Bend it…

I first saw this when Gerrie of the now-dormant blog (Obviously, no mood anymore… LOL!!!) posted a photograph of it on Facebook…

Pad Thai noodles 1

It is not cheap, mind you! RM8.39 at Giant…and I just cannot stand them pricing the items like that – they’re not going to pay back the 1 sen change anyway, so why don’t they just put RM8.40? Probably they want people to buy more – if they buy 3, that would be RM25.17 and they would only need to pay RM25.15 – is that how it works?

Anyway, back to the post, I was very happy to get hold of it here (Apparently it is all sold out in Kuching…) as I had been looking for such packets of dried pad thai noodles or kway teow (flat rice noodles). I managed to buy one from The Store in Sungai Petani once and it was really very nice but the second time around, I bought another packet from the same place but it tasted like mihun – flattened mihun!

Well, I cooked a packet the other day and as everybody knows, I am the type that is not too disciplined enough to follow recipes or for that matter, cooking instructions…but I did the best I could even though I did “bend the rules” a little bit. LOL!!!

There are two packets of the noodles in each pack and I obediently boiled both in salted water for 3 minutes, drained it and rinsed it in cold water. Then, I had to prepare the necessary ingredients. According to the instructions, I had to fry an omelette in the oil and slice to be used later for garnishing and I did just that…

Pad Thai ingredients 1

I would have to fry the prawns next which I did but I added some slices of fish cake as well…

Pad Thai ingredients 2

I was supposed to take them out of the wok and add them in later…but I didn’t! Hehehehehe!!!! I just threw in the noodles and added the seasoning (after diluting it with water) – this comes in the pack as well, two separate sachets so you can use one at a time if you are going to cook the two portions of pad thai noodles separately.

Then, I threw in the sliced egg and the taugeh (bean sprouts) and stir-fried till the bean sprouts were adequately cooked. Then I served all that in a big plate and garnished with crushed peanuts…

Pad Thai garnishing 1

…sliced chillies and daun sup (Chinese celery)…

Pad Thai garnishing 2

This was what the end result looked like…

Pad Thai noodles 2

Well, as they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating…

Pad Thai noodles 3

…and I would say it was nice – kind of pale, somewhat sweet and something like what I had at the Ark not too long ago. I did not really fancy the lingering taste of msg in the mouth after eating it though…and on the whole, I would prefer to cook it our own way – char kway teow style.

If only they would sell just the pad thai noodles, minus the seasoning…and at a lower price!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Bend it…”

  1. stp! *wave vigorously*

    i shall now visit your bloggie religiously so that i can have something else other than instant noodle with crab meat, meat patty and hot dogs T_T

    yala i is insomnia hence your first commenter!

    Poor thing! Missing your bed at home? …Penang, why have to cook? Just go out and eat – so many nice things all around, not like Bint-ULU. Plus now working already, so lots of money to eat to your heart’s content. LOL!!!

    1. i have only peanut wages lo T__________________t
      too muchy temptation here seimou

      Ok…ok…if I get to Penang and we get to meet up, I will belanja you. No problemo…!!! 🙂

  2. i do that u know. I buy homebrand instant noodles which is very cheap, like a dollar for 5 packets. Then i throw away the seasoning, and just use d noodles for whatever style i fancy like wan tan mee or fried noodles. Even cheaper than buying the noodles separately.

    Ya…it’s actually the pad thai noodles that I want (because the kway teow in Sibu is thick, white – not translucent and coarse). But the seasoning for this one is quite good, seems to contain everything and at that price, it would be a waste not to use it… Maybe I can keep it and use it for cooking something else.

  3. Wah… so expensive… I dun tink I will buy that… can buy Cintan, Maggie or MameeX2 with that amount of money, and still have balance!

    Oops! Forgot to mention that it serves 4, so it works out to around RM2.20 per serving which is still expensive but with the ingredients, that probably works out to around RM4-5 which is definitely cheaper than eating that at the pseudo-authentic Thai restaurants here… Maybe you can get it cheaper in KL at Thai food stalls at hawker centres like Asia City…

    1. Ohhh??? You mean that packet can serve 4 dishes? Den i suppose the price is still ok lah… I guess… but still expensive by my standard. Hahahaha… Thai restaurants ah? i dun go… usually I cook myself… tomyam and whatnot… but if I wanna eat out… I’d go to the Thai Fair… all food items… are RM5. Got mango salad, got tomyam noodles… glass noodles salad… pad thai… you name it, all Rm5. And the portion is big too… so kira ok la… can cuci mata oso… they sell clothes there too. hahahaha!

