How do you do…

This is ang chiew – our very own Sibu Foochow home-brewed red wine…

Foochow red wine

…which is very versatile when it comes to using it for cooking.

And this is ang chao – the residue that one would get when making ang chiew

Foochow ang chao

It is used for cooking also – meat especially but sometimes, people do use it to marinate fish prior to frying.

Nope, I am not interested in how to make ang chiew or for that matter, ang chao. What I would like to find out is how to cook mee sua (thread/string noodles) in chicken soup with ginger and the red wine and get the meat and the soup all red like this…

Foochow mee sua 1

I had this at a coffee shop in the vicinity called Lot 9 here in Sibu. There is a middle-aged lady there selling very nice porridge and pork leg in herbal soup and also mee sua for RM4.80 a bowl…

Foochow mee sua 2

But you will have to be very patient as she seems to be extremely slow and takes a long time to cook and serve.

I can cook it myself but just as in the case of a number of places in town that also sell it, mine isn’t red in colour like what as you can see in this post or this one. I think I saw Annie posting a photograph of the mee sua that she cooked (or was it her mum?) and it was red. I wonder if she adds a bit of ang chao to it or something like that. So, Annie, how do you do it?

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24 thoughts on “How do you do…”

  1. Another banned dish for me XD

    Cherries – good alternative remedy for gout. Should be easy to buy in supermarts in S’pore. Go buy and eat lots! Not available in this small town… 😦

  2. I never tried mee sua in red wine before, I know some people esp Hokkien must eat this on his/her birthday 🙂

    Dunno about the Hokkiens but definitely the Foochows – they eat this on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, homecomings, farewells…any special occasion, in fact…and during confinement after childbirth too.

  3. Why must everything be in wine huh? :/

    Not a must… You can eat mee sua with just chicken and ginger soup, if you want. Just that, the Foochow red wine, for those of us who like it, will add to the fragrance and enhance the taste. Some people, I know, would substitute it with brandy…

  4. ooooh…. this is like throwing in the red wine pork ribs and cook with mee sua hehehe 😛

    looks good… since I just woke up and food looks extremely tempting now…

    Ya…I know people do eat with pork but round here, I think we favour chicken. There are people cooking pork ribs or pork legs to be eaten with mee sua here…but with other kinds of Chinese herbs but these are not as popular though.

  5. Did you know that ‘ang chao’ or ‘red wine yeast’ has cholesterol lowering ability? No, that is not a urban legend but a fact because they have found traces of ‘statin’ in it.

    Is that so? Must be the red yeast they use to make it. Must start to eat more regularly then…and don’t tell people! The price will shoot up like nobody’s business if everyone starts scrambling for it… LOL!!! 😉

  6. YUM!!! Red wine mee suah, ok, let me go and take out the chicken to defrost and cook red wine chicken soup today!!

    My mum usually will fried the ginger with sesame oil than add in chicken fried a while then add a lot red wine to it and add some water, then boil it. When serve it with mee suah, if you think you can take some more wine, then can add more. That’s why it look red color.

    WAH! Ang Chao can lower cholesterol? Good good good!! I got some more ang chao in the fridge, going to marinate it with spare rib and fried it, another yummy dish. Thanks for sharing Kong!!

    Oh? No ang chao? I marinated the chicken before cooking with red wine long before cooking, also not successful. Once I used the bottom bit of the red wine, almost habis – it had some residue…and the chicken and the soup were very red. Just that once only… 😦 Hahahahaha…I can imagine your family eating mee sua in ang chiew chicken soup…plus ang chao meat today!!! Yum! Yum!!! 😀

  7. If you are marinating some meat, next time, try adding vinegar to it. The vinegar will soften the tougher meat and allow flavor to better penetrate the meat. But when grilling for sufficient time, it will be ‘burnt’ off and will not leave sour taste in the meat.

    Thanks for the tip. Should be real useful when cooking beef – but I don’t cook beef much as it is near impossible to get fresh beef in Sibu and I don’t buy the imported ones much. Last time, for BBQs, I used papaya (leaf) juice – the tenderizer sold in plastic bottles. Will keep this in mind!

  8. my friend who run a mee sua stall told me – marinate the cut chicken meat in thick red wine n seasoning overnight…problem is to get the thick type unless u can make the wine yourself.

    Here, I managed to buy once – pure red wine. Not really nice also, 4X the price…last time RM2, they sell RM8. Maybe have to marinate overnight. Next time, I’ll try that…

  9. Ya, you have a try with the vinegar and one of the beauty of white vinegar is, you do not have to marinate the meat for long because the acid in vinegar does the penetration of flavor for you in very short time. A couple of hours will do.

