Wrap me up…

Roy of Asian Flavours left a message for me in my inbox on Facebook the other day. Oh no! He said he would not be making those Thai fish cakes anymore as they were not doing too well.

Well, that actually came as no surprise and I did mention in my post the other day that the fish cakes would only go down well with people who like the exotic fragrance of lime leaves and lemon grass…and I was feeling a bit apprehensive then knowing how people here, the Chinese in general and the Foochows in particular, are not that adventurous in their choice of food. When I was younger, every time my mother cooked curry, my brother and I would rinse the chicken in water first before eating as we could not eat anything spicy. It was much later in the 70s that I picked up the ability to enjoy all those hot stuff…and the eagerness to try anything new or different (though I would still draw the line somewhere).

Anyway, Roy asked me to drop by as he would be coming out with something new – fish pancakes…

Asian Flavours fish pancakes 1

…so the next day, I dropped by the place to have a look.

Frankly, I thought it wasn’t anything spectacular. The filling was  made from fish and I wouldn’t know what else and that was wrapped in popiah (springroll) skin and deep fried…

Asian Flavours fish pancakes 2

It tasted quite nice but in my opinion, the price was a bit too steep – RM2.00 a piece. Perhaps if there had been a bit more filling and if they serve it with some coleslaw or something by the side, then I would consider it value for money. Of course, it was cheaper than the RM7 mushroom roll I had at another place but I reckon we would need to pay for the classier ambience in that cafe.

All in all, therefore, I would very much prefer the Spanish chicken croquettas which are, in my point of view, more delicious and a lot cheaper at RM1.00 each. I thought it would be ideal for buffet dinners – just order 10 or more depending on the number of people…and serve on a nice plate.

Spanish chicken croquettas again

That looks pretty presentable, don’t you think? They taste good too… Yum!