      Thai Fair? Where? They used to have that at City Square basement (Ampang) but no food leh. Only clothes and all kinds of Thai stuff…plus Thai massage some more. Here, a plate like that at least RM10-12…but of course, classy restaurant lah!

      1. Somewhere around my house… there’s one Thai Fair… but they’re there only during those major festive seasons, usually 2-3 mth… hahahaha… the more excuse for me to go lurk there…. wakakak… the food there cheap, nice and quite decent portion too…and the baju… the baju there very cheap la… can buat muka kesian and bargain oso. The price Rm10… I still go ask for cheaper… hahahah…can get Rm8…Hahhaha… Rm10 for certain dress and expensive looking T-shirt. Not bad lah. I dun like to buy expensive baju. Not worth la… especially if you’re a mum with an active little boy… sure kotor easily. 😦 Cheap cheap and nice enuff la. lol.

        I will not buy the cheap Thai stuff… Throw the clothes in the washing machine – the colour comes off, the stitches come off…the t-shirts go out of shape…. No, thank you. The only good thing in Thailand = the food! Yum! Yum!!!

  4. Wow…you made this simple dish looks so damn delicious bro. 😀 Good morning.

    It is nice all right…but I prefer char kway teow in our own Malaysian style…

    1. Woooo… I second that…CKT Malaysian style… kasi pedas punya! Tambah kerang. LOLOL!

      Sometimes, must tukar selera bah! Everyday eat vegetables, also boring… Must try something different for a change once in a while – not so kotak… Hehehehehe!!!

  5. Instant noodles are a no-no in my diet.
    They are nutiritionless & they dehydrate my body.
    Actually, most of the other noodle dishes can be similarly considered due to the high concentration of condiments & very little natural vege/meat.

    Too salty, I guess. This one’s sweet…but too much msg, I would think. Those things- veg, meat, prawns or whatever…you’ll have to add your own. They don’t come in the pack…

  6. You do know that you’ll be getting a call from her (if you hadn’t already) asking you to buy like, 10 packets, of those noodles for her when you fly out to Kuching, right? Haha

    OH NO!!! She’s asking for FIVE only! And that means Stella’s lay-piang will have to be restricted to just chit-tay…and her pek quek tong chiew p’ia just chit-pao! I wonder how much kompia she has asked Betty to buy… TOC’s dad is also asking me to see if there’s any Poomba or not. But she did say she will go and check out Giant in Kuching. I wonder if she has done that or not…or maybe Giant in KK? Wink! Wink! The strong energetic young son can help carry a whole cartload, I’m sure. LOL!!!

  7. The final outcome looks pretty attractive! i’d say you bent the rules right! LOL!

    I was just wondering what effect it would have if I took out the prawns…fry the pad thai noodles with the seasoning and then put the prawns back again. Didn’t think it would make any difference…so I did not bother.

  8. You should have half a lime by the side of the plate! Then, it’ll be perfect!

    I took out three from the fridge…but it was getting late in the evening and starting to grow dim and in my hurry to snap the photos, I forgot… LOL!!! I prefer to take photos in natural light. Nicer.

  9. Doesn’t look bad at all…but there is just too much preparation for somewhat suppose to be instant…i’m sure u can have the pad thai flat noodles somewhere in sibu. and the msg-driven-after-taste…too bad it is everywhere now

    Unfortunately, I have to agree. I think it is because I hardly use any in my own cooking…even after eating kampua, I could feel the crystals melting in my mouth – or is it just my imagination? I seem to have developed an aversion for it…so anything that I eat outside that has a lot of msg, by my standard…thumbs down!!! Ya…it is a lot of work. I don’t think I will loyally follow the instructions with the other packet that I bought…if I ever get to cook it, that is.

  10. For RM8 you can have the prawn noodle at Happy Hours, much better tasting any day than pad thai. And you don’ t have to do any work too. Memories…

    Yes, that’s very true. I haven’t been back there since that time with you. Must drop by one of these mornings for that…and you can drool over it at your end! Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. light the corners of my mind… Yes, drool describes that feeling perfectly. And nothing like reading your blogs to keep the old salivary glands working overtime.

