Like a rose…

Last Thursday, Annie-Q smsed me to tell me that her mum had cooked something and asked me to drop by the house to collect. So, that afternoon, I did just that.

Annie said that she had cooked some rose chicken…and I thought she meant roast chicken…and had typed it wrongly on the key pad of her mobile phone. Well, it turned out that it was indeed not roast chicken but rose chicken instead…

Ayam masak ros

This is what the Malays call ayam masak ros…and I cannot, for the dear life of me, figure out why it is thus called. I thought perhaps they use rose syrup in the recipe but when I googled to check it out, I found that it is not one of the ingredients.

It tasted really good though – a bit like ayam masak merah…and a bit like my ayam masak hitam gone wrong, minus the raisins. It was only 3.00 p.m. when I got home and instead of waiting till dinner time, I just could not resist eating a few pieces right away. Yum! Yum!

Annie-Q’s mum also gave me these. Nope, they certainly did not look like roses but there is no denying that they actually look exactly like chillies…just that, they’re NOT chillies!

I recall seeing these somewhere, probably on AFC (Asian Food Channel) or some other shows on TV where they made ang koo kuih this way, making them look like chillies. I had two right away (after a few pieces of the ayam masak ros)…

…and found that the filling was indeed like what they have in ang koo kuih but the skin was not so chewy – something like agar-agar (jelly), only harder.

They were selling those at the Civic Centre market here but the bad news is that that particular day was the very last day they would be selling them. So don’t bother rushing there – you will not be able to find anyone selling anymore… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Like a rose…”

  1. At first glance, I thought really nice looking chillies…but as angkoo kuih, em…don’t think i fancy that. Prefer the traditional ones, but I bet they taste nice though.

    Nice, like ang koo…except that the skin is not so chewy or rubbery. Not as satisfying, of course – smaller bites! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Really impressed by how they can make it look so real. I don’t think I have the hands to make that…

  2. Rose chicken? wow.. any rosy smell on the chicken? They look so fabulous.. u so lucky fella!! some more complaining want to import Elin over.. now you have Q mummy on your side.. who can beat that! just look at the “chillie ang kus.. ” so tempting!

    Hehehehehe!!! This one…not all the time mah. Elin’s always cooking something for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ya, they really look so attractive…

  3. am vv interested in the chillies-get more info..if it is selling well they should make some more esp. after its highlight in your blog.
    The ayam masak looked like chicken rendang to me….. vv yummy.

    Yup…the taste also a bit like rendang. Yunno Malay dishes – more or less the same ingredients, only a bit of difference here and there. Dunno selling well or not…but according to my friend’s mum, that was the last day they were selling – no more. Too bad, would be nice to buy and serve at gatherings – really special.

  4. LOL!! I tot real chili! ๐Ÿ˜€ rose? so unique, i first thought its rendang. lol!

    Ya…looks like rendang. But when my missus heated it up for dinner and the gravy came out, it looked more like masak merah. Nice…very nice!

  5. Eh? You mean those are angku kuih? Seriously? Gosh… unbelievable… could have sworn those are chiilies.

    So nice of Annie’s mum make those for you. *sigh* How I wish i live next door to Kat. LOL!

    Hehehehehe!!! It sure is nice when people give things – but shy also lah! Everytime people give and nothing to give in return. I told Annie to tell the mum that I will not go to her house to get any more things. So malu… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. Make something in return lorr… eh, your pies… can make them and give to Annie’s mum… the Shepherd’s pie or your chicken pies… or mebbe your ayam masak hitam… all those can give her mum. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I oso shy ma… ppl keep feed me… every time need to crack my head to cook what to put in the tupperware to return ppl. Ish… next round habis liao la…mebbe cook coke chicken or sambal petai or wud to gv ppl… =.=

      Aiyor…her chicken so nice – all my cooking half past six one, anybody can do… Want to give her, also malu lah… Ya…maybe next time I make some pies, I can give her. But anak not at home, real lazy lah… Just simple-simple, ok liao. Not bothered to cook anything really special…

      1. Tipu. I dun believe your cooking is half past six. Come, dun lazy… make some… *evil laugh*

        True…mine trial and error one! Nasib baik most of the time now, the things turn out quite well. I think with a lot of practice, you get to know the right combinations – what will go well with what…

    2. I used to be very malu around Kat… but… now I biasa liao. Hahahahaha… immune cuz everytime jumpa her, she’ll sumbat me food til my fridge pecah. Must be sked I starve la…

      Kesian mah! Steam cannot, bake cannot…can only fry! And eat! >.< LOL!!!

  6. omg! the “chilli” ang ku is really so cute!!!
    i can already imagine the pranks i could pull on people with those kueh..hehe

    Ya…they actually look like the real thing and they even took the trouble to add the leaves from the chilli plant too… Really nice.

  7. OMG, the chillies turned out to be actually the ang koo kuih….it’s perfectly done…Gee…i wish to have one also.

    Yes, dunno why they’ve stopped making… Wouldn’t mind buying and serving at home gatherings for dessert. Impressive looking.

  8. angkoo???? adoi….mati mati aku ingat cili…ishhhh…sobs..they dont sell anynmore ah :(…else would have minta you tau some if u fly over ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Yalor…it’s such a novelty!!! So nice! ๐Ÿ™‚ And can threaten to shove into little kucing’s mouth and tease him to make him cry… Hehehehehe!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Woi… cry liao cari me for Dan Neh Noh and bully me into buying him ice cream later den I very cham wan, will have to babysit… And he will tell me “Dun nid Mama liao… Auntie Little bird buy dan neh noh!” *PENGSAN* Happen before, I tell u! And he even asked me to kiss his injured feet. =.= Why ah… that boy tarak takut me. No fun!