    Another reason not to marinate too long is, osmosis action will draw the water out of the meat making it dry.

    BTW, I am only an arm chair cook. NATO aka No-Action. Talk-Only.

    Oh? Like learning how to swim by reading the book? LOL!!! 😀 Ya…once I used the tenderiser…left the meat there for the whole day and when we barbecued it that night, it was like tofu – not like meat anymore. LOL!!!

  10. People who made angchiew sometimes seperate the wine into two parts, like what u do when u squeeze fresh grated coconut, 1santan,2nd santan. So with angchiew the first squeeze is very thick and usually very nice when u put extra spoonful of them when cooking the meesua. I did that when I was making my own wine, but now that I bought them I have none of this thick wine . 😦

    No wonder Pollie says your ang chiew is the best. Concentrated stuff… Here, can easily buy…too lazy to even think about making. Like you, I guess – now that you can buy, you do not bother to make anymore…

  11. I can remember your home cooked one.. i prefer that with kampong chicken.. very nice!! last time during my confinement, i used the glutinous rice wine.. sweet and very nice too.. miss that!

    The taste is more or less that same…just that I wonder how they can get that red colour. The white wine, you mean? Here we use it to cook “kacang ma”… Must cook one of these days and post…

  12. I’m fine, thank you. Selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin. LOL!

    Humph!!! Now only she appears… After makan puas2 at her Malay friends’ houses… Didn’t ask for cookies and cakes and send to me by poslaju kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Hahahahah… *blush* Takkan ask to tapau… malu la… LOLOL! Aiyooo… my parents is in town… so I go main puas and buas lorr…follow my dad go makan at his friend’s house…and also… some of my relatives are converts… so very syok la… go and baham ketupat and rendangs. LOL! Lemme see… so far, my family celebrates CNY, XMas, Raya… yet to have any family who marries someone who celebrates Deepavali… so… got any calon menantu who is a Punjabi or an indian for me? LOL… Intro la… I wanna have excuse to celebrate deepavali yunno… wear saree or punjabi suit with henna on my hands… gosh… imagine all the murukus, laddoos, chappatis, briyanis… *DROOL*

      Itu baru 1Malaysia – something like that in my family too…and so far, no Indians as well. Coming soon though – in December, a niece is marrying a Sino-Indian guy in Penang. I wonder if he can cook… LOL!!!

  13. Yummy ang chiew mee sua have not tried before.

    Come…come to Sibu. They say they do have it at some places your side – people from Sitiawan,for instance, but not the same. Theirs blood red in colour – those who have tried say it’s not nice. Ours better! Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  14. Ang Chiew, chicken soup and mee sua must go together. Without good quality mee sua, it will not turn out to be nice. Hehe… I only buy mee sua from Sarikei. None of the Sibu mee sua is good enough unless somebody can introduce me to a new outlet. I tried those sold at Dewan Suarah market at RM11.00 per kg (said to be the best in Sibu) but not satisfactory.

    Wow! You’re an expert at mee sua. I wouldn’t wanna try – when you’re used to the best, everything else is not so nice anymore…and when you cannot get the best, then you will not be satisfied with anything you eat. Especially when the maker is old – when he/she has died, you cannot get the best anymore. I guess that’s the reason why many things today are not as nice as they used to be… 😦

  15. think of this made me rmbr kuching fren cook mee sua si beh nice…must foochow cook…nice…
    btw i just rmbr u goin kuching next week rite?i will be back from 15th till 22th…cn cal me meet up…btw 16th nt free as fren married n last minute ask me tagged along becum brother… :O

    I’m going on the 16th but I think I will be quite tied up – all the relatives going, 17th we’ve got a gathering/reunion…wedding on 18th and 19th morning, I’ll be flying back already.

  16. i don’t mind the noodle and soup but don’t fancy having chicken with bones in my noodles. hehe

    Good grief! You mean you would prefer shredded chicken? Gee! So you don’t go to KFC and the like either? Finger-licking good! LOL!!!

  17. Hi,Kathy told me about your post. Everytime if go back Bintulu sure my mother- in- law will cook this type of mee sua

    Oh, she did. Ya…I guess your MIL’s Foochow. We usually serve these longevity noodles during homecomings apart from all the auspicious occasions. I’m from Sibu though, not too far from Bintulu. Btw, welcome and thanks for dropping by – do come again!!! 🙂

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