAT!!! Day light robbery ! roti canai kosong (RM5.90)!!!

    False advertisement pulak . How can they advertise then say the Chef is on leave! ?? No matter what they should provide. Chef in or not in is not your problem mah!

    Yalor…in western country, sure kena sue already for false advertising… And that roti canai’s price, I think, is comparatively the most reasonable of all… 😦

  15. my goooddddnesss….RM5.90 for a pcs of roti canai!! Ok, it’s huge…like flying carpet…LOL

    LOL!! What a comparison! Like a flying carpet indeed! And all my money flying away on it! Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Bwhahahahaha… LOL-ed so hard at Ling’s thoughts on the roti canai. Flying carpet pulak. *pengsan* The flying carpet bring all ur money fly fly fly lah, Cikgu. LOL.

      Hahahahaha!!! She’s very imaginative. LOL!!! 😀

      1. Aiyo… must have watched Aladdin with her girls til sotplug liao la to be thinking about the flying carpet. *pengsan* I was at that sort of stage a few times… when my boy was hooked with Stitch and I had to show him how to Hula Dance just because he wanna be like Stitch. =.= Haizz… the things we watched for our kids. Thank God Stitch is not half as bad. At least Stitch is lovable. I know another mum in my boy’s kindy who had to sit hours and hours of boring Teletubbies everyday. LOL. Now that’s what I call kesian!

        Well, my daughter’s favourite was Beauty and the Beast…and guess who’s Beast…and then Timon and Pumbaa….and….thank goodness, she grew up! Muahahahahaha!!!

  16. The nasi lemak and nasi goreng USA don’t look they’re worth the price. I would feel ripped off. Guess the ambience is what u’re paying for…Some places, the food is reasonable and price over the top bcoz of the ambience…and some customers do not mind..

    I guess a lot of people don’t mind…as there were quite a number of other diners at that place that night. Maybe I’m a bit too fussy and picky over little little details?

  17. i should try that roti canai…no need to order another as it would be enough hehehehe hopefully we can go makan again soon STP….me bz with work lately…cheers!

    Yalor…have not seen you since you got married! Gee! Never mind…work hard, and earn lots of money – then can belanja me makan. LOL!!!

  18. So mahal wei! This is outrageously expensive! I won’t dine there lor.. for those kind of food. I prefer to eat those RM1 plus nasi lemak 😀

    Yup…if you want to charge those prices, your food must be really good, really special…and your place would have to be a lot classier. Wouldn’t want to go there again.

  19. The ayam penyet ordered by your wife worth the money paid if compare to all the other dishes. hehe…. good choice.

    Yup…I wanted that but since she wanted it, I chose the nasi lemak instead – different items, more to photograph! See, I’m such a gentleman! LOL!!! 😀

  20. mwahaha! i would go for the nasi goreng USA and nasi ayam penyet! something to die for! 😛

    Wah! You don’t mind the high prices kah? Memang kaya lah u! 😉

  21. wah RM5.90 for a roti canai?!! But since you said it was about 4 roti canai put together then ok la…

    Yup…that wasn’t too bad even though the place wasn’t exactly that great for that kind of prices. 😦

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