Across the sea…

While all the festivities and celebrations were going on in Kuching on Saturday – 18th September, 2010, something similar was happening simultaneously across the South China Sea in Perth, Australia. My favourite and very handsome nephew, Quentin, was tying the knot with his gorgeous bride at a wedding ceremony in a beautiful and very romantic garden setting on that very same day…

Quentin's wedding

If I’m not mistaken, the bride originally hails from KL…

Quentin's wedding - man and wife

There was, of course, the wedding reception and the toast…

Quentin's wedding - the toast

…and the couple’s first dance as man and wife…

Quentin's wedding - the first dance

Like I had said in a previous post, it must have been a very auspicious date that day with a whole lot of people getting married. If it had been on a different date and at a time when I could get away from my filial duties and other commitments, I would have loved to fly over for the occasion…and I would stay for at least one or two weeks to tour the place as I have never been to Perth.

The groom’s sweet and pretty sister, Yvonne, will have her turn in April next year in Penang…

Yvonne & Jonathan

…but before that another niece of mine, Alicia, will be walking down the aisle too, come December, also in Penang…

Alicia and hubby-to-be

Guess I’d better get down to booking my air tickets soonest…and in the meantime, heartiest congratulations once again, Quen…and WeeLeng, from me, Aunty Lucy and Melissa and all of us here. May the two of you be abundantly blessed with everlasting bliss in your life together.

Photos used with Yvonne‘s kind permission and my sincere thanks.

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34 thoughts on “Across the sea…”

  1. Ohhh… beautiful outdoor wedding. This sort of wedding, i can tolerate…put me in a hall full of people… sure I feel wanna pengsan! LOL… I guess… I’m really claustrophobic!

    Ya…it’s so romantic – like in the movies…but I still prefer a solemn church wedding – would love an old cathedral like St Paul’s, that kind, stained glass windows and all…

      1. actually was chatting with her and said to her lets drop by stp blog and comment b4 sleep. hahaha.but yeah still awake…. ish…

        I see. You two…geng lah! Guess she must have gone to sleep – no more sound.

    1. Garden wedding is good but provided the weather guai guai la. If not like the movies become havoc hahahaha

      With our weather, can never tell…and these days, the rain can be real heavy!

  2. waaah!…. so many people getting married. me soon me soon. internet is back ! and ur post still at 5 am. haha.

    Some things never change… You? When? Going to be in Bintangor? Don’t forget to invite me, ya? I can drive there easily…

    1. me probably register this year end but the majlis next year end… but horrr.. see la.. if GOD wlling. if got eat eat, sure will invite you. but horrrr… i don’t like lah to be the bride. later all complain the bride so fat, so ugly so etc. =_=”, if miracle happen and … and i slim down and hv beautiful white sparkling skin… then i will wear wedding dress and the wedding ceremony. hahahaha

      Oh? And your BF’s a chef? Aiyor…sure cannot slim down like that! Muahahahahaha!!!

  3. we plan to have garden wedding last time, but the weather in Miri is really killing. I don’t want to see all my guest sun burnt!

    Not for our climate…and these days, so unpredictable – can be so hot one minute and heavy downpour the next. Maybe can do it at Mist Garden in Sibu, quite cool…that is if the weather permits. LOL!!!

  4. I love outdoor weddings. Sadly I can’t have one unless I have my wedding in another country. Too hot in Malaysia and Singapore to hold one like that! I would look like a melting candle doll if I do!

    Can’t stay a hall full of people, can’t stand heat… *rolls eyes*

    Ya…imagine me, dripping in my sweat! Late evening perhaps…with giant fans, full blast – but I can imagine everybody’s hair then – all a mess! LOL!!! Oh, that Cleff….many things she can’t stand! Old people like that lah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. very beautifulphotos and couples!oops,lessthan3minsleft onthecomputer!

    3 mins? Why? The battery needs recharging or you’re on some prepaid internet connection?

  6. Hi first time here, jumped over from Annie Q’s place. Very nice pics esp the one at the vineyard. So cute!

    Welcome, welcome…and thanks for dropping by. Do come often – will link you in my blogroll. Ya…they have it at a winery – free flow of wine…so I guess there were some people who had to be carried home. LOL!!!

  7. Looks like Stella’s computer is missing the “space” key….

    Yup…and mine gets stuck sometimes – so the words may be a few spaces apart. LOL!!!

  8. owh…outdoor wedding, that’s rare, but nice! hope the weather is not too warm..

