Anything goes…

I never follow recipes when I cook; I just follow my instincts and thankfully, most, if not all the time, everything has turned out pretty nice…like the chicken that I cooked the other day.

STP's stewed-fried chicken 1

I did not want to steam it anymore as when I was posting my different variations of the dish, somebody was already grumbling already the other day, “Steamed chicken again!” So what I did was I defrosted the chicken and marinated the bite-size pieces with Β 4-5 tablespoons of soy sauce and two tablespoons of tomato sauce. Then I left it in the fridge while I went to my parents’ place all morning to babysit my bedridden mum.

When I came home in the afternoon, I heated up the wok and threw the chicken in to cook till the juices/oil came out. I kept stirring till those have dried up and the chicken had a nice brown colour. Then I added some water and threw in the following:
* one Bombay onion, peeled
* three slices of ginger
* two stalks of serai (lemon grass…in the absence of leek)
* two carrots, peeled and cut into chunks
* four potatoes, peeled and quartered
* one can of button mushrooms, halved
* one stalk curry leaves
* some chopped spring onions (as I did not have any daun sup or Chinese celery in the house).

I brought it to boil and let it simmer for a while till everything was cooked before I turned off the heat. It was ready to serve…

STP's stewed-fried chicken 2

No salt, no msg added…and I was happy that it turned out to be very nice indeed.Β Perhaps, you would want to add some cornflour to thicken the gravy a bit but for me, it was fine the way it was.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Anything goes…”

  1. Looks very good!!! Thanks!

    It was good… The best part was it wasn’t much of a hassle to cook. πŸ˜‰ Your first time here, I see… Welcome and thanks for dropping by. Do come again. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s exactly what my Norwegian lady friend taught me, don’t follow recipes,(only for reference ok) but she said always follow your instinct and feelings…… then only we can cook something that’s nice, agree agree

    Wah! You have Norwegian friend kah? Like United Nations lah u? Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€ Ya…after some time, we get the rough idea of what goes with what and what doesn’t and after that, nothing can go wrong…most of the tiem. Hehehehehe! πŸ˜‰

  3. My son’s favourite!! anything with chicken and potatoes..he is IN. So most of the time when he comes back, this dish is a Must.. sometimes i replaced this with minced pork and some tomatoes..

    Minced pork? I would substitute the chicken with beef…but no supply of fresh beef here. 😦

  4. I am also running out of ideas of what to cook. Perhaps tonite I will baked chicken with potatoes with cream of chicken soup,cheesy base a recipe shared by my daugher. But your chicken looks great too, so may keep that in mind for another time. :)!

    That sounds like my chicken pie filling… LOL!!! It was nice… πŸ˜‰

  5. War….so you wanna tell us you are a natural chef lar? Don’t need any recipe book lar? Cheh! :p

    Not really. Let’s just say that I’m the traditional kind of cook…or should I say, old fashioned – everything main agak2…and as you can see from the comments, there are more like me! Or perhaps you may prefer to say that I am simply not disciplined enough to go strictly by the book. I’ve tried a few recipes before – all disastrous! I remember there was one mee siam – Singapore style…and another one, a cheese cake recipe. Everybody tried, all successful…except mine – a total flop…after spending so much on the ingredients. Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  6. Wow..Arthur you can cook so well πŸ™‚ Look delicious..the Mrs must be happy :p I am drooling at it, it is something like stew chicken. I bet it must fragrant too with the curry leaves in it…yummy !

    Blush! Blush! *gets down on knees and kowtows…. Shy lah, hearing this kind of comment from the real pro. Ya…I think in stews, they add herbs like thyme – I do have but I just decided to use curry leaves instead – they say they have health benefits. They also use leek in claypot dishes e.g. fish or prawns…but I didn’t have any, so I used serai instead. I don’t eat leek, anyway…even though I may use for cooking. Not a fan of the taste…when actually eating it.

  7. Haha! Anything goes eh? That is not a problem as long as the food is masarap (delicious).

    I guess there is a merit in following your instinct as long as you know what you are doing. Relying too much on cook books will defeat innovations when it comes to cooking.

    I agree with you. No creativity…and deprives one of the satisfaction when he/she comes up with something really nice. πŸ˜‰

  8. good one….all in one….suits me well…orang yang tak pandai masak :p

    Me too… Just trial and error…and since it turned out good, post lah. Share with others like me – lazy, always looking for the easiest things to cook…but must still be nice. Hehehehehe!!!

  9. Hahahahahah! Hampalang masuk recipe… everything goes. Same like me la… cook that time agak agak oni. So when ppl ask for recipe… sure will get scold… cuz I will tell them, u agak sendiri lah!

    Actually, we had some leftovers – I cooked quite a lot as I had to defrost the chicken and did not want to put any back into the freezer…so I dumped it all in. The next day, when I heated it up, it was a lot nicer… I think all the flavours had come out of the ingredients and they all blended in real nice… πŸ™‚

    1. Ohhh… you cooked a lot kah? Looks just enough for a meal for 2! Still got leftovers? Wow… you and your missus eat abit only ah, Cikgu?

      Yea, agreed. Sometimes, some food, really taste a better on the next day. Like some grilled chicken… steamed chicken… or even pizza… all taste better the next day. LOL!

      That’s one whole chicken, I think. My missus bought, got the seller to cut into bite-size pieces and dump the whole lot into the freezer…so after I had defrosted ALL of it, I did not want to put some back – not so good. If unlucky, may get food poisoning…so I had to cook ALL of it. She should have divided the meat into portions to be cooked separately…before putting in the freezer. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  10. Wokay…this is a simple recipe which i can try it at home. As Kat said, org tak pandai masak…this one suits me too…

    I think if someone says he or she cannot cook, it’s just an excuse… Some even claim they cannot cook instant noodles…or worse still, cannot boil water. Hard to believe.

    1. My husband would claim that, so that he’ll get off the hook! LOL!

      Excuses…excuses…but in his case, maybe it’s true. So skinny…like bamboo pole! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. will need to try one fine day. hehehe. look delish. go open a RESTAURANT. lol

    Hmmm…old man, almost 60 – no need to suffer anymore. Just relax, enjoy my golden years. πŸ˜‰

  12. wow that’s a nice looking dish with my favourite potatoes!!! nice!!

    You love potatoes? I do too…but my favourite’s mashed, smooth with lots of milk, butter and cheese! Yum!

  13. same here I don’t like following recipes and so far everything tastes good having it done my way *wink wink*

    I guess once we have the feel for it, no matter what we do, we can’t go very far wrong. That’s why I do not make cakes – have to measure exactly…and all the preparation, no…thank you! πŸ™‚

  14. Interesting dish… I bet the taste is quite ‘strong’ and delicious!

    Not really. Quite light, in fact, as I did not use a lot of soy sauce. Let’s just say it is a lighter version of soy sauce and ginger chicken…

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