Don’t lie…

Yes, don’t lie! Don’t say that you cannot cook unless you are one of those hopeless individuals who cannot even boil water….and indeed, that is all you need to know to be able to cook this dish – boil water!

This was one of the things my mum used to cook and when I was small, I loved it so much that all day long, I would be sneaking into the kitchen to pinch a piece or two to eat. My mum would be furious when by dinner time, she discovered that half of it had disappeared. LOL!!!

All you need to do is to put a slab of pork in a cooking pot…

STP's boiled pork 1

…and fill it with water (submerging the meat or almost all of it) and boil it…

STP's boiled pork 2

It’s as simple as that. When the water has started boiling, remove the lid and leave it to simmer for around 45 minutes to almost an hour to make sure that the meat is cooked completely. By then, much of the water would have evaporated and you would only have about half or one third of it left.

Pour the water into another pot…and add half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of msg to the meat. Cover the pot and shake it vigorously so that the ingredients will coat the meat completely. Leave it to rest.

Come mealtime, take out the meat and cut it into thin slices and serve…

STP's boiled pork 3

That is all there is to it. It’s so very simple, right?

Of course, you may eat it with sambal belacan or pounded chilli and garlic for added flavour. My daughter loves it with black pepper sauce or BBQ sauce.

STP's boiled pork 4

By the way, you can use the water as stock to cook vegetable soup…or simply do what I normally do. I would add a little bit of water, say 2:1 or 3:1, the latter being the proportion of water to the stock. Bring it back to boil and add salt and msg according to taste. Garnish it with chopped spring onions and/or fried shallots and/or chopped Chinese celery (daun sup) and serve.

Killing two birds with one stone – at the end of it all, I would have a meat dish and a soup and I can just fry a veg dish for a complete/balanced meal to be eaten with rice. Anybody wants to give this ย a try?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Don’t lie…”

  1. Remember that cooking show,if Yan can cook everyone can cook….so says STP! Share something funny with u, M’s wife thot yr blog is titled Si-tua-pui so she asked me y u titled it as such so I said it is Suituapui,direct translate is pretty fat not yes fat….LOL! Btw I also cooked that pork thing a lot as well, with belachan or the ‘parngngee’ sauce yum yum.

    LOL!!! M’s wife needs to come to my tuition class for remedial reading lessons! ๐Ÿ˜€ But actually, a lot of people make that mistake…dunno why so many cannot read properly or what! What’s “parngngee” sauce? Something like fish gravy or chio cheng? Would be nice too – with lots of cut chillies…. Yum!

    1. parngee sauce is foochow version of cincaluk or i named it foochow belachan. nice too!

      Dunno…is it the tiny crabs? Eyewww…I don’t eat those. Gatal…allergy! LOL!!!

  2. Is this another of JFV’s favourite? I cooked that a lot too. Sometimes I fry the pieces with kicap!

    Probably! I learnt it from my mum. The kicap version coming right up…tomorrow! LOL!!!

  3. yeah don’t waste. Can actually use the stock to cook a bowl of vege soup to go along with the meat!

    Yup…that’s what I always do…but as kids, we loved it plain with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions and a pinch of salt and msg added as it would be something like the little bowl of complimentary soup we would get with our plate of kampua noodles when we went to eat in the coffee shops. Gosh! We would so deprived then – even that little bowl of soup was such a treat and so very much cherished!!!

  4. Ok, surely wont lie.. I normally use this type of meat to boil soup.. then after that take it out, cut into slices and dip with chili padi plus soy sauce.. a dish by itself.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yup…my missus would eat it like that – with soy sauce and cili padi, not me. I would like to eat it without any sauces – can savour the sweetness/taste of the meat.

  5. LOL. Si-tua-pui and Suituapui can mean very different thing. The former would mean “that-good-for-nothing fat person. The later would mean “Crazy fat person”. Crazy person can be fun to be around with. As for the good-for-nothing person, well, you have to go ask his wife. Just joking…..I am sure you are good-for-many-thing person because we are often here reading your blog, aren’t we?

