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I had a post the other day on the “Asian Flavours” stall at the 3:16 Kopitiam here…and they only had two items on the menu then – the Singapore fried Hokkien mee and the Vietnamese beef noodles. Well, Clare was in town on a day trip last Friday for a meeting, so I took her there for lunch. She tried the Hokkien mee

Asian Flavours' Singapore fried Hokkien mee

…and since it was a no-meat day for me, I opted for the assam fish mihun from another stall…

3:16's assam fish mihun

She thought the noodles were kind of mild…or even bland but were all right when eaten with the sambal belacan that came with it. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be…even when I had the same in Singapore. My mihun was nice but I would like it to be a bit more sour – with a bit more terung Dayak (Dayak brinjal) perhaps and they can leave out the ladies’ fingers and the bits of curly green veg. Other than that, they used ikan patin which I do not really fancy. I wish they had used tenggiri (mackerel) instead…

I did not know before but it turned out that the stall owner of “Asian Flavours”, Roy, is from the same kampung Kampung Nangka or what we fondly refer to as the Jackfruit Village. I only found out when my blogger cum Facebook friend, presently based in KL, told me that the guy is actually his cousin…and he himself happened to be in town for a wedding and was there at the coffee shop at the time, so we got to meet each other in person there and then. What a coincidence!

Well, this time around, Roy had two new items on the menu – fried beef kway teow and fried noodles with sambal but I was not able to try that day, being a Friday. For this same reason, I could not sample the Spanish chicken croquettas…

Asian Flavours' Spanish chicken croquettas

…that were served to us free – on the house. We were informed that they would start selling these new delicacies starting the following day. Spanish? Asian Flavours? Never mind…as long as it’s nice, what’s in a name? LOL!!! Clare said they were very pretty good…something like the filling in a chicken pie – that was all she said.

I tried the Thai fish cake…

Asian Flavours' Thai fish cake

…and it was very nice – typically Thai and really aromatic with the fragrance of lemon grass and all and went superbly well with the Thai chilli sauce.

The minced fish kebab on a sugarcane stick…

Asian Flavours' minced fish kebab on sugarcane stick

…wasn’t that flavourful and what I found out was that it was made using fish and water chestnuts. I would think it would need some pretty strong sauce or gravy to make up for the lack of taste.

You’d better believe this! I actually went back there the very next day. Roy must be thrilled to see me dropping by two days in a row! LOL!!! Actually Louis J suggested going for breakfast, so to do a fellow-kampunger a favour and to promote his business, I took Louis there…and besides, I had yet to try the Spanish chicken croquettas.

I had the fried beef kway teow

Asian Flavours' fried beef kway teow

…which was all right but I did not like the thick cornstarch gravy very much. Perhaps it would be nicer dry – Penang char kway teow style but with beef instead of prawns.

And FINALLY, I was able to try the croquettasΒ and Β oh gosh!!!! It was really awesome – so rich and creamy…

Asian Flavours' Spanish chicken croquetta - inside

…and so delicious with the chicken and butter milk in the thing….and the best part was they were selling at only RM1.00 each. I can think of a lot of things that cost much more but do not even taste half as nice. Incidentally, if anyone’s wondering, the Thai fish cakes are going for RM2.00 for 5.

So, if you happen to be thinking of dropping by the place, go for the Spanish chicken croquettas! Something that’s definitely not to be missed! I’m sure you’ll love it! I did!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

50 thoughts on “Get to know you better…”

  1. Look what you’ve done. Now i’ve got to cook before I sleep 😦

    Sleep? Isn’t it around 7 a.m. your time? Time to go for class? You’ve been watching football…staying awake all night long. Bad boy! Spank! Spank! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  2. OMG… cucur… heavenly. i go dig my kitchen to make cucur ikan bilis now! LOL!

    Come back and see tomorrow’s post… More cucurs! You have been warned. Wuakakakakaka!!!! *evil laughter πŸ˜€

    1. Oh? More cucurs ah? Nvm… today go goreng and makan kao kao first~! LOL.

      Oh? So are you going to post on those? πŸ˜‰

      1. Too late… all telan liao. Hahahahahahah… never snap pics la…too hungry. LOL.

        Humph!!! Eating while hot from the wok – later sore throat! πŸ˜€

  3. Yes I would skip the noodles.. and opt for those fried things called croquettas instead… I havent tried them before in my whole life!! hahaha… Reasonably cheap too..

