Bombay dreams…

On our first night in Kuching, we went to this Indian restaurant…

Bombay Spices Kuching 1

…located among the shops along Nanas Road. Actually, we had just gone for high-tea – it was Gerrie‘s daughter, Tracy’s birthday…but another cousin of mine, Sophia, insisted that we stopped by this place to have a light dinner.

I certainly liked what I saw on the menu…

Bombay Spices Kuching 2

…as I don’t like those places where they cook a whole lot for lunch and by dinner time, we will have to help ourselves to the not-so-fresh, and sometimes cold even, leftovers.

We had the naan bread with the very nice mushroom masala

Naan bread & mushroom masala

…and the tandori chicken…

Bombay spices tandori chicken

…which was really well done. The chicken meat itself was nice and sweet. so flavourful and firm – not squishy or so soft like tofu…or bland/tasteless like the tandori chicken that I had had at some places.

The pilau rice was also great…and like the naan bread, it went well with the mushroom masala.

Bombay spices pilau rice

All in all, it certainly was a delightful dinner and that is one place that I would not mind going to again, should the opportunity arise. I hear the butter chicken is great too… Yum! Yum!

Thanks, Sophia…and thank you so much also going through all that trouble to drive us here, there and everywhere those few days when my missus and I were in Kuching.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Bombay dreams…”

  1. I have a 5-year-old son. *evil grin* If you happen to have a Punjabi girl or Indian girl from a decent family… about the same age as my boy, kindly pass me the family’s contacts. LOL. I wanna play matchmaker… mana tau… I get lucky and 15 more years later my son falls in love with a Punjabi or Indian girl and marries her. Den I have an excuse to celebrate Deepavali… and eat all those yummy food regularly. Bwhahahaha! And oh, I can just imagine how pretty and cute my cucu will look like! Tall nose… huge eyes, fair skin…bwhahahaha…

    *sigh* Why none in my family marries an Indian or Punjabi? I would really welcome it… my family oredi got converts…and angmoh… haizz… I must work harder… find DIL from other race! Like this my family would be very colourful… and my cucu will look exotic and knows many languages! LOLOL! (i go and continue to dream)

    ps: Nice food… later I go mamak cari nasi briyani! LOL!

    Ya, the “kacukan” often have the looks to kill! But unfortunately, don’t bother searching here – you want to count the number of Indians in Sibu, I think two hands already enough! LOL!!! Well, since you’re playing matchmaker, can you look for one for me too? Must be handsome like those Bollywood stars, should be able to cook all those Indian dishes and ready to marry in 4-5 years’ time… Muahahahahaha!!!! (My daughter will kill me when she reads this – she always takes things very seriously! LOL!!!)

    1. Cleff, and also no need to pay dowry , right?

      Cikgu…you said your daughters takes things very seriously ah? Later she betul betul go and find an Indian BF.muahahaha

      No lah…right now she wants to stay single and take care of her daddy in his old age! LOL!!! I thought if you marry an Indian guy, the girl must pay dowry to the guy’s family? Think I heard this somewhere…

      1. Ya la..that’s why cleff looking for Indian DIL :p

        Humph…later she will end up cooking for her, every day eat Coke chicken or worse – Negro chicken! Muahahahaha!!!!

    2. Haha, “selling” ur boy for food XD

      Must be really desperate… Not surprised considering how terribly skinny she is, that Somalian refugee! LOL!!!

  2. Let’s see…(hopefully Melissa doesn’t read this… LOL!) I have an Indian friend, unmarried, no gf, my age…. just graduate and became a doctor this year, and doesn’t want to get married until 3-4 years later, came from a decent, loving family… lol… but he knows how to cook or not I dun know… cuz as far as I’m concern… he’s been living on instant stuff and microwavable stuff when he was in Russia and had been ransacking my mum’s kitchen for lunch when he was a brat… just the way I go hentam makan at his house every time I got the chance. (Now you remind me… lol…actually this year Deepavali I do have a place to crash, now that my kawan is back in Malaysia!)

    Hahahaha… Oh, God… so missed those good old times… really.. I had so many friends of different race, and their mum always welcomes me in their homes for lunch after school. It’s just so nice… I dun see such things these days, however… parents are too busy sending their kids to tuition and whatnot to invite their kids’ friend for lunch after school. SIGH!

    Can’t cook? No, thank you…*strikes name off list! LOL!!! Ya…once married, already out of circulation – too tied up with family matters and eventually, will lose touch with friends. That happens all the time unless one makes an effort to socialise, keep bonding with some very close friends…otherwise, will end up in one’s own world that rotates solely around the family.

