Wake me up before you go-go…

Well, some of you may heave a huge sigh of relief but it certainly looks like this is going to be the last post on my recent trip to Kuching. LOL!!!

When I was there, I stayed at the 360 Hotel that I had blogged about before in this post. For RM135 nett a night (government rate/RM155, corporate rate), I got this room…

360 Hotel Kuching 1

…with a double Β bed and a single one…

360 Hotel Kuching 2

…and though it was smaller than the one I had previously, that one only had twin single beds. Never mind! As long as it is nice and comfortable…and cheap – that would be the most important.

The going-rates at the other hotels would be around the same in the smaller ones with not very nice rooms…and between over RM200 to RM300 in the classier ones…and I hear that it excludes breakfast. In this one, complimentary breakfast for two is served from 6.30 a.m. till 10.00 a.m. (catered by Little Lebanon in Kuching) but do not expect too much, considering the amount that you’re paying for the room.

There are, however, quite a lot of selections for you to choose. You may get the typical Malaysian breakfast, the nasi lemak

360 Hotel Kuching - nasi lemak

…or fried kway teow (flat rice noodles) perhaps…

360 Hotel Kuching - fried kway teow & chicken cocktails

…or their chicken porridge…

360 Hotel Kuching - porridge & condiments

Actually, I thought the porridge was pretty good but I could not have that every day as I wanted to sample the other things they had in the three mornings that we were there such as the fried rice or the fried mihun (rice vermicilli)…

360 Hotel - fried rice/mihun & others

…and there is a section where they have chicken cocktails, potato wedges, baked beans and the like and another section with the bread, sandwiches and muffins/cakes. There are half-boiled and hard boiled eggs available every morning or you can order it done in any way we want – bull’s eye/sunny side up or omelette…and there is somebody to do that for you in the kitchenette by the side. There is also a section where one may have a choice of cereals…but I’m not into those stuff, and lastly, a section of freshly-cut fruits.

All things considered, I really like that place and I would not mind staying there again, should I happen to go to Kuching anytime in the near future.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Wake me up before you go-go…”

  1. Ohhh… I’m a big fan of breakfast…gimme the nasi lemak… please… LOL…how come dun have fried eggs or bergedil or ayam goreng… or kerang *DROOL* I go makan dulu! LOL! I’m my own victim! Hahahaha!

    Fried eggs, they have – must request. But in Sibu, that’s what you get for the standard nasi lemak…but you may get a fried chicken wing if you order the special. No bergedil….only at my kampung stall, with the nasi kerabu.

    1. Wah… fried eggs kena request kah. *pengsan* My regular nasi lemak stall… the nasi lemak ‘biasa’ is inclusive of fried egg… cost me Rm 1.50. Not bad, rite?

      I thought the authentic nasi lemak comes with hard boiled eggs? Here, most Malay stalls will give you a fried egg though…and for the special, a chicken egg – except at one place, you’ll get a bowl of curry chicken or masak hitam beef.

      1. Yes, they do come with hard boiled eggs, but there’s one stall nearby my house… duzzin come with hard boiled eggs, but a choice of fried eggs, or sliced omelet instead.

        Oh? We only get thinly-sliced omelette when we buy nasi lemak packed in packets – those cheap RM1 ones, not very nice.

  2. Cikgu… there’s this 3 star hotel in Skudai… pay RM80 per nite for a double bed, inclusive of breakfast such as this. Not bad leh? The place is called Rose Cottage… I went there wif my son and hubby last year… the place is really not bad.

    Skudai? That’s in Johore where the uni is, right? Never been there, never been to Johore…as a matter of fact! The name sounds nice…and RM80 with breakfast? Unbelievable! Bintang Warisan in KL is around RM150 and you get a plate of nasi lemak or American breakfast…and let’s not talk about the hotels in Sg Petani….. 😦

    1. Yups, you got that right. It’s UTM Skudai. We went there to give speech in the UTM, and instead of staying at their guest house cum hostel, we stayed at Rose Cottage instead. It’s a small hotel, but the service is really good, Rm80 for bed and breakfast. LOL. The place is clean and well decorated too… very English Cottage like…

      To be honest, I was really, really surprised with the service, considering it’s just a small 3 star hotel. I didn’t expect the generous breakfast spread either…overall, it’s a good experience.

      Will be going there again… somewhere in Oct… for the same reason. LOL… No way in hell I’ll stay in UTM guest-house cum hostel. Hahahaha! Imagine this… they tell speakers with family to stay separately…male one side, female one side… for goodness sake… we’re family! WTF!

