In God’s hands…

Last Thursday evening, I went to my foster-cousin’s place. She was having a special mass service cum blessing of her house that night…and after all that, we had dinner. There was a lot of food but the light was dim, so most of the photos did not come out well. There were some dishes from a local restaurant like this dish of butter prawns…

Butter prawns

…and this Thai-style chicken and cereal chicken combo…

Chicken combo

She also had some umai (Sarawak’s Melanau raw fish delicacy) and cooked beef curry – exactly the way we used to cook it in my mum’s family in the kampung (village) which I enjoyed tremendously, and also some kacang ma chicken

Kacang ma chicken

It certainly was a delightful buffet and there was so much to eat that night.

It was around 9.00 p.m. when my wife and I left…I used the very dark shortcut to the main road and at the t-junction, I stopped. Seeing that there was no car along the equally dark and deserted main road, I drove onto it, going straight into the right lane as I would have to make a u-turn at a roundabout a short distance up that road to head for home.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard the ear-piercing screeching of tyres and the loud blaring of horns and looking into my rear-view mirror, I saw a vehicle desperately trying to stop and swerving unsteadily as if out of control. I waited for the big bang but nothing happened. There was no collision…

I drove onto the left lane quickly in order to give way and the very next instant, that vehicle pulled up beside mine and trailed me all the way. I did not know what the fella was trying to do – perhaps, the road bully was trying to threaten me or something…but because of the very dark tinted glass, I could not see anything. In fact, I did not even know whether it was a man driving – I could only guess, probably a hooligan.Β As I was driving very slowly, eventually his patience ran out and he gave up, Β zooming off at neck-breaking speed and was gone in a split second.

Indeed, he had the right of way…and it was supposed to be the fast lane but he was definitely going very very fast. If he wasn’t, he could easily have overtaken me using the inside lane as there were no other cars at all along that road at that point in time. I wouldn’t Β be surprised if he was engrossed on his handphone and did not see my car in front – many of them do that, talk on the phone while speeding recklessly.

Somehow or other, I did not feel anything at all throughout the whole episode – no sense of shock nor was I frightened or nervous or anything. Perhaps if there had been a crash, I would have felt differently but then again, perhaps I would not be feeling anything at all – sitting happily up there and singing my heart out with the rest in the heavenly choir…

Sigh!!! When I read of all those horrifying fatal accidents, it makes me wonder why people just have to drive so very fast. Don’t they value their lives at all? I certainly do…and I am indeed so very thankful for God’s protection that night, praise the Lord. I guess that is the best we can do – drive carefully when on the road and leave the rest in God’s hands.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “In God’s hands…”

  1. You are wrong to drive onto fast right lane without looking for cars already on that lane. They called it “lane discipline”, a term not many people in Malaysia had heard of but is a big thing in advanced countries. Make a ‘lane discipline’ mistake and you fail your driving test.

    As to whether the other driver has any wrongs or not depend on whether:
    1. He has his headlights on or not.
    2. He is within or above the speed limit.

    Assuming the other driver did has his headlights on and driving within speed limit, try to put yourself into his shoe and think how you would have felt about this incident.

    But at the end of the day, give thanks to your God that nothing bad really happened.

    I did say that he had the right of way – no question about that. But I also said that the road was clear when I decided to cross…and perhaps, I should add here that it probably was MY fault that I drove (and always do!) so slowly that it took me a while to come out of the shortcut…to get to the outer lane by which time, he was already right behind me, burning rubber….

    Frankly, if I had been killed there and then, it would have been fine by me. I’ve lived a life that’s full – been there, done that…and at almost 60, there isn’t much left to look forward to…but I’m sure the young man has a life ahead of him and he wouldn’t want to leave just yet.

    Anyway, I do not blame him…but I do think that people should drive more slowly, even on long and deserted roads – anything can happen…even self-accidents. Surely they are not in such a hurry to get to Heaven…or go to hell?

    P.S.: Re. “You are wrong to drive onto fast right lane without looking for cars already on that lane.” Please read again – the road was dark and deserted…not a single car in sight. Probably the traffic lights at the Oya Road/Deshon junction were red… I wouldn’t be so foolhardy as to cut into people’s lanes, not me. Old people like are me are not so reckless.

