Here, there and everywhere (2)…

I went back to the Sibu Bus Terminal Kopitiam because Alfie was praising the beef noodles there to the skies and I just had to go and try…

Bus terminal's beef noodles 1

It was all right but I did not think it was really great. The soup was nice with the fragrance of the spices used but it was not rich enough and besides, there was simply too little beef in it…

Bus terminal's beef noodles 2

…for RM5.50. I think they sell it for around RM4.50-5.00 herehere and here and I feel they are just as good, if not nicer.

Besides, for that kind of money, there are many other things  that I can have instead – for example, the char siew (barbecued meat) rice at this place…

e-Cafe's char siew rice 1

I used to go for the Sarawak laksa there but they’ve closed shop and gone off on a prolonged holiday. This particular stall used to be occupied by somebody selling all kinds of variations of tang yuan/tong su (glutinous rice balls), so either they’ve closed shop or moved elsewhere.

For RM5.50, I got this plate of chicken rice which, in my opinion, is not as nice as Chopsticks’

e-Cafe's char siew rice 2

…and this plate of char siew and barbecued pork ribs and one braised egg…

e-Cafe's char siew rice 3

It’s not bad but I do think, however, that what they have at this other place is much nicer.

I also went back to this cafe for the nasi lemak, as I said I would…

Sri Tanjung's nasi lemak

…and I must say that it was overrated. I wouldn’t be singing its praises, that’s for sure…and I very much prefer the old lady’s  nasi lemak at her stall at Peter’s Cafe, also in the same neighbourhood (Sungai Antu) – opposite Courts Mammoth…or the RM1.50-a-packet ones that I usually buy from my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong.

Sad to say, I have not had anything lately that I would strongly suggest that everybody should go and try. Rest assured, however, that should I stumble upon something, I would definitely let everybody know. Do stick around…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Here, there and everywhere (2)…”

  1. Wow….the char siew rice looks damn good. 😀 It looks very juicy and tender…and a little pinky…

    Not really, just ok. I know two other places, at least…that are better.

  2. wow..the beef noodles is worth drooling for!! wonder when got chance to eat that… hahaha…

    I’m still waiting…but imho, the best has got to be what I had in KK, Sabah… Yum!!!

  3. Beef noodle, my all time fav, remember when i was a little boy, papa used to take me to one store selling as far as my taste bud is concerned the best beef noodle, it is now already the third generation, somehow the taste has changed, i wonder why.

    Maybe the current operator thought that they didn’t have to use the original ingredients anymore, or too fastidous to follow the old reciepe ,therefore the taste changed,,, how sad.

    Or maybe things were cheaper then and they could be more generous in what they add…but today, they cut down on those…or perhaps, they just want to make more profit. Or maybe we have a whole lot of choices now…so things that we used to love in the past are not as nice as we remember them anymore…

  4. The spread of food you captured looks delicious, but after reading your verdict… losing appetite liao~!:p

    Have a great day!

    That goes to show that appearance can be deceptive – same with people…

  5. Ahh I’m totally drooling at the nasi lemak and the char siew! Price is also pretty reasonable!

    Price ok…but for that same amount of money, there are better elsewhere…

  6. Too bad it’s not that deserving of praise eh.. but I’d still like to try those two! Attracted by the ‘cover’ LOL!

    Come…come! Any plans to come over to Sibu, you and Saucer! You’ll love it here…different from KL, that’s for sure.

  7. Same with people, unfortunately very true. But that beef soup looks really good, especially the fat noodles. I just had some pho tai, it was good but nowhere near what you have in the pic. I won’t tell you what it cost me.

    Hahahahaha!!! Beggars can’t be choosers, eh? 😉

  8. the nasi lemak just so perfect to me! n i would like to try it for sure!! 😀

    Not really – a bit dry and hard…and not very lemak. I love the rice to be fragrant with the santan and pandan. Best I had – at Cititel Penang.

  9. But the beef noodle looks so delicious to me. Cannot judge the taste by its look. hehe

    It is nice but others elsewhere are also nice…and cheaper and they give more meat – this one, only those few bits.

  10. my mum told me that nasi lemak taste quite good wor, she go and try it after she read you wrote about Sri Tanjung in your last post. She passed by that place everyday, but never think of go in to try the food. She even bring some friend to try their nasi lemak and some other nasi. She try the blue color rice, nasi kerabu? She said very nice, but after she found out that actually they use the color to color the rice blue instead of using the flower, she stop eating that already. hahahhaha

    Maybe I caught them on a not-so-good morning. They said they would give rendang…but I got fried chicken that tasted like refried leftover fried chicken…and I did not like the rice. The sambal’s so-so only…. Ask your mum to go and buy the RM1.50 a packet at the Bandong stall – “lebih pedas punya” (or STP selalu beli punya) – the sambal’s really nice and the rice is better.

    Ya…I noticed that they have nasi kerabu but only on Saturdays. Since they use colouring, then I’m not going there to try…no, thank you.

  11. I would like to recommend mdm tang beef noodle (mee kolok sapi) to noodle lovers. RM5-6, but worth your money.

    That’s in Kuching, Bishop’s Gate, right? So far, I’ve only had Ah Mui’s…and a couple of other places. All ok…but KK’s still better – last time, RM8 a bowl but I hear the price has gone up.

    Btw, whoever you are, your first time here…so, welcome and do come again.