      That’s the typical Malaysian campus – sexual segregation…and not that it helps much. They don’t know what they do in any nook and cranny! So much for their efforts in trying to play God! If you teach your children and bring them up well, they will not be up to all that hanky-panky once your back is turned!

      1. Sigh… really tak guna lorr…we went there to give speech to the students…and since we have the boy with us, somehow, expecting that they’ll gv an exception. Mana tau… that’s why we ended up staying in Rose Cottage instead.

        Haizz… sexual segregation in uni… come on… those kids in uni are much more worst than me in my youth…when you go to any gelap place… you can see Xrated stuff going on. Dun even have the decency to get a room! Grrrr!

        Exactly what I said! All the obsession about it only serves to make them worse!

  3. Very cheap, STP…some more got 1 big bed and one single.. cukup for me and my 3 kids liow.. the hotel is called 360? hahaa… funny name…
    btw, to kill my curiousity..why do u need 2 beds of different sizes? πŸ™‚

    No king size… These days, one single is not big enough for me and queen, poor old lady will end up on the floor… Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. o.O Ishhh… kesian ur missus. LOLOL! One single bed is enuff for me and hubby… in fact, been sleeping on single bed all these while. Old habit die hard…used to it liao, even when there’s double bed at home… never guna oso. Feel pelik when sleep on such a big bed!

      LOL!!! Actually at this hotel, you have a choice between twin-single beds or a queen and a single…nothing else. You two are so skinny, throw in your equally-skinny son – all three in a single – still got space left! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  4. πŸ™‚ .. the last time I went to four points hotel.. it was pretty good too.. I like the security there where only hotel guests can use the lift.. but of course, it’s more expensive.. this pricing seems far more reasonable.. πŸ™‚ and the location is right in the centre.. πŸ™‚

    This one also – you get a sensor card that you use to scan to go up and down the lift to any floor except the lobby…and to open the door to enter your room and to put in the slot to activate the power in the room – other hotels, can just use a phone reload card or any folded piece of cardboard paper. Good security… Very nice.

  5. How I wish I can have a great breakfast like this every single morning. πŸ˜€

    Keep wishing. One day, it might just come true. I thought teachers get to go for courses, stay in 4-5 star hotels with very nice buffets – breakfast, lunch and dinner and nice teas at 10, 4 and for supper as well? I used to go for those…so very often that eventually, I got quite sick of it. Would rather go across the road to the kedai kopi for char siew fan…

  6. Yup, i remember you blogged about the 360 Hotel, and for 135 ringgit ,i think it is very ok for that type of Hotel, the room looks cool enough and the makan makan looks appetiizing as well.

    I like the picture of the baked beans,sausages,the egg,,, and what makes it to my list is the half hidden cup of orange juice, that makes the picture the best as far as i am concerned…

    you have a great week ahead ya and god bless

    Thanks for the compliment. Actually, I think I will blog about my photos one of these days…and feature some selected ones that have been given special mention in the comments. Hehehehehehe…. Show-off hor? LOL!!! You have a great week too…and happy birthday to your missus! God bless you two and the two boys – going out to celebrate?

  7. The most important for me is that the hotel is clean. Went to Genting Highland 1st World hotel once before. Got scared off. Damp smell and the bath was so tiny.

    Oh? I thought it’s quite new? Bintang Warisan in KL is a bit damp too like most older hotels…but it’s the only decently-nice one that I can afford. 😦

  8. Wa the hotel not bad at all and the price is reasonable, maybe i can stay there when I go Kuching. Oo wow, Im always hungry during breakfast, bet i can finish all that food in one seating.

    Oh? You can eat so much and yet you are so skinny? Gee! You are truly blessed…or is it like what they say in Hokkien, “Tham ciak, ciak bay pui!” (Greedy people will not grow fat!) LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. 360 hotel in Kuching? Noted down, if next time got time to go Kuching, i will stay in this hotel. Look clean and comfy. Most important it come with one double and one single bed. Me and the two boys and sleep on the double and hub can sleep on the single bed. hahahahha..so no one will fall.

    I love hotel breakfast, especially american breakfast. Yummy!

    Well, it’s really nice and so cheap for that standard…but it’s a bit out of the way from the city centre – this one is around the Kuching swimming pool side…

  10. Oh I remember you blogged about this hotel before! What a reasonable rate with such a nice room too! But why did they give u an extra single bed? Was there ‘someone’ else with you? LOL!

    The hotel has only two types of rooms – twin single beds…or a queen and a single. In other hotels, that would be considered a family room and would be more expensive by at least RM50 but in this hotel, the rate is the same. You would take the same room, I’m sure, if you stay there with Saucer – bet you wouldn’t wanna two single beds! LOL!!!

