Get to know you better…

I had a post the other day on the “Asian Flavours” stall at the 3:16 Kopitiam here…and they only had two items on the menu then – the Singapore fried Hokkien mee and the Vietnamese beef noodles. Well, Clare was in town on a day trip last Friday for a meeting, so I took her there for lunch. She tried the Hokkien mee

Asian Flavours' Singapore fried Hokkien mee

…and since it was a no-meat day for me, I opted for the assam fish mihun from another stall…

3:16's assam fish mihun

She thought the noodles were kind of mild…or even bland but were all right when eaten with the sambal belacan that came with it. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be…even when I had the same in Singapore. My mihun was nice but I would like it to be a bit more sour – with a bit more terung Dayak (Dayak brinjal) perhaps and they can leave out the ladies’ fingers and the bits of curly green veg. Other than that, they used ikan patin which I do not really fancy. I wish they had used tenggiri (mackerel) instead…

I did not know before but it turned out that the stall owner of “Asian Flavours”, Roy, is from the same kampung Kampung Nangka or what we fondly refer to as the Jackfruit Village. I only found out when my blogger cum Facebook friend, presently based in KL, told me that the guy is actually his cousin…and he himself happened to be in town for a wedding and was there at the coffee shop at the time, so we got to meet each other in person there and then. What a coincidence!

Well, this time around, Roy had two new items on the menu – fried beef kway teow and fried noodles with sambal but I was not able to try that day, being a Friday. For this same reason, I could not sample the Spanish chicken croquettas…

Asian Flavours' Spanish chicken croquettas

…that were served to us free – on the house. We were informed that they would start selling these new delicacies starting the following day. Spanish? Asian Flavours? Never mind…as long as it’s nice, what’s in a name? LOL!!! Clare said they were very pretty good…something like the filling in a chicken pie – that was all she said.

I tried the Thai fish cake…

Asian Flavours' Thai fish cake

…and it was very nice – typically Thai and really aromatic with the fragrance of lemon grass and all and went superbly well with the Thai chilli sauce.

The minced fish kebab on a sugarcane stick…

Asian Flavours' minced fish kebab on sugarcane stick

…wasn’t that flavourful and what I found out was that it was made using fish and water chestnuts. I would think it would need some pretty strong sauce or gravy to make up for the lack of taste.

You’d better believe this! I actually went back there the very next day. Roy must be thrilled to see me dropping by two days in a row! LOL!!! Actually Louis J suggested going for breakfast, so to do a fellow-kampunger a favour and to promote his business, I took Louis there…and besides, I had yet to try the Spanish chicken croquettas.

I had the fried beef kway teow

Asian Flavours' fried beef kway teow

…which was all right but I did not like the thick cornstarch gravy very much. Perhaps it would be nicer dry – Penang char kway teow style but with beef instead of prawns.

And FINALLY, I was able to try the croquettas and  oh gosh!!!! It was really awesome – so rich and creamy…

Asian Flavours' Spanish chicken croquetta - inside

…and so delicious with the chicken and butter milk in the thing….and the best part was they were selling at only RM1.00 each. I can think of a lot of things that cost much more but do not even taste half as nice. Incidentally, if anyone’s wondering, the Thai fish cakes are going for RM2.00 for 5.

So, if you happen to be thinking of dropping by the place, go for the Spanish chicken croquettas! Something that’s definitely not to be missed! I’m sure you’ll love it! I did!!!