Not anymore…

I don’t think I like eating out these days, not anymore…the reason being the fact that I seem to have developed an aversion for the food at some places owing to the massive overload of monosodium glutamate (msg).

Like the other day, my missus had some kind of gathering at work in conjunction with Hari Raya and she had a lot to eat, so she did not want to cook when she came back. Instead, she stopped by a restaurant on the way home and bought a couple of dishes for my dinner. I could not finish all of it, so we put the leftovers in the refrigerator. This was what it looked like when I took it out the next day…

Fat in the food

Look at all that fat/oil that had solidified in the cold! And it wasn’t even nice – as you can see in the photo, the Japanese tofu was over-fried until it was all wrinkled up.ย Actually, this was not too bad. She bought something else from another place not too long ago and the next day, when I wanted to heat up what was left, I could not get it out of the container as it was “cemented” to it by the fat.

It is pretty obvious that it just isn’t just the msg…but also the amount of oil ย or fat used in the cooking. It certainly would be healthier and a lot nicer as well to cook a simple dish like this…

STP's prawns with sour brinjal 1

…and eat it with rice.

I had a post not too long ago in which I featured the way to cook it but I used fish then. It is really very easy – you just boil some stalks of serai (lemon grass), chillies and some belacan (dried prawn paste) in water and when it has started boiling and the belacan has dissolved, add the sliced terung Dayak (Dayak/sour brinjal)…

STP's prawns with sour brinjal 2

When the terung is cooked – it would have become soft and the skin may come off a bit at the ends, add the prawns and once, the crustaceans are cooked, the dish is ready…

STP's prawns with sour brinjal 3

That day, I added a tablespoon of tom yam paste to give it a bit of colour and to further enhance the taste.

There you have it – an all-in-one dish with prawns and veg – no salt, no msg and no oil added and it goes so very well with rice that you would be sure to want seconds!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Not anymore…”

  1. *choke* so this is the prawn dish you were talking about ah, Cikgu? ๐Ÿ˜› LOL… Kat is gonna drool over this for sure.. she’s been craving for terung dayak and she really gila prawns wan. Hahahahahahah!

    LOL!!! Poor thing! A double whammy for her… I still haven’t got down to getting some and sending them over. Lessons end next week – will have more time to do that then. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Good for you… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My class is extended for SPM kids… no rehatlah… and there’screative writing class summore… tarak follow school sem. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ haizz… wud to do, cannot complain. Cari makan not easy. Sometimes, i do hope there’s more satisfaction… these days, students are not motivated. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have to use the carrot on stick method for them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Things unrelated to exams… dowan study… dowan learn, dowan kno. *SOBS* Help me God, I dunno how I can get these kids interested!!! *breaking down liao*

      You’re giving tuition too? Mine will end next week – actually no more in October – replacing the lessons I missed when I took a 2-week break end of August. What a relief but of course, that means…no extra pocket money till end of January. Sobs!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Haizz… pocket money ma… cari makan… at first I just bukak small class cuz of want some satisfaction… to feel that I achieve something and be productive… you kno… I cannot tahan being idle… i feel brain dead punya… lol… but it’s kinda hard to gain satisfaction, especially when the kids are brooding and are completely exam oriented… Sobs!

        Hmmm….must find out more from you. I hear giving tuition in KL, BIG money. Perhaps I can go and teach over there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Agree when we dine out its purely consuming MSG..heard Jap tofu got lots of preservatives how true? Love the prawns and the whole dish looked so “pure” & “clear”..yummy..tQ

    Jap tofu? Dunno… Seldom eat them anyway – never buy and cook at home…has a certain kind of smell – would prefer our own local tofu anytime. Ya…the prawn/brinjal dish is yummy, that’s for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. aiyo – your missus so good packed a couples of dishes for should say thank you 100x.. if Me – i just tau-pau RM5 economy rice campur for my old man..haha.

