Like a rose…

Last Thursday, Annie-Q smsed me to tell me that her mum had cooked something and asked me to drop by the house to collect. So, that afternoon, I did just that.

Annie said that she had cooked some rose chicken…and I thought she meant roast chicken…and had typed it wrongly on the key pad of her mobile phone. Well, it turned out that it was indeed not roast chicken but rose chicken instead…

Ayam masak ros

This is what the Malays call ayam masak ros…and I cannot, for the dear life of me, figure out why it is thus called. I thought perhaps they use rose syrup in the recipe but when I googled to check it out, I found that it is not one of the ingredients.

It tasted really good though – a bit like ayam masak merah…and a bit like my ayam masak hitam gone wrong, minus the raisins. It was only 3.00 p.m. when I got home and instead of waiting till dinner time, I just could not resist eating a few pieces right away. Yum! Yum!

Annie-Q’s mum also gave me these. Nope, they certainly did not look like roses but there is no denying that they actually look exactly like chillies…just that, they’re NOT chillies!

I recall seeing these somewhere, probably on AFC (Asian Food Channel) or some other shows on TV where they made ang koo kuih this way, making them look like chillies. I had two right away (after a few pieces of the ayam masak ros)…

…and found that the filling was indeed like what they have in ang koo kuih but the skin was not so chewy – something like agar-agar (jelly), only harder.

They were selling those at the Civic Centre market here but the bad news is that that particular day was the very last day they would be selling them. So don’t bother rushing there – you will not be able to find anyone selling anymore… LOL!!!