  11. The rooms looked quite ok and at that rate, it’s a good deal! I’m sure you tried almost everything at the buffet table except cereals of course! haha

    I did not take the bread and cakes/muffins also…though I did take two sandwiches from that section one morning.

  12. Lol, so many things on the porridge~

    Actually I prefer plain porridge with all the condiments – salted eggs, century eggs, black bean fish, fried ikan bilis, pickled lettuce etc…but they only served chicken porridge, no extra condiments…so no choice. Whatever they had I just dumped onto the porridge. LOL!!!

    1. Hampalang masuk…. hahaha, anything goes! LOL… i wouldn’t take porridge with baked beans, though… abit… weird!

      I can’t remember… Didn’t even think about it. Maybe I ate the beans on top first before starting to eat the porridge.

  13. Wah…you eat the porridge with baked beans?

    Ya…see my reply to Kelvin. They just happened to have that as well that morning…though that wasn’t meant to go with the porridge. LOL!!!

  14. remind me not to read this first thing in the morning..:( it’s been years since ive been for a proper malaysian breakfast buffet…and now this will be the only thing i think abt all day…which isnt helpful coz i’m on call

    On call, you can go and eat, right? They’ll call you if and when you’re needed. Don’t worry…this is the last of my Kuching post, so normal programming will resume tomorrow onwards…but I guess you’ll still get to see food, as usual. πŸ˜‰

    1. fraid not…oncall means i had 2 bites of a peanut butter sandwich at 6 in the evening and called it breakfast..lol

      Oh dear…poor thing! And everybody wants to be a doctor! LOL!!!

  15. What a sumptuous breakfast! And nice hotel room too! Guess you have had a great trip! First time here πŸ™‚

    Yes, and a warm welcome to THE ChrisAu – any friend of my friends is a friend of mine. I’ll link you in my blogroll…so do drop by often! The breakfast selections were ok…but the hotel definitely was nice and value for money. It certainly was a good trip and I’m looking forward for an excuse to hop over again…

    1. He’s not just a friend… lol… he’s my ‘little brother’ Hahahahaha! Claire’s real life cousin oso. Hahahaha… remember ah… this one live in JB… lol… if you happen to drop by JB, can go kacau kacau. LOL! (so bad of me!)

      Oh? Claire’s cousin? No wonder she has his photo – in his younger days. Sure, if I hop over to JB…that’s one state that I’ve never been…and Kelantan, Trengganu…and Perlis! The rest, I’ve been.

      1. Ohhh… you never been to those states? I lived in Kelantan and went to Terengganu before… and my dad’s kampung is in Kangar, Perlis. Gosh… missing my grandfather… 😦

        Hahahaha!!! All three, I haven’t been. When my daughter goes back to Kedah in 2012, maybe I’ll move there…and take the opportunity to travel a bit around the northern states – true Malaysian, must set foot in every corner of the country. Otherwise, like right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is like…

  16. yr rm not bad leh! ours were good too 1st 2 nites we got corporate rates.no view no brekkie the last 2nites got view n brekkie bcos of the wedding pckge but need to save tummy for kolo n laksa gerrie took us to.

    At more than twice the amount I paid for my room, no…thank you! Old pensioner, don’t have that much money. Hehehehehehe!!!

    That’s the problem with good hotel breakfast – so many nice things to eat…and in the end, even by lunch time, still feel so full.

    And after paying so much money for the room and getting a really really good buffet breakfast, my missus would just nibble at the food and declare that she has no appetite to eat so early in the morning. Not worth it at all!!!

  17. not bad at all, the room looks very clean and tidy and comfortable, and i think the rate is acceptable too.. and the breakfast, haha, looks very malaysian style but to me as long as i got choices it will be ok.. :p

    When in Kuching, I would rather have a cheaper hotel room with no breakfast – then I could go out and it all the very nice things there. This one’s not great – they have breakfast a lot nicer…in the bigger (more expensive) hotels.

  18. Wah… a little money to trade with such a luxurious room!^-^

    Yes, it’s certainly worth the money I had to pay…compared to those in KL or Sg Petani – at the same rate…and no way you can get anything decent for SIN$135 (around RM300) – that’s why I’m not keen on going to Singapore. Will spend a fortune on no-star hotels…when we can use the money to bask in luxury right here in our own country…in some 4 or 5-star hotel or resort…

  19. In all the meals except the nasi lemak there’s that cute short round thingy… very CUTE πŸ˜›

    Those cocktail sausages… Not really nice…definitely not like the Aussie beef sausages that I got from Melbourne… Yum! LOL!!!

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