From this moment on (3)…

I mentioned in an earlier post that after the wedding service in the cathedral, we proceeded to the groom’s brand-new house for the tea ceremony…

Leo's wedding 3 - bears-in-love cake

I did not take many photos as I was tired and hot and hungry – I think it was already past 1.00 p.m. by then.

Anyway, when the newly-weds arrived, they proceeded to the bridal chamber…with their entourage bearing a whole lot of things. Their grand entrance was preceded by this pair of golden chickens – a cockerel and a hen…

Leo's wedding 3 - The golden chickens
*Gundot’s photo from her Facebook album

…followed by a basin full of things like toothpaste and I don’t know what else, but I know for sure that there was also an elaborately-decorated chamber pot. If I’m not wrong, the bride’s family is non-Christian and they would like to see a whole lot of traditions and customs being carried out.

There was this feeding of one another with tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) in sweet syrup…

Leo's wedding 3 - sweets for a sweet life
*Jeremy‘s photo from his Facebook album

…which I suppose signifies that their married life together would be a sweet one.

Usually, Foochows will just bow three times to pay respect to those married next-of-kin that are older than them…but I guess these days, there is some kind of fusion of the traditional customs between the various Chinese dialects, so there was the tea ceremony instead. Then, there was also the part where the children would serve tea to the newly-weds and they would be given an ang pao (red packets containing money) by the couple…

Leo's wedding 3 - The tea ceremony
*Gundot’s photo from her Facebook album

I wanted to do it on behalf of my daughter who could not be present as she is presently overseas…but I was shooed out of the way. LOL!!!

A buffet lunch was provided and I was relieved when they announced that we would eat before the tea ceremony. There was a very nice spread of food from the Rock Road Restaurant…

Leo's wedding 3 - tea ceremony lunch 1

Leo's wedding 3 - tea ceremony lunch 2

…including this very nice roast duck with mantao (steamed buns)…

Leo's wedding 3 - tea ceremony lunch 3

…and the fish with Thai-sauce was great too…

Leo's wedding 3 - tea ceremony lunch 4

…and they also had some cut fruits and ordered some cupcakes, fruit tarts and chicken pies from a bakery for dessert…

Leo's wedding 3 - tea ceremony lunch 5

Soon it was all done…and everyone headed back home or to their hotels to rest and prepare for the grand wedding banquet that very evening.

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22 thoughts on “From this moment on (3)…”

    1. Ohh… she’s very cute. Could easily mistook her for your little girl…. or your cucu. πŸ˜€

      Humph!!! Now, who’s jahat? Kucing mistook TheOtherCousin aka Papa Roti for me – and he’s only in his early 30s – Gee! I must look pretty young… Muahahahaha!!!!

  1. You’re my cuppie cake… gumdrop… you’re my sweeetiieee pie…you’re my pummmpkee ummkeee ummm kin, you’re my sweetie pie…. LOLOL! I’m having a cake withdrawal. *BIG HINT* Chiffon cake… honey lemon cake… chocolate moist cake….. feed me, feed me. LOLOL!

    The cakes only looked nice; they did not cut the one with the two bears on the sofa though… Wait, wait till you see one post coming up soon – the cakes are really to die for. Yummmmm!!!!!

    1. Ish… jahat… now I must go on my bodek-ing mode again. Bwhahaha… let’s see if I can get some yummy choc cake for my next date. LOL! I must ajak Kat bodek along wif me… the more the better! Hahahaha!

      Well, all of you skin and bone, can eat all the cakes you want. Wait – a couple posts more and we’ll come to that one post…with all the gorgeous cakes. Yum! Yum!

  2. You know something, I don’t quite like to attend function unless it’s private and not so crowded,but…amidst so many nonsense in the world… amidst divorce and suffering and amidst infidelities, sometimes it is nice to attend weddings…it affirms that sometimes, true and hopeful love does exist, doesn’t it? It is really nice to know that love does exists, though it’s not meant for everyone. πŸ˜€

    Reality bites. A marriage is NOT an life-long courtship and honeymoon – it needs BOTH parties to work together…and A WHOLE LOT of giving and taking. It takes a HUGE sacrifice on the part of BOTH…no room for selfishness, no time to wallow in self-pity, appreciate ALL that…and when the love grows from day to day, only then can it be a beautiful sacred union to last a lifetime. Many today are simply too self-centred…and hence, their marriages are doomed right from that start…and they put the blame on fate, no jodoh! Perhaps they should take one good look at themselves…

  3. Seeing these pictures made me realise that I have not attended a wedding for a long time! lol… my mum told me recently that not to receive card is better than to receive..hahaha… summon!!

    We haven’t had a wedding in the family for a long time too…and after the long dry spell, we suddenly had two…on the exact same date – I will blog on the other one in tomorrow’s post…and it’s like it’s so contagious – there’ll be another in December and another in April next year… Never mind! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime affair, so it would be good to share the joy and take the opportunity to strengthen family ties. These days, family members are all over the place, different parts of the globe…and they hardly know one another…

  4. there was duck with mantao too during lunch? No wonder i had a sense of deja vu when duck (with mantao) was served for dinner that night. So……assuming you had 5 pieces of mantao with duck for lunch, and another 5 for dinner, that’s 10 in total that day, right? πŸ˜€

    It wasn’t as nice as Hilton’s and was a bit tough but that did not stop me from having at least 3 pieces or more. The Hilton one was really nice, so tasty…so tender…Kpenyu also ate a lot and he said it was better than any that they have in KK.

