That was then, this is now…

“Have you got your summons?”

“Yes, I have. Sigh! Now I will have to fork out the money to pay the fine!”

LOL!!! That’s simply a figure of speech – when people receive wedding invitations from family or friends.

In the past, the invitation cards were simple. In fact, some restaurants would even include them in their dinner package but of course, if you wanted something nicer, you would have to go and look for your own and get them printed yourself. Some printing presses would have some samples for you to choose, so you could just pick the one you liked.

This was the one I had for my wedding…

Wedding invitation - then

…but that was then.

These days, they have such beautiful wedding invitation cards, some even with their photos inside or in front like this one…

Wedding invitation - now 1

…or this one, which also has a nice golden ribbon around it.

Wedding invitation - now 2

Well, times have changed. Don’t you think that the invitation cards are so much nicer now? They probably would have to spend a lot more on the cards alone.

Whatever it is, when it comes to weddings, I guess this is the most important thing…

Wedding invitation - now 3

What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” (Mark 10:9)