    Ooi…si=dead and you use it to scold some hopeless fat person. Si – tua – pui!!! And crazy = siao. Sui = good or nice-looking…like chu ching sui, chia ching sui… (house looks nice/car looks nice), so suituapui = good-looking fatty! LOL!!! Actually somebody wanted to register an email address for me long ago (those days when I was still quite blur when it came to technology)…and he wanted to use puipuisuisui…but it was already taken (Imagine! A name like that also got people want! LOL!!!) and in the end, he settled for suituapui…and that’s how it got stuck.

  6. “Now everyone can cook!”! It is indeed that easy but I have not been doing that for a long time. Last week, I bought some cheap meat – that muscle meat attached to the liver. I boiled it for 1 hour and did like you do. Very nice! You are using a lot of msg!

    Just half a teaspoon…and also the salt. My missus would add a lot more, not me – seems in her family, they take a lot of the two. Actually, if eaten with sauces, just boil the meat – no need to add anything anymore.

  7. Pork is synonymous with the Chinese. Westerner sometimes called it ‘sweet meat’ because it is sweet, especially the belly pork with some fat in it.

    Oh? I always thought that refers to char siew. Ya…pork belly – my missus would prefer that – the meat is nicer. I always asked her why she would eat that and yet remove ALL the chicken skin? Isn’t it worse? I don’t bother about all this stuff – just eat in moderation…once in a while. Shouldn’t be too bad.

  8. I can cook. Sometimes I can cook better than my missus. :p

    Good. I wouldn’t say that… Later my missus goes on strike and then I will have to cook all the time. No, thank you… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hahahahaha!!!!

  9. i ate that before with chopped chili and soy sauce…

    ok…btw if u gt any free time just let me know even its lunch,breakfast,dinner o supper as at hometown its easier coz got own car…i met cocka last friday for lunch and he asked about did i meet up with u ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ok… So what did you tell Cocka? Hmmmm…no bad things about me, I hope. Muahahahaha!!!! Ya…will see if I have any free time. (Like last trip, free also…just stayed in the hotel room – online! Muahahahaha!!!!)

  10. I cook a lot of this dish too…sshh…I always buy the 3 layered meat–taste really great to eat with belachan…. or sometimes I will cut n stir fry with lots of garlic..soya sauce n sugar..I learn this from my children love them.

    Yup…pork belly – the 3-layer meat! Missus loves that – I would use the leaner parts. Garlic, soy sauce and sugar – the ingredients for my recipe tomorrow – come and see my version of the pork dish. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Can make ‘nasi daging’ out of the stock too… I used to do that. But again… my husband is not a fan… I would love to have these… with ‘air asam’…(made from belacan+chillies, onions+water)

    Water? That’s interesting. My mum used to make this dip – soy sauce with pounded garlic, chillies and a squeeze of lime. Really nice. We used to eat with blanched jellyfish…but I loved it with meat or anything else for that matter.

    1. Yea… add abit of water plus some sliced chillies with shallots to it… den use it as a dip for the daging rebus. Very nice… ๐Ÿ˜€ My mum used to make it… and when I grew up… I make it too every now and den… to go with some roasted meat or boiled beef… goes very well with ikan pari goreng too. I like the kicap one too… but still prefer the air asam over the kicap dip. LOL! I’m quite a belacan fan… hahahaha…

      Aha! Boiled beef! The procedure is a little bit different. Really must go and buy some imported beef one of these days, so I can cook some of my beef dishes and post…

  12. That’s really smart cooking….simple and quick. I’ll make garlic lime sauce as dip…mmmm.

    Yup…that’s the type of things I will cook – no hassle at all and nice to eat. Garlic and lime? Add soy sauce and a bit of sugar – tastes great! But after that, kissing is out of the question! The stink! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Takperr…. Clorets to the rescue… hahaha… instant removal of bad breath. Hahahahahah! Eat away!

      Do they work? I never take such things…even if they claim to be sugar free. Was once addicted to Fisherman’s Friend – thank goodness I got out of the habit of eating those…and they’re so expensive these days some more! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. Won’t the meat get old when boiled for so long?