    Yes, so cheap…and so very nice. The guy worked in one of those Star Cruises luxury liners before, based in Singapore…so I’m sure he has a lot up his sleeves. Looking forward to more yummy stuff from him soon…

  4. “…and since it was a no-meat day for me, I opted for the assam fish mihun from another stall…”

    Just curious. Is fish not considered ‘meat’?

    That’s the practice I had been following since I was small – no meat on Fridays and eat fish instead. This is not mandatory any longer but I still do it…as far as possible. Old habits die hard, and anyway, isn’t it supposed to be healthier? Actually, we have fish-only days more than just on Fridays at home.

    1. Meat…I tink fish are not meat… lol…seafood are not meat… they are sea-food! LOL… meat… to me… is just those beef, lamb, chicken, pork… kakakakka…

      I think Gerrie has posted some links as to the definitions…but what the heck! These days when people say “eating meat”, they may be talking about something completely different… Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Agree, agree… πŸ˜€ Ish… lapar… go makan dulu! Sigh… sometimes i really do wish that i live near Kat’s. Her cooking is to die for! Sobs… why only get to see her only a few times a month? Tarak cukup la….sobsob…

  5. the color of that hokkien mee look at bit off. isnt it supposed to be black with lots of soy sauce?

    That’s KL Hokkien mee where they use the BIG noodles fried with lots of garlic and very dark sauce. This is completely different…

  6. If I were you, I will do the same….go back the next day to try. haha…… die die also must eat.

    Yes, I certainly hope to drop by again one of these days for more of those croquettas…

    1. Don’t understand why some are jumping on your “no-meat” friday! Even recipe books categorise Fish under “seafood”…a couple of chapters AWAY from “Meat” (which compromise mostly lamb, veal, pork and beef) and “Poultry”.

      I only hope they’re not one of those… I never bother about them.

      1. Kekekeke… so I’m right. Fishes, crustaceans and etc, ARE NOT MEAT! πŸ˜€ Like this, i can also go on a no meat day.Just eat seafood. LOLOL…wait til Claire hears this… lolol… den she will also have a reason to go ‘meatless’ too! πŸ˜€

  7. Like the comments above, fish is also meat!!!
    Dunno why i so agitated…

    Why should you get agitated for what I eat or do? It’s a free country and I choose to do what I want and what I please. Please be reminded that I do not discuss certain things in MY blog. Any further comment on this will be delegated to spam and for your kind attention and co-operation,I thank you.

    1. sometimes it’s good to just spend a few minutes googling things up, rather than offering up our one sen!

      Well, one’s entitled to his or her own opinion…but not everyone may be interested. That’s why I avoid certain issues – there’ll be no end to it, I’m sure. I’ve a lot of better things to do with my time.

    2. Art, “spam” is a kind of meat….really, made mostly of shoulder ham….LOL!

      Is it? I thought they throw in all the unwanted meat? My bad!!! Well, here, if it’s spam…we send all the unwanted stuff there to be deleted permanently eventually. Dunno if Akismet will be alerted and all future comments from the same I.P. will end up there as well or not… Otherwise, can just send direct to trash…

  8. I don’t get the “singapore hokkien mee with sambal sauce” thingy too – I once had to ask for extra sambal to give it a kick! Didn’t help that we were at a food court (supposed to be a good one with good hokkien mee stall), and the hokkien mee was prepared by some PRC person.

    When I had it, it was in 1973 – the very last coffee shop on the right hand side in Katong and I thought it was nice…but those days, I was missing our very own Foochow fried noodles in Sibu and did not think these were so great.

    Walking distance from where I was staying…so I had to have either that…or something from the other stall in that coffee shop – Indian food. Pedas…and those days, new Foochow just out from Sibu, did not know how to eat hot stuff very well!!!