  5. if you are not shooed away I will be the 1st one to
    Kpengyu did a good job of introducing with his Hokkien/foochow haha…should have taped it n rewind back to him

    Didn’t pay a lot of attention to what was going on. Crowds and a lot of people talking at the same time make my head spin – old liao!!! Ultra-sensitive to noise. Or maybe that’s an occupational hazard for teachers….Muahahahaha!!!

    1. Me too! I don’t like crowded and noisy places. Give me headache.

      Oh? Thought I’m like that because of old age. Maybe not then… Those days, went to dances, pubs and clubs – ear-splitting music…no problem! These days, my eardrum vibrates if the music is too loud!!! 😦

  6. ohmy! i love the 1st pic and last pic!!! πŸ˜€ the foods really make me drool now! yish!!

    You love pretty cakes? Nah…the test of the pudding is in the eating. Never mind the appearance, as long as it tastes nice! πŸ˜‰

  7. Sometimes i think, christian and foochow way of wedding, a lot simple and not so “complicated”. On my wedding, my side more simple, but my in law side, they still follow some traditional way, but we manage to “cut off some” . Phew!

    I am eyeing on the mini fruit tarts. Yum!!

    I thought Foochow way also a lot of macam-macam…but in my family, we just follow the Christian style…so not much hassle – but sometimes, the older folks..or the other side would want this and that, so no choice…will have to comply. Never mind, after all…it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

  8. I really like the foodies there lor….Of so many pre-wed functions i attended, i still havent come across this roasted duck with the steamed bun. Geee…dying for it, but i m having it tonight as for the festival celebration…ahahhahaha

    Yum…yum! Lucky you! I’m not having anything special, missus is working… Sobs!!!

  9. Oooops…the timing of the lunch couldn’t be helped much, as wedding mass ended later than anticipated as well, and by the time everyone is there, it was well well after 1pm…sorry you were hungry already by then.

    Not that hungry…but sure was quite delighted that we were asked to eat first instead of having to wait till after the tea ceremony. LOL!!! Ya…the mass WAS longer than usual.

  10. eh.. i so love her wedding gown… so cantik!!!!!!!!!!! food as usual looks yummy lor.. *hungry*

    The Chinese outfit is very nice too…and so are the gowns she wore at the banquet. Very good taste…and she has the figure to wear them and carry them well…

  11. Oooo…..the cupcakes are so beautiful. Love it!

    Even I’m already married, I can’t even remember those traditional stuffs need to be done on the wedding day. Both mum and dad don’t know about this pantang too. They were being guided by some elder relatives then. Wonder when my son or daughter’s turn, how arr?

    Don’t worry…when the time comes, there WILL be lots of people, all the know-it-all, asking why you’re not doing this, why you’re not doing that…or telling that you MUST have this or you MUST have that – and you will get all stressed out and wish that your kids would just elope!!! It is always the case! πŸ˜€

  12. LOL at you being shooed away! I almost thought you were serving tea on behalf of your daughter in that picture… But I guess their ceremony is more common (tea ceremony) for Chinese as opposed to just bowing 3 times, cause I did the tea ceremony as well! Hahaha..

    LOL!!! Ya, the Foochows are cleverer – just bow three times and collect the ang pao already. Not as interesting but less hassle. You had a tea ceremony too? Anybody chanted, “Lim teh lim ta-ta, may nee say l** p**…!!!” or “Lim teh lim liao liao, may nee say l** c***!!!” Muahahahahaha!!!! Talking of which, HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to you and Saucer. So very fast – I remember Tock updating the status on Facebook about the proceedings of the wedding…and poof! 1 year is gone! Any good news yet…after all that tea drinking? πŸ˜‰

  13. Love to read this post…about weddings in Sibu. Good food there…all are my favourite! Learn a lesson….you need to eat some first before you go for any reception! πŸ˜€ My hubby & I attended a friend’s daughter’s wedding here some time ago. I went there with an empty stomach. Food was only served about 9pm. I was so dead hungry by then. They had Ceilidh dancing, fireworks, speeches etc etc. The food was just light finger food. When I came home, I cooked a big meal and had mid night supper…haha

    This wedding was in Kuching. The banquet was fine, no problem…and it was a really good one. Lots to eat and the food was nice.

    The tea ceremony was late…as we were 11.00 a.m. in the queue of weddings in the cathedral that day…and the priest was a chatty one and was enjoying the service more than anybody else…and by the time we got to the house and the groom brought the bride over the threshold and into the bridal chamber, it was way past 1 p.m.

    What a relief it was when the groom’s mum, my aunt, said that we would have “lunch” first… Phew!

  14. wah looks like there is a lot of food! of course the happiest person there would be you right?!!

    Everybody was happy…it was such a happy occasion! πŸ™‚

  15. what a feast! happy occasion! so many photographers around! hehe…

    Not really. I think there were three professionals from some photography company that they hired – the rest of us, Digicammers, will snap a bit here and there only and try not to get in their way.

  16. Ahhh… me too, it has been a long time I didn’t attend any wedding! Congratulation and your niece is so cute! Lovely cup cakes!

    Btw, Happy Mid Autumn to you and family!

    Thanks…and a happy one to you too. Ya…usually at a stage, there will be no more weddings…until the young ones grow up and reach the marrying age.

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