  2. I can only guess that the driver had been behind you even before the T junction and had been irritated following a slow car and not being able to overtake. The driver zoomed to the right(fast) lane when out of the junction to overtake you and when you switched lane brakes horns etc etc…the following you bit was the protest..some people are like that.

    p/s..totally agrees that speed kills. lost a good friend last week on the road

    Nah!!! He was nowhere to be seen…unless he was “covered by hantu” as some people like to believe. Not likely…as I had just partaken in the mass at Hiok’s house. Hey – maybe that was why nothing happened. Anyway, it was a double-lane road…and I could still go onto the main road even if the car was visible at that time…onto the left lane, that is…and he could bolt past on the right lane. No other cars around then, plenty of room for everybody! Oh? Your friend? The politician kah? Read somewhere that he was killed in a self-accident or something – another by-election… Any rocket going to fly there…like in Sibu?

  3. wow..that was dangerous, STP.. i mean the fellow following you.. cos u might have scared the wits out of him earlier on.. horning and screeching of tyres, swerving unsteadily.. gosh! Yes, some cars drivers feel they are driving like in formula 1 on the roads.. maybe he didnt switch on his car lights?
    Thank God nothing happened..
    U know what, I kena “banged” again yesterday in my son’s uni.. sigh.. today will send my car bumper for repair again.. 😦

    Dunno. Didn’t see any car at all when I came out of the junction. You had an accident too? Gee!!! Actually, since the horrendous bus accident in Melaka, there have been so many others like this one in Kampar:
    I wonder what everybody would think if I had died that night…”Aiyor! Sui-tuapui (Good-looking fatty) is now Si-tuapui (Dead fatty) lor!!!” LOL!!!

    1. haahaa… u er.. still can make good joke out of this!!
      Yes, I have seen the gory and pathetic sights of the victims on the Malacca accident.. and just a few days ago, a group of youngsters, 6 of them, lost control of their car and banged into a tree here in Kampar, near Ipoh.. all died bec the car burst into flames.. sigh.. accidents here and there.. very scary.
      Mine is small problem actually… i was reversing.. and he also reversing from the other side.. both of us didnt see each other somehow.. different angle so like blind spot.. this morning sent to mechanic.. now ok liow, thank God..

      LOL!!! Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. No point being miserable, wouldn’t make things any better – that’s my philosophy! Don’t worry, be happy. Ya…I think that’s the same accident as the one in the report that I had linked – an engaged couple among the 6, I think…and they were “married” before cremation – to become man and wife in the other world.

      Glad your car’s ok now… Drive carefully, stay safe – don’t go banging here, there and everywhere! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Count your blessings that you are still here to blog about it! As for whose fault is it – well, you were too slow and he was too fast, so both salah lah!

    Ya…I guess if I were as fast as that fella, I would have shot out from the shortcut and disappeared in a blink of an eye, long before the guy reached the junction.

    I’m slow, have always been. I remember once I was driving your mum’s starlet and you were in the backseat…and the Asbun (asal ada bunyi, dunno if Gerrie remembers this) cassette player was not helping much to make the ride more bearable when you sighed and remarked, “I’ve been sitting in the car for so long already and we are just here!” At the Cheshire Home junction! LOL!!! Thank goodness no traffic policeman has stopped me yet to ask me to drive faster…like Sophia’s hubby! πŸ˜€

    1. Hahaha! I don’t even remember I said that!

      Hahahahaha!!!! I remember. Those days, more sa’ab bah! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  5. people are so irresponsible, they want to talk on the handphone and speed at the same time. They should be heavily fined!

    I dunno if he was on the hp, I just guessed. Otherwise, he would have seen my car and could have swerved to overtake using the other lane without any need even to slow down, much less to stop – no other cars on that two-lane road.

  6. yummy food though..

    Ya…if I had died, one thing’s for sure – I would not be coming back as a hungry ghost! Already chiak pa pa!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. it pays to be careful but always will be ‘yobos’ out there so try to be vigilant when posb. Aiyo stp 60 is the new 50 n just when i convinced myself 40 the new 30 so don’t put a damper lah! nasib baik when the priest blessed veronica’s hse u also got blessed!:)

    Yes, I am indeed blessed…and thank God for that. Huh? You’re only 40 kah? Seems as if you’ve been around for such a long, long time. Muahahahaha!!! Yup, accidents may happen anytime, so we just have to be vigilant on the road and leave the rest to God.

  8. Been there,done there? Not so soon lah, maybe God still has a purpose for you, right? it was indeed dangerous as you mentioned, anyway, thank God that you were all right.

    take care now, give thanks and just be careful ( i know you are)

    Thanks. Ya…maybe my daughter has not graduated yet, not quite independent yet – so I still have to be around for that purpose.