    Anyhow, I guess those would be more authentic than what they have in these modern-day food courts.

  9. RM1 is a very reasonable price for such a flavourful Spanish chicken croquettas! Ingredients are expensive nowadays!

    Shhhhh….!!! Don’t let the fella hear you. LOL!!! Many things here that are not even half as nice cost a lot more. πŸ˜‰

  10. I once had fish head mihun in Kota Kinabalu GPS 5;50;30.0316, 116;5;30.0599

    Absolutely delicious.

    Have you tried the one at Rejang Park? Was featured in the Star, people queuing up for it. Don’t know if they have fish head…but they have fish or prawns – clear soup ( ) or tom yam…and I hear they have chao chai hung ngang (I’m not a fan!) too. Happy Hours Cafe – not the stall in front where we had the nice claypot noodles – the one at the back…but they do not open very early, 7.30 at the earliest.

  11. wah lau eh the Hokkien mee have so much seafood.

    Same as when I had those in Singapore in the 70’s…and also when I saw it in Makansutra (Asian Food Channel) recently. Was craving for it since. RM6.00 a plate, don’t play-play…but elsewhere, Foochow fried noodles with udang galah (2 only, cut into halves…so looks like 4) at least RM8.00…

  12. Slurps! 2 Thumbs up!

    I bought 10pcs of the croqs (how to pronounce them ah?) this morning and shared with my staff.

    Sedap! RM1 is reasonable. Higher price, no tq! Roy, take note! Haha…

    Thanks, mate, for the tip πŸ˜€

    YOU BOUGHT 10!!!! And you did not even give me ONE!!!! How can you do this to me? Muahuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Ya…it’s really nice, eh? Now you’ve got me craving for it… Must drop by tomorrow morning. LOL!!!

  13. I totally understand the urgent sms abt this on Sat!

    Orgasmic! Haha…

    Must eat while hot.

    Ok…ok…I heard you the first time. I wonder how many have dropped by to give it a try. You went this morning? I love the croquettas – the rest, I wouldn’t be dying to wanna have some.

  14. hey, that Singapore Hokkien Mee, the Thai fish cake and fish kebab, the croquette all look superlicious to me!!! luckily i just had a big portion of chicken rice for lunch just now, else must be drooling now~~ :p

    I just love the croquettes. Dying for more… So nice!

  15. The chicken croquettas looking yummy. maybe u can do a modified version next time ‘easy to follow one’ and post it up! Buttermilk is actually cream right?

    Dunno… That’s what the guy’s wife told me – they use chicken and butter milk to make… Yum! Yum!!!

    1. Ohh… buttermilk… in The Secret Garden, the author mention the protagonist drinking buttermilk in The Secret Garden. I think it’s some sort of creamy milk? Ohh… must google this up!

  16. Last week i saw one TV programe on introducing food in KL, i think is Singapore programe, there is one nice singapore hokkien mee at Lot 10 food court. Now i know the different, Singapore white colour and Malaysia one we called it black worm. hahahhahahha

    Croquettas look good and yummy but……sinful!!

    Never mind, one look at me and you’ll know already what a great sinner I am! LOL!!! Ya…I first had Hokkien mee in KL – 1986, somewhere along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and it was because I thought it looked like Sibu’s Foochow fried mee. I was so disappointed – BIG worm-like noodles, black and heavy garlic taste…nothing else. I never had it again…until 2008 at this cafe in Sibu –
    Their seafood Hokkien mee was very nice…but unfortunately, it closed down – now part of Kopitiam Fantasy coffee shop. Ya, the croquettas are really very nice… Must let your mum know but tell her not to buy too many – later, sore throat again…like the chicken pies. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Hahaha… Agree with Annie on the Singaporean and Malaysian version of Hokkien Mee.. somewhat different.. I thought it was some kind of fried noodles at 1st glance of the 1st pic only to realise it was hokkien mee, singapore style after reading the post.:P

    I’m surprised… So many not familiar with Singapore fried noodles. The authentic ones, they serve/tapao in some kind of dried palm bark. I guess that would give it some additional fragrance/flavour.