      I wonder if he will be scared of me; most children are… Maybe I’m so bog – they feel intimidated. But then again, I think he biasa already…as his father even bigger! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. LOL!! Glad you like it. My mum know you like “eat” and try out new food, this is a dish that she “proud” with, the other day she cooked, so she thought can give you some to try. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it is “rose” chicken, not roast! hahahhahaha

    Oh, that chili is ang ku? My mum told me not ang ku wor, the red colour chili is pudding and inside i am not sure what is that. My mum just told me she bought something interesting from market, some dessert look like a real chili.

    The filling is like ang koo’s but the skin is different – like agar2 a bit but not exactly. Also very nice… Yes, the chicken’s really very nice…but shy lah! Taking things from people all the time…

    1. LOL… shy den balas back… go make your Shepherd’s pie, give Anne’s mum!

      One of these days…if I make something special or see something nice around town. Must buy and balas one…

  10. Omg so syok! I think i can sapu that whole plate of rose chicken in 1 seating. But obviously u can sapu 10 hahahaha.

    Hahahahahaha!!! Naughty you! I’m sure you would love that… You buka puasa with your Malay friends there, you get to eat a lot of such things or not? Lucky people there…around 5 pm already buka puasa hor? Winter – gets dark earlier…

  11. i’ve said it and will say again. i wished her mom was at KL instead and living close to me … boo hoo hoo.. I can only drool now …

    LOL!!! Maybe you can ask Annie to persuade her mum to move to KL…stay with her, help take care of her twins. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. that would be a great idea…. i’m sure her mom would plump up her twins.. and I’ll tumpang my kid there too .. LOL !

    If just the twins and your kid only, not too bad…but if Annie and you too start expanding, then there will be a problem. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. โ™ซ I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose *chicken* garden, along with the sunshine. There’s gonna be a little rain sometime …โ™ซ haha rings a bell a song by Lynn Anderson? Rose chicken without rose very interesting..Whoa the chillies any koo kuih looks just like red fresh hot chillies..hmmm pedas nya..haha..tQ

    Gosh! You must be quite old to know that song! LOL!!! The flipside of that Lynn Anderson is nice – “Hello darling”. I read somewhere that it smells of roses because of the pandan added. Dunno lah… But when I saw the list of ingredients, I almost pengsan! So many things = so much work…no, thank you! LOL!!! If others cook for me, ok lah… Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Eh… I oso know that song. Karaoke-ed thats ong with daddy dearest along with Don’t Cry Joni, Silence is Golden and many more! LOL… I think kids born in the 80s knows quite alot of oldies leh… ๐Ÿ˜€

      ps: Cikgu, do you know how to cha cha? And twist? How about agogo? Do you know how to dance those dance? Come, take a vid, upload on youtube, let us see!

      You want to die kah? You will surely die form laughing your head off!!!! Of course, I can do the twist, the cha cha, the a go-go….the hippy hippy shake – the whole works! LOL!!! Those were the days when the songs were nice. These days, the nice ones are really few and far between… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. I suppose it didnt come with the leaves? U just added the leaves to deceive us rite? hehe.

    It did!!! I didn’t even know those were chilli leaves until my parents’ Indon maid told me. Never bothered to take note and see what they looked like… Hehehehehe!!!

  15. Ehh those chillies looked really red and spicy! But they’re sweet.. probably a good way for kids to learn to eat chilli! LOL!

    Hah!!! They’ll be in for a BIG shock when they get to taste the real ones. LOL!!!

  16. hahaha….ros chicken…but it looks like rendang chicken ….

    wait….ur family can finish that amount of chicken there? else u can outsource some to me…wanna have a try on it…

    Ya, just the two of us…but I saved half for my parents – sent it over the very next day. You want? Come, come and get it… Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. Interesting ‘chili’ desserts. Looks like bean filled angku. How clever!! I can conclude that Sibu people have higher IQ….haha. I’m still wondering about that rose chicken….looks delicious though ๐Ÿ˜€

    You can google ayam masak ros for the recipe…but if you’re like me, once you see the list of ingredients, you’d probably decide to cook something simpler. I would – I’m basically lazy. Hehehehehehehehe!!!

  18. Hey, i am off track now but sincerely i wish to say a big “Thank You” to you for taking the effort in penning down that long comment in my most recent post.. thank you and i really appreciate it.

    No problem at all… Just cut and paste! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. When I saw those ‘chillies’ it reminded me of my mom’s chilly was. She used jelly to make a mould out chilly and then uses red wax to make the chilly and guests were fooled to think that they were real chillies!

    Red wax? Eyew…I guess those were not edible? These were – could be eaten and something like ang koo kuih.

  20. Are you sure those chillies aren’t luk chup? They look like luk chups to me.

    The chicken looks simply yummy! Any chance of getting a recipe?

    You can google ayam masak ros – a number of people have posted the recipe but when I looked at the long list of ingredients, I changed my mind about cooking it myself. Basically, I’m very lazy so I only cook very simple dishes, simple to cook that is. Ya…somebody did mention that it was some Thai dessert – in essence, it is ang koo shaped like a chilli but the skin is harder, not so sticky as ang koo skin.

  21. Interesting! I had this in Phuket too!

    It’s shaped like fruits and very well decorated. I heard you can get them in certain night markets over here too but only at certain times – it’s a seasonal item for some reason…might be for religious celebrations.

    I love the texture of these things.

    Yup, real smooth…but kinda small for my big mouth. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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