    Night time here, no more economical rice…only chu char! I wouldn’t mind tapao roasted chicken rice or char siew pork rice. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. they said that foods rich with msg can cause hepa and other blood related diseases… i just don’t know if it’s true… but sometimes… i can’t eat dishes without msg… especially fried rice… my mom usually season it with msg as flavor enhancer

    Just a pinch wouldn’t be so bad…but when you dine out, they add a lot…by the ladle! And you’ll feel thirsty all night long…and sometimes even queasy. I hear if you drink Coca Cola without the gas (meaning that you have let it stand there for a long time), it will get rid of the effects… Dunno how true this is…

  5. STP, i prefer the 2nd dish anytime.. i agree with u…these days, i am also wary about eating out… even though just me and my girl, i cook a simple dish or two and it is still called a pleasant and healthy meal…

    Yes, that’s the best. Usually I would have a meat/seafood dish and a veg – or sometimes, I would have an all-in-one…like this one in the post.

  6. LOL… although I’m a toufu lover, but I still prefer your scrumptious bowl of prawn noodle! Hey, prawn noodles also not healthy lar, it contains a lot of cholesterol leh~!=_=

    Enjoy your day!

    Hey…where got noodles? Eeee…you need spectacles liao lor! Too much time spent online…bad for the eyes. LOL!!! Ya…but the last time I cooked this same dish using fish, a lot of people said they did not like it – would rather have prawns. Just about shows that you can’t please everybody… I’ve heard it said though that the cholesterol in prawns is mostly in the head, so don’t eat that part. Dunno how true this is. Best thing is – eat moderately – once in a while, not all the time and the same goes for everything else…crabs, sotong, red meat, eggs etc…etc…etc

    1. Hehe… yalor, look closer it hasn’t any noodles with it… kiahahah! Silly me! I only get to online when my kids are fallen asleep leh~ approximately 4 hours a day only, however I always keep the PC on for atleast 12 hrs a day!:p

      Poor thing…must be quite a juggle for you. I probably wouldn’t bother to blog or go online if I had so much to handle – headache…but then I’m old. Young people can manage better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. It is always no good to eat outside one ,right? what do do, we are all so busy chaing after this and that, thus giving us no time to really enjoy cooking…

    Cikgu, may be you should start teaching the rest of us “how to cook simple, nutritious food in less than 30 minutes” that will sure garner you a legion of fans,,,

    I tried to cook too, mmmmmmmmmm hassle lah, so this evening i will try to cook since my lovely wife has got dinner tonite..hahahaha.

    Well, all my dishes are easy-to-cook ones, no hassle whatsoever and definitely will take less than 30 minutes. I’m basically lazy…so don’t expect me to go through all that trouble preparing all the ingredients, and going step by step in the cooking…no, thank you. I would end up eating instant noodles. LOL!!!

  8. normally i love going out to eat, not really for the food but more for the ambience. But yr prawns with the iban tomatoes, how to supersede that! tonite m going to steam tassie oysters, rendang beef with premix pollie gave n chapatis. wish can buy terung dayak ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I think they do not use msg so much in western cooking, probably none at all…nor in Malay cooking (but if I’m not mistaken, they use sugar…and santan) and the like – definitely not as much as in Chinese cooking outside. If you feel thirsty after eating, you know that place is very generous with their msg, best to avoid. I also get that from eating dim sum or shabu-shabu/steamboat…so I do not go anymore – maybe once in a blue moon but definitely not on a regular basis.

  9. This reminds me of the ‘or chien’ I ‘tapau-ed’ all the way from Muar, Johor. I kept them in the fridge and when I opened the packet the next day, yucks! The amount of OIL…… geli. But I still love ‘Or chien’. So, not giving up this dish yet. haha

    Ya…once in a while, should be o.k. but there are people who do not cook and eat out all the time, every day…every meal – all those working yuppies, especially those away from home – like the ones from Sibu, staying back to work in KL. I wonder how many can cook…and how many do cook!

    My missus has a colleague who claimed she could not cook, so the family would eat out all the time, every meal…until the hubby had to go for a bypass. I guess she is forced to cook and eat more healthily now…

  10. No salt, no msg, no oil added. Sounds like my kind of dish — very minimalistic. You get the real flavor of the food, without all those added ingredients masking it. I’ll have to try that dish, with a few modifications of course. No terung dayak or belacan, but luckily, plenty of crustaceans here.