  9. I hate reckless driver! !I was once caught in an accident due to these fella, the driver stopped their car in the middle of the highway and fell asleep… there were 3 other cars swayed and hit on the road while our car fell in to a ditch.:-(

    Btw, I’m tempted to try the thai style chicken, as I love Thai food to bits!^-^ have a great week ahead!

    Happy to say I’ve a pretty clean record – no major accident as such, touch wood…except for once or twice when people bumped into me! I love Thai food too…and Indonesian and Malaysian – these are my favourites.

  10. i love butter prawn!!! T.T the 3rd picture is raw fish???

    Aiyor…not another one. You missed seeing the name (the one with the link) just before the photo – kacang ma chicken…and I’m sure you can see a piece of chicken or two in the “mess”.

  11. So true, leave the rest in God’s hands. A, 60 is the new young! In any case, you don’t look a day over 40! So drive carefully and be careful of all those Sibu samseng.

    Blush! Blush! Thank you, thank you! Must give you a treat the next time you come back to Sibu. Ya…I’ve yet to go on our escapade to Kanowit for Ah Tong’s kampua…and maybe Liong Yu’s too-kha pui, so I do not intend to go as yet… LOL!!!πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, mustn’t forget Ah Tong’s kampua and Liong Yu’s braised pig trotters! At least we got two things to live for! LOL!

      Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜‰

  12. I’m glad you are still alive, old chum.

    Otherwise, who will recommend me nice food to eat & cheer me up with your blog posts? Haha…

    Live to see your grandkids. You’ll make a cool grandpa – just like Santa Claus :o)

    Grandkids??? Groan…I don’t think I have the energy to keep up with pesky little brats anymore. Hahahahaha!!!! Ya, I’m still around…so you do not have to take time off your money-making to attend my funeral as yet. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Wow..what an adventure and a near miss after all those good food. Thank God for the protection against the hooligan or road bully. Next time please choose a brighter lit road instead of short cuts where it is dark and you never know what will happen next…we may not be so lucky next time :p

    The area is quite far from town…and hence, guite dark and deserted. I would never have ventured there if not for the service and house blessing. Just have to trust God and leave it in His hands…

  14. God is by your side…that’s why nothing happened. πŸ˜€ Or was it on his side? :p

    Probably both…but if he goes on driving like that, God may just give up! Never put Him to a test! πŸ˜‰

  15. Phew! Lucky no accident happen or the “gangster” driver stop the car aside and ask you to get down the car and harm you, otherwise we won’t get anymore daily vitamin “F” feed from you. * F = food*. LOL!

    I doubt, if there had been a crash, I would still be able to get out of the car – considering the speed the fella’ was driving. If not dead, I’d probably be critically injured… 😦

  16. prolly some gangster fella. better to ignore these ppl.think they own the road. however, thank God that there wasnt an accident!

    Yes, indeed! Praise the Lord! πŸ™‚

  17. Wah~ Thank God u and ur wife are fine. But I couldn’t help laughing when I imagined how slow u were going. Regardless of how slow you were or whether you were on the wrong lane, the other driver should have scanned the road ahead. Hell, I was in his shoes a few weeks back when racing on the highway and a snail driver was on my fast lane. But considering we were going 200 (lmao thinking u experienced only a quarter of this in my car n still complain~), I still took the time to look ahead. When driving in M’sia, always anticipate the worst!

    Drink like there’s no tomorrow. Eat like there’s no tomorrow. Drive to race (and win) again tomorrow! Hehehe.

    Ya…I would think twice about getting into your “knight rider”. Hahahahaha!!!! You’re in KL…or in some country overseas. Haven’t heard from you for a long time. Yup…that’s why I said he probably was on his hp, or else he could have used the other lane to avoid the slow coach, the snail – ME!!! Muahahahaha!!!!!

  18. *pulls hair* Cikgu, you’re such an evil man! All that prawnssssss!!!! ARGHHHHHHH…. time for me to re-visit my regular steamboat restaurant… Kattttt… wanna go or not?

    ps: I used to live to please others, in laws and whatnot… but I come to learn that life is more fulfilling when you live for God’s glory and put your fate in God’s hand, everything will be fine. I didn’t believe it then… but when you live for His glory… life is much better. Absolutely better, and I pity those who didn’t live for His glory, for they will not find contentment. I dunno if I’m making any sense here… but that is how I feel.

    You’re on the right track. That’s what I do – in God, we trust…He will provide and protect…and that’s why I’m always happy, contented and no untoward incident can upset me. My daughter always said that it amazed her how I could stay so calm in all kinds of situations. Pulling your hair out would not help – you would only end up bald! πŸ˜€

    Oh? Prawns? Where? Where? Oh ya…hor! I’ve a pic of butter prawns, forgot! Muahahahaha!!!!