    1. I daresay he cannot cook la… LOL… dunno… only keep in touch via phonecalls, sms and emails. LOL… haven’t seen him for 6 years liao… since he went to study in Ukraine. LOL.. Sure cannot cook lah, else… those Russian chics would have lusted after him. After all, he’s tall, dark and handsome… plus, he was studying to be a doctor. A good candidate for a husband, I must say… sure kenot cook lah, cuz come back, gf pun tarak. LOL. Bwhahahahaha.

      Yups, that’s very true. Before…I concentrated on my family too… but I come to realized last year, that such…such thing is not so healthy… to be out of touch with the world and just gravitate towards family and in laws. i may sound obnoxious, but married as i am, i feel that it is important for me to have a time of my own, and friends of my own too, not just stick with the hubby and kid all the time. I think it’ll make me crazy…I need some healthy dose of social ‘networking’ too. You know… friends to share my probs, my grief, my complaints… my joy…. my hobbies…my craziness…

      I found that after I open up my heart once more and not just let myself be tied up with in laws and just socialize with families… I feel more happy and contented. I feel more liberated and I feel that life is not always bitter, after all. Selfish? I dunno la… I’m not perfect. Maybe that is selfish in some way.

      Ya…at one stage, I was thinking that should I die then, I would lie in the middle – my missus on one side and my daughter on the other. So miserable…nobody else at the funeral. I’m glad I’ve made a lot of good friends at work, through the radio and now through blogging – not such a recluse any longer.

  3. havent had good tandoori chicken in a long time. mayb i shud just get a tandoor ( i think tats wat u call it) and cook my own lol

    It looks something like the stone oven we use to make kompia…or is that for the naan…or both?

  4. btw, kacukan? hahaha havent heard tat word since primary 6. well its pretty ‘trendy’ now.. chindian? ahahha

    I would think Sino-Indian sounds a lot better. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah… these days we call that Chindian. LOL…and Cikgu.. the first time Kat and the rest saw me… they were wondering whether I’m a Malay… or an Indian… or a Chindian, cuz i certainly dun look like a typical Chinese… bwhahahahaha….(cilaka betul… Claire and kat both thought I was a 40s, single, menapausal Indian lady! ISHHH!)

      Sino-Indian… Didn’t I say…already married, add 5 years…have a kid, add 10 – so that’s why you look like in your 40s. Muahahahaha!!!! Ya…you do not look typically Chinese…

  5. Love the tandoori chicken…looks delish !

    It was really great. I’ve had that at a couple of other places but I was not impressed. The meat wasn’t nice…and there wasn’t much flavour. I guess I did not know where to go and in my eagerness to try tandoori chicken, I just had it at any place that had it…and they were not any good.

  6. Ahh I definitely Like the naan with mushroom masala πŸ˜€ I’ll blog about it some other time X) Mmmm X)

    You can get that in Brunei? Can’t find it in Sibu – so few Indians here… Kuching, a lot more…and a lot of Indian restaurants around.

  7. What is a pilau rice?!! It looks like Thai Pineapple rice…:)

    Cheers and enjoy your day!

    That’s some kind of Indian dish. I think if you google, you’ll find the recipe and the details. Cheers to you too – the weekend’s here! Enjoy yourself!

  8. i like the presentation of the pilau going to shop for that odd shape plate now..haha.
    We have lots of Indian cafe here n I dont like the way they are served.
    Ooops.. no dowry..its the other still waiting for the

    LOL!!! Can’t beat a Foochow, I see…when it comes to money matters. πŸ˜€ Hmmmm…with a Sino-Indian son-in-law, pretty soon you will be dishing out all those very nice Indian specialties, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

    1. There are a couple of shops here that sells all kinds of plates, and very cheap too…apparently they’re “rejects” from china….if you look and scrutinise closely, you can see some are out of shape. Price considering, they’re all pretty good buys, some are less defective!

      I love Say Ko’s crockery. Stopped by her house that day on the way down from the airport…and I went oooo…and ahhh…over the lovely plates she uses.

  9. Don’t hope on those indian specialities… probably the sino-indian is already like my eldest always said ‘dipercinakan’

    …and knowing MOST young people today, he probably cannot cook! LOL!!!

  10. the pilai rice and tandori chicken look very good. You like indian food, next time bring you to the one the nearby my place, serve very good nasi bryani and tandori chicken.

    Yes, they’re very nice. Oooooo….looking forward to that! πŸ˜‰

  11. Yes Gerrie its sold at Supersave here…just back from town – not in stock. Dont put the ‘rejects’ china in the oven it will crack.
    STP – they are called Chindian..sino-indian too mouthful..haha.
    Yes – he can cook and can set up delicious BBQ food for beach picnic.