    Yup…my missus would eat everything with lots of chillies, soy sauce and what not, but not me. I would like to savour the flavour of the food – only when it isn’t nice or tasteless would I go and look for sauces to dip it in. Ya…you can boil those crustaceans with tumeric and lemon grass and chilli and throw in brinjal/egg plant or ladies fingers, pineapples, tomatoes…and you’ll get something very sweet/sour and tasty, I’m sure. No need for oil, salt or msg.

    1. Exactly. Like crabs, I like them plain boiled with just a little salt added. I don’t like them when they add all that garlic and chilli. You don’t get to taste the crab meat, just all those overpowering ingredients.

      Same with prawns… With very fresh prawns and some fish too, just steam and eat like that! Squids would probably need some ingredients as they are usually quite bland.

  11. ooo can cook prawns also ah…i thought only asam fish. Muhahaha…i have to let my “chef” know ๐Ÿ˜€

    Prawns best! Even nicer…but high cholesterol lah – once in a while ok lah! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Guess who telan alot of ‘high cholesterol’ stuff again last wik? LMAO… no prize for guessing! LOL!

      Well…stick around and you may get to see more prawns to drool over! Muahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. That is my kind of dish, terung Dayak with prawns anytime. Yummy!

    Guess you can’t get the la k’ia kio in Germany…poor thing! LOL!!!

  13. your prawn dish look good. Sour taste? I think it taste good, because got tom yam paste inside the soup, nice to go with rice. Yum!!

    Yes, sour… The brinjal is sour already by itself, so sour and spicy – gravy on rice, best! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Hmmm sour brinjal…not sure what’s that. i only know the purple one..LOL. The prawn…hmm wana suck the juice from the head

    The nicest – especially those with the orangy gooey stuff inside…but that’s where all the cholesterol is, they say. LOL!!!

  15. Of COURSE the prawns are much nicer than those oily stuff!! Gimme prawns anytime! LOL!

    Come…come! Lots here – medium to big ones, around RM20-30 a kg, may vary according to the season though.

  16. Ewww~ look at all the fats~

    What jap dish is tat?

    It’s not a Jap dish lah…just a dish for which they used Japanese tofu – you can get those cylindrical-shaped ones sealed in plastic at any supermarket.

  17. cook for me when i go back this year end. hhuhuhu.. i am sick of eating out too… huhuhu

    Your BF chef, professional one…where got want to eat what I cook… Hehehehehe!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. refrigerated canned food also have those harden oil..very geli eh..

    Yup…like the stewed pork – when I want to use it for cooking e.g. frying mihun, I would put it in the fridge first. Then when I open the can, I can easily scrap away the hardened layer of fat on top and get rid of it first.

  19. I cannot get la kรฌa kio in Germany but there are alternatives like brinjals cucumbers or ladies fingers… of course la kรฌa kio is unbeatable! My hubby loves this soup, too.

    Ya…you have those but they’re not the same as la k’ia kio. I don’t think they have those in West Malaysia. Maybe people do not know how to eat, so nobody plants them.

  20. yummmm…la kia kio…i want ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    What’s your address? I send you the seeds and you can try and plant there? LOL!!! Actually, it seems that it’s not easy to plant here too. Not that easily available…and getting to be very expensive. RM5 a kg.

  21. Yeah…too much of anything is really bad. Too much MSG will make you dizzy and it even kills a full grown dog.

    I remember eating too much oily food last time and I feel very dizzy. My blood pressure went high.

    Gosh…you’re so young and has high blood pressure? Must control your diet and exercise! Yup…I read once about a foreign tourist collapsing after a meal at a restaurant in Singapore – they do not take msg so I guess the resistance isn’t as high as the locals.

  22. gosh too oily la! hehe my family too dnt like eating outside. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh gosh the prawn so huge! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ya…eat at home, cheaper and a whole lot healthier… These are the medium-small ones – there are the medium large ones…but I would not buy the large ones. All head, body the same…so not much to eat…and a lot more expensive. You’re paying for the weight of the heads only….

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