    Old? Only half an hour…and if not long enough, later outside cooked, inside still red colour – not cooked yet!!!

  14. wokay wokay..then I can cook :p

    Which part of the meat is that? Is it called “Poon sei sau”(lean + fatty meat)?

    Sure you can. Dunno what part this was, my wife did the marketing. If I buy, I would tell the butcher – not fat…and not “siap” part (Dunno the English word for this), and he would give me something nice – dunno from which part of the pig’s body. Now! Now! No wise ideas!!! Muahahahaha!!!! Wink! Wink! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I think this one is pork belly part there la kat…. looks like that part…

      Looks like which part? NOW! NOW! What are you hinting at? @.@ Muahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. *pengsan* not pork belly meh?

        Pork belly…had three-layers of fat… What they call three-layer meat, the meat they use to make roast pork. I don’t like… My missus will often buy, says the meat is nicer…and she patiently removes ALL the fat and eats the meat – so I told her I would not have the patience…and I would eat everything and if I were to die, she would be the one to blame!!!

  15. Yes. for lazy people like me, I always do that. Killing 2 birds with one stone. Another way to deal with the meat is to stir fry some salt after which you can put the boiled meat in and blend them together. Put the meat inside the fridge and preserve it. When you want to eat it, just take it out and slice it and steam it up. Usually this is the way to preserve meat in the old days. I just had this this afternoon at my mum’s house and my brother is so happy as the last time we were having this dish was many many years ago.

    Ya, that’s quite nice too. When I want to heat the leftover meat, I would just fry it…and with the salt, it would turn a bit brownish…and have a pleasant taste that’s quite different from the original. I love eating such simple dishes compared to what they serve outside – so much oil, so much salt and above all, so much msg!

  16. Wok k wok k, looks so so so simple will just have to start to ‘cook’ this dish..haha tQ so much.

    You can’t cook? Gee! You don;t know what you’re missing. It’s so enjoyable… I guess it’s because I’m not tied down by recipes. Must be so tedious having to read and follow them closely…

  17. u got nth bad to tel him ler…i say i more fatter than u liao as owes eat n eat… ๐Ÿ˜€
    u free in hotel coz got company mar…china frens a lot… :p

    Got kah? You pimp…can pick nice, nice one and send to my hotel or not? Hehehehehe!!!

  18. haha.. yeah.. boil water.. and cook oil! =P

    You can’t cook? Better make sure you find a wife who loves cooking…or you will have to eat out all the time – expensive, not healthy, troublesome etc etc etc…

  19. A, thanks for sharing this dish. It’s perfect for a lazy guy like me. Simple, elegant and tasty! I’ve always loved this dish when my mother cooked it but never learned how to do it. How about doing some ‘STP can cook, so can you’ video for youtube?

    They’ll need extra-wide-angle lens and something with a bigger screen like those Vevo music clips on youtube. LOL!!! You must try the dish in my next post – just as easy and also very nice!

  20. Pretty simple, would be nice with sambal belacan too!

    Definitely…but in that case, you don’t have to add the salt and msg. Just the boiled meat and sambal belacan is good enough…

  21. Ok! I won’t lie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can cook.

    I can cook instant noodles, instant pancit canton, anything instant available in groceries. ^_^

    Hahahahaha!!! Poor thing, looks like you will have to find a wife who can cook…

  22. i ask my fren for d number n send to u…lol

    Oh? You know a pimp? So he makes sure you get one or more every time you go back to Kuching? Hehehehehe!!!! @.@

  23. ehemm….i no nid pay alrdy hv…sumore its clean wan..a few sumore…lol

    *pengsan… Wish I knew you long, long ago when I was younger. Now, near 60…no more excitement in my life lah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  24. age does not matter….im so old too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ya…all those late nights, booze and chicks…I’m sure you’re older than me! >.<

  25. My mom used to cook this also. Normally we will dip with cili padi in soya sauce. Simply appetizing.

    Yes, so very simple and yet so very nice! Those dishes with lots of expensive ingredients and so many things to prepare may not necessarily be better.

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