  19. wow, thank god that you’re all fine and in a piece, that was just a very narrow escape from a bad accident yeah?? so, celebrate life by eating more nice food, haha~~ πŸ™‚

    Yes, the feasting continues… LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  20. Gosh…..luckily he decided to overtake you rather than asking you to stop at the side. Road bully can just do anything. Sometimes when I was driving, I hate those people tailing behind me so close till like banging into my bumper. If I hit an emergency break, sure will bang.

    The prawns…..I love butter prawns.

    Hmmm…I definitely wouldn’t stop. Will run him down if I have to! Hehehehehe!!!! I’m ok with butter prawns, not really crazy over them.

  21. haih, like people said,. sometime you careful on road but still accident happen bcoz of others ppl. so not safe. thanks GOD u r safe. and…. you should warn us if u r going to put any prawn picture T_T

    Prawns? Now let’s see… None in tomorrow’s post, the coast is clear, nor the day after…or after that. Refraining from taking prawns for a bit…until further notice. LOL!!!

  22. I too am quite concerned about the way Sibu ppl drive in general. With better cars our perception of speed has been indeed distorted. 70-90 kmph used to be fast but nowadays that seems to be the standard cruising speed.

    What happened to STP happened exactly to me. Just because the road is clear doesn’t mean they can speed up as if to lift off. There is no F**King highway in sibu so there’s no need to drive that fast!!?? I feel mentally exhausted every time i drive as someone is bound to do a circus show on the road at some point. Now i understand fully what road rage is all about…..

    In my opinion giving bigger and more powerful cars to ethically diminishing minds is another ticking timebomb for Sibu……..

    I dunno anything about cars…but I hear that Hilux has a new model out…3.5 or something and it is very light – prone to turning turtle if driven at neck-breaking speed and not handled properly. Well, it’s their money and their lives – up to them to do what they want. I’ll just stick to my old 1st generation Wira…and go slow – this old man’s in no hurry to go anywhere anyway…..

    P.S. I think that’s a fake email address…but I can guess this must be Dr. I-know-who! LOL!!!πŸ˜‰

  23. Isn’t it illegal to talk while driving?

    It is…but I see A LOT of people doing that ALL the time, mostly young people – some driving with the handphone stuck in between the shoulder and the cheek all the way. And I thought the radiation is dangerous? It’s the same as those passengers who immediately switch on their mobiles in the aeroplane upon touchdown…when they’re reminded again and again not to do so until they’re in the terminal building. It’s the mentality of the people here – they’re obviously not as “disciplined” as people in Singapore….

  24. The same thing happen to my ex-colleagues.

    They were coming home from our company Annual Dinner. Car pool. The driver was not sure of the road so he went slow. Out of nowhere a car came full speed. Nearly hit them and that car went into a spin.

    After that, the driver tailed my ex-colleagues’ car and cut infront of them. A man alighted from the car and smashed their car window and wanted to bash up my colleague. Then a passenger from the other car alighted and dragged the fella away. If not, the fella sure to hit my colleague already.

    My colleague got scratched by the broken glass. Reported to the police. They suspected it’s road bully.

    Gosh! That’s really scary! Really must count my blessings that nothing like that happened to me. God is truly merciful.

  25. Whoa!!! Thank God you are safe! I don’t want to see an update on your blog that says that you are in hospital because of traffic accident.

    SIGH…I think God still have plans for you that why you are still here. Maybe He need you to continue inspire us through your blog.

    Road accidents…plenty of that here in the Philippines. Every morning in the news, there is always a segment that contains road accidents in Metro Manila. Usually those accidents are caused by drunk drivers…wait maybe that reckless driver that you encountered was drunk.

    I don’t know. I guess it’s the same everywhere…so it is best to be always careful and vigilant and pray for God’s guidance and protection at all times…

  26. hello… I haven’t been following your blog for quite sometime.. Didn’t even have time to update my blog… 😦

    Anyways……. the kacang-ma caught my attention.. in KL, there are a lot of stalls selling Kueh chap, kampua and kolo mee (which they call Sarawak noodle), and mee suah but none of those I’ve tasted was genuinely close to the original ones from sibu/kuching.. 😦 I miss the food back home again.. 😦

    Ya, so I’ve noticed. Must be really busy with your studies, eh? Yup…I once went for mee sua – RM12.00…and I could not even finish half of it. Really horrible…and I saw a lot of Chinese newspaper articles displayed at the stall – like it was so good, so popular. Looked like it was the best they had to offer – so miserable!

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