    Ah!!! That’s before the wedding – after the wedding, may be a different story already. Hear it from the horse’s mouth – been there, done that!

    Aiyor…if not stated “oven safe”, put in oven, sure to crack one. Miri’s Supersave has got a lot of nice ones, lots of choices – some very beautiful “English” ones – not Sibu…not worth going to see even. 😦

  12. By looking at the name of the restaurant, bet it serves good foods. fav especially cheese naan dip with condensed milk…yummy

    Not many opportunities to indulge in Indian food in Sibu – but we do have dosai…and murtabak. LOL!!!

  13. I love Naan with Tandoori Chicken! Best combination!! πŸ™‚

    But the chicken is quite dry. I would think the naan needs some sauce or gravy? Dunno…not so familiar with Indian cuisine.

  14. naan…wow…long time i didnt take that.. ipoh has a lot of indian stalls too… but most of the time, i ended up taking capati or tosai…
    btw, you and your wife seems to be having a nice time in Kuching.. so are u back in Sibu now?

    Yes, came back on Sunday…and it’s Friday already today. How time flies…and I still haven’t finished blogging on everything there is to blog about on my trip. I think there are two or three more…and then that’s it!

  15. the food look delish, but i nvr try naan before lor. always roti canai. n try tandoori chicken b4, not nice. maybe bcoz they don do it well. huhu

    Yup…I had tandoori chicken too at a couple of places over that side – and I did not think it was anything great. This one is really nice!

    1. You never tried before? *pengsan* Must try, must try! if not kenot call yourself Malaysian… LOL! Go try! Sedapppp!

      Must be Foochow…the real , authentic ones – they’re never very adventurous when it comes to food. My father’s like that…

  16. Looks absolutely mouth-watering. Didn’t think Kuching would have a good Indian restaurant. I agree with you about leftover food. Fresh is always better. Would be interesting to find out if they use wood fired ovens for the bread, like kompia.

    Next time you stop by there, let me know… I’ll join you there and take you around to the best eating places in town. LOL!!! Dunno about the ovens – I’ve seen them using the traditional ovens in West Malaysia…but never checked to see what they use for the fire.

  17. ooo mushroom masala sounds lurvely…then again mushroom anything is yummy..haha

    It was nice… I’ve yet to try cooking that mushroom roll I had at Payung. Was very nice too…

  18. I am back…thanks for ur wishes on Dylan…he is recovering.

    sorry for my disappearance from ur blog.

    wah…feel like eating indian food at bombay itself right? hehehe

    Nope…never interested in holidaying in India, no – thank you! Glad to hear Dylan’s better.

  19. it’s like the better version of mamak food.. haha..
    pricier as well =)

    Mamak? Nasi kandar? Not necessarily cheaper…and the food is not even half as nice! Their knives very sharp one and I’m not the only one to say so! Papadum RM1 a piece, so ridiculous!!!

  20. Wow…you are turning to Indian food now…what next? I have yet to try a full Indian meal. So far only roti canai and curry. I would love to make tandoori chicken…looks and sounds very delicious.

    Hey! Lots of Indian restaurants in the UK. When I was there in the mid-90s, the cheapest places to eat. Set lunch only 2 pounds! Cheaper than going to places like McD’s or KFC!

  21. u so free nvr c u look for me den i can bring u too more delicious plc and drinking plc too…. πŸ˜‰

    …and hiao with China girls? No, thanks! Hey…I met some in the lift at the hotel – the Chinese they spoke very different one – not like Chinese, like some European language. LOL!!! Me, where got free… See, 1 week already and I’m still posting on my Kuching trip – so many things going on, so tiring!

  22. bring some to ur room n they will teach u…lol
    that means u r so free as so many activity can be done when ur trip not like mine no post at all… πŸ˜›

    With all the activities, where got time left for anything else? Not free lor… You? I’m sure you have lots of activities too…but not suitable to mention in your blog ones. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  23. me nth not suitable wan…look out for d new post…lol

    New post? I checked…but nothing leh? Still the same old post…about you meeting somebody you thought was an ah kua…

  24. not yet wait wait…haha…i tapping ppl line mar so line slow how to post…lol

    Ooooo….so nice. All my neighbours’ now – password-secured, so cannot tumpang anymore! 😦

  25. haha…smts nice when line clear but smts very slow :(…here a lot set password but still got some nvr set… ;)like noe very fast so i fast fast upload picture and write later when i free…lol

    Mine last time, got one…but now, clever already. So cannot tumpang anymore… 😦

  26. its ok u very rich so can get own line not like me poor need to tap ppl line…haha

    No choice… I need internet connection and since everybody’s got security lock already, forced to subscribe my own lor… Sobs!

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