Cool cat…

Just when I was feeling sad and depressed by the thought that I did not have any mooncakes to eat on the actual Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival Day (the two I received from Annie sometime ago did not survive till the actual day), the doorbell rang and the courier service guy passed me this…

Mooncakes from smallkucing 1

Lo and behold, this was inside the parcel…

Mooncakes from smallkucing 2

Mooncakes! Baker’s Cottage no less…and two of my favourite – pure lotus paste with double yolks…

Pure lotus paste double yolk mooncake 1

Hey! That’s my surname! The Chinese character meaning “yellow”!

Pure lotus paste double yolk mooncake 2

And just look at how nice it was – just the way I like it!

Pure lotus paste double yolk mooncake 3

And there were two of what they call – the pearl of prosperity…

Pearl of prosperity mooncake 1

The Chinese characters on it were not too familiar to me though but I certainly hope that after eating these, I will be blessed with a whole lot of prosperity in the coming year. LOL!!!

Pearl of prosperity mooncake 2

When I cut it, I could tell right away that it was pandan-flavoured…

Pearl of prosperity mooncake 3

…and gosh! It was so fragrant, so very out-of-this-world, so absolutely heavenly that at the very first bite, I changed my mind instantly as to which my favourite mooncake flavour would be! This is it! The one that I would be looking forward to this time next year…

And who was so very kind and so very generous as to go through all that trouble to send me the mooncakes? It was smallkuching, bless her and her cute son and handsome hubby (Click the link to her blog and browse to look for photos of her hubby and you will know right away why I think he is handsome! LOL!!!). Gosh! I certainly did not expect this as most of the time, everybody would be sending everybody something – postcards, key chains and what not…but this is expensive and I’m sure the delivery charges weren’t cheap either.

Thank you so much, smallkucing; I owe you one. Must get down to sending you something soonest. I certainly hope everybody had a wonderfully Happy Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival too! Mine most definitely was!

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32 thoughts on “Cool cat…”

  1. Bwhahahahaha… I knew about this going over to you… LOL. She was fretting about this the other day to us. πŸ˜€ Glad her mooncake made it all the way to Sibu to cheer you up. πŸ˜€

    Truthfully, that kucing is one generous soul… to the point sometimes will make you paiseh…I’m one of the lucky recipient of her generosity. LOL! Each time meet her, she would feed me with awesome home-cook food! ( I tink she sked I will starve) Hahahahah! Always make me pening on what to return her tupperware with!

    ps: I know what you can give her next time… she’s been wanting the terung dayak! Here cannot find! I tried to find in wetmarket for her, but tarak.LOL! Neway, Cikgu, come Dec, there will be surprises for u too. πŸ˜›

    December? Oh no! Oh no! Everybody, please do not send anything anymore… So susah, me hutang-ing budi to everybody – how to repay? So happy to have made such nice and generous friends through blogging…and just knowing that, enough liao! Don’t send! Don’t send! Just kind thoughts and prayers would be more than I can ask for… *blush! blush! So shy lor…

    P.S. I thought of sending terung Dayak. Can put there many days, ok…but when all wrapped up and sealed and sent via poslaju, dunno will spoil or not. Kucing said no need, just bring over when I go to KL.

    1. Kenoootttt… December so special leh… not only Xmas, but your bday oso… bwhahahahahahahahaha! πŸ˜›

      U coming to KL kah? Bila, bila??? Hahahahhaah… come, go makan, go makan! Got many places can pig out! LOL! Bawak Missus sekali! LOLOL!

      Oh no…please don’t send anything. I dunno how to reciprocate. I’ll be going on the 12th November, my daughter’s flying back on the 13th…and we’ll be flying back to Sibu on the 14th. Not going to go anywhere or do anything, just going over to receive her on her way home…so maybe I’ll just stay at Concorde Inn, KLIA and laze around…and let my daughter rest after the long flight from NZ

    2. you are welcome la, Cikgu. Thanks to Cynthia also coz ordered from her but since she had to cancel all the orders, she took the trouble to look for the low sugar Mooncakes for you. Otherwise, I also don’t know where to find. hahahaha.

      Ya la better not post the terung dayak. Coop up scared that it will be spoilt.

      Yes, thanks to Cynthia for going through all the trouble. I was expected her homemade ones – and was actually looking forward to those. Too bad, in the end, she decided not to make… Maybe I buy and pack, seal first…and then open after a few days to see – still ok or not. If ok, that means I can send via poslaju… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. ya lor just too bad Cyn unable to make this year. Her cookies and cakes are really nice

        Yes, Cleff keeps going on and on and on about her cakes… Drool! 😦

  2. Arthur…how lucky you are…double egg yolk too LOL! I love mooncake with double egg yolk but due to strict diet have to forgo all these mooncake thing 😦

    Indeed, I am. Ya…I shouldn’t be eating too much of those too but once a year, never mind…and I did not go out and buy my own – otherwise, it would be worse! LOL!!!

  3. Yes, small kuching is well known for her generosity one.. i also paiseh.. dont know what to send.. and I am always lazy to send stuff.. i prefer to give them face to face.. waalllauuu.. hahhaaa..
    anyway, great to make friends online, yeah? even thousands of miles apart, we can get to know each other pretty well too..

    Me too…very lazy to pack, and drive out to go and send. Maybe old already…not so much energy…or just plain lazy! LOL!!! I’m also lazy to carry stuff when travelling. Would rather go somewhere together and makan, and then I belanja – this one, no problem.

