Lonely no more…

I’ve had a lot of posts on my regular Malay stall at Bandong where I have been able to get some very nice food at very affordable prices. It opens only during lunch hour and one would have to go early for even before 1, most of the things would have been sold out.

Well, all this while, it had been the one and only stall operating in the vicinity – a kind of monopoly, so to speak. Recently, however, it seems that they finally have some company – somebody has started another stall a hundred metres away (right next to the surau). The man told me that it belongs to a West Malaysian married to a local and he did not seem disturbed by the competition.

The other day, I decided to stop by that new stall to have a look and one glance told me why. This new guy has fewer choices and the things do not look as nice. I bought this beef rendang for RM5.00…

Beef rendang

…which is not available at my regular stall, and also this acar timum (cucumber pickle) for RM3.00…

Acar timun

Both turned out to be pretty good…and I wouldn’t mind buying them again sometime. I also bought the Β eggs (RM1.00 each)…

Acar telur

These seemed a bit nicer than those at the old place…and it was extra hot and spicy.

So all in all, I spent RM10.00, more than enough for dinner for my missus and me. Too bad the other dishes that they have to offer do not look too appealing…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Lonely no more…”

  1. Beef rending for 5 ringgit as shown is good price, but the eggs n pickles not so cheap lah. Cikgu enjoy the remaining of the weekend

    Not cheap kah? Well, as long as it’s nice – value for money. Sometimes, you spend about the same amount and it’s not nice – in the end, all thrown away. What a waste! Like this month, at the Ramadhan stalls. After last year’s experience, I’m not bothered to go anymore… 😦 You have a great Sunday too!

    P.S. Your blog url wrong spelling lah – “bolgspot”…Have to retype, or people clicking the link will get to dunno where…..

  2. Hot & Spicy. Now, did you wash your beef with water before you ate it?

    Nope…I’m ok with it now – after eating stuff with the cili padi that my missus cooks. Nothing can stop me now! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Oh, God~ My mum knows how to make all these… and we would devour these either with plain rice, or her nasi tomato! πŸ˜›

    Ooooo…nasi tomato! My daughter can cook that! I love this kind of food… For one thing, they do not use msg…or at least not much.

    1. LOL.. ya.. I oso can cook nasi tomato. But… hardly make…. cuz if make that, sure will want to eat it with those curry la…salted eggs la…fried chicken la… acar la… you name it. So if make that, banyak kerja… cuz not complete without those yummy side dishes.LOL.

      Now you’re making me hungry…just talking about all those! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Hahahah…cham… go makanlah. LOL…Korek your fridge, see what can eat. LOL.

        Nothing…just bread with margarine and peanut butter. Sobs!!!

  4. For RM5 rendang, it is a good buy.. if u go market, how to buy 5rm raw beef.. they wont sell also i think.. hahaha… now with the fasting month going on, a lot of varieties in the stadium near my place.. so far, i havent been there yet.. must go one of these days to get some for dinner.. no need to cook like u…

    Yalor…only two of us in the house, me and my missus – I cannot understand why she wants to cook (enough for an army usually). Maybe she just loves going out all morning, marketing and roam around here and there. This way, cheaper also…but if eat for a while, may get tired also. Then only, will think about cooking something…

    1. I oso yet to go and visit Bazaar ramadhan. =( No time… sigh… must go one of these days. Den i oso nonid to cook!

      My missus went yesterday – she sure tak tahan, must go one. I already said not nice – so many stalls, every Tom, Dick or Harry jumping on the bandwagon – even though don’t really know how to cook… And heavy rain/storm on Friday evening, so I said yesterday, they would be selling all the unsold stuff from the day before. True enough, she came back…and all that she bought, not really nice.

      1. Yes, very true. Most of them are just out there to make more $$. Not all are regular sellers. 😦 And most of the food are not nice. But for me, every now and then go and hunt down for food in these Ramadan stalls are okay la. Sometimes, eat my own cooking oso until so muak oredi. LOL. Go get some of those things that I dunno how to cook or too leceh to cook. Murtabak… those kuih talam, bubur desserts… that one consider ok la. LOL. But wun buy those lauk from these stalls. Later come home… sure i banyak complain wan. Most of them are not nice, and not up to my standards. No taste la, not enuff salt la… etc etc.

        Yup…and every stall looks the same, dunno which would be nice…and after buying, all turn out to be not that great…and mostly thrown away. Really a waste of money. I also look for new stuff to try…but so far, I’ve never come across anything really nice and worth going back for more. 😦

    2. Hahaha… your missus likes to cook alot? Mebbe she dah biasa la… all these while cook a lot… so even when ur anak not around oso, she cook a lot. Dah biasa. I dun cook a lot… I mean… if I were to cook for my family, I only cook enough for just one meal. Dun really like to eat the same food again after that. Pretty unappealing to me.

      Yalor…if I cook for one meal, then I would estimate – just enough for two in one sitting. Or if I’m cooking in the morning, then enough for two for two meals – lunch and dinner. I think she follows her mum’s recipes – enough for her family of 6…so always have to eat the same thing for two or three days in a row. 😦

  5. Acar timun eat with ikan bakar very sedap

    Here, ikan bakar…not so nice. Not the ones at the Ramadhan stalls, that’s for sure. Used to be one that was quite nice, Chinese guy doing it – but cannot compare with what I had in Penang… Yum!!! Must scout around…see if I can find one really good one.

    1. Hahahah…Kat… I know how to make acar timun. But L-lesen, not as nice as my mum’s. LOL…you want or not?

      Sure she’ll say she wants. The best things in life are free! Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. want want….but minus the onion can ah? i hate onion…a lot of wind come out after eating that :p

        Wind is good lah…buang toxin! Hahahahaha!!!!

  6. Those eggs look special. πŸ˜€ Must be extra spicy right? :p

    The man kept saying, “Sangat pedas!” But when we ate, it was ok – just nice, not really so “pedas”.

  7. hey that looks like the beef rendang i made haha πŸ™‚

    Oh? You can cook so well. Hmmmm…must get to try it one day! πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re not talking about something else though… Hehehehehe!!!

  8. Wow… the rendang looks great and it’s cheap, I love acar timun too!

    Yes, tasted great…and the acar and eggs too. Best thing – so cheap! Value for money!

  9. I love the acar cucumber. Makes me think of nasi briyani.

    Yes, here too…they give a little bit, too little in fact, by the side when having nasi bryani.

  10. i very suka egg n sambal like that.. yummy. they fry the boiled eggs first rite?

    Yup. fry lightly in oil so as to get the thin golden layer on the outside…

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