  18. Why is it that you don’t eat meat on Friday ah?
    Those Hokkien mee is so different from the ones in Penang or KL! In fact, Penang and KL also different Hokkien mee style! LOL!

    See reply to Kong’s comment. Yup…they’re completely different. Personally, I prefer these to the KL ones…

  19. I’m a bit confuse, no meat day but you had assam “fish” mihun? Fish is not categorized in meat? or it’s just you rule yourself can’t take other meat but fish… Anyway, this assam fish mihun makes me salivating now πŸ˜›

    SIGH!!!! You people don’t read others’ comments and replies? See my reply to Kong’s 1st comment…and also try to click on Gerrie’s links. No prize for guessing what I will NEVER mention again in future posts. Tsk! Tsk!!!

    The assam fish mihun was ok…just that I don’t like patin. Has a smell that puts me off. I would prefer some other type of fish…

    1. Just helping with the “meat” definition –

      Gosh, isnt’ this also very common in menus? Fish dishes never in the same section as “Meat & Poultry”! There can’t be that few who actually notice this!

      I actually never gave it a thought until you mentioned it. True, true…even in recipe books, they are in different sections.

      1. Yaya…. fishes are not meat. nobody ever gets fishes in the meat/poultry section. Now that you mention it… I realize that we’d have to go to the Seafood section instead if we wanna get some fishes in the hypermarket.

    2. You can mention this, but tell your readers to “read the definition first for heaven’s sake!!” and include a dictionary link….and you HOPE they click on it! LOL! Cannot believe I am annoyed but this! Ok…!

      And I thought the post is on croquettas!!! Grrrrrrrrr……!!!!!! Even Pollie is not asking where the place is…like she normally does!

      1. Dun worry Cikgu. Dun sulk sulk… later banyak kedut, have to pakai botox, expensive oh. Mwhahahah…neway… too late for your warning. Tsk tsk… I goreng-ed 1 batch of cucur udang and one batch cucur jagung =.= And like you said, straight from the wok… and now.. sobs.. nid to telan Strepsils. Aiseyman….must pester Kat kasi me some of her leong sui. LOLOL~ Good remedy for heatiness. bwhahahahah… (hear me anot, Kat? I so cham wan leh… sobs…)

  20. OH…to me no meat on Friday means no pork only..

    Hahahahahaha!!! I hardly eat pork these days (at home), mostly chicken or fish. No beef either…unless tapao from kampong stalls. Can’t get fresh beef here. And that reminds me! I wonder if there’s any sua too bak available or not…. Sooooo long, haven’t had any!

    1. THIS Is quite simply the BEST definition….hahahahahaha

      Glad you’re not saying this about my x-rated definition… Wink! Wink! Hehehehehe!!!

  21. clap clap the food this time really nice leh! πŸ™‚

    Good. Glad you like what you see this time…but when was the last time you dropped by? Can’t remember now…what was not so nice then.

  22. I am suffering here 😦 I want everything!! Everything looks delicious to me even if you think they are not. Sounds so kampong and so starved here…LOL

    Ya…I’m sure people overseas would give an arm or a leg for any of those. May have them there…but expensive and not really like the real stuff.

  23. so awesome but i can only see and no touch and no eat 😦

    Come! Come over to Sibu… Most welcome and I’ll take you to eat nothing but the best in town! πŸ˜‰

  24. oic & sorry I won’t go for others’ comments 1-by-1 it’s time consuming… πŸ˜‰

    Ya, especially when there are so many…and there are many blogs you have to go hopping one by one to post comments. These days, I just wait… If they don’t come, I don’t go to theirs. If they do, then I reciprocate… Can’t spare the time to visit all – and there are some who just post a comment once…and never reappear like they want you to comment in theirs to increase traffic but they have no time to come to yours. Tsk! Tsk!

  25. The spanish corquettas i could eat them all day without stopping!!! Very suitable for my taste and everyone should give it a try when the price is very reasonable.

    Yes, they’re very nice…and not expensive at all but best eaten there, piping hot – straight from the wok. Ya…I tried to promote it to all my friends and many have sung its praises. I have not been there for a while myself as I seldom go to town…😦

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