Sweet dreams (are made of these)…

When my missus and I were in Kuching, my cousin, Sophia, took us to this shop that was opened recently by a blogger, one half of a husband and wife blogging team…

Nee's, Kuching 1

It is located at a new complex, Tabuan Plaza – a small but pleasant and comfortable place…

Nee's, Kuching 2

We had a heavy brunch, so we steered clear of the alluring temptations like this one…

Nee's double chocolate fudge

…or this one…

Nee's blueberry cheesecake

I had the apple crumble with ice cream…

Nee's apple crumble with ice cream

…and we also shared the carrot cake…

Nee's carrot cake

…both of which were very nice. In fact, the previous afternoon, we had tea at Gerrie‘s house. Her daughter’s Tracy’s birthday coincided with her brother’s wedding on Saturday – 18th September, so she just had a little gathering for Tracy at her house a couple of days earlier and she got a birthday cake for her from that same place – Nee’s…

Tracy's birthday cake from Nee's

I can’t remember exactly what cake that was but it was pretty good.

We also had the really very nice hay p’ia (prawn fritters) and stuff from Peterson, near the Satok Market…

Peterson's hay p'ia and stuff

…and some equally yummy chai koi (Chinese/nyonya vegetable cake)…

Chai koi

…and very lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) kuih bingka

Kuih bingka

…and so on. I did not take the photos of everything as the light was yellowish and not quite bright enough to do the food justice.

Anybody having a craving for cakes now? Hehehehehe!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Sweet dreams (are made of these)…”

  1. Bwhahahahaha… of all the yummy things… the food that caught my eyes is the cucur udang. LOLOL! Wokay… I go and goreng this for breakfast… πŸ˜€ Ooooo… sedaaap, sedaaappp, must makan when hot… kekekkee….

    ps: I tried ur masak hitam recipe… but tak jadi lah… ish… cuz tangan gatal add so many things inside… *sulk* just posted it in my blog. Ish!

    Yup…I’ve commented. Will try again and I will post if successful. If not, I’ll just keep quiet. LOL!!! Btw, masak hitam memang plain – all black like that. May garnish with peas and sliced chilli to add colour, otherwise…nothing much to look at.

    Oooooo….you must try this Peterson hay p’ia in Kuching – will keep going back for more. Also has fried fish balls, sweet potato and yam fritters and fried tofu…but the hay p’ia’s the main attraction!

    1. one of these days we are going to make a rombongan to your place….kakakaka

      Cleff, mau? ajak the whole balik kampung gang and serang Cikgu

      No problem at all… Or go to Kuching, cheaper…and more flights from KL. I can go and meet u all there, take you all around. There, not just lots of nice things to eat – also got lots to see and lots to do. Come, come…start planning. Not like the Kuching group that came to Sibu the same weekend I went to Kuching….😦

      1. Wait… i korek piggy bank dulu… tarak monster outlaws in Sibu… shud be ok gua… LOL!

        Yalor…far from the madding crowd! Best place for a getaway!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. ALL THE FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! OHHH GLORIOUS FOOOOOOOOD!!! *deprived of good food in nz cz no money so cannot afford* such is student life. =(((

    Go Welly on weekends, squat with Melissa and ask her to take you out for some nice treats… I’m sure she’ll love the company. LOL!!!

  3. KUIH BINGKA!!! my favorite. apparently adrienne can bake a mean apple pie/crumble, either im not sure. im gonna ask her to bake me one everyday wen i go back lol

    Ohhhh???? And she has never even brought me a teeny weeny slice to try??? Now, guess who will find her name missing from my next year’s class list? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Nee’s? My shop? hahahhah , just kidding, because my name also got “Nee”.

    So many cakes. Now i craving for cakes, cheese cakes!!

    Kuih bingka, so long i never have kuih bingka already. Remember how it look, but cannot remember how it taste.

    This kuih bingka is a two-in-one type – bingka made like the beehive/honeycomb cake, very nice! LOL!!! Well, many nice places selling nice cakes in KL – no problem at all. πŸ˜‰

  5. Sounds like a good place to go to after the chicken tandoori. I like anything lemak. Yes, I surely will let you know when I’m in Kuching next. I’ll make sure it’s not on a Friday too.

    No problem at all. Not mandatory so I can make an exception like when travelling or during special occasions – like last Friday; see tomorrow’s post. Doesn’t look like this extended feasting isn’t going to end, eh? LOL!!!πŸ˜€

  6. the cake is more expensive than secret recipe oooo….later go secret recipe eat cake again …hehehehe… cake mania!!!!

    Ya? But these are fresh ingredients, not the pre-mix ones at these franchise outlets where they just pour and bake…so the quality is supposed to be a lot better.

  7. oh..forgot about this place..will go next time – am interested in in the carrot cake.

    LOL!!! So many things to eat, so little time! ;D

  8. GOSH…all my favourites!! dont let me see any sweeties… now yearning to eat desserts..tomorrow might go to this de moments.. strawberry cafe…. gosh!

    Sweet tooth eh? Now…what’s sweet in Sibu? Must post more on those…to lure you here! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. i think tracy’s birthday cake was strawberry cream cake. Yumz!

    Ya…heard people talking about who was going to eat the fresh strawberries…

  10. wew wew, the cakes looks absolutely delicious, and the nyonya snacks are nice too.. and oh, that is kuih bingka, ok ok, now i know what it’s called, haha!! πŸ™‚

    This particular one with the “holes” like a beehive or honeycomb is called bingka sarang, to be specific. Ya…everything was nice. After all that feasting while in Kuching, now I will have to cut down a bit… LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. OHHH!!!! I’ve been following their blog for years!!!! how exciting that they now have a shop. remind me to go the next time i go back.

    Ya? I was not a regular – my friend, Yan, knows them…fellow-Foochows and she has their link in her blogroll. You must drop by for their cakes when you come back next… Probably next year, I guess?

  12. omg….CAKES N cakes again. U know what, i have started to restrict myself from taking too much of sweeties…sigh. i had break my record by not having cakes in a week edy….sob**

    A week? Only a week! I seldom eat cakes…when at home or even when travelling, just once in a while for dessert. I prefer our own kuihs…especially the nyonya ones.

  13. Well, I guess you ended up going to Nee’s anyway…

    LOL!!! My cousin insisted on taking me there to sample something even though I was already quite full…and was saving space for the dinner that evening. πŸ˜‰

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