    1. ya, mdm tang – 3 outlets in Kuching, at Bishop’s Gate, Spring foodcourt & Padungan (next to Kaya Toast, behind Binamas building). A must try if in Kuching, love the beef. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome.. attracted to your food..yummy..yummy.

      I’ve heard of the Sarawak laksa – some say it’s the best in town. Hope to try the beef noodles the next time I’m in town. Thanks for the info… 😉

      1. Yes, laksa at Mdm Tang’s Cafe, best in town. I normally go to Padungan. They open 7am-3pm daily except Mondays. At bishop’s gate Im not too sure. At Spring foodbazaar, they dont have beef noodle. They have laksa, nasi lemak. Their beef rendang also not bad.

        Ok, thanks for the info. My cousins will know – they like the laksa there.

  12. Not only Claire is drooling, I am ogling at that plate of nasi lemak. I think Claire and I can’t wait to step foot into Sibu 🙂

    Ok…ok…fixed the date yet? Not 9-15 December, I’ll be in Penang…and 12-14 November, I’ll be in KL. Don’t come when I’m not around…to entertain you all.

  13. RM5 plus is not cheap eh? i always wanted to try beef noodles but since william doesnt take beef, i can never get to try it as i seldom can finish a whole bowl by myself 😦

    Yup, quite expensive, in fact. KL, I had very nice beef noodles once at Jalan Petaling – the coffee shop at the other end of the same block as Popular but that was a long time ago, probably not there anymore. Somebody told me at a stall at Tengkat Tong Shin – I’ve seen the place but did not stop to try. Maybe this trip…

  14. Damn… nasi lemak again… like an omen oni… cilaka… must go hunt nasi lemak again. Tomolo must go out early for my regular nasi lemak! Chamzz.

    When? When did I have nasi lemak? That kucing lah… They had the nice nasi lemak on the way to Fraser’s, so nice they wanted to have some more on the way down…but all sold out. No nasib lah they all!!! LOL!!! 😀

  15. never like nasi lemak since reading in a book that nasi lemak make brain slower “lembap”. hhahaa. dunno how true it is but eh, better prevent than cure. 😛

    Yakah? The book said anything about kampua or not?

    1. book by dr fadhilah kamsah dun rmber the title. but he said dun eat nasi lemak. coz santan can make brain slower. hahah. no kampua., i dun think dr fadhilah kamsah eat kampua btw. 😛

      Oh…that pasar malam ubat seller! If it’s the santan, then that will rule out all the curries including the curry mee and curry laksa, all the nyonya kuihs, bubur cacar and so on and so forth. Sarawak laksa is out too! All of them contain santan…and probably a lot more than in nasi lemak!

  16. Beef noodle. The one at petaling street very nice lar.

    I see the nasi lemak drooling already. Hmmm maybe cook nasi lemak again this weekend la

    Is it still there – the Petaling Street one? When did I have it…1986!!! LOL!!! Hah…and I know who will suddenly appear at your doorstep this weekend! Muahahahaha!!!!

  17. oh, that beef noodles is somehow like the HK/TW style i guess, cos the ones i normally eat in KL is with clear soup.. eih, that chicken rice at RM5.50 is pretty expensive leh, or maybe it’s because you added one egg??

    Ya…looks like they stew the beef first, but at least it is not the spicy type. There’s one place in town that’s quite popular – I don’t like that type. Yup…I added one egg…and asked for extra ribs, besides the char siew. Pricewise, it is ok…

  18. firstly…i am so sorry that i am out from blogging for weeks and did not visit here. so sorry. work really killing me off lately.

    i thought i came into wrong website of urs….seriously nice template and new look…this shows how long i did not visit here….first thing i saw is food liow…hahaha

    Looks like a whole lot of fun to me? Hmmmm…don’t mind that kind of work. Ya…if you had come by the next post, no more food – and you would be even more convinced you’re in the wrong blog. LOL!!! 😀

  19. erm… talking about mee sapi, i prefer the one near sibu fire brigade there. hihihihihi

    That’s the 1st one ever – the original. Parking is such a pain… Haven’t gone there to eat for a long, long time now…

  20. The title of this post reminded me of the following from my youth

    They seek him here, they seek him there,
    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
    Is he in heaven?—Is he in hell?
    That damned, elusive Pimpernel

    … The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy, an adventure novel set during French Revolution.

    LOL!!! To me, it’s the title of a Beatles’ number… You do know the Beatles in Canada and the states – the mop-haired 60’s boy band from Liverpool? Some British acts don’t make it across the Atlantic, I know…

    1. haha of course with all due apologies to The Beatles…I think they were on the Ed Sullivan show once … a precursor to those reality talent shows you enjoy so much…

      Yup…those good ol’ days of black & white tv. LOL!!! Gosh, we’re ancient! 😀

      1. I`m not sure I remember Beatles on Sullivan (I was 2 or 3) but I definitely remember the show and having to watch every Sunday night. It was bw tv with an antenna and maybe 5 stations..haha,.. you think kids today could survive with 5 stations?

        Count your blessings! We had one station only… LOL!!!

  21. I remember the beef wanton noodles I talked about in one of my posts in my blog. Looking at the pictures, I could guess that your beef noodles there is better (and maybe less expensive).

    I am already hungry and seeing these photos of food made me more hungry. Oh well, it is only 2 hours before lunch time. ^_^

    LOL!!! Oh? Cheaper here? I thought things are a lot cheaper there and in our neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Thailand. Maybe we find them cheaper as we usually convert from our currency… Like when we go to Singapore and other countries overseas, everything’s so expensive…

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