    1. @Cikgu Yalorr… damn paiseh… but these days, I become muka tembok… hahaha… always ask her feed me her bihun and pulut. (addictive leh, must be she put some potion inside!). Aiya, having withdrawal liao… must go cari her… ajak her makan makan again. She’s been asking for home made KFC… hmm… must lure her with that liao! Bwhahahahahah!

      @Claire… I know la what you can kasi her… I know… she very gila salted chicken wan… next time you come KL, feed her that, and she’ll be on cloud 9 and will prattle about it on and on for wiks! LOL. But dun buy that for me ah, later I will konk out… pengsan after makan the salted ayam… eee… the herbs… OMG!

      The salted chicken – Ipoh got! I don’t like lah…and my daughter too. We did not get to eat in Ipoh, so my missus cooked…and we hardly ate – in the end, threw away. Like geli-geli…when eating. Maybe she did not do it well, I wouldn’t know… Must try to Ipoh one first.

  4. yumnmmm. that one sure look yummy! especially the pandan, and the box is pretty too… oh i miss mooncake, didnt eat enuff when there is

    Ya…but it came apart during transit, so I had to stick it all together again. Very nice box…

  5. Kathy is indeed a very generous and thoughtful person. Wah…….she sent the mooncake all the way to Sibu…..

    Yes, all the way! The mooncakes already so very expensive…and the courier service, I’m sure, is not cheap either. Sometimes I send poslaju – the postal charges MORE than the cost of the contents in the parcel! 😦

  6. Lucky you! Pandan flavored mooncake. Most definitely some of that good karma you’ve been spreading around coming back to you. I checked out smallkucing’s blog. Good looking kid and even better looking hubby.

    Aha!!! Did you see the resemblance? But of course, I do not look so prosperous? Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. True, and he lacks that 25% magic ingredient too.

      The Melanau blood? I don’t think he’s Foochow either…..but he certainly has the typical Foochow look though – prosperous! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. wah…so nice….got a parcel containing mooncake.

    i love baker’s cottage mooncake esp their charcoal mooncake…

    Yup…Baker’s Cottage have always been among my favourites…but I thought the charcoal one was just so-so, not much of a difference. Got one from Annie sometime ago… I really loved the pandan ones (pearl of prosperity)…

  8. wah so lucky. when you feel like eating mooncake and suddenly a parcel appeared!!!

    Maybe I should concentrate very hard and imagine a million ringgit, and suddenly it will appear too! Muahahahahaha!!!!! Psychic – the power of the mind!

  9. glad that you receive it! I was checking my courier track and wishing to see if it arrived before the festival! Cheers πŸ˜€

    Yup! The timing was perfect! Just before tea time,the afternoon of the festival itself…. Thanks for going through the trouble of sending, Cyn!

  10. Wow! That is very nice of her. Thanks for smallkuching because she gave me an idea (of course through your blog) on what is the best mooncake to eat. ^_^

    Yes, the perks of blogging – you get to know all the nicest people there can ever be. I wouldn’t have got to know them if I had not gone into blogging….

  11. Wow..great to receive some mooncakes all the way from east ya….that’s so warmth. Yea, de generous kucing. If you stay nearby the kucing, lagi pengsan…so many foodies around.

    Ooooo…I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet all of them…and you too! I’m sure I’ll eat till meletup! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. Wow!! So thoughtful of small kucing, and just right on time for you to savour it on the actual day and make your ‘dream” and “hinting” come true. LOL!!

    I also want to start “hint hint hint” in my blog, see what i can get. ahhahahhaha

    Now what are the things that I said I would bring to KL for you…all forgotten liao? I know kucing wants the terung dayak….and Cleff wants kompia. Old man like that lah, memory loss! Now you will have to start hinting all over again – I’ll be in KL Nov 12th…so, quick…quick! LOL!!!

    1. 12th Nov ah…cham……Got wedding in KT in Nov. Hope dont clash la…if not, that Somalia refugee sure sapu the terung LOL

      Oh dear…so now how? Looks like it will have to go via poslaju by hook or by crook…

  13. Ehh your Chinese surname is yellow? Mine too! Maybe we’re related in some ways! LOL! And I know what you mean about smallkucing’s husband! cheeky!! LOL! nice mooncakes.. Love the pandan flavour

    Hahahaha!!! Not possible. I’m Foochow. LOL!!! Kucing herself said somewhere sometime ago like her huuby looks like me! πŸ˜‰ Aha…we even have the same taste, I see!

  14. I eat 4 double egg yokes in tat day…mum nearly murder me XD

    Aiyor…that’s like eating egg yolks, no mooncake at all!!! What about your gout? Didn’t trigger any attack? Gosh…

  15. Whah…you are very lucky! I am also very lucky, too. I received a beautiful box too from a friend. Oh my gosh, your moon cakes there also got my name! You have eaten my name!! LOL

    LOL!!! I wouldn’t know which character is yours. I only know mine. Ya…aren’t we lucky to have such wonderful friends? πŸ˜‰

  16. Wah… so nice of Little Miao Miao to send you these bundles of ‘love’ and ‘warm thoughts’! I’m drooling for the pandan flavoured pearl of prosperity! Yummy~!!^-^

    Have a nice day!

    Yes, really sweet of her, kesian this poor old man. The pandan ones were really nice…and I certainly hope they’ll bring me some prosperity! LOL!!!

  17. seem like we share same ‘yellow’ πŸ˜›

    Oh? So you’re “Wee” too? Or “Ooi”? Can’t be a “Wong” – don’t think you’re Foochow…

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