From this moment on (1)…

My missus and I flew to Kuching on Thursday last week for my cousin, Kpg Nangka Boy’s wedding on Saturday. It was certainly a grand event with next-of-kin from all over Sarawak – Sibu, Bintulu and Miri, Sabah…and even as far as Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia…

The clan at KNB's wedding
*Felixon‘s photo taken from his Facebook photo album

We were at his mother’s house first thing in the morning as he and his bride-to-be had to go and pay their respects to his late father, my uncle. The bridal limousine arrived…

The bridal limo

…and the ceremony was carried out promptly.

It must have been a very auspicious day as there were many couples tying the knot on that date, so the two and everybody else had to sit around and chat and wait…

The bride and groom

…for the turn in the queue to go to the St. Joseph’s Cathedral for the wedding service.

One of the two best-men was Jeremy, my blogger-friend whom I had not seen for so many years – ever since he went to Sibu once a long time ago. It certainly was so nice to bump into an old acquaintance again after all this while and we had a photo taken together. He’s the one standing on the far left…

Me and my cousins and friends

Also in the photo is to my left, my ex-student, Louis J…and the outstanding-looking guy next is my very handsome and very generous cousin from Kota Kinabalu, Kpenyu (…and hopefully, after reading this, he would send me more giant prawns! Muahahahaha!!!)…and after him, in a checked shirt, is Alexius, another ex-student of mine who was in my 1993 debate team together with TheOtherCousin, standing far right.

Soon, it was time to proceed to the cathedral for the service. Here, you can see the bride’s father walking down the aisle with his daughter and handing her over to the groom…

The father of the bride

The service went on smoothly, the vows and wedding rings were exchanged and the newly-weds walked out of the church as man and wife…

Man and wife

Then we had to go to their brand new house for the tea ceremony…..but that will be in another post. Stay tuned!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “From this moment on (1)…”

  1. waahh..i saw someone wearing tie… all looking smart and cool.. btw, the bride is very pretty and sweet too.. Congratulations to both of them…

    Hah!!! Dressed up for the occasion mah! Such a grand and special one, so must make an effort to look presentable… Ya, the bride’s pretty – I seem to see a bit of resemblance to Lin Fong Ciao, if anyone is old enough to know the Taiwanese film star – she married Jacky Chan, didn’t she? Ummmm….not making any comparison between the groom and Jacky Chan though – muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Wow… she’s so pretty… the bride… she looks so radiant. I wish I can look half like her in make up. *sobs* Put make up on me… and I’ll look like an opera ghost. SOBS! I am very chaaaaaammmm~

    After make up, like opera ghost…before make up leh? Like real ghost kah? Muahahahaha!!!!

    1. Yalohh… real ghost… macam vampire… hahahahaha…after make up… i see myself in the mirror oso sked, kenot recognize. Bwhahahaha!

      Hope I don’t get to meet you at night… LOL!!!

  3. Congrats to the newly wed couple…i guess next post shud be the foodie pics ya…hahhaha

    The grand banquet is next but not many pics of the food as the place was dim – photos would not turn out nice, so I did not bother to take.

  4. hahah.. the last photo looks more like the groom was “dragging” the bride out of the church hehe… yeah.. the dress was rather pesky when it comes to walking up and down a slope, stairs and such.. other than that, it’s a gorgeous dress..

    Ya…I know, like he was in her hurry to drag her home for reasons known only to himself. Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!

    In the old days, the bridesmaid would be the one scurrying around to manage the bales of cloth – whenever the bride stood up, or sat down or when the bride was walking somewhere…and the bridesmaid would help her put down the bouquet or her handbag…and the bridesmaid would hold the umbrella over the bride…etc…etc…etc… Looks like things have changed – that day, KNB’s aunt was the one holding the umbrella the whole time…even though they were in the car porch! LOL!!!

  5. Such a lovely wedding! The bride looked gorgeous! And great to know that everything went smoothly!

    Yup…all went on without a hitch. I came home, exhausted…still recuperating. Too old for all this travelling and merry-making already… 😦

  6. My aunt said she better hold the brollie over the bride, just in case. What’s the significance again?

    Dunno… All I know is that brides in the past must be real “siaw-cia” (real delicate ladies…or at least, pretend to be)…so must protect from the sun. Mine was a lace one – sun and rain also could go through! LOL!!!

  7. The bride is so pretty and I love her smiles.. Looking forward to the pictures of what you had during the wedding dinner. Hehehe..

    LOL!!! You’ll be quite disappointed. Didn’t take many photos of the food…

  8. congrats to the newly wed couple.

    The bride look so pretty and sweet, and agree with you, she does look like Lin Fong Ciao!! *am i that old to know who is Lin Fong Ciao?*

    Thanks. Gee! You know Lin Fong Ciao? You must be quite old then… Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  9. Why ur friend also fat fat one XD

    Can feel the joy and happiness whenever i saw married couples. Congratz to them ^_^

    The one who got married? Not my friend… My cousin. And some of the other cousins too – same shape and size. Runs in the family, I guess… Hehehehehe!!! Thanks for your good wishes.

  10. The Bride is so pretty. Alamak Cikgu why tarak wear coat one?

    Aiyor…the heat was choking me and the tie did not help one bit! I took it off as soon as the wedding service was over!

  11. congrats to your cousin! wah i haven’t seen Jeremy for ages too!

    Thanks. You’ve met him before. He’s working in KL now…should be easy to meet up sometime…

  12. hey i was at the church on 16th but my fren wedding ceremony at 11 am

    Oh? 16th also so many weddings kah? So all had to queue up as well? I think 7th Month just passed, all in a hurry to get married. Hungry Ghost month – nobody wanted to tie the knot.

  13. i think so as everybody say its a good date thats y all restaurant fully booked… πŸ˜‰

    I wouldn’t bother about choosing dates – some restaurants may have a few couples having the reception at the same place…and old people say brides must not meet face to face, bad…but the main thing is usually they may not be able to cope with such a huge crowd so the food is not nice – even though the restaurant may be a good one on normal days.

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