Keep coming back…

I keep going back to this place even though, if you may recall from my posts here and here, the food is not that great – definitely not something that would get me going back there for more. So why do I keep dropping by then, you may ask? Well, for one thing, the location is very convenient – it is somewhere on the way to my parents’ house, so I/we can just stop there for a bite along the way. Another thing is, of course, parking is easily available and there is no parking fee.

Well, my missus and I went there last Sunday morning and she had the tom yam noodles…

Kong Ma Ma tom yam noodles

She said it was quite nice and much better than what she had at this other place.

I had the chin th’ng mihun (clear soup rice noodles)…

Kong Ma Ma clear soup mihun

…which was not too bad either but like I said, somehow the things are not so nice that I would not be able to wait to go back there again for more. What I had here was definitely a lot nicer.

For one thing, the coffee there is pretty good…

Kong Ma Ma kopi-o-peng

Then, two days later, I had to meet Louis J who had come back from his wedding in Kuching and he wanted to pass me the invitation to Kpg Nangka Boy’s wedding in Kuching in mid-September. Well, we agreed to meet at that same place and we tried the stuff at the Malay stall in theshop. Louis had the fried rice…

Kong Ma Ma Malay fried rice

…and I had their fried kway teow

Kong Ma Ma Malay fried kway teow

He liked his order…and I thought mine was all right too…but again, there wasn’t much to shout about, I’m afraid.

There is a new stall, it seems, selling bak kut teh and a variety of things…and I also noticed that they have changed the people cooking at the char chu section at the back. Taking that into consideration, I’d probably be dropping by again and hopefully, one of these days, I’ll find something there that is really really nice. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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17 thoughts on “Keep coming back…”

  1. out of all the picture, i am drooling over fried kuey tew picture. hehehe. good morning n hv a nice day

    Yes, it was nice…nicer than the fried kway teow (dry) at the Chinese stalls. I think the Malays use a lot of sauces – this one very generous with the chilli sauce. The Chinese only use soy sauce and msg! 😦

  2. The tomyam nice kah? Looks a bit diluted and not kao enuff for me. Hmm… now you make me wanna make tomyam… looks like that’s what I’ll cook today. LOL… tambah some mango kerabu, omelet, rice… kaotim! LOL.

    Dunno. Didn’t look very alluring to me…but my missus said nice. I think I would rather have our own Sarawak laksa but that too will depend on the seller. No good ones around lately – will have to cook our own. 😦

  3. mm .. tom yam .. been ages since I’ve had that … The food looks good too. Ah, I’ve concluded that Malaysia has the BEST food, especially when it comes to variety … yumminy yums

    Definitely. Variety in terms of choices and taste. Over there, after a while, I thought everything tasted more or less the same, smelled the same too…and when I flew home, that MAS nasi lemak, airline food…tasted like heaven!!!!

  4. The tom yam noodles look good!! Especially on a wet Sunday morning.

    It’s raining over there? Good! Good! Shoo…shoo…! Sibu flooded already but thank goodness, my area still ok. Drains filled to the brim. πŸ˜‰

  5. hm…the fried rice and CKT doesn’t look appetising 😦

    As for Tom Yam…you should cari that Cleff. Eee….from the way she decribe her TomYam, am scared already. Seems to be super spicy

    Ooooo…then my missus would love that! Her cooking so very hot then when I eat, I would feel as if my lips all swollen like Angeline Jolie’s! Hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Cis… takut wud… wun so spicy la…mine usually more reddish than this… more pekat, but not so spicy…this one really look diluted leh.. not enuff colour. LOL. Unless you want really spicy… i wun throw in the cili padi. Aisehh!

      My missus will throw in a whole lot of cili padi!!! This one sold in the shops – catering to the local (Foochow) Chinese, they do not take so pedas one! Remember how I used to rinse my curry chicken in water before eating? Something like that lah…but a bit better these days! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. LOLOL… aisehh… apalah Cikgu. LOL… even my boy duzzin rinse his spicy stuff in the water first before taking those spicy food (My boy can take food spicier than me…)

        And I can’t help but laugh at your Angelina Jolie’s statement. LOL… Shud have asked your missus to cook for those Hollywood ppl… could have make a fortune, you know? Nonid them to go to MJ’s doctor for nip and tuck. ROFLOL!

        Hahahahahaha!!! Ya wat! Don’t you think she’s got such thick lips! πŸ˜€ Ya…when I was young, typical Sibu Chinese – just cannot take anything spicy at all. Foochow cuisine was noted for being bland – filling but lacking in taste. Only lately, people here are starting to go for quality and more pedas stuff…but not before.

  6. May try cooking the tomyam noodles using the prepared sauce in the jar this new week! Warming the tummy in this frosty weather!

    I use Nona Brand… Nice also. May also do it one of these days. Kay liao – assam keping, serai etc etc etc….

  7. Oh..i love the cyrstal meehoon. I think the last time i had was 2 years back during my confinement whereby the CL cooked with rice wine.

    Don’t they use “hung ngang” (big mihun) for that – cooked in chicken soup, got something tied in knots and black fungus…and lots of wine? My late auntie (Stella’s mum) used to give us by the pot…when one of her daughters gave birth. LOL!!!

  8. Oh, I like the tomyam one your missus ordered and the fried koay teow.. the fried rice looked rather plain… did u see my Look at my fried rice.. u will laugh.. .lol..

    I will never eat fried rice outside. Can cook my own – nicer some more. All ok…but nothing to shout about. Funny thing is the coffee shop is always crowded – especially in the morning. I wouldn’t bring visitors to go and eat. Lots of other nicer things elsewhere…

  9. If you had not said it was coffee, I would’ve thought that was a glass of Guinness Stout. Looks like my kind of coffee, strong and black. Will have to try that the next time I’m in town. Fortunately, coffee is something I can make myself. Unfortunately, I can’t say about the meehun soup, which looks positively yummy.

    You can cook that yourself there, no problem at all. Clear soup with fish slices and minced pork and green veg – sure you can get all those over there. Come! Don’t be lazy now… LOL!!!

  10. Convenience. That is the reason. ^_^ Even though you do not like the food, you always eat there because of that. That is the same for me. During workdays, I always eat at the office canteen since I am lazy to go out of the office to eat lunch.

    Ya…as long as the food isn’t too bad, it saves the trouble of having to go out of the way to look for things to eat. πŸ˜‰

  11. how come the coffee got bubbles one?? kopi tarik?????? ahahaha!! now feel like having the fried kuey teow la! drool!

    Dunno… Here, if we see they have froth on their coffee like that, chances are the coffee is going to be great. Very nice!!! πŸ™‚

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