      Good…at least that will make sure that you will keep coming back to Sibu every year. Take note of all the things you want to eat…and next time around, you will know exactly where to go. 😉

  11. uiks…looks like something that Chef Wan whip up. Saw something similar to this in one of the blog

    Chef Wan!!!…Blush! Blush! Cannot compare with the master lah! He’s a pro… Me, just play-play only… 😉

    1. Ya… like Chef Wan make… I recall some of his cooking trip… to Thailand… or was it Bali? He cooked something that looks like this… but he put sotong inside… not prawns. LOL.

      Yakah? Waiseh…boleh tahanlah saya ini – setanding dengan Chef Wan sekarang! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  12. Pad Thai looking good! Btw I still want the kompia altho M’s wife is going to get me some too 🙂 Sibuones different again. If u buy Pad Thai noodles on its own and do the garnishing yrself,def. cheaper! Oooh! did I hear Poomba!! YES!

    I have not gone to check yet…but don’t get your hopes too high. Not the fruit season so even if they do have, it may not be fat enough – not so nice. Betty’s getting you the kompia, she said that – but she did not tell me how much she’ll be getting for you. Ah yes! And I have to get the Sibu Foochow sio bee some more… SIGH!!!

    1. I only asked B to get abt 20 i think. Eh! don’t worry abt carrying too much if u can’t,I know how it is like when u are weight restricted,not u personally,lol! so the ley pian, aiyo no 7 layers, pliz,small one only n pek guek tong chiew,just 1 pkt will do. Thks! :)!

      Ok…you will get top priority, of course…considering that you’re so deprived, so far away. LOL!!!

  13. STP, did you buy excess baggage or not? Looks like you’re going to need it. Hahaha!

    I think I’ll just send some back through Tom! 😦 Must call him to see when he’s going back…I did not even pay for any check-in luggage…so all hand-carried 7 kg only per person. Hint! Hint! Louis flying MasWings, so maybe he can help…

  14. I will check out the local stores here for you.

    Hah! Thanks. Actually I have not checked any place in KL for that even though around Bukit Bintang where I always stay, there is a Giant…and also Isetan.

  15. something new to me… with crushed peanuts too! now imagining how it taste like with those added ingredients…
    later i go shopping mall and check out this packet.. im in penang now.. 🙂

    Thai dishes…a lot with crushed peanuts, a lot with serai…and squeeze lime… I wonder how much they sell it in Penang – probably a bit cheaper.

  16. HMMM….kiasu ppl like me, dont think will buy such an expensive pack of noodles…kekeke..wat’s more need me to cook and garnish MALAS ..ahahahah

    Ya…I have another packet. I think I will just fry it my way…and save the seasoning for other purposes. Have some ideas right now as to how I can use it…

  17. Looks delicious!
    Esp for me coz i can’t eat a lot of things now T T

    Poor thing! Ya…you cannot eat the prawns, the bean sprouts…the egg and not even the crushed peanuts. Sigh!!! 😦

  18. hellow STP! sowwie long time no drop by from the sky.. been tied up with stuffs.. now ok dy 😀 back to hopping… and wanted to ask u if the prawns and nuts came together with the packet but after reading ur comments i know the they dont 🙂

    btw, Witch’s tee is not frog lah… it’s snake! SHE and Saucer tot it is frog oso and proudly told me that she thought the frog is cute! 😛

    Ya…I though celebrity so sombong already, don’t want to drop by anymore. Sobs!!! 😦 It’s a snake, is it? That’s ok…my daughter’s a snake – according to her Chinese horoscope. I wonder where Witch got that tee…

  19. Expensive noodles!!!! =_= Does it tastes better than Nissin cup noodles? I would only pay RM7 for the dish that you have gave the ‘final touch’!


    Nissin? Dunno what that is…never tried and usually it’s because the cup ones are quite expensive. This one? With all the ingredients, probably cost RM10-12…but it serves 4 persons, so around RM3 each. Not too expensive if we look at it that way – cheaper than most things in KL and if in Thai restaurants – one serving’s (big though, enough for two) already RM12 here, probably more in KL.

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