Hey Paula…

Nope, this isn’t Paul the Octopus – that soothsayer that took the world by storm during the recent World Cup. This is Paula the Sotong! LOL!!!

People keep grumbling about the bad economy and yet, over here in Sibu, there are more and more shophouses sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms after the rain. I dropped by one along the road to Teku, opposite the SIB and the St Teresa’s Catholic churches. I can’t remember the name now but it was pretty crowded that morning. They have opened another one of those nicer-looking places (and usually more expensive) right next door – Kowloon Cafe, it is called.

Anyway, back to this place that I went, I had the mee sotong (RM4.00)…

Mee sotong 1

…from the stall at the back that does not seem to serve pork but I do not think they are Malays/Muslims as I went on Hari Raya morning and it was business as usual.

It was quite nice…but I would think that RM4.00 is a bit too steep for just those few bits of sotong (squid)…

Mee sotong 2

I would much rather go to that lady at Sg Antu…who sells her mee goreng at only RM3.50 with egg and masak hitam beef and it tastes a lot nicer. I honestly feel that if people want to sell their stuff at a higher prices, they should at least ensure that the quality of what they sell is a lot better than others that are cheaper.

Well, there are other stalls at that coffee shop. The rojak mamak did not look very enticing…and a lady at the next table had the Sarawak laksa and I did not smell a thing. With the messy construction going on right now along that road (part of the on-going flood mitigation plan), I don’t think I’ll be going back there very soon…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Hey Paula…”

  1. Bwhahahahahahaha…. God really loves me. LOL… I just makan loads of seafood the other day… so I’m not the least tempted over the sotongs…and I daresay the kucing have loads of naughty stories about me to tell. *blush*

    LOL!!! What? What? Come, whisper in my ears…gossip…gossip! 😀

    1. Eeeee… kaypochee… hahaha… you’re back in Sibu, Cikgu? Oh, praise the Lord for keeping you safe! LOL. Did you have fun? I bet you did… hahahaha… did you go ‘Three Tenors’ at the wedding? Hahahahaha!

      Gee! You must have 6th Sense!!! There were the Three Tenors…but I was not one of them. Wait for the post! LOL!!! Yup…I’m home safely – totally exhausted but it was a whole lot of fun. Guess I’m just too old for all these… 😦

      1. What??? You mean you din go O Sole Mio in the wedding? Aiyo… what a waste la, Cikgu… you could have made a fabulous Parvorotti!!!

        See the post after the next one – they even looked like the 3, I tell you… Muahahahaha!!!

  2. yealo normally if laksa very nice one ho, will smell it from the next 2 tables like that. the mee mamak seems to be a bit oily plus expensive lol X) sorry didn’t check up ur blog this few times, I was having a mock exam

    Agree with the laksa – like the one at Kopitiam Fantasy. Alfie sang its praises but I’ve yet to give it a try though myself. It’s ok – all the best in your studies, just drop by whenever you can.

  3. If you are in a business, no matter u r doing it cheap or on the high end. U need to let the customers feel ur sincerity. I just had these fried dough “you tiao” here in auckland and they served it freaking cold and it was tough as chewing a plastic. Not to mention that there were a lot of other disappointment too. Now this is the restaurant that i will have both my first and last visit on the same day.

    That certainly was bad – once and never again! Well, I guess it’s the same everywhere – some good ones, others suck big time…a real rip-off! Sometimes I wonder why they can actually stay in business and there are still people going… Maybe there are people who are not that fussy about what they eat.

  4. I love sotong… my kids do not like..but i simply love them cooked with anything..

    I’m not crazy about sotong – would prefer prawns anytime. I guess your kids are like me… 😉

    1. Ohhhh… sambal petai+sotong is yummy. I know how to cook that. Come Kl, Claire… i feed you! (must go hunt petai… hahaha)

      Cook and post! Seeing is believing! Nanti reach KL, nothing to eat…only Coke chicken! LOL!!!

      1. Go bodek Kat give me patai… here tarak… LOLOL

        Don’t ask me. I like petai…but I can live without them! Hehehehe!!!

  5. haha.. still thinking about paul whenever there’s a sotong!

    He’s gonna live forever… Next World Cup, for sure, everybody will be looking for another Paul! 😀

  6. mee sotong for RM4? that’s cheap i think. haha….in Miri or KL i think you will need RM5 for that. 😀

    Cheap? But I thought sotong isn’t that expensive here. Never bought, so I wouldn’t know. I would prefer prawns…

  7. Food stores in Kuching /Sibu need to know the basic truth, they cannot make money by cutting corners. The only way to be successful is good quality food for the right price. The basic ingredients need to be in there. And they simply cannot just increase the price or take away a major ingredient .
    I went to Sibu recently and many food stores are still too dirty.

    Just flew back from Kuching this morning – the place I went to was really good…higher prices but value for money and tastewise, could match any place in Sibu for the same stuff. Watch out for the post – coming soon. Dunno about other places… Places in Sibu, dirty? Well, those that I frequent are pretty presentable…dunno which places you went to. That original dianpanngu place perhaps? Eyewwwwww….. I haven’t been there for ages. 😉

  8. Same situation here. The people keep saying that the economy is bad but the businessmen keep on building malls all around the country. I think that the negative outlook on the economy is exaggerated.

    Perhaps so… Just to scare people into doing what they want. I hear prices of property so very high now – probably everyone was dumping their money in that – a safe bet to invest in.

  9. Mee Sotong, i bet we don’t have it here, the only thing i can know of that noodles with sotong is one store selling char koay teow with sotong as the addition that will cost a bomb if you order .

    Me, i just like the sotong steamed, and dip with good dressing,this will be enough,

    Steamed? I thought they’re quite tasteless. Usually, I would eat it coated with batter and deep fried or cooked with dried chillies and soy sauce…

    1. Hahahahahahaha… holy crabs! LOL-ed so hard at bananaz’ statement! Hahahahaha… ish, kesian paula… but what a yummy way to go!

      What does “got sotong-ed” mean? I know the Hokkiens have the expression – “char jiew hu” (fry sotong).

  10. I would love to try this out when i get back to sibu at the end of this year. lots of new kopitiams have sprouted all over sibu and i haven’t had chance to try them…

    Well, keep dropping by. I’ll be trying some of these new places and hopefully, there’ll be some really good ones that are worth a visit. Btw, thanks for stopping by…and do come again!

  11. Aww….the noodle look so yummydelicious. The colour and the ingredient makes it so appetizing !

    It tasted ok…just that I thought it was a bit expensive. Not much sotong…for RM4. I don’t think it’s that expensive here, definitely cheaper than prawns.

  12. Paula – Paul’s wife? hahahhahaha

    Mee goreng look very good, dark and “juicy” or is it “oily”? Taste so so only?

    Not oily…just that the taste was nothing to shout about. I wouldn’t bother to go all the way there to eat that…

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