    Not over there. The groom’s mum was all wrapped up in her white woollen shawl, so it should be quite cold then – by our standard. 😉

  9. sir, by the way ur anak angkat also kahwin in the month of december la.. 18th.. Quick! Book ur ticket and we plan to go to Sitiawan.. Zee, cash and myself.. Come la..

    Aiyor…the Penang wedding is on the 11th, will have to consider first. Can’t stay over there for so long – stay in hotel, sure pokai lah!!!!

  10. I have a few friends who also got married there with nice garden setting too…envy envy****even my boss also migrated and got tied the knot there too.

    So nice hor…a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

  11. Garden wedding is nice!! BUT only with a pleasant weather! not raining n not too hot. hehehe

    I think I saw an outdoor wedding in Kuching – probably on one of the youtube videos… If I remember correctly, it was at a poolside garden in some hotel – not for me, I’ll be soaking wet in my sweat!

  12. Wow, another wedding! My friend also got married last weekend! I guess it’s a good month for weddings yes? LOL!

    The Hungry Ghost month over…so everybody’s rushing to tie the knot. I just received TWO today – 9th and 10th October….

  13. beautiful garden wedding!

    I simply love garden or beach wedding, but mine, not either one. I want mine to be in a hotel, but in law said, no, must be in a chinese restaurant. They said the food in hotel not nice, and it will be “malu” if our guest complain about the food, so better do it in a proper chinese restaurant. 😦

    Hahahaha!!!! If no Muslim guests, in Chinese restaurant or in hotel all the same what…. Well. sometimes, no choice – just have to follow what the old folks say…

  14. Oooohh lots of wedding going on in this auspicious 8th month Bananaz also feel like getting married now..singing ..’I’m getting married in the morning..ding dong the bells are gonna chime…Get Me to the Church on Time!!! hahahaha..Oops oh..just a dream *ahem*

    You’re not married? Old jolly bachelor kah? I can tell by the songs that you know…LOL!!!

  15. My FairLady just vaporized..*poof* hehe..

    Never mind, lots more… How old you want? 30? 40? 50? Email me your photograph…and I’ll have one for you soonest!!! Not too young lah! Otherwise, people may think she’s your daughter – cradle snatcher…LOL!!! 😀

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA..Story of my life..2nd BEFORE and 5th pix is AFTER

    Maybe I should post another pic – what comes after the AFTER….. Hehehehehe!!! 😉

    1. Samsung GIANT FONT mobile phone!!

      That’s for my birthday! The giant prawns are for the nice things I said about him… Nothing comes for free in this world, right…Kpenyu? Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. congratulations.. and looks like you’re gonna be very busy attending wedding ceremonies and dinners soon?? anyway, those are some happy business right?? 🙂

    Ya…I love attending weddings – now I have 6 coming up in October…

  18. isn’t it so beautiful when the weather is cool and every get to dress up like that for beach or garden wedding? I cannot imagine myself dressing up as a bride under the hot sun in our country…

    Ya, not in this part of the world. I don’t mind a poolside wedding…but beach? I can imagine the groom in his red speedos and the bride in a sexy bikini…and the guests in all kinds of skimpy outfits! Eyew…imagine me there too with all my blubber in all its glory! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. LOL! I love the picture of bride and bride groom with funny grumpy faces, how sweet!

    You probably back in Sibu by now, have a nice day to you!

    That’s the sister of the groom and her boyfriend, trying to be naughty – their turn will be in April next year, not yet. Ya, I came back on Sunday…been a week now, slowly posting all the stuff bit by bit.

  20. [refering to ur reply to SK]..Make it 7 weddings you gotta attend to if this dirty ole 80 year old Bananaz can get one lovely 20 year old fairlady by Oct..kakakaka!!!!!

    Chesh! Gatal! But then again, are you VERY rich? If you are, no problem…can get you one right away! LOL!!! If not, forget it!

  21. Whah…so many weddings! You really need to save up for the ang paus and travels 😀

    Yalor…and they just have to wait till I’ve retired…poor, penniless…broke! Sobs!!!

  22. Soon, YOU”LL be the FATHER OF THE BRIDE….but I m sure YOU”LL BE THE HOST with the MOSTEST..*rubbing hands with glee*

    Hopefully, Deb…hopefully! Any potential son-in-law you can introduce? LOL!!! 😉

    1. No potential wannabees..I’m sure brought up with all your wisdom ,values
      and love, she will attract the right one (100% approved by her parents :))

      Hopefully, hopefully… 😉

  23. Really was an awesome wedding. So grand & beautiful but the weather was so cold!!

    So nice of you to go all the way to attend, memang cukup kawan. Too bad I missed it. Cold? I saw people in t-shirts? Guess they’re climatised…used to it already.

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